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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Eleanora_Hoshi,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
V83D(V83D)Adult (m)3,5932,149158
msXC(msXC)Adult (m)1,00455454
7BsQ(7BsQ)Adult (m)99550478
EMTW(EMTW)Adult (f)82444263
Am8t(Am8t)Adult (f)92950272
h21d(h21d)Adult (f)4,7722,642135
KlHs(KlHs)Adult (f)81654735
iysd(iysd)Adult (f)4,3892,49595
z2Zo(z2Zo)Adult (m)2,0281,38135
r4Ua(r4Ua)Adult (m)2,0261,38532
TA39(TA39)Adult (f)4,2332,430108
Hp7i(Hp7i)Adult (m)98356455
OSKw(OSKw)Adult (f)1,353752102
bmlM(bmlM)Adult (f)67435852
f6Eg(f6Eg)Adult (m)90650279
Fz0h(Fz0h)Adult (f)80954335
yZRH(yZRH)Adult (m)1,30499430
C11O(C11O)Adult (f)6,8063,501261
OJGN(OJGN)Adult (f)6,7773,490140
G5YK(G5YK)Adult (m)4,4942,54388
vdbu(vdbu)Adult (m)1,04857450
8GkO(8GkO)Adult (f)74540039
cRvt(cRvt)Adult (f)5,8513,123116
Puav(Puav)Adult (m)1,9911,33742
YKx6(YKx6)Adult (f)5,8513,130113
PaKE(PaKE)Adult (f)2,0931,34747
3G81(3G81)Adult (m)5,8633,136127
2LUf(2LUf)Adult (f)75240335
Cgb0(Cgb0)Adult (m)78144744
iopw(iopw)Adult (m)90653859
Ohbk(Ohbk)Adult (f)1,37770053
TZBv(TZBv)Adult (f)6,7073,476110
FkTV(FkTV)Adult (m)84144953
RT1O(RT1O)Adult (f)83444470
fjtX(fjtX)Adult (f)5,8713,148174
ITpP(ITpP)Adult (f)75551736
XzdG(XzdG)Adult (m)86446793
eIPo(eIPo)Adult (m)2,0551,37738
PJeb(PJeb)Adult (m)1,7581,12535
XYJH(XYJH)Adult (f)3,9102,283131
G46H(G46H)Adult (f)3,4482,086138
aHgr(aHgr)Adult (f)1,378737101
T51N(T51N)Adult (f)95350376
pnqQ(pnqQ)Adult (m)69137642
sEv6(sEv6)Adult (m)74441270
0dYA(0dYA)Adult (f)1,25972644
3Rkm(3Rkm)Adult (m)1,04957580
jbhQ(jbhQ)Adult (m)91144884
8gS5(8gS5)Adult (m)74239237
iCPX(iCPX)Adult (m)64541251
Gn3O(Gn3O)Adult (m)56027952
9Das(9Das)Adult (m)94052442
TiaS(TiaS)Adult (f)98053941
IZQF(IZQF)Adult (m)76652028
xe7L(xe7L)Adult (m)6,7443,492119
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