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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DragonicFlames,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
V88U(V88U)Adult (m)1,13537320
2k9H(2k9H)Adult (f)2,9282319
AOG7(AOG7)Adult (m)2,9432308
kyeY(kyeY)Adult (m)2,18680152
2XI8(2XI8)Adult (m)1,51064523
f7Oc(f7Oc)Adult (m)1,1884546
KMen(KMen)Adult (m)2,1043868
RFEb(RFEb)Adult (m)2,54279322
qXbK(qXbK)Adult (f)2,15280944
TD8S(TD8S)Adult (f)2,17968531
IIhC(IIhC)Adult (f)1,69974730
XS3e(XS3e)Adult (f)1,78739217
pOxP(pOxP)Adult (f)2,20279644
MHgf(MHgf)Adult (m)1,93963434
MPWB(MPWB)Adult (f)1,79651010
JLWL(JLWL)Adult (f)2,70085852
9RKc(9RKc)Adult (m)1,27161619
3Sqy(3Sqy)Adult (f)2,35576851
FgXp(FgXp)Adult (m)1,42862525
TcBv(TcBv)Adult (m)2,23672118
Q9zI(Q9zI)Adult (m)2,37474820
I0Jn(I0Jn)Adult (m)1,06935428
DqDC(DqDC)Adult (m)1,32366024
l9jX(l9jX)Adult (m)1,6264136
kEjW(kEjW)Adult (m)2,05271588
U8WN(U8WN)Adult (m)1,71984532
craO(craO)Adult (m)2,12055412
9Mmy(9Mmy)Adult (m)1,77384636
eVSV(eVSV)Adult (m)1,35358031
VZNf(VZNf)Adult (f)3,56492727
5CYx(5CYx)Adult (f)1,67764512
HABg(HABg)Adult (m)1,3003656
a14G(a14G)Adult (f)1,02436619
ONhG(ONhG)Adult (f)1,93238719
P6gG(P6gG)Adult (f)2,05067851
FBwk(FBwk)Adult (f)1,76581665
e4OF(e4OF)Adult (f)3,05581432
9tkX(9tkX)Adult (f)2,27582140
SpFl(SpFl)Adult (f)1,43849822
aDKU(aDKU)Adult (f)2,02863821
GTEQ(GTEQ)Adult (f)5,1201,79837
cbvl(cbvl)Adult (f)1,69647625
uJvY(uJvY)Adult (f)2,9172318
iYc9(iYc9)Adult (m)1,86561828
Pz48(Pz48)Adult (m)2,64094132
LlHd(LlHd)Adult (m)1,18961719
NHTX(NHTX)Adult (m)1,7893976
pq91(pq91)Adult (m)1,63766723
QrYS(QrYS)Adult (m)2,9442378
UL5D(UL5D)Adult (f)1,44863030
9e6a(9e6a)Adult (f)2,39469866
LJm5(LJm5)Adult (f)1,84664136
jojU(jojU)Adult (m)1,84463832
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