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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ElectricBorealis,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
J3puRHour of TenAdult (f)6,3431,1253
CJA8KL'Aevum CovaAdult (m)6,0211,1534
QyD0dLet Me See The FutureAdult (m)4,2438973
I7ZPxStarlight UnlimitedAdult (m)3,4967785
0U7OhL'Yfethyme CovaAdult (f)4,3889601
WXNkNAeonic UndertakingAdult (f)4,2219502
abOYXUnfathomable OversightAdult (f)4,4529833
bAlu2Aforementioned YogurtAdult (f)4,8341,1905
80eQTAeon't You A CutieAdult (m)4,6398691
p182SRadiant YogurtAdult (f)4,1518451
Gj1GEPlastic Yogurt CupAdult (f)6,5457981
i8zSWL'Serpensas CovaAdult (f)6,6401,2352
nvQjIWhen The Moon's Glowing BrightAdult (m)4,0211,0711
mcfCFL'Gloris CovaAdult (f)3,0988712
P6XbQAnd The Earth Of An AgeAdult (m)3,5308041
8BhsSL'Ama CovaAdult (f)4,1508503
CldeJEvery Eye On The Coast EvermoreAdult (m)4,4359801
64s1JLet My Bones Turn To DustAdult (m)5,3101,1162
515nVLet My Bones Turn To SandAdult (m)3,5948131
zOD6EIn A Turn Of The EarthAdult (m)4,9201,0512
EdTZ4I'm  Just  A  ManAdult (m)5,1911,0052
FKBQ8That I'm DamnedAdult (m)5,2971,0372
bgVBlTeleport To The MoonAdult (f)3,1918321
np5M8And I Don't WantAdult (m)5,2801,1932
IASGsOn The Night Of My BirthAdult (m)4,5211,0572
TerBLInto   The   NightAdult (m)4,5551,0911
EmBN7Where I AmAdult (m)6,3931,62210
8gG4MAll Who Sail Off The CoastAdult (m)5,5911,30015
pVySuI'm  Going  AwayAdult (m)3,7571,04116
uGfw5Will Remember The Tale Of TheAdult (m)3,7451,03417
C7GowAnd  I  Don'tAdult (m)8,9121,54726
FXstGEver - moreAdult (m)8,5571,36414
XIhPcMushedroomAdult (m)4,17795219
nwqLTOld Northerner's GravesAdult (m)6,4371,26632
6f9hrOf The Ghost On The ShoreAdult (m)4,7321,05210
GHD1ZI'm Going AwayAdult (m)5,6791,0873
n46J0Turn  To  DustAdult (m)8,7051,36318
PamqrWant  To  Leave  ItAdult (m)4,9071,0311
i7Y4LI Was Born On  The LakeAdult (m)5,0761,0042
tmzOQDie  If  I  MustAdult (m)4,65395418
00e3COff The Coast EvermoreAdult (m)4,58697727
KOS1SAnd I Don't Want To Leave ItAdult (m)4,5769491
maolcLie Where I  LandAdult (m)4,6379341
BuKXDThe Sight Of The GhostAdult (m)4,7718942
9AXbvL'Axeilas CovaAdult (m)4,3698433
WFuKbAway ForAdult (m)4,0508112
ooxHLThe Ghost On The  ShoreAdult (m)4,4889213
32gnZI'm  Going AwayAdult (m)4,4279101
dZSv9I'm A Little Bitter About ThisAdult (m)4,3158961
BZ3xtThe Ghost On The ShoreAdult (m)5,2911,0351
nPRbOL'Nereaboro CovaAdult (f)8,5371,1082
dIvfbL'Nimbus CovaAdult (f)4,0586761
dWaBkL'Berris CovaAdult (m)3,8458553
9MbkHBlueberry CloudsAdult (m)9,0191,3072
YRxx0Seabird SoaringAdult (m)4,0118083
nB3KbCloud JamAdult (f)2,8836613
2XtSDI Wish I Were The BirdAdult (m)5,3909402
ipDm3High White WavesAdult (m)5,3931,0652
SlRgARushing The ShorelineAdult (m)4,0758032
5GqoHNothing Is SettledAdult (m)5,0901,0181
9sw77She Is Like MeAdult (m)5,8131,2002
AHpwdL'Tempis CovaAdult (m)6,3221,2682
fw8AmOpen Arms AndAdult (m)5,4671,1562
DyvMiWings Wide For The WindAdult (m)5,4541,1682
YPgBsL'Aelabyis CovaAdult (m)4,6301,2163
lPQIlBaring It's HeartAdult (m)5,3071,0771
Xs1rQIt  Would  SeemAdult (m)5,3571,0572
xsIl4L'Xileo CovaAdult (m)3,7498881
WffifAll   DayAdult (m)4,9061,0652
zRFjJSeabird Soaring HighAdult (m)4,9391,1932
blFUfThat I Were The BirdAdult (m)5,4911,0571
IVIzjL'Ivien CovaAdult (f)5,6221,0891
MzgvxAnd ItAdult (m)4,7991,0013
PRwW0Oh That IAdult (m)4,7659952
WX8hTL'En CovaAdult (f)4,8901,0291
2d3tVI Were The BirdAdult (m)4,3541,0134
0XpsgL'Oexeurou CovaAdult (f)4,6429780
jnoCrL'Byakti CovaAdult (f)4,2078434
kf77GL'Amhiq CovaAdult (f)8,1381,3635
mQ40dL'Abya CovaAdult (f)10,1681,24911
NxC7OL'Unmei CovaAdult (f)9,6421,1131
IP10uL'Inpendio CovaAdult (m)5,4249221
8bJ75L'Diu CovaAdult (f)4,3389981
Ie1imL'Haveo CovaAdult (f)2,9847530
1NBJjL'Personis CovsAdult (f)4,1808124
2qza3L'Araquem CovaAdult (m)4,7921,0592
20DJBL'Ali CovaAdult (m)4,7431,0502
IFR1UL'IFR CovaAdult (f)4,3818761
0JI44L'Not-lost CovaAdult (f)5,6201,5157
JCVETL'Vaceevet CovaAdult (f)4,6931,0172
rPMv6L'Immer CovaAdult (f)4,3169731
kWvITL'Kayweavet CovaAdult (m)6,0131,0711
LRs7aL'Ourisa CovaAdult (m)4,0789363
1NqtTL'Celladaoune CovaAdult (m)4,7958083
v5wv5L'Wyvefyvem CovaAdult (f)4,0328222
i0zfSDelcineAdult (f)3,1427523
1rCtkL'Arctric CovaAdult (f)4,4119592
PpIj7L'Recens CovaAdult (f)5,9451,0091
LZhhvL'Dapel CovaAdult (f)3,7028391
2uJsiL'Eoeois CovaAdult (m)4,0008111
ddUHhL'Duh CovaAdult (f)4,0418142
0drVfL'Eeaean CovaAdult (m)3,9709061
9qkRoL'Aengeter CovaAdult (f)4,7048701
dsoR2L'Desorranon CovaAdult (m)4,2938872
zNQuCL'Zenis CovaAdult (f)4,3288792
zmgM3L'Soumoraen CovaAdult (m)5,3461,0894
Pt8LaL'Paeseon CovaAdult (f)3,8491,0971
39rooL'Roo CovaAdult (f)3,8281,0582
cZjnrWeird Looking GemshardAdult (f)4,2659803
zTSEnCloudseekerAdult (f)5,4221,2984
B8Y8OVeiled by CloudsAdult (f)5,3881,2664
CGa55L'Cattmem CovaAdult (f)4,1978882
IcSgcL'Selflest CovaAdult (f)3,7047761
1bo92L'Knif CovaAdult (f)4,1128192
EICGGL'Eicegg CovaAdult (m)5,0399974
v3uTcWildflower GardenAdult (m)3,37492811
sLLyNAnagallantAdult (m)3,53393510
ErFgEL'Ersecine CovaAdult (m)3,58899314
XHpsuHave BlueAdult (f)3,67694022
qAC0lL'Meuseorrum CovaAdult (m)6,7401,31815
yZktFClimbing Through One ThousandAdult (f)6,8251,32714
IcfYAHeir Camotes von RhikasaAdult (m)6,9671,33320
4E9bVSkyWestAdult (m)5,6271,18831
jZP1xIn Good CompanyAdult (f)4,7267744
HTDHPHigh Definition AnagallisAdult (m)4,6629772
4nf25Try It CowardAdult (m)4,7079862
swwgYCoward's CompanyAdult (m)8,7361,33920
QXov0Pro Gamer MovesAdult (f)4,9631,0021
CkKGeL'Candycane CovaAdult (f)3,4808272
93SlML'Simulator CovaAdult (m)3,9757941
MwFgtRNG Take The WheelAdult (m)3,4967637
a3JifScrambled AnagallisAdult (m)3,89578310
RsUR5That's Kinda SusAdult (f)4,51097423
Kg0ByAI SugarHighAdult (f)5,1061,00920
YNQ14L'Appyio CovaAdult (m)5,9371,0094
bHvK1Fake FlowersAdult (f)4,6249331
DEq16L'Foregotminot CovaAdult (f)3,5887722
1CqnaL'Spryte CovaAdult (m)3,9018052
I43NsHigh To Low-- Look Out BelowAdult (m)5,4068203
ZaZCGThat Other Anagallis LineageAdult (f)9,7861,1594
7BAloL'Bai CovaAdult (f)10,0921,1622
QE3LTL'Quelt CovaAdult (m)10,2351,2621
h7rUyHas Never Been Found At FaultAdult (m)4,5829161
OodYvSidenoteAdult (f)4,6628873
XjdyBAm I Interrupting SomethingAdult (m)5,6308463
wcThXYes You Are ActuallyAdult (f)5,5298652
PBPG9PlattsburghAdult (f)5,6261,0542
sLQ6tApply JuiceAdult (f)5,5111,0114
RGrFfNo It's Mountain LightningAdult (f)5,5841,0064
YBqTKL'Arbour CovaAdult (f)5,7971,0202
4FLEiL'Sernerierty CovaAdult (m)5,7701,0302
8nEV5L'Evolvus CovaAdult (f)6,1551,0693
NlWFcL'Paste CovaAdult (m)4,1848113
nLj4mInterruption's GardenAdult (m)5,8941,0381
VK7YhL'Vaelie CovaAdult (f)5,0819344
aZKiBWuhwohAdult (m)4,4658642
s55m9Remember To Like And SubscribeAdult (m)4,6338602
P9CKUAbomination of a BeverageAdult (f)4,6108982
FwWF61974Adult (m)5,5159433
x3Gh0They'll Fly ForeverAdult (m)5,5981,0181
0K7qJL'Gehrjar CovaAdult (m)4,0158242
waG5AIf You Treat Them WellAdult (f)5,3301,0173
NO9WQHorrid BeasteAdult (m)5,4861,0472
WZpoUL'Woupzou CovaAdult (f)3,8538122
ZaxVlL'Zaxvi CovaAdult (m)4,9048192
4xUJCL'Inderfel CovaAdult (f)3,7567612
SYXGTL'Sixes CovaAdult (m)3,6677422
ULVVwWoebegottenAdult (m)3,9228101
9AjNJRed Chris IIAdult (m)5,3599502
eRcO6Blue Julia IIAdult (f)3,8057933
KZ3qAL'Kielea CovaAdult (f)4,6979145
OKC8xNot BelovedAdult (f)4,3909332
34KMHThirty-Four Kilometers Per HourAdult (f)4,4179722
a6fLAAnd now for a look at sportsAdult (f)4,3538882
1WMBeL'Webble CovaAdult (f)4,0347582
odwcIPressure Rising RapidlyAdult (f)4,1868844
MgvuXAirplane Lover's LamentAdult (f)4,2268643
Aif3eSupplementary AnagallisAdult (m)4,2368693
WUSt7I Hate SportsAdult (f)4,2058523
9bG2WRed Samson IIIAdult (m)4,2778494
387mtL'Meitte CovaAdult (m)4,2759042
LAW5iAwfully LawfulAdult (f)4,0398662
PmO3QSalutations Or SomethingAdult (m)4,0738851
W8jKMSupplementary Airspeed IndicatorAdult (m)3,8668851
9X2yQLotion PotionAdult (m)3,9618862
2O3ITL'Kyotoe CovaAdult (f)4,4859392
7Zy6BL'Sebin CovaAdult (m)3,7427932
UzP55Can't Complain I GuessAdult (f)3,6798382
Y7bGNWe're At A LossAdult (f)3,5978323
v4q6pFatigued FlyingAdult (f)4,2198711
vRYHhSteamer TiconderogaAdult (m)5,2791,0651
nXMnvGovernor's InstituteAdult (f)5,1381,0591
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