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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Egg Basket
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dragonizer4,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LGKtYCadet ShadowAdult (f)3,1739033
oJEaRRoyal Two HeadedAdult (f)3,0039890
gwBid(gwBid)Adult (m)4,7798792
JmxW2Level RainbowAdult (m)5,0049241
9mYSj(9mYSj)Adult (f)4,5386973
cl6NZ(cl6NZ)Adult (m)5,1017602
FAhXX(FAhXX)Adult (f)5,5347120
MhBOUColosseum Green LightAdult (f)3,9041,1322
mpwV7Greater GrassAdult (f)4,6961,2282
34kWv(34kWv)Adult (m)6,1886454
iCTy9(iCTy9)Adult (m)4,6067832
oszpgCloud Day DreamingAdult (m)6,4661,3004
gtLnN(gtLnN)Adult (f)6,0789534
zPzV6(zPzV6)Adult (m)6,4739536
ppebB(ppebB)Adult (f)6,3819522
vhsjt(vhsjt)Adult (f)6,3599581
T4YJJRunner Purple DuskAdult (f)5,8491,0202
12La8New York DuskAdult (f)5,0271,0104
9J1RPRated ElectricAdult (m)3,6947887
UBzqvMolten Lava AshAdult (m)3,5057848
QyKNw(QyKNw)Adult (f)6,0779643
iiecAFlamingo WatersAdult (m)5,1211,1575
kQBJHTree BrancherAdult (f)4,9581,03811
3TkYuGreen Gemshard CBAdult (m)3,8851,0482
u5JX1Cobbley Stone GeodeAdult (f)4,4958396
yg4lh(yg4lh)Adult (f)6,1689502
0aO0eSun Risen CBAdult (m)5,1539205
LuutkCandy SunAdult (f)4,1391,2780
WqrBOLake RainerAdult (m)5,5479711
BJc9RGlory Rain StormAdult (f)5,4799502
KrTtr(KrTtr)Adult (f)4,3068101
5R4kcReck KoleAdult (f)6,2338573
7yZ2i(7yZ2i)Adult (f)5,1221,16210
seLrF(seLrF)Adult (m)5,2757953
Rbb3E(Rbb3E)Adult (m)5,0017922
S6lY1(S6lY1)Adult (m)6,3496991
rYdHGBlue Steamed DragonAdult (f)6,7771,2129
7vdIa(7vdIa)Adult (f)4,1231,1181
9QL3gDespacito TreeEgg (F)
sbNgyCand De WaterAdult (m)4,9941,2153
492CSBitter of TimeAdult (m)8,0131,4368
xWI1v(xWI1v)Adult (f)5,5916581
HYZ7M(HYZ7M)Adult (f)6,16487814
dEHHr(dEHHr)Adult (f)5,5266820
wR0tKMag SepturnAdult (m)2,5407383
TyfYE(TyfYE)Adult (m)5,4831,0183
w1WZA(w1WZA)Adult (m)5,7149132
RmHUECandy Pink 1st GenAdult (f)2,1897711
uX3L2Luxury Pink Spin 1st GenAdult (m)5,1331,1501
Vx2gM(Vx2gM)Adult (f)6,1876503
yjwVUEscapist of the FloodsAdult (m)4,8231,4085
XlzOMBronze EscaperAdult (m)7,1331,08210
7INvxGolden Life LightAdult (f)7,1671,1522
lirRk(lirRk)Adult (m)5,8571,23017
OiDvmZise ShunAdult (f)4,1241,2143
AoT0tZise TaiAdult (m)5,2877921
CmronMaplegrove PygmyAdult (m)6,7601,35914
MzlIIJoy of DarknessAdult (f)7,8871,3777
owIDX(owIDX)Adult (f)4,1901,1321
2ocSgSea Pearl PygmyAdult (f)5,1251,1545
Gk4YI(Gk4YI)Adult (f)5,0978021
tYD9LThe Lucky Survivor of the ArkAdult (m)2,2886663
ESHhGSpring Time HarborAdult (f)6,1051,0353
sESEv(sESEv)Adult (f)5,5306561
VI5Qy(VI5Qy)Adult (m)5,4916600
0Kpqd(0Kpqd)Adult (m)5,3706790
oem85(oem85)Adult (f)6,9709091
3b9KA(3b9KA)Adult (m)4,9017362
kkkvq(kkkvq)Adult (m)4,6527411
ALxWBLingsingAdult (f)4,6361,2422
OqGw6(OqGw6)Adult (m)7,1275993
RN0Kx(RN0Kx)Adult (f)3,0461,0335
REE0t(REE0t)Adult (f)3,8067965
vjM6y(vjM6y)Adult (m)5,2241,2297
46IdNHearth GroveAdult (f)6,2311,3492
wuSoWVampish of DarkAdult (f)3,4579322
rsKv5(rsKv5)Adult (m)5,5431,0722
KYrVE(KYrVE)Hatchling (F)1,1363931
pOQC1(pOQC1)Adult (f)3,0179081
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