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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Eragon973,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BC7u(BC7u)Adult (m)8,6338517
AGVx(AGVx)Adult (f)2,2021,1563
f5lD(f5lD)Adult (m)2,1627114
rezT(rezT)Adult (m)1,9595016
ZHOG(ZHOG)Adult (f)2,7781,2289
vVbE(vVbE)Adult (m)1,4106135
WZyP(WZyP)Adult (f)3,3369065
KzpZ(KzpZ)Adult (f)6,4464394
9bfo(9bfo)Adult (m)8294421
dK6v(dK6v)Adult (m)1,2434006
Dv9k(Dv9k)Adult (f)1,3956574
Mc38(Mc38)Adult (f)1,1745733
5CRJ(5CRJ)Adult (m)9065085
n0v7(n0v7)Adult (f)9085163
NWbm(NWbm)Adult (f)5,43748110
zvDW(zvDW)Adult (f)3,8246904
j30o(j30o)Adult (f)4,1684024
Ydi6(Ydi6)Adult (f)1,6315739
O6Nb(O6Nb)Adult (m)1,8547936
EbWL(EbWL)Adult (f)5,7386634
Os5c(Os5c)Adult (f)2,5546403
XFaM(XFaM)Adult (m)1,7878849
LMQM(LMQM)Adult (f)2,8341,52610
8HF6(8HF6)Adult (m)2,2737185
Wc5L(Wc5L)Adult (f)3,7581,0576
Mnye(Mnye)Adult (m)2,59935012
VPO9(VPO9)Adult (f)2,8628143
RLpy(RLpy)Adult (m)2,9931,1254
292H(292H)Adult (f)4,1101,9497
yNXS(yNXS)Adult (m)2,42519111
rRXl(rRXl)Adult (m)1,2976232
nTYC(nTYC)Adult (m)8024871
ULZQ(ULZQ)Adult (m)2,0197693
JoZ5(JoZ5)Adult (m)2,6984257
DjOO(DjOO)Adult (f)3,3376633
YUb0(YUb0)Adult (m)2,0994564
CD2g(CD2g)Adult (f)1,9234918
imun(imun)Adult (f)2,74163815
Rrdt(Rrdt)Adult (f)2,4121,2274
JKV4(JKV4)Adult (m)2,6451,1494
lFd3(lFd3)Adult (f)2,7541,0895
8r1f(8r1f)Adult (f)7744783
yn2d(yn2d)Adult (m)3,0327766
EUYI(EUYI)Adult (m)1,5897819
1cBR(1cBR)Adult (f)1,0295135
R7Ah(R7Ah)Adult (f)8564584
TIZ3(TIZ3)Adult (m)2,1187514
UN6J(UN6J)Adult (f)1,1176014
E8rP(E8rP)Adult (m)1,4106664
4rbP(4rbP)Adult (f)2,4401,2115
ajSl(ajSl)Adult (m)1,3946563
3VRt(3VRt)Adult (m)3,0401,5219
Ufpc(Ufpc)Adult (f)2,5878445
wlfD(wlfD)Adult (f)4,0141,9757
h0Dm(h0Dm)Adult (m)1,88540110
Qk4W(Qk4W)Adult (f)2,5586344
TMyF(TMyF)Adult (f)2,8995335
ClQO(ClQO)Adult (f)2,6714275
CVrO(CVrO)Adult (f)2,5968845
hgRy(hgRy)Adult (m)3,4897369
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