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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Erica8798,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hkE5HBody's Aching All the TimeAdult (m)2,3208235
mqoX5Goodbye Everybody I've Got to GoAdult (m)4,2541,0334
f0RZ8Eri's OceanBlue BeautyAdult (m)4,6031,0943
IDhpUI'd Never Been Born at AllAdult (m)3,6029391
4SZbfIf I'm not Back AgainAdult (m)7,6631,3938
NFV3aTo the Skies and SeeAdult (m)6,5001,2716
QBWRaBluna8798Adult (m)5,6919654
6OWrVFrom RealityAdult (m)5,3421,09911
QITGbBecause I'm Easy Come- Easy GoAdult (m)6,0021,1777
CIgEcI'm Just a Poor BoyAdult (m)4,4611,1057
2TpBPLittle High- Little LowAdult (m)8,1391,1163
g7TZoThis Just FantasyAdult (m)3,2709124
BlrNsCaught in a Landslide- No EscapeAdult (m)5,8801,0113
BuTTDAny Way the Wind Blows- Doesn'tAdult (m)5,5461,1374
PkiFKThis Time Tomorrow- Carry OnAdult (m)4,1999764
9a55RMama- Just Killed a ManAdult (m)3,9271,0025
gJAWUPut a Gun Against His HeadAdult (m)4,73197811
SDcTCGotta Leave You All Behind andAdult (m)7,9611,50110
uiGrbReally Matter to MeAdult (m)7,5841,0347
bgOR7Open Your Eyes- Look UpAdult (m)9,5821,7539
3MNgrTooooooo MeeeeeAdult (m)7,5941,5134
nocM7Pulled My Trigger- Now He's DeadAdult (m)6,2029759
pG6p2Mama- Life Had Just BegunAdult (m)5,6651,1278
7MvhHI Need No SympathyAdult (m)6,5317945
eE1CYIs This the Real Life- isAdult (m)5,5431,0284
IZ1ONBut Now I've Gone andAdult (m)5,9701,0176
BE3hAHypothetical Bluna ChildAdult (m)4,6901,0654
4OqPmThrown it All AwayAdult (m)3,2029461
QhtMNOoh-ooo-ooohAdult (m)5,7511,1963
16nTPMamaaaaaaAdult (m)4,8079433
BeVHNFace the TruthAdult (m)5,1709477
M7l8JCarry on- Nothing Really MattersAdult (m)5,8308184
oVSl9Too Late- My Time Has ComeAdult (m)4,6191,0323
vGX1hLurking Fantasy BlunaAdult (m)5,8708996
OoiNvany  way  the  wind  blowsAdult (m)3,6663785
vfGa5MAMAAAAAAAA - OOOOOOOHHHAdult (m)3,0457893
IL90koOo Erica's Other Dragons oOoHatchling (m, F)2,2097684
WE7GUI Don't Wanna Die - ButAdult (m)4,2849184
VFYWgSometimes I WishAdult (m)6,2281,1422
tUSCKStop Inbreeding Thuweds 42Adult (m)4,29994810
7Qfpm(7Qfpm)Hatchling (m, F)3,1329322
h0eifOoOoErica's 2G Prizefails oOoOHatchling (F)2,1695382
IOYYfI See a Little Silhouetto of aAdult (m)6,0947603
GMA44(GMA44)Hatchling (F)1,5906042
3DtgROoOo Erica's 2G Prizes oOoOHatchling (m, F)2,2097904
9PWSG(9PWSG)Hatchling (m, F)1,3415045
mRmkCwill  you  do  the  fandangoAdult (m)3,6864930
ttIuROoOo Flood Control Dragons oOoOHatchling (m, F)2,9644291
DLUrj(DLUrj)Hatchling (m, F)2,7496232
q7P8nLurking SubmarineAdult (m)3,6731,0923
vFJSRGalileo Figaro - magnificoAdult (m)3,6631,0442
d3CQnOmnomnom SubmarinesAdult (m)3,6881,0822
D9O5QMan - Scaramouch scaramouchAdult (m)3,6498323
ojq6MBut I'm just a poor boy andAdult (m)3,2909723
dqk4qnobody loves me- he's just aAdult (m)3,7591,1245
oPG6pThunderbolt and Lightning- veryAdult (m)3,9671,0333
p4EuAvery frightening meAdult (m)3,9361,0084
UCDXqGalileo-Galileo-Galileo-GalileoAdult (m)4,1261,1591
3QlHwpoor boy from a poor familyAdult (m)4,1571,1321
nUg4sSpare him his life from thisAdult (m)4,6969302
LryHsmonstrosity- easy come easy goAdult (m)4,2151,1922
u54ZSwe will not let  you goAdult (m)4,4271,2042
spiBLWill you let me go- Bismillah noAdult (m)2,2267963
ahSyqlet him go- Bismillah - we willAdult (m)2,9691,0295
HQ0FRnot let you go - let him goAdult (m)2,8601,0174
Cp5h0Bismillah- We will not let himAdult (m)2,8439944
g7veTgo- let me go- Will not letAdult (m)2,6288772
DEwsCNever let you go- let me goAdult (m)3,5781,1958
F316Iyou go - let me go - neverAdult (m)3,7471,2404
LasqzNever let me go - oooAdult (m)5,0981,1215
J8u5LNo no no no no no no - ohAdult (m)2,7779704
MpBNAMamma mia - Mamma miaAdult (m)3,3791,0511
ZGtqQMamma mia let me goAdult (m)2,8091,0642
UhZ5Jfor me- for me- for meeeAdult (m)2,6971,0423
zGlWGSo you think you can stone meAdult (m)2,5651,0192
Rve4eBeelzebub has a devil put asideAdult (m)3,4289933
G2ui7and spit in my eye- so you thinkAdult (m)3,3669371
lANI5you can love me and leave meAdult (m)2,8458765
QSKmkCan't do this to me baby- justAdult (m)2,4899722
tTRKggotta get out- just gotta getAdult (m)5,1118486
vCIbIto dieeee - oooh babyAdult (m)3,6431,0403
4W6gCget out- Just gotta get rightAdult (m)3,4039302
ECA9Yright out of hereAdult (m)3,1298666
bCbf7Nothing really matters- AnyoneAdult (m)3,4918984
Laazican see- Nothing really mattersAdult (m)4,7209438
OOsUsOoh yeah Ooh yeahAdult (m)4,2659108
sQuhmAnyone can see- Nothing reallyAdult (m)4,0327167
ClT7Rmatters to meeeeAdult (m)3,6726996
4MOic(4MOic)Adult (m)3,0578742
RzDhZAny  Way the Wind  BlowsAdult (m)3,3448825
bYwtS2G Bluna from Deep Sea MomAdult (m)2,3761,069115
3YQoBAcross-the-Universe LineageHatchling (m, F)3,1881,0852
ydjd4oOoO Erica's CB Golds OoOoHatchling (m, F)3,3831,0603
PCI3tOoOo Erica's Dinos oOoOHatchling (m, F)4,5257881
rsnli(rsnli)Adult (m)4,3128802
xjRWH(xjRWH)Adult (m)4,2449072
7rnuG(7rnuG)Adult (m)3,2081,0425
vDZBx(vDZBx)Adult (m)3,6569330
4ixBS(4ixBS)Adult (m)2,8419092
EpCDA(EpCDA)Adult (m)4,0511,1884
UuqDs(UuqDs)Adult (m)3,1719893
0Ggcn(0Ggcn)Adult (m)3,4257081
bWVtP(bWVtP)Adult (m)2,9051,0742
WdE6n(WdE6n)Adult (m)2,6029354
CdawV(CdawV)Adult (m)2,6539404
x5pT4(x5pT4)Adult (m)4,6911,3302
XsRvNOoOo Erica's 3G Prizes oOoOHatchling (F)2,4728112
9QO8L(9QO8L)Adult (m)5,0781,2213
jK9ob(jK9ob)Adult (m)4,5411,2732
S2vnS(S2vnS)Adult (m)4,2129002
IVLja(IVLja)Adult (m)3,3891,2695
qMu3K(qMu3K)Adult (m)3,4071,2604
dI1tg(dI1tg)Adult (m)3,3831,3067
Unn0O(Unn0O)Adult (m)3,5327763
3kRPw(3kRPw)Adult (m)4,0821,4195
JjTay(JjTay)Adult (m)3,3245054
NDMv9(NDMv9)Adult (m)2,3898403
fOYqg(fOYqg)Adult (m)3,9469116
JND51(JND51)Adult (m)3,4729243
5fBVX(5fBVX)Adult (m)2,9256773
jEuOS(jEuOS)Adult (m)3,5689833
01KjN(01KjN)Adult (m)3,4718614
sVrIc(sVrIc)Adult (m)3,6871,0924
Xi4bR(Xi4bR)Adult (m)3,6711,0927
uDvjs(uDvjs)Adult (m)4,3861,2262
feYpz(feYpz)Adult (m)3,7531,1714
M0xrkAny Colour You'd LikeAdult (m)3,3851,0885
trK64What Shall We Do NowAdult (m)3,3731,1066
uvIViWhere We Used to TalkAdult (m)3,4721,0753
5atK0(5atK0)Adult (m)3,9809232
57Cq5(57Cq5)Adult (m)4,3321,0941
rRN4G3G x Gold IAdult (m)5,5471,1692
fgzvx(fgzvx)Adult (m)4,3471,3654
hpqu0(hpqu0)Adult (m)6,0401,1992
hFSEy(hFSEy)Adult (m)5,3621,2412
XyvEz(XyvEz)Adult (m)4,7221,4194
OpxctOoOo Erica's CB Silvers OoOHatchling (m, F)3,0251,2331
GMbKp2G x Gold IAdult (m)4,9831,2536
cCG1X(cCG1X)Adult (m)4,7121,4275
IdtBZ(IdtBZ)Adult (m)4,7951,3783
oFOfx(oFOfx)Adult (m)5,9791,4386
RAtY2(RAtY2)Adult (m)4,1461,1113
NmlNb(NmlNb)Adult (m)5,1881,1876
vdAtgBlunasAdult (m)4,3101,4204
htg98(htg98)Adult (m)4,8491,0613
CkIkbRiding the Gravy TrainAdult (m)4,2391,3035
u1iTm(u1iTm)Adult (m)4,1711,1946
2lKG2(2lKG2)Adult (m)4,6951,2563
Q0Nsi(Q0Nsi)Adult (m)4,2361,0762
aIZJ3(aIZJ3)Adult (m)4,1661,1861
KNnEj(KNnEj)Adult (m)6,1231,2237
Y0K0v(Y0K0v)Adult (m)5,1879385
JcwGY(JcwGY)Adult (m)5,5281,3435
yMavx(yMavx)Adult (m)5,1861,3635
YiraH(YiraH)Adult (m)4,6841,3295
lxeoE(lxeoE)Adult (m)4,9061,3233
f5Uyu(f5Uyu)Adult (m)4,9161,3482
Vfg0w(Vfg0w)Adult (m)4,3521,4283
hVt3Nbloopity bloop bloopAdult (m)2,7011,0673
MMDzP(MMDzP)Adult (m)3,1951,0774
4Sc5D(4Sc5D)Adult (m)4,4391,4233
zt1DSWaited Two Damn YearsAdult (m)4,5701,23717
1FB7X(1FB7X)Adult (m)5,0951,2153
hope8(hope8)Adult (m)4,9271,2041
aSiRN(aSiRN)Adult (m)5,5088730
MFSwV(MFSwV)Adult (m)5,4841,2843
AtdPE(AtdPE)Adult (m)5,5891,2721
13elW(13elW)Adult (m)5,7171,1601
K8mb0(K8mb0)Adult (m)4,7221,3133
THVFQ(THVFQ)Adult (m)4,8921,3082
qXqz3(qXqz3)Adult (m)6,3021,0483
LChtv(LChtv)Adult (m)6,5201,0412
oe840(oe840)Adult (m)6,5171,0762
ycy3B(ycy3B)Adult (m)6,2911,0712
RXu76(RXu76)Adult (m)6,4631,0562
DKUl7(DKUl7)Adult (m)6,5601,0622
qHito(qHito)Adult (m)6,0496944
ldGup(ldGup)Adult (m)6,0879582
i87CC(i87CC)Adult (m)5,3951,2612
9y3wV(9y3wV)Adult (m)5,9491,2100
6lWWk(6lWWk)Adult (m)6,3661,1611
W8392(W8392)Adult (m)5,4391,3010
AFkKX(AFkKX)Adult (m)7,5781,1663
qO7Ba(qO7Ba)Hatchling (F)3801891
k4gOy(k4gOy)Adult (m)5,5761,3234
88Woc(88Woc)Adult (m)5,5401,4594
TQlyU(TQlyU)Adult (m)5,0841,2611
6Jdmt(6Jdmt)Adult (m)5,0701,2961
or2vc(or2vc)Adult (m)4,9881,2802
0Qi9S(0Qi9S)Adult (m)5,6667651
yzA6z(yzA6z)Adult (m)2,6316091
L91P9(L91P9)Adult (m)5,8991,1233
1gCt7(1gCt7)Adult (m)5,8301,0813
vGuKw(vGuKw)Adult (m)6,1041,1083
xxlbh(xxlbh)Adult (m)5,7481,1143
VUF5B(VUF5B)Adult (m)3,9558381
JQ4bq(JQ4bq)Adult (m)6,5571,1191
cgBpU(cgBpU)Adult (m)6,9091,0903
nDzNh(nDzNh)Adult (m)2,9711,0792
Swyr7(Swyr7)Adult (m)4,9261,2351
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