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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DragonWolf256,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gRoK0Rockay DWAdult (f)6,1889290
wmaVaVilhem DWAdult (m)3,4488442
iggGr(iggGr)Adult (f)5,8677316
nbitl(nbitl)Adult (m)8,4621,0305
RQ80J(RQ80J)Adult (f)10,1971,0917
MNIjS(MNIjS)Adult (m)10,8151,0924
n6Taxn6Tax DW IIAdult (f)5,5148443
oQeik(oQeik)Adult (m)12,8591,6754
ThLe6(ThLe6)Adult (m)2,9573341
9K0VQ(9K0VQ)Adult (m)4,0976490
gDKdCB Albino DragonWolfAdult (m)2,2491,0267
DamtCB Bina DragonWolfAdult (f)1,7453499
MUrsUMursu DWAdult (f)6,0369164
IrP1i(IrP1i)Adult (f)5,2508621
OIBfz(OIBfz)Adult (m)5,5998631
njrp4(njrp4)Adult (m)3,9175311
B1Iil(B1Iil)Adult (f)3,3634880
ERVGg(ERVGg)Adult (f)7,1946841
0GHDc(0GHDc)Adult (f)7,6261,39010
TxrG4(TxrG4)Adult (m)4,5448941
6pz2T(6pz2T)Adult (f)5,8591,1873
DYInR(DYInR)Adult (m)6,0081,2232
qu3tW(qu3tW)Adult (f)6,4641,3424
AuMg8(AuMg8)Adult (m)4,3117282
haZD5(haZD5)Adult (f)3,1615052
UvA2G(UvA2G)Adult (m)2,9894390
miyCo(miyCo)Adult (f)3,3437961
02dr9(02dr9)Adult (f)3,3617970
i8wzn(i8wzn)Adult (m)3,4708160
uDw87(uDw87)Adult (m)3,5328042
0qbP8(0qbP8)Adult (f)3,5588221
dtVzv(dtVzv)Adult (m)3,1567310
lPq4q(lPq4q)Adult (m)3,0175371
7BToD(7BToD)Adult (f)2,8845441
y4Dsx(y4Dsx)Adult (m)4,2857741
kVaGV(kVaGV)Adult (m)3,9716490
aGNd2(aGNd2)Adult (m)4,0585840
wMJVP(wMJVP)Adult (m)3,8648831
Ilhhm(Ilhhm)Adult (f)3,7848411
IVezZ(IVezZ)Adult (f)5,1711,0300
oUB1f(oUB1f)Adult (m)5,0461,0110
D4VGD(D4VGD)Adult (m)5,0309950
rX5mY(rX5mY)Adult (m)5,3181,0151
5Esz7(5Esz7)Adult (m)5,0481,0040
8cAxv(8cAxv)Adult (m)5,2971,0102
gBZrRosettath DWAdult (f)5,0061,352131
EQyDIB Rosarita DragonWolfAdult (f)4,6371,18528
hIbB1(hIbB1)Adult (m)3,8885940
8KTkz(8KTkz)Adult (f)3,5526430
B4oXB(B4oXB)Adult (f)4,0494911
pYHXvArsani DragonWolfAdult (f)2,5576331
AawfIAawfl Love DW IIAdult (f)6,2161,3406
l7zADLilias Zlato DW IIAdult (f)4,0051,1934
3P2YmHey Calli DW IIAdult (f)6,0641,3786
u6tmc(u6tmc)Adult (f)3,5027488
U9TajTaja DragonWolfHatchling (f, F)2,0295472
ttQON(ttQON)Adult (m)2,4944620
SVwOG(SVwOG)Adult (m)2,3624410
kIgg7(kIgg7)Adult (m)2,5084660
fEVl2(fEVl2)Adult (m)2,5544700
30ISh(30ISh)Adult (f)3,9905820
Gh446(Gh446)Adult (f)2,9286060
0lyMo(0lyMo)Adult (f)2,4175540
EwnUv(EwnUv)Adult (f)3,4668603
Nakyi(Nakyi)Adult (m)5,5298640
qz3nV(qz3nV)Adult (f)4,6976312
mfMX7(mfMX7)Adult (m)4,4944771
yGQXY(yGQXY)Adult (f)4,2924690
yYrSN(yYrSN)Adult (m)3,6575860
t4db7(t4db7)Adult (m)4,2414860
5YH9K(5YH9K)Adult (f)4,3744810
5bC4CB Poppit DragonWolfAdult (f)2,4648019
LThe2G Popeye DragonWolfAdult (m)2,22682710
7mXiPuffer DragonWolfAdult (m)1,5207732
3CggECB Puffin DragonWolfAdult (m)4,6469792
VMHlk(VMHlk)Adult (f)8,7021,0704
JOejZ(JOejZ)Adult (m)9,1178361
Sm0xp(Sm0xp)Adult (f)9,6628130
R3Kvy(R3Kvy)Adult (m)9,1501,0932
jqVeq(jqVeq)Adult (m)9,2411,0741
Dmz2Y(Dmz2Y)Adult (m)9,6391,0481
vuYNa(vuYNa)Adult (f)9,7001,0001
BDbvH(BDbvH)Adult (m)9,7001,0121
Q2RY8(Q2RY8)Adult (f)7,3099161
LfZcZCB Teimarr DragonWolfAdult (m)2,3158572
tglPEbonyWind DWAdult (m)4,5161,09682
7eeU2G EbonyMuse DWAdult (m)3,8141,09647
EZIz2G EbonyStormWynd DWAdult (m)2,13579412
vr6O2G StormyWind DWAdult (f)1,85076714
bJi33EG EbonyStormMyst DWAdult (m)2,40975022
voy3IB WindyStorm DWAdult (f)2,55063721
i1NP7G Pesabella DWAdult (f)2,04292817
w54EIB EbonyWindStorm DWAdult (f)2,2771,13312
i1NR4G EbonyWindMist DWAdult (m)1,59558911
k9F14G SterlingWynd DWAdult (f)1,59155212
tcZ57G Miobello DWAdult (m)2,4809267
xqQh9Wanda DWAdult (f)2,1158723
9EDXaCB Ed DragonWolfAdult (m)3,4298451
hGBrpCB hGBrp DWAdult (m)7,2958372
p62Ne(p62Ne)Adult (m)2,7986672
lHtkIB LavenderWindMist DWHatchling (f, F)2,62161119
zAyM6G Presabello DWAdult (m)3,42468253
uOE94G Obsidian Grace DWAdult (f)3,32364856
XQUYCB Marrow DragonWolfAdult (m)1,5035352
q98aCB Verna DragonWolfAdult (f)1,5055452
rWahCB Eve DragonWolfAdult (f)1,4255401
dEEUt2G Dee DragonWolfAdult (f)2,9559273
6dazZ6dazZ DW IIAdult (m)6,2201,4636
0uLeVerna the FrozenHatchling (f, F)1,3885363
69YLOCB Tea DragonWolfAdult (f)2,6358323
xhMQ8CB Tim DragonWolfAdult (m)4,9889842
MELUVMELUV DragonWolfAdult (f)4,5259082
8Njbp2G Aiden DWAdult (m)4,7341,1544
MOezQ2G MOezQ DWAdult (f)4,1641,0963
Ilke6MELUV Chocolate DW IIAdult (f)3,9481,0223
yrTTtCB yrTTt DWAdult (f)3,8241,0082
Gj6mWCB Gj6mW DWAdult (m)3,1727920
ebxy3(ebxy3)Adult (f)5,7891,1821
Tx4RuCB Jared DragonWolfAdult (m)2,8028841
6xbrrCB Allie DragonWolfAdult (f)1,6066071
uvP4nCB Lady of the Blood DWAdult (f)1,8156261
3pDMzCB 3pDMz DWAdult (m)3,9868303
yFw6hCB yFw6h DWAdult (m)4,5268382
lvhmKCB Blusindy DragonWolfAdult (f)3,1251,08710
JS44h2G BluFish DragonWolfAdult (m)3,0447523
MZNQOCB MZNQO DWAdult (m)4,3631,0643
iDxf8CB iDxf8 DWAdult (m)4,5361,0553
PxDcxCB PxDcx DWAdult (f)4,8451,0864
Mt3HTMt3HT DW IIAdult (m)9,1791,14921
OqCNw(OqCNw)Adult (f)3,5296451
Pg0H5(Pg0H5)Adult (m)6,9071,4872
cEOM4(cEOM4)Adult (f)6,0079072
rYTxB(rYTxB)Adult (m)3,8125341
NVSyz(NVSyz)Adult (m)9,9891,1553
Pa9ag(Pa9ag)Adult (f)2,4584570
u72Xd(u72Xd)Adult (m)2,4754600
ZuKbd(ZuKbd)Adult (f)2,4964620
R7v7O(R7v7O)Adult (m)2,6204760
eD8jCB Declan DragonWolfAdult (m)4,4483629
oJNjCB Wynni DragonWolfAdult (f)1,9848463
igvECB Scarlett DragonWolfAdult (f)1,3766201
PDcuoCB Prim DragonWolfAdult (f)5,0887553
iXUMN2G Xrim DragonWolfAdult (f)2,7326353
BABdICB Brim DragonWolfAdult (m)5,2941,4282
fDl0mCB Delia DragonWolfAdult (f)4,9199033
HuALFCB HuALF DragonWolfAdult (m)4,2307682
cknPMCB Smir DragonWolfAdult (m)6,3935921
MBe44CB Grim DragonWolfAdult (m)4,8256581
V6vdsCB Ash DragonWolfAdult (m)4,6076641
GfHXKCB Ashley DragonWolfAdult (f)5,5537832
imflW(imflW)Adult (m)5,7717372
E1nSgCB E1nSg DWAdult (m)4,2019510
US6liCB US6li DWAdult (f)3,0618800
UNhq5CB UNhq5 DWAdult (m)3,7539300
5Wj7FCB 5Wj7F DWAdult (f)3,6718870
LqA5O(LqA5O)Adult (m)7,3561,50116
SL1yq(SL1yq)Adult (m)5,7648922
IeCtL(IeCtL)Adult (m)6,5501,3504
Tvb7h(Tvb7h)Adult (m)5,7059471
76DDZ(76DDZ)Adult (m)4,2451,3433
VMV6Y(VMV6Y)Adult (f)4,0471,3141
Z4nPF(Z4nPF)Adult (f)4,1981,3361
brUs7(brUs7)Adult (m)4,3201,3181
UQ0dP(UQ0dP)Adult (m)4,2281,3552
kglUt(kglUt)Adult (f)4,4481,3421
6kfun(6kfun)Adult (m)4,2641,3222
RAE2C(RAE2C)Adult (f)2,8767741
IcYhn(IcYhn)Adult (f)3,6541,2632
MCubI(MCubI)Adult (m)3,5361,2681
WSCAO(WSCAO)Adult (m)3,7771,2742
ewb1t(ewb1t)Adult (f)3,7611,2862
7EWcK(7EWcK)Adult (m)3,8098592
SNdRG(SNdRG)Adult (f)4,8979271
2qtIx(2qtIx)Adult (m)4,6769102
XfaPX(XfaPX)Adult (f)4,2968280
biVeN(biVeN)Adult (m)3,7855163
rQUWCB Candor DragonWolfAdult (m)2,7461,21411
qcPvCB Candace DragonWolfAdult (f)1,3266892
TaHBCB Cassie DragonWolfAdult (f)1,1415930
qdt9CB Leaves DragonWolfAdult (m)1,2176411
T9F7mCB Rufus DragonWolfAdult (m)2,8518381
nCMjCB Candor the FrozenHatchling (m, F)1,6907936
lsOVT(lsOVT)Adult (f)7,6117530
7Jeyy(7Jeyy)Adult (m)12,6371,1318
prw8J(prw8J)Adult (f)7,2571,0343
HnhmVCB HnhmV DWAdult (m)3,7908141
zhaR6CB zhaR6 DWAdult (m)4,3437822
T8iWfCB T8iWf DWAdult (m)3,9568212
fd9NLCB fd9NL DWAdult (f)4,2187954
T95IgCB T95Ig DWAdult (f)4,3637770
eJ9aJEJ DW IIAdult (f)9,4231,83816
ZT5JJ(ZT5JJ)Adult (f)7,4311,37512
MXP66(MXP66)Adult (m)6,8661,3018
oposo(oposo)Adult (f)8,2961,3173
VvMaR(VvMaR)Adult (m)8,7951,5564
FZCDUCB Lurker DragonWolfAdult (m)2,2468163
UtZhuCB Lurch DragonWolfAdult (m)2,4257991
6jYYUCB Lucy DragonWolfAdult (f)2,2477722
PBDipCB Leon DragonWolfAdult (m)2,4157942
SSWXvSSWXv DW IIAdult (f)7,7781,3877
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