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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Emmejo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WVuHi(WVuHi)Adult (f)3,0178110
MIUDm(MIUDm)Adult (f)3,3611,0671
Q7f8G(Q7f8G)Adult (f)3,3331,0642
6cMSs(6cMSs)Adult (f)1,6307440
xzNCV(xzNCV)Adult (m)1,6797700
oG33N(oG33N)Adult (m)1,6807710
uNm6Z(uNm6Z)Adult (m)1,6727841
YbezV(YbezV)Adult (f)1,5967370
hfhFf(hfhFf)Adult (m)1,6417780
IhhAx(IhhAx)Adult (m)1,6617880
vfuug(vfuug)Adult (f)1,6177230
rWH6g(rWH6g)Adult (m)1,7158141
E4Duq(E4Duq)Adult (m)1,7098052
ceGJv(ceGJv)Adult (m)1,6978031
5Zkiu(5Zkiu)Adult (m)1,6748052
7YPmK(7YPmK)Adult (m)1,5928071
yjNDw(yjNDw)Adult (m)1,6068131
tz4LN(tz4LN)Adult (m)1,7228040
O4gXy(O4gXy)Adult (m)1,7058130
ggk4L(ggk4L)Adult (m)2,6418160
EnouN(EnouN)Adult (f)2,6078081
WSGxO(WSGxO)Adult (m)2,6928201
OwehV(OwehV)Adult (m)2,9188100
CUZRT(CUZRT)Adult (f)2,9468120
LVMRY(LVMRY)Adult (m)2,6648070
agPTV(agPTV)Adult (f)2,7788070
Uh8OL(Uh8OL)Adult (m)2,5235617
6yQNQ(6yQNQ)Adult (f)2,3887262
dir9X(dir9X)Adult (m)2,3267072
uVjf4(uVjf4)Adult (f)2,2068022
CJam9(CJam9)Adult (f)2,4598022
KCXbD(KCXbD)Adult (f)2,4227291
qnhmO(qnhmO)Adult (f)2,4078012
ubhcF(ubhcF)Adult (f)2,7018051
9W2jj(9W2jj)Adult (f)2,7748042
DLGKO(DLGKO)Adult (f)2,3518041
PwqtQ(PwqtQ)Adult (f)2,4508131
ai9Zx(ai9Zx)Adult (f)2,3378021
ltx6A(ltx6A)Adult (f)2,2888030
Av8to(Av8to)Adult (m)2,3168132
vCBnp(vCBnp)Adult (f)2,2398080
t5f1H(t5f1H)Adult (f)2,6697073
pCTKB(pCTKB)Adult (f)2,3227032
8PYYq(8PYYq)Adult (f)2,3387032
tYwUt(tYwUt)Adult (f)2,2907102
Aay5W(Aay5W)Adult (f)2,3917133
YEnuT(YEnuT)Adult (m)1,9797102
dJbEB(dJbEB)Adult (f)1,8717171
fmJOK(fmJOK)Adult (m)2,1127082
Fo1t8(Fo1t8)Adult (f)2,3467130
FZsy9(FZsy9)Adult (f)2,7036100
PqUgl(PqUgl)Adult (m)3,2029851
55q1d(55q1d)Adult (f)3,2939892
QHpg2(QHpg2)Adult (f)3,2249751
M19sC(M19sC)Adult (f)3,1841,0021
J95SB(J95SB)Adult (m)3,3541,0190
8t8eN(8t8eN)Adult (m)3,4131,0160
4HQU7(4HQU7)Adult (m)3,4547052
HWFrl(HWFrl)Adult (f)3,4367052
Lb5Cs(Lb5Cs)Adult (m)3,1067033
rEsf1(rEsf1)Adult (f)3,4377032
8Eev0(8Eev0)Adult (f)2,4696951
zLEoV(zLEoV)Adult (m)2,4216781
4rc6r(4rc6r)Adult (f)3,5457691
mlzrY(mlzrY)Adult (f)2,7286961
gjhoq(gjhoq)Adult (f)3,0186671
CcRs8(CcRs8)Adult (m)2,8736912
v450P(v450P)Adult (m)2,8066772
605VO(605VO)Adult (f)2,9336972
nLsQF(nLsQF)Adult (m)3,2787072
mag00(mag00)Adult (f)3,2717041
VE71c(VE71c)Adult (f)2,9367030
rc3uD(rc3uD)Adult (f)3,5937012
Ajgfg(Ajgfg)Adult (m)3,5816752
Vooz2(Vooz2)Adult (m)4,8009684
zyuUx(zyuUx)Adult (m)2,7425161
XCbfK(XCbfK)Adult (m)2,5554823
arzU7(arzU7)Adult (m)2,2535812
FaGWT(FaGWT)Adult (f)2,2386283
6GWFs(6GWFs)Adult (f)1,7875681
qtAG(qtAG)Egg (F)
I5eiShez Blue and Shez Red EyedAdult (f)7,4011,1867
vlInInfamous BluSue and Covert ClaraAdult (f)3,5716305
pXsafClaw Lady and Bright Red-EyeAdult (f)3,0856662
gRMVErin and EricaAdult (f)5,4971,04857
FozkoTap And DryAdult (f)2,5508954
9BDoXShez Paulette and Shez IllianaAdult (f)3,2089873
TZHRvDryise and TazatanAdult (f)2,0546850
WLhEKMystic Paulette and Blue IllianaAdult (f)2,5307273
iOPfMLircanathun and EglarorAdult (f)2,5646970
8QqMwMystic Repairs and Blue FreakyAdult (f)3,0386593
2zUvXAthun Fang and Egla ClawAdult (f)3,0788054
JRE7Hiz Blue Wings and Hez IntenseAdult (m)5,0371,0123
mHiMDeep Blue and Caped WingsAdult (m)3,5346339
Mn1yiPowerful Paul and Inspired IanAdult (m)2,1097762
6u2DrDacise and XazatanAdult (m)3,1677013
WWSuKLong Fang and Sharp ClawAdult (m)2,8498785
tsfWFMystic Miles and Blue BobAdult (m)2,2347882
oP5MvMr Cheerio and Mr FreakyAdult (m)3,8165953
s4G9UAaron Fang and Eric ClawAdult (m)2,7415203
IRVeCRepairman and Too FreakyAdult (m)3,4256007
4TXeUCangor and VakorgAdult (m)2,5196880
EXBIMDry Fang and Tan ClawAdult (m)2,7606093
GabLuFrost SpikedAdult (m)1,9685160
eQ4CmFrost BristledAdult (m)2,1315231
DWROeGlowing On GreenAdult (f)3,2199301
LSAznGleam Of GreenAdult (m)3,2039291
rRWWeTropical Blue-WingAdult (f)3,6507698
W1g31Tropical Blue-FootAdult (f)3,9177756
aasqWTropical Yellow-StripedAdult (f)3,6907759
bmhseTropical Sun-HornAdult (f)3,7437935
9MSONTropical Blu-MaskAdult (f)2,3626622
6BLL5Tropical Blue-PawAdult (f)3,9406547
gaSNCTropical Jamboree LookAdult (f)4,6286051
Y8w91Tropical WhispersAdult (f)1,9385210
7pZ0KTropical Blu-WingAdult (f)3,6517944
n5zwzTropical AnagallisAdult (f)3,4777033
F9q0dTropical Blue-TracedAdult (f)4,7967710
2e8k8Tropical Blu-TailAdult (f)3,7017091
iTVRmTropical Blue-JamboreeAdult (f)1,8446351
VTi5cTropical Red-PawAdult (m)3,7127786
jwAjkTropical Gold-HornAdult (m)3,7007564
4Nnh9Tropical Pink-TracedAdult (m)3,7247694
siW2LTropical Red-MaskAdult (m)2,8605154
AUd0kTropical Gold-EdgedAdult (m)2,9316021
eFPElTropical Red-WingAdult (m)2,9335355
kxvdbTropical Gold-Lined-FootAdult (m)3,9296726
UiByETropical Sun-TracedAdult (m)3,3157755
bHMP8Tropical Red-TailAdult (m)3,2938290
yI14xTropical Jamboree-FootAdult (m)3,6467751
sm8iWLight Of The AwestruckAdult (m)2,2516020
Wu7nXMiss LovespellAdult (f)2,6028301
JL3DNLady LovespellAdult (f)2,6658884
fumi5Celtic LovespellAdult (f)3,1398254
lwtRIHeartbeat's LovespellAdult (f)2,9685653
TBUkOGamma LovespellAdult (f)4,4061,0238
iYEF7Night LovespellAdult (f)3,5181,0424
dtJQsBlack LovespellAdult (f)3,5241,0355
6WDJ8Lurking LovespellAdult (f)3,0031,1643
ga1HiGimme LovespellAdult (f)4,0211,0864
FkKZNPrincess LovespellAdult (f)2,3265852
VgErBForest LovespellAdult (f)3,2081,0710
cv3wDEvil LovespellAdult (f)3,0651,0333
YPLg4Getaway LovespellAdult (f)3,0361,0444
JSeWDAio LovespellAdult (f)3,2129473
aQF1kLun'a LovespellAdult (f)2,3887083
6YR8wGleaming LovespellAdult (f)2,3876680
rWzAsWanderer LovespellAdult (f)2,2506303
diaBvMasked Lady and Miss SecretAdult (f)3,2587040
pwupoA Lady's Secret and Femme MaskAdult (f)3,3487072
7mJTIGentleman's Secret and MR HiddenAdult (m)3,0467131
5LL5CLord Serenity and Sr ContentmentAdult (m)3,0256950
63FKyRunning The MarshesAdult (f)1,6166473
hKBoNMiss MarshwaterAdult (f)1,9698930
6U2qOMarsh HauntAdult (f)2,8109010
4Gc47Snowmelt SwampsAdult (f)2,6507900
Kc9ywBusy Little LadyAdult (f)2,3986591
wY9tPPainted MarshgirlAdult (f)2,2665611
7qjvLFreaky EchosAdult (f)2,5075415
oInQuLittle Lady MarshlandAdult (f)2,6447020
GpqbzLittle Lady MarshwaterAdult (f)3,5466972
SL2SWLittle Lady HauntAdult (f)3,5137012
dMyzDPainted BogmanAdult (m)2,0428882
9BvBcWander The CoastAdult (m)2,3006252
0xErGColors Of The MarshlandAdult (m)1,6055991
JnT7kEscape The BogmanAdult (m)2,5435872
sC63DCoastal MarshwaterAdult (m)2,0349203
ubVffEscape The HauntAdult (m)2,8157625
yUwAFPainted HauntAdult (m)3,7807942
ETG4EWander Winter's CoastAdult (m)2,9205773
wQj15Flower Of MidnightAdult (f)2,5097802
slF4oMidnight Halloween QueenAdult (f)3,1819392
bpfLJGreen-Eyed VisionAdult (f)2,7478612
DSXT0Horror and BeautyAdult (f)2,7078323
lodocDark Habits Don't BreakAdult (f)2,4288571
QctzyStream Of Black MagicAdult (f)3,0117176
i6OFZSustained Black MoodAdult (f)2,1678070
eyRPWIn The Grasp Of Gold ClawsAdult (f)2,1877970
Ihq2GCountdown To CrazytownAdult (f)3,9348418
AAn7dLearn'd Black SecretsAdult (f)2,9248521
BHvydFavorite Of The Dark LordAdult (f)3,8216453
Zm5k6A Dark Night's WorkAdult (f)4,4611,0833
t022aMythical Night DemonAdult (f)3,6126353
XYLaNMaximum WarriorAdult (f)3,3478374
7v7NPDark Matter UniverseAdult (f)2,6035964
eokU4Queen Of The Night CreaturesAdult (f)2,1135932
CwdLqYellow-Bellied DarknessAdult (f)3,2418670
uVHpfZap Of Dark PowersAdult (f)3,3088422
1UsOcCraving The DarknessAdult (f)3,5707020
jr4xqVexed By ColorsAdult (f)1,8847441
4tQnRSpeed Of Black MagicAdult (f)3,5949474
2IC93World's Darkest QueenAdult (f)3,0808963
x7Yq6Greed For Dark Gold ClawsAdult (f)3,4656835
5CB80Mordor's Black MoodAdult (f)2,5666663
JK2UvLearn'd Secrets of SauronAdult (f)3,2858314
QbQwhSay More About Night's WorkAdult (f)6,2671,0895
qdDwSGre'Thor's Dark MatterAdult (f)3,1617482
wkpYpQueen Of The Dark BattleAdult (f)2,2136301
dMMLxAll The Greed For Dark FlowersAdult (f)4,2367315
skd14Mordor's Dark KnightAdult (f)4,2458686
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