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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Erica8798,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AVENBFLOOD Control 240Hatchling (F)1,0214240
X9gE5FLOOD Control 242Hatchling (F)1,6456773
g5YMjFLOOD Control 243Hatchling (F)1,0454481
UlpGOFLOOD Control 267Adult (m)4,0211,1303
aLtLOFLOOD Control 273Adult (m)4,7431,1804
RjD3LFLOOD Control 283Adult (m)2,5927782
hqig1FLOOD Control 284Adult (f)2,5227251
6QUXTFLOOD Control 282Adult (f)5,3151,1053
dMt9sFLOOD Control 290Hatchling (F)2,4725693
fANlXFanix IIAdult (m)7,1039262
N0WFE(N0WFE)Adult (m)3,0511,0504
mtUbuEat Medicine that's Out of DateHatchling (F)1,3822090
i225g(i225g)Adult (m)4,9011,4362
5lMui(5lMui)Hatchling (m, F)4,3339533
WwIt2(WwIt2)Adult (m)4,8391,3004
gpjad(gpjad)Adult (m)4,0481,3082
hshq9(hshq9)Adult (m)4,7271,1123
0GlhF(0GlhF)Adult (m)3,6938161
PoMQo(PoMQo)Adult (f)5,2559663
FBieA(FBieA)Adult (m)2,2206311
nrXNq(nrXNq)Adult (f)2,1126431
qXLiJ(qXLiJ)Adult (m)2,1036512
ZwRmz(ZwRmz)Adult (f)2,0856571
HPh72(HPh72)Adult (f)6,0716533
rSEtQ(rSEtQ)Adult (m)6,1896790
E1Lsx(E1Lsx)Adult (f)3,9737700
ewZ2M(ewZ2M)Adult (f)3,8818581
HRSvZ(HRSvZ)Adult (f)4,7108123
0xykK(0xykK)Adult (m)5,7077162
2oFHu(2oFHu)Adult (f)6,0747302
i4SUF(i4SUF)Hatchling (F)3,3076134
WcdUV(WcdUV)Hatchling (m, F)4,2686941
L6IYw(L6IYw)Adult (m)2,7476121
leUav(leUav)Adult (m)3,1185531
e2WB7(e2WB7)Adult (m)3,5225440
v2E5n(v2E5n)Adult (m)5,5306821
awW2A(awW2A)Adult (f)5,8168300
Gy9kX(Gy9kX)Adult (f)6,8697861
exmDi(exmDi)Adult (f)5,1326341
yIQry(yIQry)Adult (f)5,1008611
CMTA2(CMTA2)Adult (f)3,6637940
Q35AtBlazing Bright BlueAdult (f)4,7758327
2THv2(2THv2)Hatchling (F)1,5521191
by6Td(by6Td)Adult (f)3,9221,2272
lLrXOClearmirrorHatchling (m, F)5,0098216
5QETp(5QETp)Adult (m)3,4465511
g7Tgg(g7Tgg)Adult (m)7,4031,1142
EAIYn(EAIYn)Adult (m)3,8159382
fdXda(fdXda)Adult (m)3,9529093
1uIL7TittiesAdult (m)7,76491016
e0b2XSliced MoonAdult (m)3,3961,27415
zsLeX(zsLeX)Hatchling (m, F)4,8791,2714
263pe(263pe)Hatchling (F)3291801
4EhF1(4EhF1)Adult (f)4,8058801
WZlJT(WZlJT)Adult (m)5,0458651
Yhimp(Yhimp)Adult (m)5,2068453
QiiZi(QiiZi)Adult (f)6,0339550
MzT5b(MzT5b)Adult (m)6,7008710
SwSU3(SwSU3)Adult (m)6,0709850
L3PBL(L3PBL)Adult (f)5,4431,0300
KFGKF(KFGKF)Adult (m)4,5309090
tI54B(tI54B)Adult (m)4,6271,2845
WAb3s(WAb3s)Adult (f)4,6451,2967
gD0YM(gD0YM)Adult (m)5,7281,5342
iWGDn(iWGDn)Adult (m)5,2931,4771
yWvt2(yWvt2)Adult (m)5,1601,2292
4LEFH(4LEFH)Adult (f)4,1891,3041
t9zmE(t9zmE)Adult (f)4,4971,3400
pfOhj(pfOhj)Hatchling (m, F)4,0931,0210
duWtA(duWtA)Hatchling (F)2,5155522
5MwJ9(5MwJ9)Hatchling (f, F)4,5349041
tceri(tceri)Adult (m)6,5691,0323
ymEB9(ymEB9)Adult (f)4,9851,0963
99WAsIcicle RosesAdult (m)5,4051,0065
ALkerIcy AlkerAdult (f)3,5947905
GVlikCB IcicleAdult (m)5,7171,16410
7m5eBShadowy IcicleAdult (f)4,1731,0757
fLa6gfLa6gAdult (f)2,54091417
Z23s0Icy Rose RibbonAdult (f)4,60271611
CDBedCDBedAdult (m)5,3651,1185
3meSt(3meSt)Hatchling (F)2,6745917
i3mjrIce RosebudsAdult (f)3,6631,0704
bqD2bFrozen Ice HatchlingHatchling (f, F)2,5148547
BZRZRBZRZRAdult (f)2,8041,0804
NJpnTSir Frost CBAdult (m)3,1358386
zbOWPCB zbOWPAdult (m)4,55098614
RNhlsCB Cold BreathAdult (m)3,1981,05416
4oWUDCB Frozen IciclesAdult (m)3,85376912
b3gUDCB BigudAdult (f)4,1127858
YMHHnIcy Blue WaterfallAdult (f)2,6201,06312
q3R3nCB IciclyaAdult (m)3,7528436
pZa25CB Frozen DreamsAdult (m)2,9579833
nQOiLCB I'M MELTINGAdult (f)2,4109194
pZBIHCB I Anger PinkieAdult (m)2,76092510
oUukgFeminam Glacies DracoAdult (f)3,14099644
tdwewIcy Spring DewAdult (m)2,3569464
4RB6tRosebud IcesAdult (m)2,5019503
4v0qU234567876543Adult (f)2,6288695
XhpH7Frozen Pink RosesAdult (f)2,8391,0164
VCHyYFrozen Rose PetalsAdult (m)2,9311,0835
p89OPPopsicle RoseAdult (f)3,9701,0087
EWu3YSomeone Wanted Me NamedAdult (f)2,6121,1105
LriMGFiery Icy ShadowsAdult (m)2,6708940
CgE1WMasculum Glacies DracoAdult (m)4,3358642
8iHaV(8iHaV)Adult (m)3,7311,0446
NudFy(NudFy)Adult (m)4,2871,0246
qgaJc(qgaJc)Adult (m)3,0748113
5X3gLErica's Love BladeAdult (m)5,6191,2794
cOZwx(cOZwx)Adult (f)4,3291,4297
jAtBf(jAtBf)Adult (f)6,9071,1308
TDDbD(TDDbD)Adult (m)5,2159100
Q7CMlCrunchy 2G x LurkerAdult (m)7,2931,2693
krrBk(krrBk)Adult (m)6,8721,0103
oUsBO(oUsBO)Adult (f)5,32785818
DmEJv(DmEJv)Adult (f)3,0661,0743
kks5G(kks5G)Adult (f)4,6321,2162
RxbGT(RxbGT)Adult (m)4,9311,2402
qj3Ua(qj3Ua)Adult (m)1,9787831
1Nqp6(1Nqp6)Adult (m)1,9347561
KQN6T(KQN6T)Adult (f)1,9387772
9WsUb(9WsUb)Adult (f)1,9758122
aP4bt(aP4bt)Hatchling (f, F)3,4971,0031
u0jyC(u0jyC)Hatchling (F)1,4832133
pXnJU(pXnJU)Adult (m)6,9321,1689
dNMYn(dNMYn)Adult (f)5,6697232
Aqr7fIn  Outer  SpaceHatchling (m, F)3,6154012
gHtDOCB Song of the BlusangAdult (f)5,3261,0327
bUkdmShiny CB BlusangAdult (f)2,8071,07814
NJRiIEri's Other CB BlusangAdult (f)2,63351611
yvxfm(yvxfm)Adult (f)5,9641,1858
AuwtC(AuwtC)Adult (f)7,0581,0693
MXRyW(MXRyW)Adult (f)8,4211,0944
UZQTFEricasilverAdult (f)6,0371,07511
kiSSSkiSSSHatchling (f, F)6,0541,06513
0FMXDScrumptious TabitahAdult (f)5,0201,10013
UFq59x Gold or whateverAdult (m)5,4851,23815
nL4wvFive Dollar FootlongAdult (f)4,4721,20616
lUq9Q(lUq9Q)Adult (f)7,0091,17815
CwFh2(CwFh2)Adult (m)6,8581,2018
y7zeY(y7zeY)Hatchling (F)6,66444513
FTsKf(FTsKf)Hatchling (m, F)7,31563910
98N2uI'm so Freaking PrettyAdult (f)6,4021,23113
RyL7Q(RyL7Q)Adult (f)5,9081,3618
ZGrXBZroxAdult (f)7,3091,1059
6b6o6SmexiestAdult (f)6,6821,19912
TJAJN(TJAJN)Adult (m)5,4391,33810
w7Z39(w7Z39)Adult (f)6,6251,15914
ozjcl(ozjcl)Adult (m)4,0601,27313
89rde(89rde)Adult (m)8,0801,00217
ireqd(ireqd)Adult (f)6,8101,26014
j8lRz(j8lRz)Adult (m)7,6161,1003
NLxo3Lord Erika The 3rdAdult (m)8,72894914
dJgMu(dJgMu)Adult (f)8,4221,09112
oaanx(oaanx)Adult (m)4,0121,3194
k5nScSends Shivers  Down My SpineAdult (m)2,4099427
P6ToDDidn't Mean to Make You CryAdult (m)2,1717429
hkE5HBody's Aching All the TimeAdult (m)2,3208235
mqoX5Goodbye Everybody I've Got to GoAdult (m)4,2541,0334
f0RZ8Eri's OceanBlue BeautyAdult (m)4,6031,0943
IDhpUI'd Never Been Born at AllAdult (m)3,6029391
4SZbfIf I'm not Back AgainAdult (m)7,6631,3938
NFV3aTo the Skies and SeeAdult (m)6,5001,2716
QBWRaBluna8798Adult (m)5,6919654
6OWrVFrom RealityAdult (m)5,3421,09911
QITGbBecause I'm Easy Come- Easy GoAdult (m)6,0021,1777
CIgEcI'm Just a Poor BoyAdult (m)4,4611,1057
2TpBPLittle High- Little LowAdult (m)8,1391,1163
g7TZoThis Just FantasyAdult (m)3,2709124
BlrNsCaught in a Landslide- No EscapeAdult (m)5,8801,0113
BuTTDAny Way the Wind Blows- Doesn'tAdult (m)5,5461,1374
PkiFKThis Time Tomorrow- Carry OnAdult (m)4,1999764
9a55RMama- Just Killed a ManAdult (m)3,9271,0025
gJAWUPut a Gun Against His HeadAdult (m)4,73197811
SDcTCGotta Leave You All Behind andAdult (m)7,9611,50110
uiGrbReally Matter to MeAdult (m)7,5841,0347
bgOR7Open Your Eyes- Look UpAdult (m)9,5821,7539
3MNgrTooooooo MeeeeeAdult (m)7,5941,5134
nocM7Pulled My Trigger- Now He's DeadAdult (m)6,2029759
pG6p2Mama- Life Had Just BegunAdult (m)5,6651,1278
7MvhHI Need No SympathyAdult (m)6,5317945
eE1CYIs This the Real Life- isAdult (m)5,5431,0284
IZ1ONBut Now I've Gone andAdult (m)5,9701,0176
BE3hAHypothetical Bluna ChildAdult (m)4,6901,0654
4OqPmThrown it All AwayAdult (m)3,2029461
QhtMNOoh-ooo-ooohAdult (m)5,7511,1963
16nTPMamaaaaaaAdult (m)4,8079433
BeVHNFace the TruthAdult (m)5,1709477
M7l8JCarry on- Nothing Really MattersAdult (m)5,8308184
oVSl9Too Late- My Time Has ComeAdult (m)4,6191,0323
vGX1hLurking Fantasy BlunaAdult (m)5,8708996
OoiNvany  way  the  wind  blowsAdult (m)3,6663785
vfGa5MAMAAAAAAAA - OOOOOOOHHHAdult (m)3,0457893
IL90koOo Erica's Other Dragons oOoHatchling (m, F)2,2097684
WE7GUI Don't Wanna Die - ButAdult (m)4,2849184
VFYWgSometimes I WishAdult (m)6,2281,1422
tUSCKStop Inbreeding Thuweds 42Adult (m)4,29994810
7Qfpm(7Qfpm)Hatchling (m, F)3,1329322
h0eifOoOoErica's 2G Prizefails oOoOHatchling (F)2,1695382
IOYYfI See a Little Silhouetto of aAdult (m)6,0947603
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