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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Elaien01,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dtQ8W(dtQ8W)Dead Egg110
bnFHf(bnFHf)Dead Egg110
dZNUJ(dZNUJ)Adult (m)9,7861,6017
9PY1a(9PY1a)Adult (m)2,6934482
XUp99(XUp99)Adult (m)6,3041,0954
qJZ1W(qJZ1W)Adult (m)7,4221,4292
svnFW(svnFW)Adult (f)6,9841,3501
JVqyq(JVqyq)Adult (m)2,8424641
my4XO(my4XO)Adult (m)6,2091,2092
uzYaT(uzYaT)Adult (f)8,1851,4641
UDQAj(UDQAj)Adult (m)9,3561,5764
5u3Es(5u3Es)Adult (f)6,2671,3112
nEUAX(nEUAX)Adult (m)8,1901,5292
KoS89(KoS89)Adult (f)8,9091,5183
lgZZA(lgZZA)Adult (f)5,9021,1112
myacU(myacU)Adult (m)5,6611,1032
B5bSk(B5bSk)Adult (m)3,8886880
1VE8r(1VE8r)Adult (f)4,1177624
RDUDM(RDUDM)Adult (m)8,2561,4943
dVmwB(dVmwB)Adult (m)7,5991,4971
Jd4Mb(Jd4Mb)Adult (m)7,6041,3311
19WRp(19WRp)Adult (f)9,6081,5481
qre1c(qre1c)Adult (m)7,3371,3353
ZAqu1(ZAqu1)Adult (f)4,9208950
7PRXW(7PRXW)Adult (m)4,0347481
fMcTT(fMcTT)Adult (f)5,9441,0385
RmpGS(RmpGS)Adult (m)2,3395851
YQ8MC(YQ8MC)Adult (m)3,4868021
IGwKS(IGwKS)Adult (m)2,4995861
jsAH6(jsAH6)Adult (f)7,2341,4011
IhEPe(IhEPe)Adult (f)6,9551,3191
xfLDP(xfLDP)Adult (m)8,0231,4742
iP4D3(iP4D3)Adult (m)6,5881,2383
qsb0VThe fire used to burnAdult (m)8,4661,4646
EHpfmBut you're not like usAdult (m)7,4011,3602
wIK9YI couldn't see thatAdult (m)5,9131,1483
3gdSsAll the words used to hurtAdult (f)7,2701,3114
K1uzNyou are differentAdult (f)6,4381,1081
MbVQhCause the last thing I want nowAdult (m)7,2911,2234
vQE4lthat was a complimentAdult (f)6,3931,1262
DgSAJis to be youAdult (f)6,6781,1263
p4GMH(p4GMH)Adult (m)6,8221,1382
ujRxA(ujRxA)Adult (f)5,8631,0406
3cKhland the flames dont feel as hotAdult (m)6,2321,0635
vhLL9(vhLL9)Adult (f)6,1831,0593
RtwRa(RtwRa)Adult (m)6,7731,1232
TMXiLBurn BurnBurnAdult (m)2,4616043
Prokpas they used toAdult (f)4,1429231
qB90B(qB90B)Adult (f)3,5636831
jLZPP(jLZPP)Adult (f)4,6888592
S5nsu(S5nsu)Adult (m)6,1911,1143
EniR1(EniR1)Adult (f)2,3765731
cwDFL(cwDFL)Adult (f)2,2675891
O2m8q(O2m8q)Adult (f)4,2608512
9a8ta(9a8ta)Adult (f)4,6638974
CjVWxcause im not weak im not brokenAdult (m)3,3947932
K9jGy(K9jGy)Adult (m)4,0407631
z4lS0(z4lS0)Adult (f)5,9201,1001
B5vIw(B5vIw)Adult (f)5,7341,0972
0TO5J(0TO5J)Adult (m)2,5226331
7Kzuk(7Kzuk)Adult (f)3,5007891
7ePkRyou thought I was coalAdult (f)3,2386225
ZRfI9my friend im goldenAdult (f)3,8556821
fb2J0cant you tellAdult (f)6,8191,1591
0UB7D(0UB7D)Adult (f)4,3158480
t5UZB(t5UZB)Adult (m)7,1471,3203
wQhfx(wQhfx)Adult (m)7,3921,2491
ntoda(ntoda)Adult (f)6,2631,2782
hDy8F(hDy8F)Adult (f)8,8971,6051
jxcFx(jxcFx)Adult (f)6,6031,2582
2Bdfq(2Bdfq)Adult (f)3,6201,0201
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