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You pick up the scroll labeled “Eisoj5,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Pk1q(Pk1q)Egg (F)
i6P15(i6P15)Adult (m)2,5089301
QLtU6(QLtU6)Adult (f)2,5099301
FPjwq(FPjwq)Adult (f)2,5019331
tEfyb(tEfyb)Adult (m)2,4949331
b94w3(b94w3)Adult (m)5,0276771
xgP6X(xgP6X)Adult (f)5,0256750
N1hLC(N1hLC)Adult (m)5,9006760
BFPVo(BFPVo)Adult (m)5,1016680
6BnX9(6BnX9)Adult (f)5,2146580
AkTY5(AkTY5)Adult (m)5,7026111
tXsHh(tXsHh)Adult (f)6,2746950
MeftA(MeftA)Adult (m)2,7277951
HdgRs(HdgRs)Adult (m)2,7277920
alMlP(alMlP)Adult (m)3,0868270
Ej86F(Ej86F)Adult (m)3,1328180
BiLF8(BiLF8)Adult (m)4,6197371
GdlJB(GdlJB)Adult (f)4,5817391
JG28o(JG28o)Adult (m)4,5747381
hfUoj(hfUoj)Adult (f)4,4957581
FSrpG(FSrpG)Adult (f)4,6027341
Xb6Cw(Xb6Cw)Adult (m)4,6137331
SvZ0W(SvZ0W)Adult (m)5,0536541
f2JMe(f2JMe)Adult (m)5,0556581
GdLLw(GdLLw)Adult (m)5,0776511
WGptB(WGptB)Adult (f)5,1126511
2VcNm(2VcNm)Adult (m)5,0636621
djCx8(djCx8)Adult (f)5,0836542
icDlC(icDlC)Adult (m)4,4067400
zmHH3(zmHH3)Adult (m)4,3027300
0RWzF(0RWzF)Adult (m)4,2737380
4miiw(4miiw)Adult (m)4,3707360
jOlpR(jOlpR)Adult (m)4,3887360
Uohmu(Uohmu)Adult (f)4,4257410
jnzTp(jnzTp)Adult (m)4,3837380
2Ezvr(2Ezvr)Adult (f)3,7255981
zG3vA(zG3vA)Adult (f)3,7916130
MKAHW(MKAHW)Adult (m)3,7347501
FCTDv(FCTDv)Adult (f)3,7447480
hAaQq(hAaQq)Adult (m)3,7927391
MSZLg(MSZLg)Adult (f)3,7737432
YW3Qb(YW3Qb)Adult (f)3,7887071
s0vNw(s0vNw)Adult (f)3,7877071
TDAhg(TDAhg)Adult (m)3,7887071
oSx8D(oSx8D)Adult (f)3,7937061
kAfx3(kAfx3)Adult (m)3,8047061
O0cvO(O0cvO)Adult (m)3,8667070
1ti7P(1ti7P)Adult (m)3,7737091
7pxfF(7pxfF)Adult (f)2,4377761
UFVX5(UFVX5)Adult (m)2,6417841
4XzH3(4XzH3)Adult (m)2,6248451
8Ruat(8Ruat)Adult (m)2,6328381
5Pan4(5Pan4)Adult (f)2,6288441
LhV5p(LhV5p)Adult (f)2,7558401
nuZLQ(nuZLQ)Adult (m)2,7498380
MJLrP(MJLrP)Adult (m)5,2847560
POuw2(POuw2)Adult (m)5,2228210
HxPAh(HxPAh)Adult (f)5,0187530
IrDgs(IrDgs)Adult (m)5,1237600
IhI4I(IhI4I)Adult (m)5,3358390
kGiX0(kGiX0)Adult (m)5,1567610
p8Xf9(p8Xf9)Adult (f)4,7336492
p7Q8K(p7Q8K)Adult (f)5,0646620
qYq8J(qYq8J)Adult (f)5,0816550
8Cjc5(8Cjc5)Adult (m)5,0836650
Ipl9W(Ipl9W)Adult (m)5,0266660
eJJ94(eJJ94)Adult (m)5,0056631
VwQ2x(VwQ2x)Adult (f)5,0426630
XJw4Lady Of Music And BeautyAdult (f)2,8351,192202
w6cVLord Of Infinity And EternityAdult (m)5,0521,918240
n8bGLady Of Harmony And JusticeAdult (f)5,6092,139348
9FVzLord Of Death And RebirthAdult (m)4,7792,276126
I7mqLord Of Creation From The SelfAdult (m)5,4971,965232
ZgaxLady Of Charm And SweetnessAdult (f)5,0341,867182
Iy93Lady Of Nobility And PeaceAdult (f)4,2601,813191
6xetLord Of Strength And VengeanceAdult (m)3,9611,246216
dbkyLady Of Obscurity And UnknownAdult (f)5,1911,439157
nInuLady Of Destiny And LuckAdult (f)6,3951,789145
CflYLord Of Totality And PerfectionAdult (m)4,7231,632130
MyfDLord Of Vision And LightAdult (m)4,6831,633125
TVo6Lord Of Flowers And HealthAdult (m)3,1071,340134
ITamLord of Jubilees And AscensionAdult (m)3,1211,347129
xlIfLady Of Thought And FriendshipAdult (f)2,9831,363100
xG7bLady Of Youth And SpringtimeAdult (f)3,9212,10970
11XyLady Of Feast And FavorAdult (f)3,8892,13871
m3LrLady Of Science And DiscoveryAdult (f)3,0811,52486
8GbMLord Of Song And CommandAdult (m)2,8351,70987
9qlQLord Of Prosperity And WholenessAdult (m)2,9401,76560
jBvmLord Of Fear And ReverenceAdult (m)3,0011,72481
rfijLord of Art And VigilanceAdult (m)2,9511,73182
UEnqLady Of Care And ProvisionsAdult (f)2,6691,24864
sEL7Lord Of The Good BeginningAdult (m)2,2001,10356
f46kLord Of Excellence And EqualityAdult (m)2,1941,10555
eO68Lord Of Kindness And QuietAdult (m)2,2561,13461
VEiLLady Of Shadows And LiesAdult (f)2,1351,17843
qYICLord Of History And MythAdult (m)2,1121,17545
rv42Lord Of Virility And RightAdult (m)2,00791054
WxVSLady Of Dance And DrunkennessAdult (f)1,9311,08136
8s9nLord Of Night And The HorizonAdult (m)1,6911,14550
648eLord Of Forgiveness And TimeAdult (m)1,45489547
232aLady Of Conquest And DreadAdult (f)1,46390348
uNTELord Of Pleasure And PowerAdult (m)1,9161,28232
Ed6SLady Of Secrets And ProtectionAdult (f)2,2341,50233
DpuTLady Of War And WisdomAdult (f)2,1651,42232
9xNXLord Of Answers And TravelAdult (m)2,1461,44631
5HuoLord Of Unity And NourishmentAdult (m)2,1881,48729
DWgpLord Of Continuity And RuleAdult (m)3,1621,76642
fFtiLord Of Medicine And EngineeringAdult (m)3,1521,75438
sFNTLady Of Initiation And SightAdult (f)3,1601,76438
0KVALady Of Sovereignty And WarAdult (f)4,4491,23033
GFGxLady Of Chaos And TwilightAdult (f)4,4471,22936
b4TxLady Of Logic And BalanceAdult (f)4,4441,22837
i3KKLord Of Pursuit And RescueAdult (m)2,4311,17832
hkGXLady Of Whirlwinds And WallsAdult (f)2,3871,18032
rsI6Lady Of Flattery And IgnoranceAdult (f)2,16983224
EHX2Lord Of Dust And DreamsAdult (m)2,18783324
gOyhLord Of Darkness And PerceptionAdult (m)2,40287938
BMoCLady Of Hope And TruthAdult (f)2,8041,15238
xxU5Lord Of Rationality And PatienceAdult (m)1,33263719
4josLord Of Optimism And BeliefAdult (m)1,34664416
YRfILady of Good Fortune and BirthAdult (f)2,6711,41722
Ro9nLady Of Fortune And FameAdult (f)95648219
HKHfLord Of Fate And CharismaAdult (m)1,57046717
9sBLLady Of Success And AggressionAdult (f)1,5524808
sTKJLady Of Swiftness And CaptureAdult (f)1,79752311
KAc9Lord Of Diagnoses And CuresAdult (m)2,3275679
ER1aLady Of Three Hundred HeartsAdult (f)2,4215799
oVIrLady Of Empathy And SorrowAdult (f)4,2695939
P7c7Lady Of Statistics And ChanceAdult (f)4,22057811
VailLady of Lift and GravityAdult (f)5,62672820
H0T5Lord of Rank and OrganizationAdult (m)4,50280510
olECLord of StratigraphyAdult (m)4,54381615
nNtOLady Of Mastery and ExpertiseAdult (f)5,8309235
OOCCLady Of OriginalityAdult (f)5,91276211
cmYgLord Of Palettes and FiltersAdult (m)3,3705469
W97b(W97b)Adult (m)2,1925537
siD6(siD6)Adult (m)1,8228197
hXWf(hXWf)Adult (f)1,8198193
f6Wp(f6Wp)Adult (m)2,65751610
3AoA(3AoA)Adult (m)2,7405578
tEX2(tEX2)Adult (m)2,88475224
hUKg(hUKg)Adult (f)3,18079719
pO3TLady of Rhyme and MeterAdult (f)3,09479927
8uLD(8uLD)Adult (f)3,8041,02531
Be0M(Be0M)Adult (m)3,68667010
JlZv(JlZv)Adult (f)4,2647928
P3BD(P3BD)Adult (f)3,14357310
6WE4(6WE4)Adult (m)3,3686749
MptL(MptL)Adult (f)3,3076476
SePP(SePP)Adult (m)1,23281828
UF8j(UF8j)Adult (f)1,5056838
B5kH(B5kH)Adult (m)2,8806846
0Pan(0Pan)Adult (m)4,2075434
5HsQ(5HsQ)Adult (m)3,3254754
kcXB(kcXB)Adult (m)3,1204443
pE1m(pE1m)Adult (m)3,3905583
Le4R(Le4R)Adult (f)3,3695552
HdnR(HdnR)Adult (m)5,4775455
J65K(J65K)Adult (f)5,4925425
is2C(is2C)Adult (f)5,6004954
rgk7(rgk7)Adult (m)5,9615024
ZtN5(ZtN5)Adult (f)6,2484994
b9tA(b9tA)Adult (f)5,0314402
egK6(egK6)Adult (f)5,7134262
kem5o(kem5o)Adult (f)6,1234094
sZsdL(sZsdL)Adult (f)5,8336264
GC3NM(GC3NM)Adult (f)5,3864461
t8mA0Lord Of One Hundred SilversAdult (m)5,4034490
v72eP(v72eP)Adult (f)5,6553773
pE3Ft(pE3Ft)Adult (f)5,0035621
Iqehh(Iqehh)Adult (f)3,1594472
EUCto(EUCto)Adult (f)3,8544862
wMSKW(wMSKW)Adult (m)3,9134811
Uxg23(Uxg23)Adult (m)3,1147991
BcjZcLord Of Thirty SecondsAdult (m)2,1566586
UT7Dp(UT7Dp)Adult (m)1,8335807
Rh8Gu(Rh8Gu)Adult (m)2,2886545
bqCVF(bqCVF)Adult (m)2,2626225
BHiHq(BHiHq)Adult (m)2,0875955
58Xi1(58Xi1)Adult (m)2,1036355
kggTR(kggTR)Adult (m)2,0306185
PsrJl(PsrJl)Adult (m)3,6441,0451
8VRKA(8VRKA)Adult (m)3,6441,0321
oZALHe Who Is Sharp Of TeethAdult (m)6,3511,567176
LoBSHe Who Possesses HeartsAdult (m)3,97480919
PNMvHe Who Dies For LoveAdult (m)4,9436898
6uumHe Who Seizes The NightAdult (m)2,5768224
aeXALord Of Empty HeartsAdult (m)4,3741,38512
bYo9(bYo9)Adult (m)2,8626363
7YGg(7YGg)Adult (m)2,4053348
YrGL(YrGL)Adult (m)2,8484582
NoTZ(NoTZ)Adult (m)3,7234394
BRPh(BRPh)Adult (m)4,2486812
Ei97(Ei97)Adult (m)3,6154722
OLNl(OLNl)Adult (m)4,0105432
viSV(viSV)Adult (m)6,7304531
XfDsOne Who DoubtsAdult (m)3,2111,55785
A2Ek(A2Ek)Adult (f)2,16199226
XSKK(XSKK)Adult (f)88550217
YviNOne Who Is SteamyAdult (m)2,48584219
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