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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Drawin,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ikEkuDrawinAdult (m)7,57998721
X6kOtWelcome to Drawin's ScrollHatchling (m, F)3,90587811
CTgRGwe hope you enjoy your stayHatchling (f, F)2,3346116
MGqL8Happy HalIoweenHatchling (F)3,5293234
OVBn1(OVBn1)Egg (F)
bIdOVNightmare HoarderAdult (m)2,8716051
IADcaScreaming AftermathAdult (f)4,6485952
0pDP1Horrifying TragedyAdult (f)2,5015336
mm24gChinese Zhou-WarringAdult (f)6,2521,4277
tyTM3(tyTM3)Adult (m)3,2607173
v6rua(v6rua)Adult (m)3,2047180
y1giH(y1giH)Adult (m)2,7965910
eZW8n(eZW8n)Adult (m)2,4267622
T12cz(T12cz)Adult (m)3,2106861
9bn6n(9bn6n)Adult (m)2,2117330
OyVqr(OyVqr)Adult (m)2,3167722
lNz9V(lNz9V)Adult (f)3,2717303
R89aA(R89aA)Adult (f)2,3817800
rOyfE(rOyfE)Adult (f)2,4907910
2YYWRAggressive BumpingAdult (m)2,2306854
ZIa3YVicious MurdererAdult (m)2,4157137
0Nh5nBlack Marrows BewareAdult (m)2,4397122
TcCTOCuriosity killed the MarrowAdult (m)5,2007757
1EDi0Murderously ViolentAdult (m)5,6009624
BCLDlMidnight RevengeAdult (m)5,1557853
6rprNAll HalIows' EveAdult (m)5,0647795
Nh9jPLunging LurkerAdult (f)3,0346814
9WE4GBumping at MidnightAdult (f)2,2456943
mFr1kFresh Bone HoarderAdult (f)2,3217014
JEAReJeered the NightmaresAdult (f)5,2298334
ZSkMWTrapdoor LungerAdult (f)5,0597678
dli1HArmored MistressAdult (f)5,1917854
ZMJROEthereal GhostAdult (m)2,8937805
DdUobWinters ShadowAdult (m)2,6488765
gV4RKLonely ForeverAdult (f)2,8767787
YTnUtWinds MasterAdult (f)3,0548615
CHU07Winter CocoaAdult (f)2,8728698
lke7aPhantom of the LairAdult (m)2,0327436
Z4oQpSkeletal MurdererAdult (m)3,4228784
dYBjvMistress of the DarkartsAdult (f)2,8218043
nUrLLNull the UnfortunateAdult (f)2,0077184
IgaDrPumpkin TravelerAdult (m)2,7318627
iAlaRFollow me I've got CandyAdult (f)2,0877133
gBhoHSOON IT WILL BEGINAdult (f)2,9058637
LD6DLWrapping-Wing LoverAdult (m)4,3266092
1UHkuInterior Territory DesignAdult (m)4,1715760
gQeYBMerry HolidaysAdult (m)3,8677847
Z63YSMerry New YearAdult (m)2,3339153
XZjlXRibboned Silk BeautyAdult (f)1,9048223
koe73Moonlight LusterAdult (f)2,4349183
gtuLtAngeI of ChristmasAdult (f)4,1357617
IfTPNSnow MistressAdult (f)3,0101,0003
uilRtCalifornia Candy CanesAdult (m)2,8631,0485
nRSAgRed MistletoeAdult (m)3,9121,3483
utlVNArsani CupidAdult (f)3,1505722
uR1s2Emotional MagicAdult (f)3,8515752
CEtg7Chocachi HeartseekerAdult (m)2,8368783
fgRFKScented CupidAdult (m)2,8209055
l3SaLisa RosebudAdult (f)2,6192808
cGJhSophie DawnAdult (f)1,05043711
XWJnWSweetling LovochiAdult (m)2,9549676
mLEGuSweetling ValentinesAdult (m)5,4791,2057
leWmQSophia-LaurenAdult (f)2,74782516
diq3UTotally InnocentAdult (f)2,60682113
N68ZMThat Special DragonAdult (m)3,1471,05113
05Wpj(05Wpj)Adult (f)1,6266421
niZDB(niZDB)Adult (f)1,6306740
34eUY(34eUY)Adult (m)2,0138603
7S4uk(7S4uk)Adult (f)5,9099082
opFAe(opFAe)Adult (m)3,3049312
gdwo8(gdwo8)Adult (f)4,6179263
4K2YT(4K2YT)Adult (m)2,3831,0625
uZxJF(uZxJF)Adult (f)3,0231,0952
JcRja(JcRja)Adult (m)3,8491,3353
91ZsQ(91ZsQ)Adult (f)3,8761,2813
bZK4T(bZK4T)Adult (m)1,9226181
36gwK(36gwK)Adult (f)1,8206261
GXB8e(GXB8e)Adult (f)4,8091,2722
UxRwN(UxRwN)Adult (m)5,1551,3021
8jdsB(8jdsB)Adult (f)2,1651,0603
nVTzd(nVTzd)Adult (m)5,0591,7922
MvJWQ(MvJWQ)Adult (f)4,8951,5701
w9wIA(w9wIA)Adult (f)7,1902,2682
vAY1V(vAY1V)Adult (m)7,0082,2050
6yczp(6yczp)Adult (m)5,9651,8961
2r0hx(2r0hx)Adult (f)2,4901,1481
T8ko7(T8ko7)Adult (m)2,4065962
XvTkK(XvTkK)Adult (m)1,8754914
WdRP1Peaceful SoulkeeperAdult (f)1,6835793
ztYTO(ztYTO)Adult (f)1,9795235
H3cSBDefensive AttitudeAdult (m)5,2301,4083
C1GXhHierarchy RansomAdult (m)4,2631,2145
mF2CGCrimson PostureAdult (f)5,4388904
eI9BCHonorary RoyalAdult (f)4,8221,3325
9cMy7Powershift ForcerAdult (f)1,8996432
lVdJpJacani'traiAdult (m)8,9721,2534
N522IAlpine AllyAdult (m)9,3151,6488
DpvsWThree Horned GuardianAdult (m)9,3521,6184
1P78gThy God ComplexionAdult (m)2,8995542
2MoXdRory Williams BlusangAdult (m)6,19493910
9Xm1LAmelia Pond BlusangAdult (f)6,78976611
5qKJhClara Oswald BlusangAdult (f)1,9675255
hc9qLBrimstone RoarAdult (m)4,1286906
IPPJUBrimstone DangerAdult (m)4,8047797
PIgm5Brimstone LovingAdult (f)4,1396772
Hl6VrVolcanic BrimstoneAdult (f)4,1556681
XnhLDBrimstone SedimentaryAdult (f)3,9958485
M16HDNecrosis OliveAdult (m)2,4634844
lfZPTObsessive BehaviourAdult (m)3,8108173
C3NhmLuminatorAdult (m)5,5477393
a0RKLLumina MasterpieceAdult (m)5,3147332
nqcNjObsessive GloryAdult (m)7,4768546
bD41SPerfectimiAdult (f)4,3218413
f4iaHLumina RoyaltyAdult (f)6,3258595
AqvQDGolden ButtwingsAdult (f)4,7716762
T4Xd3Special RoyaltyAdult (f)4,8369046
0DVc2Lumina BeautyAdult (f)6,2517886
7GuvmTsunami AttractionAdult (m)2,6147994
KREpeThermaI EnergyAdult (m)2,5287733
gBd3lThunderstorm MasterAdult (m)5,6927663
aQRUiLord of the TsunamiAdult (m)2,3515272
UgkkiDestruction GoddessAdult (f)3,0975802
3skaSDame of the TsunamiAdult (f)2,4765796
ADeu4Alisabi WindsAdult (f)2,5455431
q6HD9Fluorescent VioletAdult (m)2,8957915
0VhTrMisfiring VioletsAdult (m)2,5775413
LXXkWWARNING MAY BURNAdult (m)5,6071,1824
VcK8gBurns to touchAdult (m)6,1411,1096
VgmppToo hot for AlpineAdult (f)6,1321,0936
fcvjfOH GOD IT BURNSAdult (f)5,7341,2464
BhETOAlpine BabyAdult (m)5,2341,1864
JYia8Emily's DesireAdult (f)4,33699011
gn6h9Beauty DefiedAdult (f)2,6145775
c05mrGolden Dragon YearAdult (f)4,82953710
2u8C2Moonlight MysteryAdult (m)2,1996953
IOdtKMoonlight WondererAdult (m)5,9756284
Hu3aPMoonlight FollowerAdult (m)5,6856934
QB5FKMoonlight FighterAdult (m)2,4966061
F5QoG(F5QoG)Adult (m)3,4865490
AmqRK(AmqRK)Adult (m)2,7734661
U9CB2(U9CB2)Adult (f)2,1994854
fHptSI KIEUS A GIRL AND I LICKED ITAdult (m)4,4826801
n2LibHOPE MY TJ WON'T MIND ITAdult (f)5,2067993
to8NJIT FELT SO WANGAdult (m)2,9549644
SPnQnIT FELT SO WHITEAdult (f)1,8945692
ub1FKDON'T MEAN I'M IN A LOAF TONIGHTAdult (m)2,4755613
jor2YPUT YOUR CHARGER IN MEAdult (m)5,4638355
HLetSPOTATO IN THE MOUTHAdult (f)3,6471,11217
CBgkoI AM UNWANTEDAdult (m)3,0236774
C5ESrFail LineAdult (m)2,1274905
iXahVGreenwinged MattertudeAdult (m)2,8626582
U9OUkBlue Budding MoonroseAdult (m)3,5968545
2UTTPSunstone PlusmariAdult (m)3,3781,0455
PSQvSir George the GreatAdult (m)2,09163116
prvpDame PippyspotAdult (f)2,48656028
T1HaMGolden LottoAdult (m)3,3498875
c9A04Benedick the BraveAdult (m)3,91686110
g9C5MMichael the MightyAdult (m)2,19860712
AfPReHenry the HeroicAdult (m)5,9307459
fnRNDaman the DamnedAdult (m)1,96150116
nahJc(nahJc)Adult (m)7,14275610
BOJ0ZLoreen EuphoriaAdult (f)3,9094076
9pQSZSunnie the TenebraeAdult (f)7,1199578
PD8WFWolfidon the WizardAdult (m)6,1287567
meQU5James the ForthAdult (m)7,7131,02217
1YhacSophia the SupernovaAdult (f)9,6951,3619
L6kKMEllen the ElegantAdult (f)7,1611,10511
coXo2Aaron the AmazingAdult (m)4,81386312
E2E75Beatrice the BelovedAdult (f)7,1591,0755
cG6ngPaper Airplane GliderAdult (m)1,9935444
Ad6lBSlickcut GlideAdult (m)2,2355194
c1v5jShallowtail MembraneAdult (m)5,7106122
69ungObsessive AcrobaticAdult (f)3,1396815
aLXhLuyrid the LiarAdult (m)1,3675413
crI0TZoey the ZanyAdult (f)3,6988564
7NF2YMissy the MessengerAdult (f)1,9576832
98PUNPun the PeacefulAdult (m)4,3738888
javsJavs the JoyfulAdult (f)2,9004058
eFeBP(eFeBP)Adult (m)3,2545251
ATV8f(ATV8f)Adult (f)1,7055932
Nf8NN(Nf8NN)Adult (m)7,0521,0123
u1VZa(u1VZa)Adult (m)6,8057534
NgVuoAlpha Orionis BetelgeuseAdult (m)5,7208053
ws9i3(ws9i3)Adult (m)5,4761,0582
osq0Percy the ProudAdult (m)2,60943612
0YBSFiery the FuriousAdult (m)1,49354214
7ptDJMagma SpitterAdult (m)3,2664944
PFURSPreferring FurriesAdult (m)3,7616804
Rtt1W(Rtt1W)Adult (f)4,6877853
X2q43Sacrificial SacramentAdult (m)2,7935575
f6gQBiana the BreastedAdult (f)1,59375427
FF95kCoca the CuteAdult (m)4,7301,22112
pUnfjLess Drawin More DrawingAdult (f)4,3146431
vj0sHeatdress the HotAdult (f)1,53271024
TfWbElectress the ShockerAdult (f)2,0673559
NjlUSummon IceAdult (f)2,50649710
T3ADElla the KnowledgableAdult (f)1,82056825
X6OYDrawin's Mr TeleportAdult (m)3,63947011
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