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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dreamfur,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bDGzGreat Mothers CBAdult (f)5,6901,85255
3ILWDiamondDragon's Twins NBAdult (f)2,6144085
OMIOImmortalia's Girls IBAdult (f)3,36325311
L8NsKat's HuntersAdult (f)2,82929712
9fH6Rusign's Double Trouble IBAdult (f)1,85934225
6EjaGreat Fathers CBAdult (m)1,17554410
sme3Dual SmeetsAdult (m)4,18034915
gtp0Guarding TwinsAdult (m)1,77530718
nODMLo and Li IBAdult (f)3,9432635
vewmUVermaea and ViraAdult (f)4,0793452
ll7Aa117's AlphabetAdult (m)4,9971,0634
8VSu1Emma and AkiskaAdult (f)4,2881,0746
DhbcMDrax and Drake CBAdult (m)2,9019343
IpRP0Ripa Moramee CBAdult (m)2,4416843
3SzU7Suzie 37 CBAdult (f)2,5416942
OBBJHHorkvir CBAdult (m)2,0184172
BUI36Breya CBAdult (f)2,2344471
be5K0Observer CBAdult (m)3,5746377
XsEH8Recorder CBAdult (f)7,7341,1392
UuqwuWindrider CBAdult (m)4,7201,0362
FHhAAlbino's Gold CBAdult (m)2,0453257
5kchSketchy AlbertoAdult (m)3,11230411
cS5DsCourageous Stringbean CBAdult (m)3,3607741
xQ3qnValiant Stringbean CBAdult (f)3,3937721
IGugOHeartblood Morning Glory CBAdult (m)3,9448491
qiTZTViola Morning Glory CBAdult (f)3,9108561
ROLLGGarden Roller CBAdult (m)3,8628612
NyNh3Nyan Nyan CBAdult (f)3,9208491
jlsGaDeserted Glow CBAdult (f)4,5608463
Wteh0Deserted Meteor CBAdult (m)4,3678511
v59mjBloodied Sands CBAdult (m)4,3808652
nSwmxAhkrin Ah Viing CBAdult (f)4,4787603
fJERN(fJERN)Adult (m)4,1268901
G4zwe(G4zwe)Adult (m)3,7308000
bXH2C(bXH2C)Adult (f)3,7997800
E74T3(E74T3)Adult (m)3,7048031
C3anRose Mother NB AAdult (f)2,391357102
rwoMDaughter of Origins NBAdult (f)1,2916249
InhtRose's Bloodline NBAdult (f)1,9743185
cMaCMother of ShadowMyst's Blue NBAdult (f)2,03326417
YYOxMRosey Pink's Return Aria CBAdult (f)2,8607761
3bR1GPink in Greyscale Code CBAdult (m)3,0357073
HUdvIJungle Roseheart CBAdult (f)3,3037861
6D2v9Stinging Rosethorn CBAdult (m)3,4257841
eDt9ASilt Strider CBAdult (m)4,7631,0721
CelZWCeltic Glacierwing CBAdult (m)2,6006101
44aRaRa-ra Glacierwing CBAdult (f)2,5336071
9je3w(9je3w)Adult (f)3,7898464
x3iA0Twin JavelinAdult (m)3,9168391
m6yYLTwin SpearAdult (f)3,7777862
z3SkBloatedtail CBAdult (m)2,3713588
yxeNp(yxeNp)Adult (f)3,2801,0311
aRipTorn Shadows CB AAdult (f)1,51528479
0o4aSorokari NBAdult (f)2,6271,04129
c8iyTorn Healer NBAdult (f)1,6142987
KXFrMystic Shadowscale NBAdult (m)1,5822568
8C1oClear Ebony IBAdult (f)1,96027816
mSCaSilver's Mask NBAdult (f)4,70332618
2re6Sir Charles Stardark II NBAdult (m)2,41522910
bWLJSmokey Emerald Quartz IBAdult (f)4,44731913
bJe2Smokey Draco NBAdult (m)3,49623423
Hdm9Sir Markus Stardark NBAdult (m)2,7082296
SL7qLady Aeris Stardark NBAdult (f)3,8573323
hp7ZCount 23's Maiden IBAdult (f)3,4342568
snpFmOkami-san NBAdult (m)3,7953998
IvMegJocosa of the Night NBAdult (f)4,4703554
No5abNoSad Rentis NBAdult (m)4,5784041
V1o9BSweetie Night-Fury NBAdult (f)2,7486873
NhqIsNight's Iriquois NBAdult (m)4,9463844
bjNLYKaini's Midnight NBAdult (m)4,3973893
4ICJBLara Kari NBAdult (f)4,7463722
VXbBQSilvia Tornfeather NBAdult (f)3,0823373
lUUNKJunk Lover NBAdult (f)5,1143693
CsoFZShadows of SilverbloodAdult (f)3,6004454
E3nF0Shadowfeather Silvertail NBAdult (f)2,7014193
LbJcUAn Echo of Past Lines NBAdult (m)4,7104003
xbL8zThey Met on XBL NBAdult (m)4,1113263
MI0TMMr Messypants IBAdult (m)2,8416765
2L0sMMixed From Many Lines IBAdult (m)2,4886843
4xxPnPackin the Magic CBAdult (m)3,2531,1153
xPJGGGolden PJ's NBAdult (m)3,0796086
26JlAAlcoholic Licorice NBAdult (f)2,8501,0264
xw1NiSeasonal Silver Shadows NBAdult (f)2,7409883
N308GAngel in the Dark CBAdult (f)5,2363922
z5ND2Lady Shadeflight of the Night NBAdult (f)3,9553212
I7O49Lady of Tipsy Lines NBAdult (f)3,1627571
9BI8oNight Ribbon Dodger NBAdult (f)3,8818232
ChXCmShadedfeathers NBAdult (f)2,9948463
LZUJHSaria Medullae Puella NBAdult (f)3,3475692
CkiiqCharrsorak CBAdult (m)1,9748001
boaKTNight of Shades CBAdult (m)1,9344626
erGRQErgo Night Shade CBAdult (f)3,4763266
h4G4hLady of the BlackwinxAdult (f)2,8351,2594
MreV0Knight of the BlackwinxAdult (m)2,8701,2435
oKNbNLady Nightscale CBAdult (f)4,5711,2064
8SO2hWinking Black PearlAdult (m)1,9761,2117
vdNaIWinking Shadow PearlAdult (f)2,2931,2017
9G2J6Outcasted Blood IBAdult (m)5,8039953
PY0SYPisces Darkscale CBAdult (f)4,9191,2272
EYBbfLady Shadow Eyes NBAdult (f)5,4981,1681
T10tXNight of the Living Shadows CBAdult (m)6,0999236
wj2BxBSL Lady of Dark Wonders CBAdult (f)4,6558493
rrDxXBSL Delightful Reader Remixed CBAdult (m)6,1391,2713
QhZARQuaezarAdult (m)5,0361,1824
ndpaXLady Xap DarkscaleAdult (f)4,7301,1841
QWvxDShaded Gold ShadowsAdult (m)5,2651,1333
3nKaUNomino D'Hennegel NBAdult (m)5,5691,0984
Dzms4Ran M E KristallAdult (f)5,3661,1485
3GLYCLara Fae D'AlseaAdult (f)5,3521,1352
KJgyXBlack Forest Cake CBAdult (m)5,3559521
O81SpCryptic AngstAdult (m)5,0229411
C2AERBiotic MorkAdult (m)4,7651,0821
HLbogRyu's Unnamed BlogAdult (f)4,8211,0641
pKxbdLady Pax CBAdult (f)5,6191,0194
YoV0UYoo-Voo CBAdult (m)5,1228881
mbLlShadow's Feather NBAdult (f)1,03441435
2PBRFeathered Shadow Wings NBAdult (f)1,0763796
4B09Mother of Shades NBAdult (f)5,80745726
nviBLauri Solas NBAdult (f)3,17923111
aU0TSir Charles Stardark III NBAdult (m)3,1932537
vcGoMystic Queen NBAdult (f)3,8572594
UnhCkBronze Alcohol NBAdult (m)3,6753684
yIlmzLlama Tea CBAdult (m)4,0557812
vYSZtRose Tealeaf CBAdult (f)4,2638131
PucrCPure Zoxie ButterflyAdult (f)2,9829562
5Z8PFLady Zap Apple Tea CBAdult (f)4,9408502
GXrjAJinx Seasalt CBAdult (f)2,3281,2381
SVEQ3Savar Seasalt CBAdult (m)2,3291,2481
Bt3tEBlack Tipped Betting CBAdult (m)3,2797663
6wlAWLady of Northern Seas CBAdult (f)3,1968731
Ow5ZkLady Seasalt CBAdult (f)5,6758732
ifeE0(ifeE0)Adult (f)3,2921,0362
DJBXt(DJBXt)Adult (m)3,2481,0302
I4pNoShimmering Moonblood CBAdult (f)1,7335374
OMh6dOh My Hotdog in 6 Days CBAdult (m)3,2664312
QlrGsQalargaeus CBAdult (m)2,3316921
EAWgvEvery Apple's Wish CBAdult (m)4,7299072
26yhn26 Yens CBAdult (f)4,4338462
FBcOM26 Computerized Facebook WishesAdult (m)5,7319465
zEH5aBriinah Krilotzii CBAdult (f)5,0051,1135
RqoOmBlue Banded Requiem CBAdult (m)5,0441,1423
kVJcYLady Bluestripe CBAdult (f)4,6721,2651
f0UmoKidakith KeymasterAdult (f)6,2059682
VZW1nVisual Poison CBAdult (m)6,4029302
JtkiXVibrant Poison CBAdult (f)6,3189201
oc19Oracle Blue NBAdult (m)2,49326714
K4WlRiver's Protector NBAdult (m)3,4692335
zAEjfY Ddraig Scianfor XiphactinusAdult (m)6,0077931
4M017Iridescent YtakAdult (m)1,94037915
HVFveHigh-Five Herobree CBAdult (f)4,9761,2172
CyXsjHerobrine CBAdult (m)3,3321,34012
yrz5jYahtzee CBAdult (m)5,2321,1962
aIDqEDia M E KristallAdult (f)4,9031,1932
GwD1JCoastal Sunny ThoughtsAdult (f)4,3151,2055
JcGMRYahtzee Dreamer IIAdult (m)4,1436952
TUAucCaught Ya BiscuitAdult (m)5,6625973
s2AFGSassy Suzie CBAdult (f)6,0206791
Iwnj0Lady Brine CBAdult (f)4,6951,0566
zEtPfDur Qo Strun CBAdult (m)5,1218581
5ypw0Hind Kren Strun CBAdult (f)5,5339381
VhhP9Folook Qu Fonaar CBAdult (m)5,9569721
qKWNZFen Feyn Fonaar CBAdult (f)5,9619503
kMQt9Icy Gravedigger CBAdult (f)4,0529572
ZGlBTropic Flamebreast CBAdult (m)4,1434029
TneaTeller of the Tropics IBAdult (m)1,5675934
vKSVTropic of Dreams IBAdult (f)4,0862745
8du91Taabjo's Little One NBAdult (f)3,5147754
dcutSRyuu's Diamond CutAdult (f)6,8554576
AoR9vArvant Charr CBAdult (m)4,1549212
oNHniHonni Charr CBAdult (f)3,9239031
2TkHmLady Brim CBAdult (f)5,2111,2924
tNtwUSparticus CBAdult (f)3,6739361
W8uQxBruticus CBAdult (m)4,2669421
t2NR4Brutish MageAdult (m)2,4859735
Xb5VvXbox 5 Virtual Vision CBAdult (f)2,9967381
iHudQiHud Queso Cheese Launcher CBAdult (m)3,0277101
sP6eUCandle of Wolves CBAdult (m)5,6581,07025
OesUCanopy's Pride CBAdult (m)3,2002339
4osvCanopy's Dawn CBAdult (f)1,62635120
zHVilMs Holly Villianess CBAdult (f)4,9871,1405
XshmFAshen Villian CBAdult (m)4,9671,1684
rDnllSryiAdult (f)4,2929582
Q7Vv5Uneasy Quiver CBAdult (m)4,8891,0281
EkjqEEther Quiver CBAdult (m)5,4771,1662
eN9UiCassie Skyflame CBAdult (f)4,8311,2526
lJ78wSir Cassitrite CBAdult (m)6,3906842
r0clSComplicated Constellation CBAdult (f)4,1798001
HJuHZCelestial Ju-Ju CBAdult (m)4,2168061
IGfNQIgnited Wonders CBAdult (m)4,1648101
cbgE8Daytime Starstrider CBAdult (f)4,1488221
48BWg48 Blues with Green Cheese CBAdult2,3176156
ar24BSwiss Cheese 24B CBAdult5,1131,0629
9tcTNPolly Wants Crackers CBAdult3,9204635
faeSJChicken of the Fae CBAdult (f)7,3506441
pzAnNPanzer Hanchen CBAdult (f)6,7141,40021
iokciSweet Hollyberry NBAdult (f)3,6554518
EZBmQSanta IncarnateAdult (m)4,1389406
SkQvrHollyberry of the SkyAdult (f)4,1029416
rQiZVThuwed Carol of the Year NBAdult (m)5,37277711
yMqS5Master SilvanonAdult (m)5,0591,1296
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