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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Drakkoh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uU6Bo(uU6Bo)Adult (f)4,8629472
TnodeTnode LinkeshkenAdult (f)2,6726363
ZlNxK(ZlNxK)Adult (f)2,7616232
hmHl5(hmHl5)Adult (f)2,8236521
FmFq1Kali HeraldicAdult (f)4,4291,0084
yH4zsMia TechankanAdult (f)8305344
zHxHkAlfred BrotatianAdult (m)8025394
498KKali SwiftrunnerAdult (f)1,6817632
ddqYTriloa EarthrenderAdult (f)1,4757569
J7tuMilo ThunderhoovesAdult (m)1,7187196
qk3HYvonne HeraldicAdult (f)1,9087236
1EpuTina TechankanAdult (f)1,7697626
t4cYMyra HeraldicAdult (f)1,4805875
rd81Oliver SparksmaneAdult (m)1,96785125
O1S7Klaus BrotatianAdult (m)1,77470235
VpaBOrwell ShattershellAdult (f)3,5951,17811
0A3RAlbina BrotatianAdult (f)1,82378712
aO5ONi TechankanAdult (f)3,07232712
AMCEKeldaryne HeartboundAdult (f)2,36594326
Ga2UScroll Keeper VunderschmekktAdult2,01388439
NcuKMia BrotatianAdult (f)1,67274726
KGSiLi HeraldicAdult (f)1,42464031
LfUGFission CydarianAdult (m)2,3101,01539
FvQrKrusz HeraldicAdult (m)2,9961,14150
EArBMarie Disconcen-BrotatianAdult (f)83850532
Ah5EGinny TechankanAdult (f)92956442
UwNHShakti TechankanAdult (f)4,0731,07776
JZTRKrisz  TechankanAdult (m)2,15889662
DrFjTorque BrotatianAdult (m)2,71092961
kokYPyreface BrotatianAdult (m)2,53474449
9L2GHollie HeraldicAdult (f)1,62847516
NFpULia BrotatianAdult (f)2,1125089
PZXSPonoxi TechankanAdult (f)1,60959314
74eYKludd HeraldicAdult (m)2,08691414
6BPzDuskwalker Rina BrotatianAdult (f)3,04678520
jfsTSkynet TechankanAdult (f)1,38442320
D5r6Xi BrotatianAdult (f)1,42441126
9ZTbIra the SundererAdult (f)1,99252924
ffZZGaston BrotatianAdult (m)2,2061,13219
gG1rVladinka BrotatianAdult (f)2,4371,13817
3kBRAshur SwiftleafAdult (m)2,0471,01823
IpV0Angie TechankanAdult (f)4,2401,42546
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