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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Elementic,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tUBXqSaishinoAdult (m)1,4195204
GX5vCMizu-uokaAdult (f)1,4075161
gYIiHKiyuminAdult (m)1,3985121
dXiGYKufukunoAdult (f)1,5025424
6Tet6PurotekutaAdult (m)1,5825652
t02l8BaryuAdult (f)1,2944743
mmdZXMurasakiiroAdult (f)1,2784724
9FE2bKamimariAdult (m)1,2514613
bIkSGUmino-mizuAdult (m)1,2994664
pED7KEnerugiAdult (m)1,1494743
tf1AaWata-kashiAdult (m)1,1214675
55qIvTsuriAdult (m)1,2314974
5IlOZYakanAdult (m)1,0844613
iiOrkShi-ryuAdult (f)1,0524465
vEW05MazentaAdult (f)1,3364713
rGsAMUmiponiAdult (f)1,4294943
OsdJbOn'nanokoAdult (m)1,3184632
dnqdaBichiAdult (m)1,3694793
KRViRSearionaAdult (m)1,4435044
N8NTBMagomaniAdult (m)2,5105345
OTVLOKuroKuraiAdult (f)2,5965344
H5NhnNitsuiwaAdult (f)2,6475372
M8lO3MokutanAdult (m)4,6106731
0kg5bHikarosamaAdult (m)5,4611,3617
HZ8F7HanetesAdult (m)1,7937814
QK2InTreentaAdult (f)1,7837793
p69vSBaloontaAdult (f)1,8677835
Tf3Da(Tf3Da)Adult (f)1,1364642
kkPsW(kkPsW)Adult (m)1,3695073
qDmo1(qDmo1)Adult (f)1,1354632
Y5rAu(Y5rAu)Adult (f)1,1834812
kJtfb(kJtfb)Adult (m)1,2075112
vmjRF(vmjRF)Adult (m)1,2675252
lIOjK(lIOjK)Adult (m)1,1695011
UraLL(UraLL)Adult (m)1,1965131
7XdQo(7XdQo)Adult (f)1,3664984
VUH3X(VUH3X)Adult (m)1,4675313
XUG1K(XUG1K)Adult (f)1,4745315
TANLY(TANLY)Adult (f)1,4705314
OQemJ(OQemJ)Adult (m)1,2925260
S3qYk(S3qYk)Adult (f)1,2955270
v5GmE(v5GmE)Adult (m)1,1864941
B1k6D(B1k6D)Adult (m)1,1764880
DScqL(DScqL)Adult (f)1,5276863
scFkk(scFkk)Adult (f)1,1535102
YgM3e(YgM3e)Adult (m)1,5565912
WldAF(WldAF)Adult (f)1,1034951
UKBf5(UKBf5)Adult (m)1,3324992
Norev(Norev)Adult (f)1,3745142
eYgCI(eYgCI)Adult (m)1,4795452
gXYRo(gXYRo)Adult (f)1,3715101
6RJSv(6RJSv)Adult (m)1,4675133
2Lee3(2Lee3)Adult (f)1,6635602
qhkGs(qhkGs)Adult (m)1,5125223
3ikme(3ikme)Adult (m)1,4945242
9dp8A(9dp8A)Adult (m)1,4794911
hcIIF(hcIIF)Adult (f)3,4231,7932
FGeug(FGeug)Adult (m)3,4221,7922
kkkc5(kkkc5)Adult (m)3,4451,8005
gipoo(gipoo)Adult (f)3,4201,7934
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