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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Emeraude,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rHP1n(rHP1n)Adult (m)4,2379652
ciUgj(ciUgj)Adult (f)3,2438642
sGdB0sGdB0Adult (f)3,6278050
RkInuRkInuAdult (m)4,6767881
0dK2Gentle PrismAdult (m)8,8361,7148
ViAF1ViAF1 UBAdult (f)3,2053605
NMVJFNMVJF UBAdult (f)5,3683582
AW18iNurturing PrismAdult (m)3,0304656
0uHyEFourth Albino MisstepAdult (f)3,0624826
BY4ZRNerd DorkfaceAdult (m)5,5059181
ivEqjXiaonxuan YYYAdult (f)5,4279401
PgdWjPgdWjAdult (f)5,5179223
FyJwSFyJwSAdult (f)5,5657571
FDWj3Sanglant PrismAdult (m)1,5723942
m5IYUCardinal PrismAdult (m)5,4478210
o2Hjlo2HjlAdult (f)5,5697010
U784mCitrus PrismAdult (m)6,8077391
4lPKOZest PrismAdult (m)6,8747221
UE0ZiUE0ZiAdult (f)4,3839673
zS005Umber PrismAdult (m)6,1819382
CjheyHEY CJAdult (m)5,3988480
85WFrKnight of WantonAdult (f)5,3289872
hwVNOI Love MudbathsAdult (f)2,1346555
jiioOjiioO 2GAdult (f)4,7239781
R9fIsReflective PopsicleAdult (f)2,6728541
91PcNShimmering PrismAdult (m)3,8455431
K2lgdClaw PrismAdult (m)4,2616692
ed1f6Quake UnblemishedAdult (m)3,2773931
TRLVhEarthen PrismAdult (m)4,7513341
R1t4FCanopy PrismAdult (m)2,2535492
j3nzaVelvet PrismAdult (m)5,2869324
RosmnCreeping PrismAdult (m)3,5277943
wDIU9A Chilly BreezeAdult (m)5,7835453
XQriOFloral PrismAdult (m)4,0176231
lGykhAurum PrismAdult (m)3,7585461
4GpVlRefreshed PrismAdult (m)5,1638532
lBW2eChewy PrismAdult (m)3,1534521
RIbN0Golden StaplesAdult (f)5,5326541
GDNk0GDNk0Adult (m)4,2138542
o5f4IMindful PrismAdult (m)4,8808753
JjAajNoble XiaonxuanAdult (m)4,5201,0272
PZKnxMercurial AlloyAdult (m)5,9005352
ylisFPalest MarrowAdult (f)2,9579301
cqSDyComforting PrismAdult (m)3,2857981
fqS7SBush PrismAdult (m)3,3157931
4XBClSource LackingAdult (f)5,0336931
o91cBDelayed MixAdult (m)3,5702911
OvyO0Permafrost PrismAdult (m)6,3356991
Usxl4Glinting PrismAdult (m)3,9195741
ZlYBZRooted PrismAdult (m)3,8735591
RE22ABrisk PrismAdult (m)7,0787471
1ErK01ErK0Adult (f)3,5458583
3UTzM3UTzMAdult (f)3,6471,0061
XfXf8XfXf8Adult (m)5,9847191
LRP0VLRP0VAdult (m)4,8378622
7LJDLJshoumadw Thuwed UBAdult (m)6,2837240
bdbiobdbio 3EGAdult (m)5,9711,5632
IbIMUIbIMUAdult (m)3,2521,3384
EWY8gEWY8g 3EGAdult (f)3,2871,3745
zRtCTzRtCT UBAdult (m)4,3021,3285
GfKTTGfKTTAdult (m)4,8611,2455
giXqygiXqy UBAdult (f)7,2288355
Zxt3FZxt3F 3EGAdult (m)6,9998467
SaeUDSaeUD 3EGAdult (m)7,1428194
Kw2tcKw2tcAdult (m)5,6919211
cyyArcyyArAdult (m)5,3969191
LnIfGLnIfGAdult (m)5,6708051
IdWuiDecadent Altruism 3EGAdult (f)5,2138661
aeLagGushing PrismAdult (m)6,7886412
BxOqkAntifreeze PrismAdult (m)5,9806131
MALdYClotted PrismAdult (m)6,1506162
0GNTuDreamy PrismAdult (m)5,9715102
GbP8cStatic PrismAdult (m)5,5436013
DrULOSwooping PrismAdult (m)7,4166621
fXtDtVolt PrismAdult (m)7,5356200
edMXONimble PrismAdult (m)7,3906250
Df7nASkyfall PrismAdult (m)8,3286441
5giYq5giYq UBAdult (f)6,3676041
BmcsuBooming PrismAdult (m)6,4526050
glAqTShaft PrismAdult (f)6,4366121
nT3o5Flowing PrismAdult (m)6,7955561
QO3TpRed-Tailed PrismAdult (m)6,0586280
VjgkoMist PrismAdult (m)4,4426150
Gn1OTMurky PrismAdult (m)4,7216561
Ry3Ju(Ry3Ju)Adult (m)7,0575921
bRg3HbRg3H 2G UBAdult (f)7,0556001
JkeObFloating PrismAdult (m)6,5866010
9j5mp9j5mpAdult (f)7,0686011
NBiUsLattice PrismAdult (m)5,4896500
1RjOxSubzero PrismAdult (m)6,8905421
fVlbY(fVlbY)Adult (m)4,5249590
dAhQBdAhQBHatchling (F)1,2903694
DY370What is CleanlinessHatchling (m, F)3,6377501
WVWlIWVWlIHatchling (f, F)3,3004981
khYXLGot Frozen By AccidentHatchling (m, F)6,8381,0638
8dxqq8dxqqAdult (f)4,2687600
l5V2Xl5V2XAdult (m)6,3098311
59V9M59V9MAdult (m)4,5599451
YaQGUYaQGUAdult (m)3,9098041
BYBaBBYBaBAdult (f)6,3846641
DyeSGDyeSGAdult (m)6,6976972
jXlckThe Lady's SorceressAdult (f)5,2813531
3rs8cOur Lady's EnchantressAdult (f)5,3883600
tBV9LtBV9LAdult (f)4,3668432
Fvx4kFvx4kAdult (f)3,2127912
roRljroRljAdult (m)3,2117842
DmyGgDmyGgAdult (f)5,0596662
KrDEe(KrDEe)Adult (m)5,2749804
UKW71UKW71Adult (m)4,9216480
7uNLQ7uNLQAdult (m)5,8915480
jn5wYjn5wYAdult (m)6,0125421
LBPQSLBPQS UBAdult (m)3,1194343
4b9Jc4b9JcAdult (f)3,3203747
recVSrecVSAdult (f)4,7883212
ZRQTRVceukadw Thuwed UBAdult (m)1,5675291
umm8Xumm8XHatchling (F)1,2853703
4CDCr4CDCrHatchling (f, F)2,6795974
Ga0cVLottery WinnerHatchling (m, F)3,1897731
e2yK1e2yK1Adult (m)2,2366501
KdUkRKdUkRAdult (f)1,9396341
Ah7vhAh7vhAdult (f)1,8714892
slEp3slEp3Adult (f)2,1756351
sG6osG6o IB UBAdult (m)2,40845312
akdtakdt UBAdult (f)3,28966016
V1uAAV1uAA 3EGAdult (m)3,8467824
fplOLfplOLAdult (m)2,5305185
A9gP7A9gP7 4EGAdult (m)2,3277303
VRTjyVRTjy 5EGAdult (m)3,8364093
3J8dy3J8dy UBAdult (m)2,6278271
yAPh8yAPh8 IB UBAdult (m)1,9246003
tTdZIVenous StasisAdult (f)3,0517333
vB7CWvB7CW UBAdult (m)2,6236121
AJt7GBilbo's Missed CallAdult (m)1,6804832
BGl0RBGl0R UBAdult (m)5,0768913
lF9ublF9ub UBAdult (f)5,1279172
EHornJust Send an E-Horn UBAdult (m)3,6703894
bWhSdbWhSd IBHatchling (F)2,2572152
MlTRtMlTRt IBHatchling (f, F)2,1646762
b9S6vb9S6v IBHatchling (f, F)1,9506731
P2vE1P2vE1 IBHatchling (f, F)1,9626891
QNv0fQNv0f IBHatchling (F)2,5584822
e5s3e5s3 UBAdult (m)3,3782352
QEGlQEGl UBAdult (f)3,2972333
VA9sjVA9sj UBAdult (m)2,35147710
zHv15Z'Entrapper UBAdult (f)1,7725032
IhEHaIhEHa IB UBAdult (m)3,1703706
IAmLGMuhhen Thuwed UBAdult (f)2,60656213
G0SbTG0SbT 3EGAdult (f)4,22340510
LZHfJMarrow Over EmbersAdult (f)1,3336542
J6VWTJ6VWT 4EGAdult (m)3,7169311
6wCMi6wCMi 3EGAdult (f)2,4409661
QUgdeQUgde 4EGAdult (f)2,8179011
QPD6kQPD6kHatchling (F)4,6044968
GIo5VGIo5VHatchling (m, F)3,3541,1421
BuwXaBuwXa the SecondAdult (f)2,0236542
854FB854FBAdult (m)3,4354602
Zd4y7Z'InfusionAdult (m)6,2381,0956
xmM1SxmM1S 2G PBAdult (m)2,5363131
XRKpBv more hoarded names vAdult (m)2,5443966
nBp00OndulationAdult (m)1,4766231
e29w1e29w1Hatchling (F)1,0515143
hrWTR(hrWTR)Adult (f)3,4488033
6tb12(6tb12)Adult (m)4,5827964
jyFZA(jyFZA)Adult (m)4,2388734
j427k(j427k)Adult (f)4,1421,0341
oadZyLiquefierAdult (m)4,8444442
6zpFW6zpFWAdult (f)3,5025863
RLqS5vapeurAdult (f)2,2278321
Gq3ZrGq3Zr UBAdult (m)2,5563832
KNDtbKNDtbAdult (f)2,8147953
YNreW(YNreW)Adult (m)3,4276382
Y8geY(Y8geY)Adult (f)5,1989502
yhvawyhvawHatchling (F)1,1543232
41fLL41fLLAdult (f)3,1728082
UyGShHemolytic PrismAdult (f)3,4315483
RaJmNumoreAdult (m)2,2176527
JXwC7Hemorrhagic PrismAdult (f)2,1575052
aMmM8uligoAdult (m)1,5935910
HpyJZhumidumAdult (m)1,6564732
KXfotToxin PrismAdult (f)6,6785672
JKsvABloodless PrismAdult (f)6,8186151
cNyk8cNyk8 IBHatchling (f, F)5,0907481
1ZMDKToby Kyle YamAdult (m)4,2063943
mCiPcnyah -CindyAdult (f)3,3304592
tChvTSeaside WandererAdult (f)4,8743501
xYjNmThird Unfound DeltaAdult (f)1,2794867
kTAanCursed Second CoastlineAdult (f)2,6146734
zd1GIEmeraude's Sodium ChlorideAdult (m)2,2917534
4kBnwEmeraude's Ocean SprayAdult (f)2,9858103
KQbfuEmeraude's Picturesque PeninsulaAdult (f)4,1185673
W1qv0Emeraude's Cerulean DepthsAdult (f)1,2083853
Qs4F0Emeraude's Coral ReefAdult (f)2,7275077
kp0BlFoamy Sea SprayAdult (m)4,5917623
ZDv8DDusk's Saltwater RaffleAdult (f)5,8131,0282
tn8JxRuan DrenchedAdult (f)2,7103713
C6xWAGlassy RevonightAdult (m)4,6087773
pmGVJSalty Eggs BenedictAdult (m)3,8805703
JmYs5Cerulean ExpanseAdult (f)7,1488287
wViF7Glassiest FlightAdult (m)7,0606623
lMlJp(lMlJp)Adult (m)2,2936015
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