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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
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  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Draikette,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5hIa(5hIa)Adult (f)7,4083,83335
BRQK2headed CB 1 ROYGBIVAdult (m)5,5301,97919
9oDr(9oDr)Adult (m)6,99196716
eYLj(eYLj)Adult (f)1,6954561
aEvXTotally inbred totally 2 headedAdult (m)2,6519936
hc8s(hc8s)Adult (f)1,6525385
NBz8o2headed CB 2 ROYGBIVAdult (f)3,6727936
hvHM(hvHM)Hatchling (f, F)1,5665135
0TOS(0TOS)Hatchling (m, F)1,1384836
z7PJa(z7PJa)Hatchling (F)1,6253495
FY8smP Opalescent CB 2 ROYGBIVAdult (f)2,2004972
1PyMq2nd gen pale opalescent cbAdult (m)2,7806615
DMO8e(DMO8e)Hatchling (F)9451823
MJJj0(MJJj0)Adult (f)6,5798523
FchVW(FchVW)Adult (m)6,2839572
yBbPj(yBbPj)Adult (f)5,9261,1983
gpv3J(gpv3J)Adult (m)5,4049392
BSt6q(BSt6q)Adult (f)6,5205923
ZKZYAlbino CB 1 ROYGBIVPAdult (m)3,1777198
k7Br(k7Br)Adult (m)1,5143519
iwjGrAlbino CB 2 ROYGBIVPAdult (f)3,4203621
0AHTs2nd gen Albino ROYGBIVP FAdult (f)5,9511,0764
kFry6(kFry6)Adult (f)2,7854111
S6Wk(S6Wk)Hatchling (m, F)9133666
2PsRu(2PsRu)Adult (m)2,5753117
zRUsb(zRUsb)Adult (m)2,6193127
JQ8Q7(JQ8Q7)Adult (f)2,4933076
bnGGo(bnGGo)Adult (m)2,3423088
P9iy6(P9iy6)Adult (f)2,2292908
4egD4(4egD4)Adult (f)2,7523376
maPTj(maPTj)Adult (f)5,7627290
vkWL4(vkWL4)Adult (f)5,7937100
RwUw2nd gen Goodie Oldie PinkieAdult (f)3,86880318
bqZz2nd gen pink plus orangeAdult (f)8,0051,32395
3MMk(3MMk)Adult (f)2,5988074
DlWvNena 99 LuftballonsAdult (m)2,49877910
MJMfnWhy is this balloon so specialAdult (f)4,3551,7793
CG5Z32nd gen Balloon ROYGBIV MAdult (m)7,8641,3003
xaZZd2nd gen Balloon ROYGBIV FAdult (f)5,2151,1492
DNuWh(DNuWh)Adult (m)3,9676979
HE5Xi(HE5Xi)Adult (m)3,5165782
PBXZ(PBXZ)Hatchling (F)1,8661386
PbPNL(PbPNL)Hatchling (F)1,0103074
9yKT(9yKT)Adult (m)2,9961,23526
beMFNefarian ResurrectedAdult (m)4,9051,24814
QN9GNefarian's KinAdult (m)3,92478417
r8PGNefarian's Kin 2Adult (f)3,40562211
x9ELOnyxia ResurrectedAdult (f)3,08073814
d4AyMessy Black 1Adult (f)2,44196314
5kWjMessy Black 2Adult (m)1,4216649
zNC5Messy Black 3Adult (f)8,8821,61444
V1M711th gen Messy BlackAdult (f)1,4933751
J0IYOnyxia's KinAdult (f)2,0406074
6PlQD(6PlQD)Adult (f)8,6341,0662
sTKnJ12th gen Messy BlackAdult (f)1,9036043
2SF67(2SF67)Adult (m)1,8175421
oTTNC(oTTNC)Adult (f)1,9636122
2grz112th gen Messy Black 3Adult (m)2,0344152
molT85th gen Metalibaby PENKAdult (m)1,5635933
cYki8(cYki8)Adult (f)1,3196172
Zv0843rd gen Checker Black plus SilveAdult (f)1,7025092
vEZbM12th gen Messy Black 2Adult (m)1,1745171
XLraSDerp and stuffAdult (f)6,4157473
sOrscBlack CB 1 ROYGBIVAdult (m)3,5027313
lN7MGAlso a CB BlackAdult (f)2,7615362
dgPMsBlack CB 2 ROYGBIVAdult (f)5,3488035
a2scA2nd gen Black ROYGBIVPAdult (f)6,2891,4031
0kHYq2nd gen Black ROYGBIV 2Adult (m)4,3917971
vWWgT2nd gen Black other userAdult (m)4,9716612
FQylD2nd gen Black ROYGBIVP 3Adult (f)5,4811,1012
40P6e2nd gen Black   xmasAdult (m)6,0675753
WaVXn4th gen black to breed 2Adult (m)4,7509694
ZlhMM4th gen black to breed 1Adult (f)4,8629784
Z7LlWAnother CB Black FeemaleAdult (f)5,1391,0062
clLjIZombify DEESAdult (m)4,8448573
I3NbL(I3NbL)Adult (f)4,2049871
jEu112nd gen black plus brute 1Adult (f)5,4319841
FJiwv(FJiwv)Adult (m)2,5955677
pacFP(pacFP)Adult (m)2,7744627
xx5ma(xx5ma)Adult (m)2,64238611
FDiik(FDiik)Adult (m)2,2555062
mOJgX(mOJgX)Adult (m)3,3076099
1Y2M6(1Y2M6)Adult (f)5,1006766
MdMXl(MdMXl)Adult (f)2,4555854
lGf75(lGf75)Adult (m)2,1204705
Iw5Jk(Iw5Jk)Adult (m)4,1273533
RuRU4(RuRU4)Adult (f)6,2949044
KyHk(KyHk)Hatchling (f, F)4,9371,1106
PhpEK(PhpEK)Hatchling (m, F)4,7829298
3hmcd(3hmcd)Hatchling (F)6453252
EihPI(EihPI)Hatchling (F)1,2322033
UFWIX(UFWIX)Hatchling (F)2,0544123
DHU9(DHU9)Adult (m)5,9381,77052
5S19(5S19)Hatchling (m, F)4,49684015
yfuUA2nd Gen Peppermint ChaiAdult (m)4,4535251
wAdcG(wAdcG)Adult (m)1,8005322
AWLMiBlack Tea CB 2 ROYGBIVAdult (f)1,7146761
8WTEq(8WTEq)Adult (m)2,2946371
8tt9LBlack Tea CB 1 ROYGBIVAdult (m)3,4398923
KqjZu3rd gen ValenTEA NOPEAdult (m)5,14588411
CaPSn3rd gen ValenTEAAdult (m)4,2323286
ZWScW4th gen ValenTEA ArsaniAdult (m)2,8014145
xcchj5th gen ValenTEA RedAdult (m)3,3903813
PF6976th gen ValenTEA MintAdult (m)3,7422918
NOLr1(NOLr1)Adult (f)5,8537180
pAgXQ(pAgXQ)Adult (f)5,8267170
pM4oFMiiiiineAdult (f)3,8144712
tyPFHMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiineAdult (m)3,1046153
LP8Uj2nd gen MiiiiiiineAdult (f)3,5135861
aYS8J2nd gen MiiiiiiiiiineAdult (m)6,0251,0844
Tm5q9BleedMoon CB 2 ROYGBIVAdult (f)3,0133832
iBdP5(iBdP5)Adult (f)1,6786122
VDKgABleedMoon CB 1 ROYGBIVAdult (m)2,7344543
sqeKs(sqeKs)Adult (m)3,8094533
ZDCC12nd gen BleedMoon ROYGBIV MAdult (m)2,3677353
wnaga2nd gen BleedMoon ROYGBIV FAdult (f)4,7191,2632
hlwVy(hlwVy)Adult (f)2,2426981
mILGL(mILGL)Hatchling (F)1,4302142
f4ud5(f4ud5)Adult (f)3,0464422
TOKWs(TOKWs)Adult (f)3,0814671
kKAV1(kKAV1)Adult (m)1,8826942
o7J8L(o7J8L)Adult (m)2,8136602
CuUNu(CuUNu)Hatchling (f, F)3,0156834
bY8S7(bY8S7)Adult (f)2,9657053
Gfnj6(Gfnj6)Adult (f)3,2987446
VxPP7(VxPP7)Adult (f)2,1886112
NI26H(NI26H)Adult (m)2,2546283
yGOo1(yGOo1)Adult (m)2,6236793
H06X(H06X)Adult (f)1,3834992
irlL(irlL)Adult (m)1,3264673
1mUHBSlinky SlimeyAdult (f)3,1775251
s88jwSalamander KumquatbrainsAdult (f)3,0377412
qXjh(qXjh)Hatchling (m, F)9983654
DUB7(DUB7)Hatchling (F)5182556
waYaN(waYaN)Adult (m)5,8937823
NxfldBlue CheeseyAdult (f)4,7051,2073
KSkc1Cordon BlooAdult (m)2,6136427
2XfYkBloo CheeseyAdult (m)3,8677549
DtJycBleau CheeseyAdult (f)2,7657453
43WBR(43WBR)Adult (f)2,2824618
DEbn(DEbn)Adult (m)1,9986199
rC3c(rC3c)Adult (f)2,6744874
eRScCBreasted CB 2 ROYGBIVAdult (f)2,1286624
DVit1Breasted CB 1 ROYGBIVAdult (m)2,2716483
mKbsS2nd gen Breasted ROYGBIVAdult (m)3,1095616
gveyM(gveyM)Adult (m)2,5825362
DikNU(DikNU)Hatchling (F)3,8322883
e1XWFBrimstone CB 2 ROYGBIVAdult (f)10,6621,4194
CiaX6(CiaX6)Adult (m)4,2408565
VtMeFBlah and stuffAdult (m)6,1867744
aL5k0Brimstone CB 1 ROYGBIVAdult (m)8,7781,4011
Konno2nd gen Brimstone KonnoAdult (f)7,4279254
bPGAcBrimstone Gold FailAdult (f)4,9147673
U63tO2nd gen Brimstone ROYGBIVPAdult (m)4,55664910
jdAyD(jdAyD)Adult (m)6,8127916
XtOfK(XtOfK)Hatchling (F)2,4922802
K28mLAlso a CB BruteAdult (m)4,7437971
1KXhD(1KXhD)Adult (f)4,7717971
yr6z5(yr6z5)Adult (f)5,2737981
GFYCxBrute CB 1 ROYGBIVAdult (m)4,8588151
S4MNl(S4MNl)Adult (f)5,2951,0761
uf3E7Another CB Brute MaleAdult (m)5,5071,0703
ZIQCz(ZIQCz)Adult (f)6,1525692
glPYv2nd gen Brute ROYGBIVAdult (m)6,3285843
saIEG2nd gen brute plus black 1Adult (m)4,9478553
egIyW(egIyW)Adult (m)2,0883471
K5ZCCanopy CB 2 ROYGBIVAdult (f)1,6397474
iHLS(iHLS)Adult (m)1,1956253
WDrSPCanopy CB 1 ROYGBIVAdult (m)2,0636154
c2KHc2nd gen Canopy ROYGBIVAdult (f)1,9576176
1q5Ho(1q5Ho)Adult (f)6,7671,3831
2IJbq(2IJbq)Adult (f)2,4466154
B4YR(B4YR)Hatchling (f, F)8323314
fZPmV(fZPmV)Adult (f)2,8106754
zoXvH(zoXvH)Adult (f)3,3077445
qikYH(qikYH)Adult (m)2,7815552
AQJhm(AQJhm)Adult (f)2,6275611
2nsIG(2nsIG)Adult (m)2,7265851
6DEG4(6DEG4)Hatchling (F)1,5793387
Ef6T0(Ef6T0)Adult (m)3,1667643
I1MLs(I1MLs)Adult (f)3,2637482
AvdhJ(AvdhJ)Adult (f)2,3256231
4RgsB(4RgsB)Adult (f)2,2876462
Rnvnr(Rnvnr)Adult (m)2,2396741
NYgaSmoked GhoudaAdult2,7946986
3fU9y(3fU9y)Hatchling (F)2,7228822
3Hl8(3Hl8)Adult (f)3,9201,36721
4LdA(4LdA)Hatchling (f, F)13,3501,94619
37iKBMESSiah Red SkittlesAdult (m)5,4453634
Xloa2(Xloa2)Adult (m)3,3213058
5fteT(5fteT)Adult (m)2,4294637
u9GwC(u9GwC)Adult (f)2,3444306
nWsrQLove grows where my xmastree gozAdult (m)2,6534698
EeQaM(EeQaM)Adult (m)2,4557666
Itc0J(Itc0J)Adult (f)2,0398055
tCD5h(tCD5h)Adult (f)3,1769498
5YY6q(5YY6q)Adult (f)2,1248121
aMvSk(aMvSk)Adult (f)1,6566252
Hno3u(Hno3u)Adult (m)4,5388931
mhiW4(mhiW4)Adult (f)4,2309431
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