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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Eluin_Gentry,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YgHrmGentry's LokiAdult (m)7,9448842
DOPrcGentry's MuninAdult (m)10,0009022
JgvufGentry's OdinAdult (m)8,9018713
6hJcwGentry's HellaAdult (f)5,6116440
uPgAvGentry's FreyaAdult (f)7,1987333
1VcmkGentry's FenrirHatchling (m, F)7,8358213
wIG0EGentry's RapidashAdult (m)5,9357351
iyAh0Gentry's MagbyAdult (f)6,8658504
dzMfXGentry's DarumakaAdult (m)6,9147562
w3uSjGentry's SquirtleAdult (f)7,4147902
FHYb9Gentry's BlastoiseAdult (m)5,8077241
Nt5Q1Gentry's WartortleAdult (m)10,0029322
aPsIQGentry's Frosty the SnowmanHatchling (F)2,9503723
WzdzHGentry's Orange MateriaAdult (m)6,6867992
yyHhXGentry's Blue MateriaAdult (f)10,6421,0533
P23AyGentry's Blue HerringAdult (m)9,2549356
QC2kEGentry's Red HerringAdult (f)9,9139784
TtuPFGentry's Copper RidgeAdult (m)5,8597113
MToiVGentry's I Sent A CardAdult (f)6,1169191
7HaTBGentry's I Didn't Want JewelryAdult (f)6,1529580
P8H4Gentry's Roses And ThornsAdult (f)1,7741,02821
pnb9Gentry's Red RoseAdult (f)1,8331,03615
ruBgcGentry's Sweeter Than CandyAdult (m)6,8069991
Q7jDvGentry's Sweet and SourAdult (m)7,1999063
m86cjGentry's Chocolate RainAdult (m)6,9361,0552
XVkaYGentry's Chocolate FountainAdult (m)7,0651,0292
KqHy8Gentry's Tainted LoveAdult (m)7,7829273
gIOtDGentry's Love HurtsAdult (m)7,1028813
78ZwcGentry's Love ActuallyAdult (f)7,4329343
hxOnmGentry's Nick and NorahAdult (f)7,3559094
ewksxGentry's Angel of MusicAdult (m)7,5428943
FNLeyGentry's Weeping AngelAdult (m)6,7799831
TQeVtGentry's Stole My HeartAdult (f)7,2129463
18S2YGentry's HeartbrokenAdult (f)6,8731,0192
lzvolGentry's Soul StoneAdult (f)7,2799895
mq14DGentry's Soul of the FireAdult (f)7,1251,0032
DATzMGentry's LilacAdult (m)6,4871,0354
XUieKGentry's LavenderAdult (m)6,6851,0482
uaFhGentry's Lord of the DeadAdult (m)5,3951,30830
0oDdGentry's Chloe SaundersHatchling (f, F)3,7421,11317
Pff2Gentry's Jean ClaudeAdult (m)1,98248918
6LppGentry's AsherAdult (m)4,5771,30919
JRjhGentry's MusetteAdult (f)4,4901,00321
GuvTGentry's BelleAdult (f)2,76998515
ul3iGentry's LestatHatchling (m, F)1,49568927
cj1MGentry's RowenaHatchling (f, F)1,1966018
Pk06Gentry's Lost ChildHatchling (F)1,1442397
JhUxvGentry's Pumpkin RisottoAdult (m)5,8781,1432
23AnVGentry's Pumpkin PancakesAdult (m)6,8311,1891
UPVgnGentry's Pumpkin Spice DonutAdult (f)7,8321,1262
0Y0T0Gentry's Pumpkin IcecreamAdult (f)6,9531,2191
Oin8vGentry's Pumpkin Spice MuffinHatchling (f, F)5,26279215
PVunGentry's BloodborneAdult (m)2,8411,08326
SsCUGentry's Bloody BonesAdult (m)3,2291,17125
TDnmGentry's Bloody RoseAdult (f)3,1861,19112
6XL1Gentry's Bred in the BoneAdult (f)4,1691,16214
V4KttGentry's Broken BoneHatchling (F)2,2224396
T1itqGentry's Count The ShadowsAdult (m)4,4937906
tSu3dGentry's Shadow LoverAdult (m)5,0668914
vG36jGentry's Shadow SpinnerAdult (f)4,5277848
b85ekGentry's Vashda NuradaAdult (f)4,5297884
cBRIkGentry's Black ShadowAdult (m)4,5367785
SQiksGentry's Shadow Of ColossusAdult (f)4,5027768
p2QeoGentry's HeartlessAdult (m)5,6329411
Xih5dGentry's SoldierAdult (m)7,8511,2680
PkxIKGentry's UndertakerAdult (m)7,3001,1152
NGDBEGentry's ReaperAdult (f)5,6321,0771
NTJeNGentry's DesperadoAdult (f)7,3291,1251
vQj13Gentry's DespotAdult (f)7,0801,0882
NPNxhGentry's AnubisAdult (m)7,5331,0932
rPmsOGentry's JackalAdult (f)5,5821,1240
U6oY4Gentry's FaelightAdult (m)7,1241,0762
4z0ubGentry's Tilley Silly WitchAdult (f)8,7861,3561
NyYuKGentry's Oogie BoogieAdult (m)4,9461,2170
BYfc5Gentry's LockAdult (m)5,0461,1951
uBQy1Gentry's ShockAdult (m)4,8331,1942
E2YLrGentry's BarrelAdult (m)5,0751,2061
cfq8LGentry's Sandy ClawsAdult (m)4,6281,1684
i0OKPGentry's Ragdoll SallyAdult (f)4,9011,1890
zXHZoGentry's Mrs ClawsAdult (f)4,7921,1870
gjVRUGentry's Holly Jolly ChristmasAdult (m)4,1279661
aMxe7Gentry's Hang The HollyAdult (m)4,2509960
XCnvOGentry's Snow FlurriesAdult (f)4,8179280
gpkQmGentry's Its Snowing SidewaysAdult (f)4,1841,0060
pdHFGentry's Christmas EveAdult (f)1,87895823
B3rAGentry's Away In A MangerAdult (f)2,1701,08818
jPbgoGentry's What Child Is ThisAdult (m)3,5674141
LIH83Gentry's Jingle BellsAdult (m)4,6484251
M5QSOGentry's Cat Don't Wrap WellAdult (m)5,0989240
Z9gB6Gentry's He Ate The Ribbon TooAdult (m)5,1609581
SOm3MGentry's LongnightAdult (f)4,2091,0060
o5KUDGentry's Bring Back The SunAdult (f)4,1599630
Va1vlGentry's Little Green LeavesAdult (f)4,9639480
rnzfOGentry's Little Red BerriesAdult (f)5,3139810
IY3cmGentry's Calms The StormAdult (m)5,0329551
0mdgkGentry's Rage Against EvilAdult (m)4,2759780
WJtfvGentry's 50 Words For SnowAdult (m)3,9489790
lEVs0Gentry's Big Fluffy FlakesAdult (m)5,2661,0020
O8Gk0Gentry's Garland On The MantleAdult (f)6,0381,2173
evlCmGentry's Lights and TinselAdult (f)5,8511,2041
gS4BGentry's OrigamiAdult1,89271120
dYktGentry's Paper CraneAdult2,56188018
7MQu9Gentry's Tiny Bits of PaperAdult4,8436070
raJrGentry's Paper FanHatchling (F)1,70285115
oLTJiGentry's Beautifully FoldedHatchling (F)2,8123150
rSO1Gentry's FetaAdult6,1421,46621
4avFkGentry's MozzarellaAdult8,9998585
PuFZsGentry's Cheese DoodleAdult7,8078193
riXrGentry's CheddarAdult2,56297829
kV4BGentry's KessariaHatchling (F)1,7714808
fLCOGentry's SwissHatchling (F)2,51873215
IHPc8Gentry's Pale FuryAdult (m)5,1846901
XHNoDGentry's Voices In The DarkAdult (m)9,9829814
bEUM6Gentry's Ghost of MaterAdult (m)8,9707463
QY0oOGentry's SpectreAdult (f)4,6665470
b97HYGentry's Little DeathHatchling (f, F)5,2617410
XMtHHGentry's Little GhostHatchling (F)3,1013981
QmUiiGentry's Finn The HumanAdult (m)6,8719073
knSowGentry's Jake The DogAdult (m)13,1909642
tToRMGentry's Princess BubblegumAdult (f)9,1867921
87E5iGentry's Lumpy Space PrincessAdult (f)6,6366780
TgG2uGentry's ParasectAdult (m)6,7878051
hkg4PGentry's OddishAdult (m)6,6458235
ZKgggGentry's ParasAdult (m)8,3578852
ijbhuGentry's Bran CornickAdult (m)7,4998725
yWjDeGentry's Mercy ThompsonAdult (f)7,1348614
GTrQuGentry's Music Of The NightAdult (m)8,0318780
H3KLSGentry's All I Ask Of YouAdult (m)6,3697634
iH8JUGentry's SuneelAdult (m)6,5847992
PwwIgGentry's NeemlaAdult (f)9,6219102
HIuiqGentry's ChimalusAdult (f)7,4909048
79UIaGentry's TritonAdult (m)6,6388274
3WXJTGentry's ArielAdult (f)6,8658316
kSuwwGentry's SebastianAdult (m)7,0308761
h73wXGentry's UrsulaAdult (f)7,2469212
yWwvhGentry's Puffy PaintAdult (m)7,7169651
0BtvfGentry's Puffed SleevesAdult (f)7,1436843
3jZDGentry's Puff the Magic DragonAdult (f)1,54266411
112AoGentry's Puff'n'StuffHatchling (m, F)4,7014893
LGeGcGentry's Puff PastryHatchling (f, F)4,7315162
2PbpqGentry's RaphaelAdult (m)7,5398562
AH678Gentry's Andrea NashAdult (f)7,5038263
6blsrGentry's Aunt BAdult (f)13,2259902
wou3aGentry's Hyenas Are CrazyHatchling (m, F)9,3828113
32oPpGentry's Baby BHatchling (f, F)7,6537271
zIVgsGentry's Can't Be Reasoned WithHatchling (F)5,2335432
2pnJvGentry's Black TurtleneckAdult (m)5,8547300
omkVVGentry's Darker Black TurtleneckAdult (m)11,0579721
3XmwIGentry's Blacker than NightAdult (m)13,0829921
TInV7Gentry's Tuxedo KittyAdult (m)10,2381,0171
X7k5aGentry's Jaguars Have SpotsAdult (f)9,4321,0175
MmRbwGentry's Silky BlackAdult (f)4,8236521
JKeghGentry's BlackieAdult (f)7,0338190
Y1LPGentry's Drakkar NiorHatchling (m, F)78048635
ZNBusGentry's Red CapAdult (m)7,1168082
qOgGiGentry's Capped With BloodAdult (m)4,9196360
cjt0VGentry's Goblin KingAdult (m)7,4647440
x49OIGentry's Earl GreyAdult (f)7,0358113
HYOF1Gentry's Zen TeaAdult (f)6,3446182
D8wZPGentry's Oprah ChaiAdult (f)5,2366771
zAi2CGentry's Tip Your CrownAdult (m)6,8477000
BHsKJGentry's Tip of the IcebregAdult (m)5,1236382
Y7uQ2Gentry's Just The TipAdult (f)10,2448914
KUSgOGentry's Curran LennartAdult (m)7,0418526
3lZ4uGentry's RolandAdult (m)8,8918182
f8MEQGentry's Kate DanielsAdult (f)5,8567726
zVxHRGentry's Love The StripesAdult (m)8,2858803
8bkX5Gentry's Stripes and SolidsAdult (m)10,2299431
5lFJfGentry's Prison StripesAdult (f)5,9626153
skmnJGentry's Rolling ThunderAdult (m)7,1826712
kEIbsGentry's Hear My CryAdult (f)9,6278663
OfcXoGentry's Thunder BoltAdult (f)7,8798042
AvU1vGentry's Cracks The SkyHatchling (f, F)9,0786792
IcRAGentry's Brightly BurningAdult (m)82150833
1gnmGentry's Brighter Than The SunAdult (f)77545531
kjWouGentry's Bright Star of the MornAdult (f)6,0241,0020
YJHkWGentry's Brightest Before DawnAdult (f)6,2511,0092
HbcGKGentry's Brighter TomorrowAdult (f)6,0661,0043
V1hHSGentry's Bright ChildHatchling (m, F)5,7276500
nTkSaGentry's Fire and BrimstoneAdult (m)7,3147874
blo2MGentry's Into the VoidAdult (m)9,3746265
lQpaNGentry's Hell Hath No FuryAdult (f)6,3726933
PhUXSGentry's Hell Has FireAdult (m)7,0284721
ex4PzGentry's Brute ForceAdult (m)7,0626621
aUYtOGentry's E Tu BruteAdult (f)7,4265501
tmF71Gentry's A Brutal MurderAdult (m)5,2496840
7uny0Gentry's Bloody And BrutalAdult (m)8,3765601
63CCqGentry's GastonAdult (m)6,8158722
GVfdiGentry's Be Our GuestAdult (f)7,2808722
DMUJyGentry's Mrs PottsAdult (f)6,2407362
VTHMOGentry's Higher and HigherAdult (m)4,9035310
45McsGentry's High TimesAdult (m)5,7056251
46dwXGentry's High PointAdult (f)6,4111,0401
QggAGentry's High Flying FunAdult (f)1,06062028
6iBjvGentry's Couldn't Be HigherAdult (f)6,1041,0010
QB54Gentry's High StandardsHatchling (f, F)78345128
IEV3aGentry's StarfireAdult (m)4,6747043
t9t4gGentry's Neutron StarAdult (m)6,2171,0134
RcfjnGentry's Written in the StarsAdult (m)7,9729492
fxdxiGentry's Stars Are Going OutAdult (f)5,8466792
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