Dragon Cave

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Dragon pixel art

Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Eleeveen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9WlfeNamed hatchies aren't for tradeAdult (f)2,0562523
M0B6VOpus1Adult (m)5,49982012
Or0ar(Or0ar)Adult (m)2,78862215
scAmI(scAmI)Adult (f)2,78465013
fusSs(fusSs)Adult (m)3,05960910
kMUmS(kMUmS)Adult (f)2,76262811
FErNJ(FErNJ)Adult (f)2,70164512
Valen(Valen)Adult (m)2,9486226
HOrnF(HOrnF)Adult (f)2,70662811
peArL(peArL)Adult (f)3,62145230
tM8O7(tM8O7)Adult (f)5,3397514
IcLek(IcLek)Adult (f)4,3375787
gFEpS(gFEpS)Adult (m)5,61255811
PENGA(PENGA)Adult (m)5,69955018
khqyd5G Frost Yule Val09 ALLAdult (m)5,21857411
X3cTG4G Ice TSA WinterAdult (f)4,65753920
8j5Cs4G Frost TSA Ice PSweetAdult (m)5,38258719
R3DXM(R3DXM)Adult (f)5,69955920
LzbOx3G Ice x M CavernAdult (f)5,21159518
AIDOH(AIDOH)Adult (f)4,5813752
3BEeK(3BEeK)Adult (m)4,9333803
MSsNO(MSsNO)Adult (m)6,0694683
HXpWk(HXpWk)Adult (m)4,4733422
F4PBJ4G Frost Snow Ice SoulAdult (m)4,7063613
oGdoI4G Ice FDesi Winter MDesiAdult (f)4,4283415
fqioF4G Black x RA - non-AltAdult (f)4,6293592
8Db16(8Db16)Adult (f)3,7354732
6CEZS(6CEZS)Adult (m)3,3554281
vNs4G(vNs4G)Adult (m)3,2504431
VDo3Z(VDo3Z)Adult (f)2,9854082
nDuSK(nDuSK)Adult (f)3,3304232
TV8RK(TV8RK)Adult (m)2,8644066
xOD2nSilvertoedAdult (m)2,8454079
SdJ0i(SdJ0i)Adult (f)2,5992433
poSiE(poSiE)Adult (f)3,4702903
o5fmL(o5fmL)Adult (f)3,0022623
97Sdr4G Ice FMarrow Winter MMarrowAdult (f)2,8412512
Jq9mn(Jq9mn)Adult (f)2,5742374
NXaNF(NXaNF)Adult (f)6,9805277
folpu(folpu)Adult (f)3,4563022
fSUv9(fSUv9)Adult (m)3,4112862
9VJm9nDuskAdult (f)3,9523241
1Nc5e(1Nc5e)Adult (f)5,8879961
zgUNp(zgUNp)Adult (f)5,7821,0221
MisEs(MisEs)Adult (f)4,6108864
i7UhxWe Set Sail at DuskAdult (m)4,6448782
KhNj85G Ice WSA ALL Ice GSAAdult (f)5,0158173
ATe1o4G Ice FCali Winter MCaliAdult (m)5,3338561
qVq4i5G Frost Ice MDesi Winter FDesiAdult (m)5,1838372
t68c44G Frost FWitch Ice MWitchAdult (f)5,3038581
BcoUv3G Ice x F MistletoeAdult (m)5,3318452
wGt8d3G Ice x ArsaniAdult (m)5,1758092
pYXRB(pYXRB)Adult (f)2,07523412
K7y7HP'ixarAdult (f)5,2868392
x1FhF(x1FhF)Adult (f)5,3658632
LugSH(LugSH)Adult (m)5,2778311
jUShZImpending BlizzardAdult (f)3,4535332
3UVfEHey Y0uAdult (m)3,5254751
Q5vaJTragic MelodyAdult (m)3,5094612
IONm4Impending IcestormAdult (f)2,4246323
Cdwod(Cdwod)Adult (f)3,6647171
sQKNUImpending HailstormAdult (f)4,4527762
VTzfu2G M Omen x F WinterAdult (m)4,0887373
keCaS2G M Omen x F IceAdult (m)4,7088111
vTURF(vTURF)Adult (m)3,1047591
Lyhpi(Lyhpi)Adult (f)3,1027521
wsF3n(wsF3n)Adult (f)2,3894002
PWjcT(PWjcT)Adult (f)1,7245751
HxYQ4(HxYQ4)Adult (f)1,7085813
urObS(urObS)Adult (m)2,3174121
tMUmS(tMUmS)Adult (f)2,7934671
SBatw(SBatw)Adult (m)3,1968153
Detny(Detny)Adult (m)3,0598061
EjAWZ(EjAWZ)Adult (f)2,7678011
vouuf(vouuf)Adult (m)3,0278491
6sts6(6sts6)Adult (f)3,0488091
4KPOp(4KPOp)Adult (f)2,9208483
smUGb(smUGb)Adult (m)3,1738461
QsTAg(QsTAg)Adult (f)2,9988161
JnsEq(JnsEq)Adult (m)1,8223573
K6gTZ(K6gTZ)Adult (f)1,7633483
OsQ4l(OsQ4l)Adult (f)1,8293773
4TqtiPurple Neb x OmenAdult (f)1,8413832
WFAdF(WFAdF)Adult (f)1,3623371
jA5iF(jA5iF)Adult (m)1,8823613
GGifD(GGifD)Adult (f)1,4793454
RQHEe(RQHEe)Adult (f)1,9123633
7td2e(7td2e)Adult (m)1,8473241
QV1Or(QV1Or)Adult (m)1,7683071
GZmWq(GZmWq)Adult (f)1,6233301
BVtCr(BVtCr)Adult (f)2,0913673
aHJFF(aHJFF)Adult (m)1,6383141
2zkwY(2zkwY)Adult (m)1,9213621
smLlH(smLlH)Adult (m)1,8243411
VCU7e(VCU7e)Adult (f)1,8453091
Uvkab(Uvkab)Adult (f)4,7168721
ufvok(ufvok)Adult (f)4,6518952
sKler(sKler)Adult (m)4,9198843
NlNIY(NlNIY)Adult (f)5,2188751
ITopT(ITopT)Adult (m)4,7679242
Lycyh(Lycyh)Adult (m)4,8468232
hoURE(hoURE)Adult (m)4,8718161
iNcH9(iNcH9)Adult (m)5,2798472
wlire(wlire)Adult (m)5,2288301
divim(divim)Adult (f)4,8788231
YaCAT(YaCAT)Adult (f)5,3398442
putiw(putiw)Adult (m)5,3098451
DUSTR(DUSTR)Adult (m)5,1069022
KTOts(KTOts)Adult (f)4,8738732
jWecK(jWecK)Adult (f)5,2009163
EZRYF(EZRYF)Adult (m)5,2039083
5AiLN(5AiLN)Adult (f)5,0869273
tozlu(tozlu)Adult (f)5,1129083
Exzyv(Exzyv)Adult (m)5,4909032
mpAcK(mpAcK)Adult (f)5,8539451
foaak(foaak)Adult (f)5,9849361
dreEd(dreEd)Adult (f)3,4896691
IL4IR(IL4IR)Adult (f)3,6387081
ORGIB(ORGIB)Adult (f)3,6416711
4diES(4diES)Adult (m)3,0786716
lZTM8(lZTM8)Adult (m)5,8898591
Pugs4(Pugs4)Adult (f)5,6338761
GDiv9(GDiv9)Adult (f)5,5268331
uUUNK(uUUNK)Adult (m)5,4948541
B73lqS'wynAdult (m)5,9709047
bIZEw(bIZEw)Adult (m)6,2538872
avcYL(avcYL)Adult (m)6,0479491
hzJha(hzJha)Adult (m)5,8389321
CSc0EA'nnualAdult (m)7,0621,1013
hAcOSLost Silver HollyAdult (m)7,7711,1253
qvoigDeku  LinkAdult (f)7,4261,0973
tiLEs4G Sol x NebAdult (f)7,2551,0884
tRKRbEmerald 'GemAdult (m)7,4601,1002
dNEr55G Mistle x SilverAdult (f)6,8411,1181
BsZ0VHungry SnowdromeAdult (m)6,8871,1014
rerKe3G Sol x G NebAdult (f)6,8121,0042
8OOaiDesipis x AeonAdult (f)5,4098721
fU2N8FreckledromeAdult (m)5,2378832
YoOpuFifersAdult (m)4,9898231
iD3i6Frosted WreathAdult (f)4,5688712
N9PaRSnowy WreathsAdult (f)4,2528031
N1FLEIcy Holly BerriesAdult (m)5,8808981
ieoIc2G F Holly x M IceAdult (f)6,7381,0012
wON0EFrosted Holly BerriesAdult (m)6,2831,0481
RFaqOSnowy Holly BerriesAdult (m)6,4121,1092
013OZFrosted Holly LeafAdult (f)4,7421,2161
SitbcFake TreesAdult (f)4,7161,1913
G625LFiction or FactAdult (m)4,9371,2003
Ae0u8Icy WreathAdult (f)5,3151,3192
BMGwmSnowy Holly LeafAdult (f)6,2751,1501
Cheto(Cheto)Adult (m)5,8961,0794
ZxeZuCorrupt CodeAdult (m)5,5581,1591
irSzcMerry  MintmasAdult (f)3,1742264
k5KTRMerry SaltmasAdult (m)3,2972213
YS394(YS394)Adult (m)4,4958951
OmjDuGlistening WreathAdult (f)4,8978531
hH3ib(hH3ib)Adult (m)2,8522586
AchlkChalky MoonAdult (m)4,3758657
McUb2Fresh x LugesAdult (f)5,2909511
bUm2SNick x ElsaAdult (f)6,2109501
I5y67Bot x NoobAdult (m)6,6209552
QEOW3Egg Nog x Cycle RisesAdult (m)3,8217913
Ktxon5G MistletoexSilver - name laterAdult (f)3,7861,0351
dCgWb(dCgWb)Adult (m)4,2907221
XLi7j(XLi7j)Adult (f)4,5177621
0NjrrSlept Though ChristmasAdult (f)5,0857983
ZkleT(ZkleT)Adult (f)4,3347391
ydeCK(ydeCK)Adult (f)5,2789792
8pIts(8pIts)Adult (m)4,2957692
sOcKS(sOcKS)Adult (f)7,3181,35068
2Qxre(2Qxre)Adult (m)8,6031,0754
kqRd52G Winter x F HollyAdult (m)7,9601,0882
C9dJ82G Winter x M HollyAdult (f)8,1581,0862
22Sq32G Ice x M HollyAdult (f)8,8141,1004
0uBvx2G Ice x M OmenAdult (f)8,0961,0843
RHZt92G Frost x GarlandAdult (m)8,7421,0675
eXuiS2G Frost x F OmenAdult (m)6,5691,1211
xmSlw2G Frost x M OmenAdult (f)6,8521,1642
Lisux(Lisux)Adult (m)8,0861,0674
kR2nXNew Year's Unnamed 3GAdult (m)7,2468951
repci(repci)Adult (m)7,6209243
zGFBQNew Year's Unnamed CBAdult (f)6,8518891
YXO654G Frost Heartseek Ice MCavernAdult (f)6,1849712
Jg0Gb3G Ice x F CavernAdult (m)6,6819032
xJlXd4G Winter FGrave Frost MGraveAdult (m)6,9258892
kohPL2G Ice x GarlandAdult (m)6,9099904
4n1FeSassy FrostAdult (f)6,6729742
FDroH2G Ice x F OmenAdult (m)7,3969053
Bl9So(Bl9So)Adult (f)6,5847451
D5QDG5G WinterFrostRA IceWinterFMDesiAdult (f)6,0889061
3FHZ45G WinterFroFMMist IceWintHStealAdult (m)5,9439382
WavmU3G Winter x GarlandAdult (f)5,6028381
cEBfu2G Ice x F HollyAdult (m)7,3981,0733
SnAGy(SnAGy)Adult (f)3,2588703
NFLAt(NFLAt)Adult (f)3,4038853
m59mK4G Winter FWitch Frost MWitchAdult (m)4,4986222
FALLS(FALLS)Adult (m)4,3505013
Adiva(Adiva)Adult (f)4,0024723
Dakyo(Dakyo)Adult (f)7,0271,1271
zRUms(zRUms)Adult (m)8,1661,1444
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