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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Enter-The-Dragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DIhucFailed ExpHatchling (F)1,8151552
qUr1bHatchies and EggsHatchling (F)1,8981731
2Nlm0My CB NAHUA DRAGONSHatchling (F)1,0004859
9LIGBGuardian Of Nature NahuaAdult (m)8,3098759
v7PpJGuardian Naturaleza NahuaAdult (f)7,68567122
adbmmGold NahuaAdult (m)7,4521,15839
mSXlHOro NahuaAdult (f)7,0271,12422
TvIZSSilver NahuaAdult (m)6,5261,2768
WTMrkPlata NahuaAdult (f)3,8757109
04fA8Striped NahuaAdult (m)4,64791016
FjCBoRayas NahuaAdult (f)2,76857916
Q5vQ7Black NahuaAdult (m)1,85969011
pOKslMorena NahuaAdult (f)3,58179514
IrtiThunder NahuaAdult (m)3,2399784
aXJnTruena NahuaAdult (f)4,5051,2384
qSHhMagma NahuaAdult (m)5,6088505
ERaVFuega NahuaAdult (f)5,0321,3048
b4ARIce NahuaAdult (m)3,8286507
VhNpHielo NahuaAdult (f)5,7851,2659
ce9PlTri-Horn  NahuaAdult (m)2,0976843
sivo9Cavern Lurker NahuaAdult (m)5,1939603
qXjGOSandy NahuaAdult (f)5,2009465
D9sCMBrimstone NahuaAdult (m)3,9049055
ap30pAudria NahuaAdult (f)3,7599153
6aQcJOlive NahuaAdult (m)3,4376967
t0piHOlivia NahuaAdult (f)2,5147763
mOAZGBlusang Lindwurms NahuaAdult (m)2,0837892
baCORRita NahuaAdult (f)2,6466568
3nWkVampire NahuaAdult (m)4,1878368
SlvcvVampiress NahuaAdult (f)3,68086918
D9pSNebuloso NahuaAdult (m)5,2171,3188
lMoONebulosa NahuaAdult (f)8,3771,38120
cRQGcTsunami NahuaAdult (m)2,6267513
TPiTeNorth Shore NahuaAdult (f)2,5787242
H9FhdTurpentine NahuaAdult (m)3,9937293
BmcHETrementina NahuaAdult (f)4,0097256
phjmOSpoiled NahuaAdult (f)4,0838992
LMtsvLumina NahuaAdult (m)3,6269043
7E4B1Golden Wyvern NahuaAdult (m)4,3428795
YeDPJOro Wyvern NahuaAdult (f)4,1319145
lpoAHRoyal Blue NahuaAdult (m)2,5069305
OZkP6Azul Royal NahuaAdult (f)2,2109113
53kTVUltraviolet NahuaAdult (m)3,7216692
8ecC6Violet CubixAdult (f)4,1277156
EJqoVSpotted Greenwing NahuaAdult (m)2,7297163
OVva3Ala Verde Manchada NahuaAdult (f)2,6527242
TTD4OGold Horned Tangars NahuaAdult (m)2,7047194
PYYDtCuernos De Oro Tangars NahuaAdult (f)2,7037270
LrIgMSun Stone NahuaAdult (m)4,4747723
rpKFaPiedra Sol NahuaAdult (f)4,6788076
T0EkrMoon Stone NahuaAdult (m)4,2657923
poBn9Piedra Luna NahuaAdult (f)4,5107984
Wi0fSpring NahuaAdult (m)3,83271411
N2hVPrimavera NahuaAdult (f)4,46575910
tqVg0Summer NahuaAdult (m)1,8608915
Vd79jVerana NahuaAdult (f)4,3898046
OLcIRFall NahuaAdult (m)3,9481,0083
PXDvfAllergy NahuaAdult (f)2,8997144
hWAPWinter NahuaAdult (m)3,1741,33553
X9rTInvierna NahuaAdult (f)3,7361,08213
2GFgHellFire NahuaAdult (m)3,9879913
jPIPTormenta Infierno NahuaAdult (f)3,5424987
cQj3fSpitfire NahuaAdult (m)5,9261,1005
gET8Desierta NahuaAdult (f)3,6777314
OGfJcWaterHorse NahuaAdult (m)3,4451,0286
BoTcAqua Horse NahuaAdult (f)11,1131,5925
0qcQDeep Sea NahuaAdult (m)3,3724889
Ev46Mara NahuaAdult (f)4,93138912
Gr27White NahuaAdult (m)2,8167527
sFRABlanca NahuaAdult (f)3,74557711
pYajSunsong NahuaAdult (m)5,1427747
loN4Moonsong NahuaAdult (f)3,1185586
NkYfGreen NahuaAdult (m)8,4201,1226
ttpCEmerald NahuaAdult (f)5,5458026
YXTBRoca NahuaAdult (f)3,7069575
oOaYqRed Dorsal NahuaAdult (m)5,3599764
fkQPRoja Dorsal NahuaAdult (f)2,9275478
KqWhPurple Dorsal NahuaAdult (m)2,2236074
vatYOMorado Dorsal NahuaAdult (f)5,3729894
lPqkDayDream NahuaAdult (m)3,17166811
QRksSonar de Dia NahuaAdult (f)4,53239610
cvNRStone NahuaAdult (m)2,3655067
ABih7Piedra NahuaAdult (f)2,2198145
CfVlMagi NahuaAdult (m)9,4431,3395
qPgHMagika NahuaAdult (f)5,17534613
KmESEmber NahuaAdult (m)5,4261,2597
d11PIncendia NahuaAdult (f)3,8411,0486
p9HhNeoTropical NahuaAdult (m)2,6676478
DgQCNeaTropical NahuaAdult (f)2,2766582
AFqgGuardian NahuaAdult (m)6,63994914
gTWjProtector NahuaAdult (f)2,4677553
tKnESunset NahuaAdult (m)10,0281,9769
RKilPuesta De Sol NahuaAdult (f)10,4551,3884
Y4oTFlamingo Wyvern NahuaAdult (m)4,5731,3527
LgvncFlamenco NahuaAdult (f)2,4566141
E9jOHorse NahuaAdult (m)10,2101,5466
MHL3Caballa NahuaAdult (f)9,1131,2144
L2hAMint NahuaAdult (m)4,68059915
RYqFMinta NahuaAdult (f)2,7326054
0OVkPygmy NahuaAdult (m)2,9849673
utniChiquita NahuaAdult (f)4,4036626
slW5Dark Myst Pygmy NahuaAdult (m)5,11384813
kUZSNegra  Myst Pygmy NahuaAdult (f)4,1716835
MdWUNilia Pygmy NahuaAdult (m)4,5667346
7HQvNilita Pygmy NahuaAdult (f)5,24189610
6FDBSeawyrm Pygmy NahuaAdult (m)2,84252411
IeLROceanawrym Pygmy NahuaAdult (f)3,6156247
NQKnCrimson Flare Pygmy NahuaAdult (m)2,3435918
b2SUCarmesi Bengala Pygmy NahuaAdult (f)5,09789211
TRcjMisfit Pygmy NahuaAdult (m)3,6096397
Vt90Bribona Pygmy NahuaAdult (f)4,1975182
Pv8FHarvest NahuaAdult (m)5,0051,0465
tLYfCosecha NahuaAdult (f)2,6594915
FDl2Red NahuaAdult (m)2,2058182
RfEQRoja NahuaAdult (f)3,2854964
g3jkGrey NahuaAdult (m)24,7091,9896
mBKdGrisa NahuaAdult (f)2,6287159
vnAErDark Geen NahuaAdult (m)2,5206041
ZNeuFlor NahuaAdult (f)2,5317614
7XP0SElectric NahuaAdult (m)3,0017034
0csRElectrica NahuaAdult (f)15,2481,3858
KCtoSwallow Tail NahuaAdult (m)4,2271,2237
Y9MQTragarse Tail NahuaAdult (f)2,1916866
nUkXBalloon NahuaAdult (m)7,7511,0796
ege0Gordita NahuaAdult (f)3,8917087
kpcqOchredrake NahuaAdult (m)2,9925184
1QVqOchreaDrake NahuaAdult (f)3,7924579
5mckPurple NahuaAdult (m)3,0608043
l246Morada NahuaAdult (f)5,0825776
kMTdWhiptail NahuaAdult (m)4,3854597
pYC1LatigaTail NahuaAdult (f)1,9554833
gqa93Pink NahuaAdult (m)1,8991,02125
Sc46eRosa NahuaAdult (f)4,0847675
O4I01Day Glory NahuaAdult (m)4,7748736
JWFEDia Gloria NahuaAdult (f)6,8411,0899
YWFHvTwo Headed NahuaAdult (m)3,3211,1074
0rD8Dos Cabeza NahuaAdult (f)4,4971,3126
IL6SuNight Glory NahuaAdult (m)5,0681,1508
9WvRgNoche Gloria NahuaAdult (f)5,6121,0266
CtEnCanopy NahuaAdult (m)3,65075211
65kkDosela NahuaAdult (f)5,8651,2058
vF3jPillow NahuaAdult (m)3,58646310
UZ1iAlmohada NahuaAdult (f)3,7741,1807
RqL1Sunrise NahuaAdult (m)2,4647267
670MAmanecea NahuaAdult (f)3,6294445
dlOeBright Breasted NahuaAdult (m)3,0115034
QmUZPecho Luminosa NahuaAdult (f)7,9451,4934
bOIQPurple Ridgewing NahuaAdult (m)3,9443366
EEssMorada Ala Cresta NahuaAdult (f)2,2186506
ZF6dTerrae NahuaAdult (m)3,85960110
ZTWpTerraea NahuaAdult (f)2,9821,1909
XpNFNocturne NahuaAdult (m)3,65455114
23TDJNoche NahuaAdult (f)5,9271,1294
vjtcAlbino NahuaAdult (m)3,1188256
0Q98Guera NahuaAdult (f)2,2866774
FcVPWater NahuaAdult (m)5,2531,2494
rNhtrAqua NahuaAdult (f)1,7116076
6tOKdWater Walker NahuaAdult (m)5,6671,0198
p8L5Pantana NahuaAdult (f)3,5797823
6b7KCostal Wave Runner NahuaAdult (m)6,3341,06811
CPkfvCosta Wave NahuaAdult (f)4,7667708
1aPoENebula NahuaAdult (m)5,64296312
6FgXEstrella NahuaAdult (f)3,3296219
9FZgESky Wing NahuaAdult (m)5,8188804
qXHqmAla Cielo NahuaAdult (f)4,1284955
TeXhMTan Ridge NahuaAdult (m)2,3179255
FE1BFMorena Ala Cresta NahuaAdult (f)2,9268619
1fAMnAtlantico NahuaAdult (m)3,16056810
L7jWdPescado Oro NahuaAdult (f)3,9986173
YpPBlMY 2ND GEN NAHUA DRAGONSHatchling (F)2,21137612
evp2FBullion NahuaAdult (m)2,31776920
3B9k7Doubloon NahuaAdult (m)4,7601,13629
bRK96Gold Ingot NahuaAdult (m)3,0901,01214
9gNjfPoint 999 NahuaAdult (m)2,2128709
I444PNugget NahuaAdult (m)3,3437089
V5S2MGold Dust NahuaAdult (f)2,4047168
PE735Golden NahuaAdult (f)3,95975312
C0mOLSashimi NahuaAdult (f)2,8736049
1sv0T25th Nahua GoldAdult (m)3,37471510
B73mHFFA Below Me NahuaAdult (m)2,5516487
Rm1e4Big Silver Heart NahuaAdult (f)3,62465412
7KMKOSilver Chocolate NahuaAdult (f)3,1556126
oD8GWRicki NahuaAdult (f)2,2176936
lpHcoJobless NahuaAdult (m)4,1261,1864
Mkrc2Maria NahuaAdult (f)3,1531,0222
Ven9bAlt Vine NahuaAdult (m)2,0287066
XgVJ9Grass NahuaAdult (m)2,9346164
HZQKVThunder Dragon NahuaAdult (m)3,7251,0327
nOX6TGranite NahuaAdult (m)5,3791,2082
GcVoeCholo NahuaAdult (m)3,1856702
esimJJill NahuaAdult (f)3,0896362
X5Z5QRed Stripe NahuaAdult (m)2,8196333
n8qdRBlack Stripe NahuaAdult (m)3,9117533
7utG8Blue Stripe NahuaAdult (m)2,8066443
3bGbCGreen Striped NahuaAdult (m)2,8816513
XlPmZTito NahuaAdult (m)4,1919192
Irt6dNeeds A Tan NahuaAdult (m)5,9951,4144
SJP1pAbel's Fool NahuaAdult (m)2,1515756
NplnFLori NahuaAdult (f)3,14056212
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