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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Erica8798,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
f7v07(f7v07)Adult (f)2,8784830
SJliv(SJliv)Adult (f)5,8287621
oI1UJ(oI1UJ)Adult (m)5,8368633
gbUek(gbUek)Adult (m)4,7018680
iajaL(iajaL)Adult (m)2,2406581
vlEdZ(vlEdZ)Adult (m)4,8219581
Scy2y(Scy2y)Adult (m)5,6741,4565
1dZlR(1dZlR)Adult (m)7,0391,1335
E9vQz(E9vQz)Adult (m)2,2197775
xUQwF(xUQwF)Adult (m)6,6808015
X9sRlCB Here Comes the SunAdult (m)8,7006704
DDxTX(DDxTX)Hatchling (F)1,8661263
615Mj(615Mj)Adult (m)9,3339852
AexFwFemale DuotoneAdult (f)3,7111,1182
g8rraFrozen Female DuotoneHatchling (f, F)4,5903064
lS9Ya(lS9Ya)Hatchling (F)1,9551588
aRqrG(aRqrG)Adult (f)2,1046875
e2rg4(e2rg4)Adult (f)3,1525241
Iu9IZFaded RedAdult (m)3,2078495
lsDi1Pink StrawberriesAdult (m)7,1401,30111
EflFCStrawberry Vanilla Ice CreamAdult (m)5,0481,1345
EOsVNTeenage Broncin' BuckAdult (m)5,2311,28113
oZUZooZUZoHatchling (m, F)2,4546982
1oSf1Erica Has a Lot of CB PinksAdult (m)2,7939814
puiSoCB Pervy PinkAdult (m)3,3541,0624
4vq14Erica's CB PinkAdult (m)3,1731,0602
rSPKhErica's PenkAdult (m)3,99091611
eRiIJEri NoeyAdult (m)2,8461,04812
GiALe(GiALe)Adult (m)2,2729221
RGkOH(RGkOH)Adult (m)4,2321,1456
j0TZhFoxy 09 IIIAdult (m)5,0981,1085
pUnmu(pUnmu)Adult (m)5,2571,3638
n6qFe(n6qFe)Adult (m)5,3621,2694
aB7Pi(aB7Pi)Adult (m)7,8511,3144
aTkJ1(aTkJ1)Adult (m)5,9001,3023
6TfvU(6TfvU)Adult (m)6,2967980
goaBa(goaBa)Adult (m)6,5141,3811
FsopR(FsopR)Adult (m)5,7721,0570
rHm3H(rHm3H)Adult (m)4,7019190
mCp4G(mCp4G)Adult (m)3,6011,3054
iJ200(iJ200)Adult (m)5,0631,0613
BtanD(BtanD)Adult (m)3,4131,2820
CRzga(CRzga)Adult (m)4,1681,3307
4H7XC(4H7XC)Hatchling (m, F)3,4579740
J9dXW(J9dXW)Hatchling (F)2,5235801
CopFv(CopFv)Adult (f)4,2041,3601
4HC0j(4HC0j)Adult (f)5,0331,1000
aLh6pTitlesAdult (f)5,2731,1741
85oWI(85oWI)Adult (f)4,4267730
eXqJa(eXqJa)Adult (m)4,4327860
DlHra(DlHra)Adult (f)4,3187920
Snz4y(Snz4y)Adult (m)4,6427650
Ne3ih(Ne3ih)Adult (f)5,9227951
F6RBD(F6RBD)Adult (m)5,9937930
VvNWG(VvNWG)Adult (m)4,4087790
fTP2L(fTP2L)Adult (m)4,5167620
n44yU(n44yU)Adult (f)3,6875431
DbD4p(DbD4p)Adult (f)3,3584881
IeR9T(IeR9T)Adult (f)2,4375140
Yzf2E(Yzf2E)Adult (f)2,9195761
VdNtz(VdNtz)Adult (f)6,2698803
pgqfY(pgqfY)Adult (m)4,3248812
XZukgRising-SunsetAdult (m)3,7449397
jjZfN(jjZfN)Hatchling (m, F)8,5699283
ZQoSz(ZQoSz)Adult (m)1,9925022
Zt5DoMale Sunsets are PrettyAdult (m)3,7849337
VEfN8(VEfN8)Adult (m)6,6707640
dVqTr(dVqTr)Adult (m)2,0086470
pOwXV(pOwXV)Adult (m)6,1811,2893
gnFN7(gnFN7)Adult (m)5,6881,0615
KLIAy(KLIAy)Adult (m)6,5541,2042
zDjzq(zDjzq)Adult (m)8,2769550
ad9uv(ad9uv)Adult (m)6,2218040
2mDAu(2mDAu)Adult (m)4,2537691
iJB90(iJB90)Adult (m)5,9421,0161
Fzeje(Fzeje)Adult (f)5,4411,0472
TLzgp(TLzgp)Adult (f)5,3451,1313
lEpWeE Coast Zyumorph IAdult (m)8,0511,2746
2Msq9E Coast Zyumorph IIAdult (f)6,9501,1822
YYsL2Ammy's Pink RosesAdult (f)2,8611,0683
iFN7UCrunchy Pink HeartAdult (f)3,0911,07410
ytrIo(ytrIo)Hatchling (f, F)2,0567836
MOrBW(MOrBW)Hatchling (F)4,4386295
D14MlCrunchy Pink RosesAdult (f)5,3791,5093
d52iXShadowy PinknessAdult (f)4,4711,4976
LneOu(LneOu)Adult (f)2,8728811
ubuZv(ubuZv)Adult (f)2,9698893
reCS7(reCS7)Adult (f)6,2099851
N0knLErica's CB Rosebud IAdult (f)5,3185731
qr0gmErica's CB Rosebud IIAdult (f)5,7066362
y8QZ3(y8QZ3)Adult (f)3,8881,1081
etzoL(etzoL)Adult (m)5,7789542
2lyNJ(2lyNJ)Adult (m)5,6459841
AiszL(AiszL)Adult (m)5,4039811
R8lJX(R8lJX)Adult (m)3,5617961
TKZYe(TKZYe)Adult (m)7,0381,2044
qc5Ou(qc5Ou)Adult (m)3,8928030
CPY3p(CPY3p)Adult (m)5,1064961
7Jk8Z(7Jk8Z)Adult (m)3,9598791
FzVQw(FzVQw)Adult (f)3,5037661
KbbYf(KbbYf)Adult (f)4,5147341
BB526(BB526)Adult (m)4,5347401
ind7Y(ind7Y)Adult (m)3,7588520
JuPhk(JuPhk)Adult (f)4,9826750
z5PG1(z5PG1)Adult (f)5,4237580
azYL9(azYL9)Adult (m)3,5868150
gPZ87(gPZ87)Adult (m)6,0706132
PNhMu(PNhMu)Adult (m)4,6147680
q5lhO(q5lhO)Hatchling (m, F)4,2308121
KJLcS(KJLcS)Adult (m)5,9908102
XqhSc(XqhSc)Adult (m)5,1819633
UYXm1(UYXm1)Adult (m)4,7431,0900
0J1ro(0J1ro)Adult (m)4,0864140
fzIep(fzIep)Adult (m)4,2964272
NZdOEErica's CB Female Red CopperAdult (f)3,6681,1947
sexBj(sexBj)Hatchling (f, F)3,10293115
NIpn0ClairecatAdult (f)5,5371,11015
8AQh0(8AQh0)Adult (f)6,5821,46611
N6EBOErica's CB Arsani IIAdult (f)2,7391,0493
UJliJErica's CB Arsani IAdult (f)3,5021,0344
M6JWC(M6JWC)Hatchling (f, F)3,2141,2494
BL8Vh(BL8Vh)Adult (f)3,4701,0834
jbeK3(jbeK3)Adult (f)3,7211,0912
C6kV7(C6kV7)Adult (f)5,5999505
pvXiOLike  an  EagleAdult (m)3,6121,0124
TVJMLPiloting  a  BlimpAdult (f)3,9408414
RcBAdTabitah's GroxAdult (m)2,5836962
t0snr(t0snr)Hatchling (F)9513752
bWPGe(bWPGe)Adult (m)3,7887022
163ck(163ck)Adult (f)3,7099185
D7YU4(D7YU4)Adult (f)2,3266986
HlrM2(HlrM2)Adult (m)3,9279152
u1FBN(u1FBN)Adult (m)4,1839646
oC54QMale Almandine PyralspiteAdult (m)4,7831,3310
eHFvrFemale Almandine PyralspiteAdult (f)4,9231,3393
Xtsmk(Xtsmk)Hatchling (f, F)5,1841,0561
uPTjy(uPTjy)Adult (m)6,8831,1028
C4E3p(C4E3p)Adult (f)5,6318380
ZtDRZ(ZtDRZ)Adult (f)5,1188242
MHJFz(MHJFz)Adult (m)6,3821,2851
Glk41(Glk41)Adult (m)8,4898680
BEiwQ(BEiwQ)Adult (f)6,7651,0634
9MG5A(9MG5A)Adult (m)6,6481,2403
cWE4E(cWE4E)Adult (m)3,4507342
MxJPC(MxJPC)Adult (f)3,1766871
dxWyS(dxWyS)Adult (f)5,5841,0513
a7rPL(a7rPL)Adult (m)3,0695890
DGz70(DGz70)Adult (f)6,1398250
OQOmK(OQOmK)Adult (f)6,8041,5412
jjpZw(jjpZw)Adult (f)5,9161,1363
IFG1FPink'kle D'OrisaarAdult (f)5,3101,3007
o1QBXRed-Plus-WhiteAdult (f)5,7569075
E4WDaStrawberries and Ice CreamAdult (f)4,6889855
GP20qI Miss You the MostAdult (f)3,6419795
sHFUeComfortably-NumbAdult (f)5,4381,0157
XJbFDCB BerrysplashAdult (f)2,9268945
N6oo9No 69Adult (f)7,5761,0209
hSddaA Drifter's DemiseAdult (f)2,7519693
h87CtAnother CB Pink of Erica'sAdult (f)3,9471,0501
EE8UqFinished Avocado ThuwedAdult (f)4,4341,04310
hSGsz(hSGsz)Adult (f)5,0491,3422
B0tuS(B0tuS)Hatchling (F)5,1006262
9JSBkBright Pink Mom x RedAdult (f)6,5961,1542
68Uxq(68Uxq)Hatchling (f, F)1,5577275
B7ZeT(B7ZeT)Adult (f)4,8551,2617
vy7LGGold x Old Pink IAdult (f)5,5101,2266
y5YwPGold x Old Pink IIAdult (f)4,4631,4245
UXqJT(UXqJT)Adult (f)7,1461,2011
a2hR1(a2hR1)Adult (f)6,6671,1232
lZ9N3(lZ9N3)Adult (f)6,3811,2192
wDxAr(wDxAr)Adult (f)6,2271,2132
zz571(zz571)Adult (f)7,9251,0320
C12VV(C12VV)Adult (f)6,8671,1122
jhZ3cSweet Royal NightsAdult (m)3,6531,05510
P3sXKSexy Pink SweetlingAdult (m)4,2711,1394
WKjCO(WKjCO)Adult (m)5,1941,2955
Ylv8XSo Sweet and So VineAdult (m)4,6071,57018
3KdaD(3KdaD)Adult (m)3,9661,3325
vHJSF(vHJSF)Hatchling (m, F)2,7901,1342
0i63u(0i63u)Hatchling (F)2,6706054
JfqwsSweet Sugary AngelAdult (m)5,0121,5252
iLRt5Alt Sweet x SilverAdult (m)6,9301,2662
LAE7q(LAE7q)Adult (m)5,9011,0061
iBqrlErica's CB Sweetling IAdult (m)5,3216040
e8E3OErica's CB Sweetling IIAdult (m)6,6558420
Pdak7Vulcan the Volcano GodAdult (m)3,1737833
hDgWSScreaming Winter Spiral 2GAdult (m)4,9571,3165
8xyLLScreaming Winter Spiral 4GAdult (m)4,2411,4208
lLRGe(lLRGe)Adult (m)2,6451,0224
pLTQEScreaming Winter Spiral 6GAdult (m)4,6321,2795
8yyAf(8yyAf)Adult (f)3,4728482
DQS5Q(DQS5Q)Adult (f)3,8868301
fYseo(fYseo)Adult (f)6,0016262
S1nnI(S1nnI)Adult (f)6,0847320
a998z(a998z)Adult (f)5,1657041
7bFNX(7bFNX)Adult (f)3,0255960
HjKE3(HjKE3)Adult (f)4,9837701
7iwwY(7iwwY)Adult (f)4,1147402
xP6ej(xP6ej)Adult (f)4,3481,1682
puGdXCB Plastic Pink FlamingoAdult (f)1,8006262
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