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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dreulchen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UQlQKira und KariAdult (f)3,5131,47718
feTiDattel und FeigeAdult (f)3,6521,83916
WKsuChaia und HuanAdult (m)3,7971,64119
OrUARomulus und RemusAdult (m)1,5405847
gzHmmTwins do all together CBAdult (f)3,1009392
IF6d8We never walk alone CBAdult (m)2,7258860
dMvAHMy sister's my best friendAdult (f)3,0228911
Brawx(Brawx)Adult (f)3,9338150
DyUJLittle Left und Little RightHatchling (f, F)2,7901,42712
BkszKTogetherForever CBAdult (f)2,9437573
2XK6OForeverTogether CBAdult (m)4,0801,2717
uB9zc(uB9zc)Adult (m)5,1678391
BLEMe(BLEMe)Adult (m)4,5891,2530
EFMTO(EFMTO)Adult (f)4,1251,3646
8krh2(8krh2)Adult (f)4,7591,2278
r9YMA(r9YMA)Adult (f)5,1241,0061
DEzkh(DEzkh)Adult (m)6,3651,1223
43isK(43isK)Adult (f)5,5641,0933
EWaty(EWaty)Adult (f)4,7067590
ggPtl(ggPtl)Adult (f)4,5137821
RkRJP(RkRJP)Adult (f)4,9436901
eD9Hz(eD9Hz)Adult (f)3,5928070
CXxRg(CXxRg)Adult (f)3,7328241
Oj1TK(Oj1TK)Adult (f)3,6618061
M17HgTwins always have a best friendAdult (f)2,5558101
JpVXiDragons of one featherAdult (m)2,4687851
f8Z1n(f8Z1n)Adult (f)4,1589110
zswmp(zswmp)Adult (m)4,1319090
tBYZc(tBYZc)Adult (f)5,7707511
KOYyv(KOYyv)Adult (f)3,4506390
wTZ3B(wTZ3B)Adult (f)5,1059470
bV5Hm(bV5Hm)Adult (m)4,0959141
fzuDqI want my own roomHatchling (F)2,0475991
Lo006(Lo006)Adult (m)3,6007561
KpABx(KpABx)Adult (m)4,1157060
Ceffy(Ceffy)Adult (m)4,0427301
ADvce(ADvce)Adult (m)3,8788251
OaQnl(OaQnl)Adult (f)3,5661,0213
5DSXe(5DSXe)Adult (m)2,1826902
DK9rJ(DK9rJ)Adult (f)2,6087411
2SMXv(2SMXv)Adult (f)3,5128122
8yL2k(8yL2k)Adult (f)3,2929310
FoTqa(FoTqa)Adult (f)11,0849781
J85Lc(J85Lc)Adult (m)2,9827241
hEBtx(hEBtx)Adult (m)3,1527181
0jhGSchneesturm CBAdult (m)2,9085618
QZaPStuart BAdult (m)1,4356224
B3uzmWhitePrince CBAdult (m)2,7538970
6BS2c(6BS2c)Adult (f)5,2671,3312
8SnKc(8SnKc)Adult (m)6,2386330
faE5V(faE5V)Adult (m)2,9238121
kodJI(kodJI)Adult (m)3,0426780
LyqyE(LyqyE)Adult (f)5,6861,1702
ZypjMondstein CBHatchling (m, F)1,93965510
rq9H0(rq9H0)Adult (f)3,5628920
ByhIz(ByhIz)Adult (m)3,9177620
k2SFa(k2SFa)Adult (f)3,8607590
8YmSg(8YmSg)Adult (f)6,1046311
CzJhk(CzJhk)Adult (f)6,2676350
Svimo(Svimo)Adult (f)4,8599900
IqtGl(IqtGl)Adult (f)3,6628642
lxjK2(lxjK2)Adult (m)3,8759440
539TL(539TL)Adult (m)5,8211,1960
bq3Nz(bq3Nz)Adult (f)3,3799252
RCSiJ(RCSiJ)Adult (m)4,1228161
Cy8n9(Cy8n9)Adult (f)3,7678110
tqVAV(tqVAV)Adult (m)3,6718080
dq4NB(dq4NB)Adult (f)3,7558161
oBura(oBura)Adult (m)5,5216660
nq53s(nq53s)Adult (m)2,7586990
Zgs24(Zgs24)Adult (f)4,9035840
9kU3D(9kU3D)Adult (f)4,7416690
0c6Uh(0c6Uh)Adult (m)4,7567350
pG2Ju(pG2Ju)Adult (f)4,8787360
ZUbhh(ZUbhh)Adult (m)4,4637981
vkgwW(vkgwW)Adult (m)6,0046000
CFxcD(CFxcD)Adult (m)4,7577230
1jVMV(1jVMV)Adult (f)4,9886720
L6R8L(L6R8L)Adult (f)3,4567381
jvV2j(jvV2j)Adult (f)5,4146280
AUVNQAvunq SAAdult (m)4,0816862
MWaCy(MWaCy)Adult (m)4,6129340
heBcB(heBcB)Adult (m)6,2001,1823
WRrnG(WRrnG)Adult (m)3,4869291
5WRHp(5WRHp)Adult (f)3,4798590
nLVMd(nLVMd)Adult (f)3,7419880
8gh0m(8gh0m)Adult (m)3,2217162
8BNMR(8BNMR)Adult (f)3,2538730
XIivB(XIivB)Adult (m)5,6531,1291
jUUOE(jUUOE)Adult (m)2,4035810
0vQkn(0vQkn)Adult (f)3,5637682
pZVdBlath CBAdult (f)10,0715,65482
qYuNSiyeeAdult (f)8,1855,50829
ghZuSweety Second PBAdult (f)2,55971415
czRS6(czRS6)Adult (f)3,1507331
h2RIl(h2RIl)Adult (m)3,4367351
57upd(57upd)Adult (f)4,4886640
aHLLCandycloudHatchling (F)4813237
iBVP9(iBVP9)Adult (m)4,3938550
aNbja(aNbja)Adult (m)4,3228730
xhOqD(xhOqD)Adult (f)3,8678760
sWQk5(sWQk5)Adult (m)4,3657103
3TXQy(3TXQy)Adult (m)5,5131,1991
XLMyQ(XLMyQ)Adult (f)2,5166892
iBngl(iBngl)Adult (m)2,5876911
AgIY8(AgIY8)Adult (m)5,5609621
2j066(2j066)Adult (m)3,0787011
MIBoT(MIBoT)Adult (f)3,9755321
WvHpv(WvHpv)Adult (m)5,1266940
7TdNP(7TdNP)Adult (m)6,7125100
YZMmZ(YZMmZ)Adult (m)5,4348901
aldq5(aldq5)Adult (m)2,1096490
khSt6(khSt6)Adult (f)5,1589672
98lcZ(98lcZ)Adult (m)3,4431,0242
EBKGBubblyCute CBAdult (f)1,7571,01222
DASmDas MAdult (m)1,14344610
seNSBubblySenseiAdult (m)1,1266575
QT0QBubbly Girl CBAdult (f)2,71696715
j2St6I think I have to burp CBAdult (m)1,6917690
NqUtS(NqUtS)Adult (m)4,3009422
HgNvBaby BubbleHatchling (f, F)7214797
n8NPBlubberblaeschen CBHatchling (F)7792952
QvdC0(QvdC0)Adult (m)7,2346381
Snzfb(Snzfb)Adult (m)7,1606410
rrxIe(rrxIe)Adult (f)7,8465371
Gfl88(Gfl88)Adult (f)3,9268880
uTjf2(uTjf2)Adult (m)3,8176731
NGbuBlack Princess of WalesAdult (f)3,6832,01218
nZqCTotenkopflibelleAdult (m)1,56383811
NVgkWeissbauchAdult (m)2,4391,14716
37ZrNichtSpielerCharacterAdult (f)2,3551,11211
TCuIDonkAdult (m)2,1111,15713
z5KVBella NeraAdult (f)2,41447124
bYOmAngel incognitoAdult (f)1,63450017
aCvKPrince Edward IIIAdult (m)2,02879621
AYErJane AustinAdult (f)2,0151,1624
WcPcVoice of the GodsAdult (f)6395154
ZUjmChristopher BrandonAdult (m)1,3657818
sgiYKimballAdult (m)1,0277583
8UgiLady Dorkface in BlackAdult (f)7244984
guaFBergschattenAdult (m)6484803
2GUVRaffaello CBAdult (m)97751811
9L38schwarzes MediAdult (f)3,1901,35010
HDR3Herr der Ringe BAdult (m)3,61456112
dAK2Daka BAdult (f)2,61291614
HNkiHenki BAdult (f)2,6349628
tqK4Black Mage BAdult (m)3,8791,37411
tK0SSchwarznase BAdult (f)1,6968868
TcWuBlack Silver SBAdult (f)1,0564885
GTGtSchnubbel Thuwed IBAdult (m)2,6551,0166
OtndArgenta NeraAdult (f)1,4076857
VnQXElinor Dashwood BAdult (f)1,21740935
3tF9FethervereAdult (f)2,1213758
FRTYHagathaAdult (f)2,09233519
ToMADark Beauty SBAdult (f)2,2433163
u5rkUrkaAdult (f)2,07139912
uVSfUvaAdult (m)2,1351,08315
rb4KReba BAdult (f)1,8037913
SMNHHera BAdult (f)1,7247711
Pb6nPersephone BAdult (f)4,0941,7988
8nXPPerseus BAdult (m)3,9701,7433
QiTEI should be silver BAdult (m)1,4377986
2SFdOh soooooo messyAdult (m)1,97033123
d5bKTNot that bad BAdult (f)1,4016822
3ICzjFaiella's Goodie BAdult (f)2,7001,0921
2zv7cRafaello's Boy BAdult (m)2,7801,1251
xjPEhBlack Angel CBAdult (f)2,0994932
tQRkTBonnie Third PBAdult (f)2,5308062
8EWmNvery very very messyAdult (f)1,8147681
FPIq0Nice little black boy CBAdult (m)2,4098751
YHDBdTaran III PBAdult (m)1,72582314
OE9KFLady in Black CBAdult (f)2,4406445
8HqvfBlack Princess of Whales PBAdult (f)3,0358610
K9my5Black Emperor CBAdult (m)3,5681,42810
c8i40King of darkest Night CBAdult (m)2,7597443
hiuP4Lord of brightest Darkness CBAdult (m)2,4897022
lc0hUFindelkind BAdult (m)5,8311,0142
L4yVXSilver Error IIAdult (m)5,8209835
XNytpDark Angel II PBAdult (m)4,4848793
PxSoxLover's Foe II PBAdult (m)5,6378013
UNlYj(UNlYj)Adult (f)6,4347331
d0GUR(d0GUR)Adult (m)5,4639481
P4MVG(P4MVG)Adult (m)8,0941,17010
CbqHk(CbqHk)Adult (m)6,1838122
p2NmC(p2NmC)Adult (m)6,6847182
FxdW0(FxdW0)Adult (f)6,2276632
9snHW(9snHW)Adult (m)6,3591,14526
7YFH1(7YFH1)Adult (f)5,6831,3726
JuVx2(JuVx2)Adult (m)6,0941,0833
3Hrmq(3Hrmq)Adult (m)6,1551,0932
HnEkR(HnEkR)Adult (f)6,1161,0743
7XAik(7XAik)Adult (m)4,9531,0050
sFc2y(sFc2y)Adult (f)5,4437672
fhP4C(fhP4C)Adult (m)5,5591,1440
SRJSg(SRJSg)Adult (f)6,5186441
3GEbN(3GEbN)Adult (m)5,8117590
AjRxR(AjRxR)Adult (f)7,4436892
qe93J(qe93J)Adult (f)5,6107360
58eEv(58eEv)Adult (m)4,8188161
oT80U(oT80U)Adult (m)6,0526540
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