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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “EragonSaphiraRider,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hyBaYErosaf's CB Minta LouAdult (f)3,1678751
cLAkyErosaf's CB AtenakanoAdult (m)4,7017211
cX8IqErosaf's 2PB SallyinAdult (f)4,3359471
ORLg9(ORLg9)Adult (f)3,9087001
4XCiy(4XCiy)Adult (f)3,5817683
yxAiN(yxAiN)Adult (m)2,6765995
7pOyx(7pOyx)Adult (m)2,7927643
fxFup(fxFup)Adult (f)3,9849941
8IC4B(8IC4B)Adult (m)3,0876200
sKFF1(sKFF1)Adult (f)3,5838652
qldEv(qldEv)Adult (f)5,7981,1633
ng8BjErosaf's CB Aether Wyvern F1Adult (f)4,8091,1034
2qLrrErosaf's CB Aether Wyvern F2Adult (f)4,4361,1081
8vwjBErosaf's CB Aether Wyvern M1Adult (m)4,5331,0871
DZggTErosaf's CB Aether Wyvern M2Adult (m)4,7691,1410
v24bm(v24bm)Adult (f)6,8811,3790
YMjWRErosaf's CB Aether Wyvern M3Adult (m)6,7131,3590
p9Ohn(p9Ohn)Adult (m)5,6601,2961
sGAzk(sGAzk)Adult (m)5,3731,1041
2fwps(2fwps)Adult (m)3,5939913
uzWmp(uzWmp)Adult (f)3,7189901
tQ8UW(tQ8UW)Adult (m)6,7681,3461
DDjHT(DDjHT)Adult (m)3,7126791
bqbLErosaf's CB Bel Bel the FirstAdult (f)4,9191,03611
rJLCErosaf's CB Sundara the FirstAdult (m)4,84196514
mBKnErosaf's 2nd Pure BladeAdult (m)2,42777215
EPRSErosaf's 2nd Pure BellaAdult (f)3,87457015
YJ6dErosaf's 3rd Even Impure BoltAdult (m)2,75773515
7W80Erosaf's 4th Impure HyburAdult (m)2,2807688
Nj3oErosaf's Albino Fury EPICAdult (f)1,8036276
YAdFErosaf's 2nd Pure MasonAdult (m)2,4506703
ttApErosaf's 2nd Pure  WindstormAdult (m)9,4311,7669
mQeqErosaf's CB Felix AberthyAdult (m)6,5491,09310
Wr4CErosaf's 2nd Pure SundawnAdult (f)6,1091,1075
8CJ8Erosaf's Lightweight EpicAdult (f)7,6161,5016
3vr1JErosaf's 2nd Pure BelladellaAdult (f)7,0571,2065
jscI5Erosaf's 2nd Pure AelrueAdult (f)4,4935723
Xq7tpErosaf's 2nd Pure AbbadaAdult (m)4,66269810
1m0n5Erosaf's 2nd Pure AelynthiAdult (f)2,5519533
HLslnErosaf's 2nd Pure Gift AbaratAdult (m)2,8523132
QKGKvErosaf's 2nd Pure Gift AdorellanAdult (m)2,6614121
DHvrvErosaf's 2nd Pure AerilayaAdult (f)3,3764722
RNkaKErosaf's 2nd Pure KeyaAdult (f)3,5024402
qfqPNErosaf's 3rd Pure Even FearAdult (f)3,1344543
HhcS2Erosaf's 3rd Pure Even FangAdult (m)3,2534952
kMnkvErosaf's 4th Pure Even ThyrellAdult (m)5,0453373
gG5ogErosaf's 3rd Pure Even ChaosAdult (m)3,4354972
Tr0R3Erosaf's 2nd Pure DarlAdult (m)4,3994183
JQRP2Erosaf's 3rd Pure Even GiftAdult (m)4,4265103
f6s3KErosaf's CB AgatheAdult (f)2,8058741
RJaFCErosaf's CB AurakaAdult (m)2,9919493
oWpvRErosaf's CB AcademyAdult (f)2,7778802
kfUNfErosaf's CB IslingrAdult (m)2,7948361
Dqh72Erosaf's CB  Chidi EvelynAdult (f)3,6694802
osMuxErosaf's CB UraAdult (f)2,0188212
aT2lDErosaf's CB DoppleglangerAdult (m)2,7759962
UWafErosaf's Lady CyriaHatchling (F)4052844
BdtXErosaf's AbandonmentHatchling (F)2,0075943
c4YoErosaf's DroneHatchling (F)3,3307374
ubOpCErosaf's Unexpected EggHatchling (f, F)3,5807181
ICRmMErosaf's randomly Frozen CBHatchling (m, F)4,0705120
UjwV6(UjwV6)Adult (m)3,5126872
QIV3U(QIV3U)Adult (m)4,7241,02210
b4ietErosaf's CB ThornAdult (m)3,7268490
cxtIYErosaf's CB SapphiraAdult (f)3,2728560
fTerMErosaf's CB GlaedrAdult (m)3,8734100
BypBmErosaf's CB BriyatAdult (f)3,4273980
oDQiJErosaf's CB MarcusAdult (m)4,6546700
R4xrnErosaf's CB LivannaAdult (f)4,9347160
XEpm0Erosaf's CB MonaAdult (f)7,5856350
vFFdKD5 LouiseAdult (f)7,6505110
8dgGZErosaf's ImpurityAdult (f)5,3707013
LS64Vworking all my lifeAdult (m)5,3607772
HuVVaErosaf's CB MontesneyAdult (m)5,2397651
Y9BKEErosaf's CB RileyAdult (m)7,9801,1781
A9Few(A9Few)Adult (m)5,1669844
zLU8S(zLU8S)Adult (f)4,9149792
eFFyM(eFFyM)Adult (f)2,6997302
rCR0eErosaf's CB Ryan RayAdult (m)4,3981,1984
u2cLfErosaf's CB Renna MakintoshAdult (f)4,2611,1651
SWV05Erosaf's CB Angallis RexAdult (m)4,9381,1642
CaxReErosaf's CB Anagallis 1Adult (f)4,9911,1411
XnAaGErosaf's CB Angallis LucyAdult (f)6,0551,0201
83mS8Erosaf's CB Sonya D'claireAdult (f)5,9201,0221
HlkU8Erosaf's CB Angallis MayAdult (f)4,8371,2412
7ScysErosaf's CB Angallis PaulAdult (m)5,1101,3365
cwwf1Erosaf's CB Angallis SunshineAdult (f)7,3701,2543
c3YYeErosaf's CB Caesar D'ClaireAdult (m)7,4031,1832
jFyN9Erosaf's CB Anagallis 2Adult (m)6,3649832
D7QK8Erosaf's CB Anagallis 3Adult (m)5,9191,3243
hddUoErosaf's CB Anagallis 4Adult (m)6,1111,3401
nfhrfErosaf's CB Anagallis 5Adult (f)6,8008741
5B9M4Erosaf's 2PB Tiorurth D'claireAdult (m)5,2586521
5h7huErosaf's 3rd Anagallis EmberAdult (m)6,1005752
fWbh8(fWbh8)Adult (m)6,5855852
fgvG3(fgvG3)Adult (f)5,6448621
I8wCV(I8wCV)Adult (m)4,0818741
V3ogj(V3ogj)Adult (m)5,1391,1030
664s7(664s7)Adult (m)4,2291,0420
AtZMf(AtZMf)Hatchling (f, F)4,1715872
VXsVt(VXsVt)Hatchling (m, F)4,1445941
md0zo(md0zo)Hatchling (m, F)3,0938162
x3J8wErosaf's CB Antarean 1Adult (f)5,7926482
D5O3iErosaf's CB Antarean 2Adult (m)5,5236422
ZPjEpErosaf's CB Antarean 3Adult (m)4,6787710
EP925Erosaf's CB Antarean 4Adult (f)4,1018191
3h0BQErosaf's CB HiasrirthAdult (m)5,1326601
vBeMVErosaf's CB BriodranathAdult (m)5,5885681
2ztzoErosaf's CB JirmeldaithAdult (m)3,9646741
gzohi(gzohi)Adult (f)5,1746540
5ecCm(5ecCm)Adult (f)5,2076640
JaMS5(JaMS5)Adult (f)4,8566440
Xr6pD(Xr6pD)Adult (m)5,1487411
bfQkt(bfQkt)Adult (m)5,1987410
HJBdJ(HJBdJ)Adult (f)5,1287430
CYKr2(CYKr2)Adult (f)4,9207211
5s1lQ(5s1lQ)Adult (f)6,9051,40016
edoLV(edoLV)Adult (f)6,6621,3954
mkbxo(mkbxo)Adult (f)4,8061,0034
1uHlL(1uHlL)Adult (f)3,5561,0321
xxXsjD4 FinnickAdult (m)4,2521,0453
G6XJT(G6XJT)Adult (m)4,3871,0321
4gKcd(4gKcd)Adult (m)4,1371,0280
YfstB(YfstB)Adult (f)4,3971,0412
B5x2Q(B5x2Q)Adult (f)4,0821,0267
DO1Ty(DO1Ty)Adult (f)3,9881,0076
YNg87(YNg87)Adult (m)3,8039671
i1tdy(i1tdy)Adult (f)2,6216532
szCbe(szCbe)Adult (m)4,6829481
NSMEw(NSMEw)Adult (m)4,5749781
e8j3o(e8j3o)Adult (f)4,6729881
98jyI(98jyI)Adult (f)4,6509901
q20FL(q20FL)Adult (m)4,4099333
zsiFX(zsiFX)Adult (f)5,2169791
HVWLu(HVWLu)Adult (m)4,4608537
32QCV(32QCV)Adult (m)5,1979792
0024D(0024D)Adult (f)4,6389359
qyVhGD7 GeorgiaAdult (f)3,7398763
ryRVf(ryRVf)Adult (m)3,5409204
u8Pih(u8Pih)Adult (f)3,9768703
vz7n7(vz7n7)Adult (f)4,4339380
dlqto(dlqto)Adult (m)4,9591,0282
dnpnD(dnpnD)Adult (f)5,0879766
Fv0Vu(Fv0Vu)Adult (f)5,5051,0291
v9Xcx(v9Xcx)Adult (f)3,6021,0691
92tO1(92tO1)Adult (m)3,2551,0610
v7NEF(v7NEF)Adult (f)3,3611,0311
KBUtS(KBUtS)Adult (f)3,4231,0708
XdvvErosaf's Bright as a RoseAdult (f)2,72254328
i7mfKErosaf's CB Aria 2Adult (f)4,3629531
YjmrmErosaf's CB CorionthAdult (m)4,7591,1031
4yoj4Erosaf's CB Aria 3Adult (m)5,7081,1206
62a8IErosaf's CB Aria 4Adult (f)4,0747020
IcmyMErosaf's CB Aria 5Adult (f)3,2518200
5OFhOErosaf's CB Aria 6Adult (m)4,0197190
sodH1Erosaf's CB MulnurthAdult (f)4,3586575
OjEovErosaf's CB LesulthAdult (f)3,6477561
XvnqwErosaf's CB ChoralthAdult (m)3,5757561
Ag05GErosaf's CB CholsalathAdult (m)3,9647342
CRMSFErosaf's CB KusiyluthAdult (m)4,4116101
PUsLMErosaf's CB Aria 7Adult (f)4,3996110
7lQy5Erosaf's CB Aria 8Adult (f)3,9697500
ZdOP0Erosaf's CB Aria 9Adult (m)4,9586860
MNUT8Erosaf's CB Aria 10Adult (m)4,6766581
GarCDErosaf's CB Aria 11Adult (m)4,4406781
DfFaRErosaf's CB Aria 12Adult (m)3,9666760
vk4oiErosaf's CB Aria 15Adult (m)3,9806730
uMajVErosaf's CB Aria 13Adult (m)4,7417263
jcoCXErosaf's CB Aria 14Adult (m)4,6557331
p1yLW(p1yLW)Adult (f)4,9166961
PRqYA(PRqYA)Adult (f)5,0566970
akzWh(akzWh)Adult (m)5,2405481
Mc4gX(Mc4gX)Adult (m)4,7657210
nMh2f(nMh2f)Adult (m)6,6761,0841
PvOmO(PvOmO)Adult (m)5,7111,0851
CIjshErosaf's Cb Kate MiddletonAdult (f)5,3808520
2JlTLErosaf's CB VeraAdult (f)5,3818251
Z3YMrErosaf's Moon ChildAdult (f)4,1971,3052
47OraErosaf's SKinny Arsani LoveAdult (f)5,1771,19710
qH0EoErosaf's 2nd Princess PoppyAdult (f)3,3771,5823
R6LAB3rd gen CRIMSON ROYAL x arsaniAdult (f)5,2816463
kRgod4th gen FOG x arsani neededAdult (f)6,1395991
35hnN(35hnN)Adult (f)2,2516473
S9w5k(S9w5k)Adult (f)4,1979698
ptKFN(ptKFN)Adult (f)4,1619818
KRVON(KRVON)Adult (f)3,5118569
w45htD1 GlimmerAdult (f)5,8621,1453
3XAvVD1 MarvelAdult (m)6,2131,1622
SfXvl(SfXvl)Adult (f)6,0371,1451
Hu0LT(Hu0LT)Adult (m)6,0531,1611
EK08x(EK08x)Adult (f)3,7307491
KyRPy(KyRPy)Adult (f)5,0799611
xZwaC(xZwaC)Adult (f)5,0419940
kXUSP(kXUSP)Adult (f)5,3181,1311
vC8An(vC8An)Adult (f)3,8259623
TfeS7(TfeS7)Adult (f)4,5891,0963
2CHHz(2CHHz)Adult (f)4,5141,0532
yURH1(yURH1)Adult (f)4,2871,0583
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