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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DreamingDragons101,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
D4EnyLady Gold FirstAdult (f)7,0501,0888
k7SHBLady Seragamma the FirstAdult (f)5,39388510
25racLord Magi ThirdAdult (m)5,3668394
A92A2Lord Pink FlamingoAdult (m)5,2928296
CwamDLady Magi ThirdAdult (f)5,7818538
Tn4T0Lady Zyumorph TAdult (f)9,3021,3245
uTsg6Lady Duotone StarAdult (f)3,8317616
5LrruLady ButterscotchAdult (f)3,3097397
87L26Princess Duotone StarAdult (f)3,9236527
W9B7PLord Blackie FarAdult (m)4,8888576
7C0fQLady Butterflys 1stAdult (f)3,59281111
Jq9CHPrincesses Mint GreenAdult (f)2,7064478
PPWh8Lady Mint GreenAdult (f)3,8398097
VJ8iOLady Celestial FirstAdult (f)3,5084434
gIXcKLady Red HayAdult (f)4,7697926
Hv8uMLord Red HayAdult (m)3,8037464
XVUKMLord Aria FirstAdult (m)4,1397407
xDY7dPrince Red Hay 2ndAdult (m)3,6647233
4qHV0Lord Gold FirstAdult (m)4,9449573
gb64WLord Seragamma the FirstAdult (m)4,4577403
gdcibPrincess Butterfly 2ndAdult (f)7,0441,0795
9Gtk0Princess Anna 3rdAdult (f)3,9307046
2KfrMPrince DragonflyAdult (m)4,3427535
4B2yQLady Canopy RayAdult (f)4,1083647
LXaqZLady Blackie FarAdult (f)6,4451,1426
lTrnVLord Dragons 1stAdult (m)5,8201,0495
JET4yLady AmziAdult (f)7,64166411
Er1xvLady Storm-Rider KidAdult (f)6,1378828
ywpkbLady Carina HighAdult (f)5,2948428
RToAkLord Mint Green SrAdult (m)3,8069637
PUtBGPrincess Red Hay 1stAdult (f)5,1139284
1YG6ePrince Dragon 2ndAdult (m)4,9469859
H9dFqLady Blackie Far 2ndAdult (f)3,9047857
YTnX4Prince Red Hay 3rdAdult (m)5,1228498
KLDfOLady Ember RedAdult (f)3,8808996
SQZgPLady Striped River 1Adult (f)5,0777088
39IrDLord CrunchAdult (m)4,7796868
HDC6oLord Geode DayAdult (m)7,2249546
Yt2u0Lord Winter FreezeAdult (m)8,1681,2032
L0LvEPrince Red Hay 4thAdult (m)5,2367844
AVYdvCheese Me AwayAdult6,1781,0118
24xKoPrince Dragon 5thAdult (m)6,6391,0227
6UlWFLady Purple LoveAdult (f)7,1221,0287
MBEeTPrince Mint Green JrAdult (m)9,0661,2406
XJykQPrince Seragamma the 2ndAdult (m)5,2688839
3ipQPLady Harvest YarnAdult (f)6,7031,0264
FBp9BPrince Dragon 6thAdult (m)9,6711,3258
ijlYULord Jubal SirAdult (m)8,2991,1367
uF4lULord Celestial FirstAdult (m)6,3341,1349
qwCFaLady Winter FreezeAdult (f)9,6481,3827
sY9cYLord Moonstone Bright  sY9cYAdult (m)11,0501,3759
JBCC9Lady Lunar 1stAdult (f)10,1311,23012
axkqILord Spirit SirAdult (m)4,6798174
PV6fvLady Almerald FairyAdult (f)6,2121,0076
ZMsC7Lord Sinii Krai SirAdult (m)5,4929885
ThqskPrince Magi ThirdAdult (m)4,7485732
1D2KBPrincess Red Hay 2ndAdult (f)5,8929415
aECkw(aECkw)Adult (f)4,4253614
RRxinLord Script RRxinAdult (m)5,8729106
8KRWOPrincess White WinterAdult (f)3,2264048
jKJHx(jKJHx)Adult (f)6,9681,1943
kseYSLady Sweetheart SpringAdult (f)7,4241,0444
Fdb71Princess Red Hay 3rdAdult (f)7,4621,3728
qG8HxLady Falconiform Blue   qG8HxAdult (f)7,2351,0516
pUJxb(pUJxb)Adult (m)5,4486087
MNnZ5(MNnZ5)Adult (m)5,1531,0023
bg6Tq(bg6Tq)Adult (f)5,0931,1142
MRQ49(MRQ49)Adult (f)5,0451,0692
BEwEu(BEwEu)Adult (m)5,1781,1184
SYoBi(SYoBi)Adult (m)4,7219566
umnX6Lord Spring SirAdult (m)5,8991,2225
RfYXAPrincess Spring TimeAdult (f)5,8421,2216
ke3A3Lady Moonstone BrightAdult (f)5,1851,1355
I4pWAPrince Red Hay 5thAdult (m)5,8801,2036
hiTuA(hiTuA)Adult (m)5,4591,2538
Iepga(Iepga)Adult (f)5,7241,2627
4ca2DPrince Mint Green 2ndAdult (m)4,3141,0245
NFhJiLord Falconiform Blue  NFhJiAdult (m)5,8951,2947
nDR0ISir Lord Harvest Yarn nDR0IAdult (m)4,6581,1753
mPlnQPrinces Seragamma the 1st  mPlnQAdult (f)4,2361,0065
k12DoMake Me Upside Down k12DoAdult (f)4,5531,0669
zZBeELady Purple zZBeEAdult (f)4,4269614
M80ij(M80ij)Adult (f)5,6239375
BkfTM(BkfTM)Adult (f)6,7001,1423
jUVATPrincess Seragamma 2 jUVATAdult (f)5,0931,1986
7hfIzPrince Seragamma 4th  7hfIzAdult (m)8,3731,2895
vpoGsPrince Magi Fourth   vpoGsAdult (m)4,4629242
inPEO(inPEO)Adult (m)4,3809501
K7xlp(K7xlp)Adult (f)6,3451,1104
XIpNOPrincess Seragamma 3rd XIpNOAdult (f)4,6411,0062
0IZqL(0IZqL)Adult (m)3,2006977
4pRimPrince Seragamma 5 4pRimAdult (m)4,7401,0802
T58ClPrincess Seragamma 4  T58ClAdult (f)5,0471,1262
WBRTmPrince Seragamma 6 WBRTmAdult (m)5,0901,1493
51FpwPrince Seragamma 7 51FpwAdult (m)5,2331,1163
kD5emPrince Seragamma 8 kD5emAdult (m)4,4059653
0GOgEPrincess Elly 4th  0GOgEAdult (f)6,0281,1453
pFizXPrincess Seragamma 5 pFizXAdult (f)5,3201,1205
htKrlLord Purple Love  htKrlAdult (m)5,4601,1451
XOimt(XOimt)Adult (f)5,2008973
z8oT0Lord Blue Banded z8oT0Adult (m)4,6127932
yYxeYLady Script    yYxeYAdult (f)3,9297952
RhC9O(RhC9O)Adult (f)5,8351,1765
TrVuEPrince Seragamma 9   TrVuEAdult (m)4,2979345
VLmPRPrincess Seragamma 7   VLmPRAdult (f)4,4629336
xsRbXPrincess Seragamma 6 xsRbXAdult (f)5,3841,0065
TaCyQLady Elizabeth Daydream    TaCyQAdult (f)4,5658574
Gf9LLLord Albert Daydream Gf9LLAdult (m)4,6158572
PHgqX(PHgqX)Adult (m)4,2639414
37sJq(37sJq)Adult (m)7,1641,1285
UtB3EPrincess Seragamma 8th  UtB3EAdult (f)5,4671,0845
C0kLKPrince Seragamma 10th C0kLKAdult (m)6,0231,1485
pEaZgPrince Spring  pEaZgAdult (m)4,2398544
ETNz2Prince Seragamma 11th  ETNz2Adult (m)5,2451,0133
ISSq2Princess Seragamma 9th ISSq2Adult (f)5,1781,0163
4H73QPrincess Seragamma 10th 4H73QAdult (f)5,4861,0255
hXJdq(hXJdq)Adult (f)6,3781,19611
JF3Eu(JF3Eu)Adult (m)6,8501,1204
NmwVePrincess Seragamma 11th NmwVeAdult (f)4,9769423
IPLQ3(IPLQ3)Adult (f)6,8821,1904
F8AOP(F8AOP)Adult (m)5,60194412
1DI8v(1DI8v)Adult (m)4,8549224
hOnUz(hOnUz)Adult (f)5,4881,0154
Fle1OPrince Seragamma 12th  Fle1OAdult (m)5,5231,0276
AP2U4(AP2U4)Adult (f)8,4881,07010
Cx4IV(Cx4IV)Adult (f)5,2201,0416
kyN6i(kyN6i)Adult (m)4,8911,0244
poE8OPrince Spring 2nd    poE8OAdult (m)5,2851,0413
268bx(268bx)Adult (f)4,9631,0123
QpNT3(QpNT3)Adult (m)4,9111,0584
FgwxP(FgwxP)Adult (m)5,8341,1068
JyDjN(JyDjN)Adult (m)3,0916847
sKKFV(sKKFV)Adult (m)3,1437173
hac7Q(hac7Q)Adult (m)3,1496975
3683v(3683v)Adult (f)3,2377252
QiVAB(QiVAB)Adult (m)3,1627342
bJ50K(bJ50K)Adult (m)4,8868395
vzXBR(vzXBR)Adult (f)3,5427192
8dfPm(8dfPm)Adult (f)3,5407192
T8K3U(T8K3U)Adult (m)3,5007413
zRrjW(zRrjW)Adult (m)3,5337142
9H76x(9H76x)Adult (m)4,1368133
jPz8r(jPz8r)Adult (m)3,1956641
NnXgW(NnXgW)Adult (f)3,7258113
w7N8j(w7N8j)Adult (m)3,8757883
VXeS1(VXeS1)Adult (f)3,4056138
5mAOZ(5mAOZ)Adult (m)4,7828864
EBstgLady Night Glory  EBstgAdult (f)4,2258396
7DJe2(7DJe2)Adult (f)4,2378652
T50f4(T50f4)Adult (f)4,4719614
BjBaq(BjBaq)Adult (f)5,9721,0325
jkgDL(jkgDL)Adult (f)2,8527363
TgXIWLady Rose  TgXIWAdult (f)2,9257906
ORG4v(ORG4v)Adult (f)3,4357973
PQ3Uk(PQ3Uk)Adult (m)3,8198464
71y0K(71y0K)Adult (m)3,4177773
al8KR(al8KR)Adult (m)3,9758816
peeBb(peeBb)Adult (f)4,0888701
OSA6o(OSA6o)Adult (f)3,7128012
gnXNw(gnXNw)Adult (f)3,8498601
DU6M3(DU6M3)Adult (m)3,7048292
bcRQ2(bcRQ2)Adult (m)4,4688972
ldgG9(ldgG9)Adult (f)4,7139331
y9BDG(y9BDG)Adult (m)4,4018722
8Vnmc(8Vnmc)Adult (f)4,4618661
gBKZO(gBKZO)Adult (f)3,6357951
avHFi(avHFi)Adult (f)4,0427092
zLh2M(zLh2M)Adult (m)8,8271,45313
HtH3N(HtH3N)Adult (f)5,3477983
XiIIm(XiIIm)Adult (m)4,5228992
Ow6YV(Ow6YV)Adult (m)4,9221,0022
sEkuf(sEkuf)Adult (m)3,1554756
Nznl5(Nznl5)Adult (f)4,2659423
YWAOc(YWAOc)Adult (m)3,5659902
T0qQV(T0qQV)Adult (f)3,6219692
Z4Jyp(Z4Jyp)Adult (m)3,6558622
LEwGQ(LEwGQ)Adult (f)3,4919151
QcCyX(QcCyX)Adult (m)4,4931,0384
88ia8(88ia8)Adult (f)4,5121,0923
tiyol(tiyol)Adult (m)4,4161,0384
IU1QT(IU1QT)Adult (f)4,4711,1065
XNvxf(XNvxf)Adult (m)4,4321,0604
XFh9v(XFh9v)Adult (m)3,0427831
4h125(4h125)Adult (m)4,6061,1024
eTD6U(eTD6U)Adult (m)3,1928061
hb2JL(hb2JL)Adult (m)4,3671,0243
rmtfA(rmtfA)Adult (m)4,0097202
fhMGn(fhMGn)Adult (f)3,9427012
1WJks(1WJks)Adult (m)3,8767834
q2Nv0(q2Nv0)Adult (f)3,1927993
qDMTy(qDMTy)Adult (m)3,9349053
bNBVr(bNBVr)Adult (f)2,6837284
r6sU1(r6sU1)Adult (f)2,9047702
SB99R(SB99R)Adult (f)2,7547562
OynEz(OynEz)Adult (m)2,8817721
8TrRf(8TrRf)Adult (f)3,3878471
CM350(CM350)Adult (f)4,7738513
x4zCi(x4zCi)Adult (m)3,7419004
0M11X(0M11X)Adult (m)3,7348381
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