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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DragonMonkey,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IWojHun-Grrrr of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)2,7046627
Nh4ESunblock of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,7698593
3klwiRed Eyes of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,7436480
mX5RSmall Child of Clan MonkeyHatchling (m, F)3,7841,1101
aK1qPuffaleana of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)2,3507594
ZWW7Air-ron III of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)2,9747652
cE7DGreen Eyes of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)2,26366111
SfTNAlice The Scary OneAdult (f)4,5437207
6pgKgBlake Belladonna of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)2,5509831
i4lSOYellow Horns of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)2,4818522
LgbYiTex of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,6897681
vT6dpGreen-Eyes of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,7428261
P6ZVNight Fury of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,5006887
XpiwDTerror Scents of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,7348611
30Fo5Red Love of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)2,3659430
ZoDe6Better than One of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)1,8038711
M66A4Blood Scales of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,8646320
XongwLarge Snake of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)3,2858338
DlefHPoison Barbs of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)2,7028741
tJHAgSpike of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)2,6447410
4yrOoPoison Death of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)1,4236890
Cm6N5(Cm6N5)Adult (f)2,4186561
T8PAF(T8PAF)Adult (m)3,0489823
XGoVF(XGoVF)Adult (f)3,0108708
RKSfs(RKSfs)Adult (m)2,7208350
pFC8f(pFC8f)Adult (m)2,1638791
IXzPo(IXzPo)Adult (f)2,1728820
rsUOT(rsUOT)Adult (f)2,3259080
TguKPretty Wings of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)2,0606552
vKisB(vKisB)Adult (f)2,2525452
LhqAk(LhqAk)Adult (m)2,2457192
sYVPM(sYVPM)Adult (m)3,2388240
OF8ZA(OF8ZA)Adult (f)3,5187833
0etHj(0etHj)Adult (f)2,1577081
FCCRx(FCCRx)Adult (f)1,5207031
qjF8Enemy of MiceAdult1,8437177
ktNhClucker of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)3,7831,0542
DSBH(DSBH)Adult (f)2,2968584
HHsYq(HHsYq)Adult (m)1,5626217
KFhc(KFhc)Adult (m)4,4051,4056
Cs791(Cs791)Adult (m)2,7541,0790
Kc7dV(Kc7dV)Adult (m)2,5418380
Yyty0(Yyty0)Adult (m)2,6918821
RhMe(RhMe)Adult (f)4,3511,3864
rqi2(rqi2)Adult (f)4,3881,3954
2jMn(2jMn)Adult (f)3,7201,2836
unAQ(unAQ)Adult (f)3,9751,3934
MayXG(MayXG)Adult (f)2,5708530
VfhH1(VfhH1)Adult (m)1,8708240
9ZDZW(9ZDZW)Adult (m)1,8638061
5MVht(5MVht)Adult (m)2,0438721
NUrpM(NUrpM)Adult (m)2,0538460
KyVtM(KyVtM)Adult (f)1,9548570
tg7Ld(tg7Ld)Adult (f)2,0008690
ATlCq(ATlCq)Adult (f)2,6128891
26V5h(26V5h)Adult (f)2,7208741
OBjUI(OBjUI)Adult (f)2,5618320
43GtSwoop of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,7128612
d0LjAngel of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,5608252
XLd3a(XLd3a)Adult (m)2,8971,0092
oLUCU(oLUCU)Adult (f)1,2966511
K7U5Snappa of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)5,4387357
cIVni(cIVni)Adult (m)2,6139761
9W7rFlower of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,5587024
duQrCloudy WACOMAdult (f)1,9119053
k5LA(k5LA)Adult (f)5,2281,5596
QJ0GWater Snake of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)2,0289475
Df3er(Df3er)Adult (f)1,8696612
csCXSpines of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,5618153
GiFjSpines And HornsAdult (f)4,5737414
O0lEv(O0lEv)Adult (f)1,8986582
LojCs(LojCs)Adult (f)2,7379670
pLmK(pLmK)Hatchling (m, F)3,7941,0422
YqLxv(YqLxv)Adult (f)2,2877631
ZMNCa(ZMNCa)Adult (m)2,6008301
64oTSparky of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,1697075
0envThor the God of LightningAdult (m)1,9568232
jKPvd(jKPvd)Adult (m)2,0729071
kA89A(kA89A)Adult (f)2,0068580
YhUhQ(YhUhQ)Adult (f)2,5808371
fksBn(fksBn)Adult (m)2,5057463
qXIxx(qXIxx)Adult (f)1,4616370
vS5FPink Fire of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)2,5279032
pSK9(pSK9)Adult (f)4,4761,1274
8k0O(8k0O)Adult (m)2,49474910
opC5q(opC5q)Adult (m)2,7939172
WI5sa(WI5sa)Adult (f)2,8189721
lGU3L(lGU3L)Adult (m)2,1558710
y6R0n(y6R0n)Adult (m)2,2298660
rWMDv(rWMDv)Adult (m)2,3429040
W9laPink and loveAdult (f)9705941
ftfV(ftfV)Adult (f)3,0351,0072
mFN45(mFN45)Adult (m)2,6039731
XchcSparkles of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)1,3377482
7umSS(7umSS)Adult (m)1,5826221
0wuna(0wuna)Adult (f)1,6606080
2yZLe(2yZLe)Adult (m)1,4535950
i5VDRainbow of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)1,2457692
oAhjShining Sun of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,3297744
ZKwFo(ZKwFo)Adult (m)1,6587881
YfR1(YfR1)Adult (f)3,4169105
khk2f(khk2f)Adult (f)1,6616511
Hc1OM(Hc1OM)Adult (f)2,7988802
imuRz(imuRz)Adult (m)1,1058973
OfD4J(OfD4J)Adult (f)3,3781,1884
Cff8Bubble FeederAdult (m)1,6255843
pi4uSubstratosphereAdult (m)1,5576221
ZPCN(ZPCN)Adult (f)3,5719332
4pQT(4pQT)Adult (m)3,83571910
bB2aZ(bB2aZ)Adult (f)2,0428763
ZqEcU(ZqEcU)Adult (m)2,6829723
MjPtM(MjPtM)Adult (f)1,3516850
aj0rO(aj0rO)Adult (m)1,4467021
NTOfz(NTOfz)Adult (f)2,6356693
A65x2(A65x2)Adult (f)1,8947200
HuTUEarthquake of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,5917595
Ej0MTenderfoot of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,2106392
8jPW(8jPW)Adult (m)5,4211,4558
gety2(gety2)Adult (m)1,6906360
070DProtector DorkfaceAdult (f)2,9067301
DUYQ(DUYQ)Adult (f)3,8871,2064
f6kmp(f6kmp)Adult (f)2,0347211
9HZ5(9HZ5)Hatchling (F)3,5091,1124
nE2KL(nE2KL)Adult (f)1,9268311
aMjec(aMjec)Adult (m)1,9768690
rrqR8(rrqR8)Adult (m)2,7348823
r59ePumpkin Home of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)1,5476361
1YFPY(1YFPY)Adult (m)3,7841,3212
mSJ2v(mSJ2v)Adult (m)2,8251,0904
HIgmR(HIgmR)Adult (f)2,6731,0090
Y722G(Y722G)Adult (f)3,2017382
ZpvgSpiney Bone HeadAdult (m)1,8027330
dNERBoney Head and SpineAdult (m)1,8227420
OWB4Boney Not SmothAdult (f)1,8388124
oDkAS(oDkAS)Adult (m)3,6801,2950
aYs2c(aYs2c)Adult (f)3,4851,2940
OYPpM(OYPpM)Adult (f)3,7411,3060
htKsp(htKsp)Adult (m)2,7721,0791
oSVZE(oSVZE)Adult (m)2,6329991
UWUhH(UWUhH)Adult (f)2,0749421
hM8PQ(hM8PQ)Adult (f)2,0969520
bpUuj(bpUuj)Adult (f)2,0849281
JCJcg(JCJcg)Adult (m)2,1139411
DCNUJ(DCNUJ)Adult (m)2,0859491
iUPZl(iUPZl)Adult (f)2,6511,0481
mec1l(mec1l)Adult (f)2,6781,0241
WOjaA(WOjaA)Adult (m)1,6057760
DYMim(DYMim)Adult (f)1,6357810
0XtVI(0XtVI)Adult (m)1,5797830
PChEj(PChEj)Adult (m)1,6207650
PY2Vh(PY2Vh)Adult (f)1,5777400
iG0pf(iG0pf)Adult (m)1,5567570
OdML0(OdML0)Adult (f)1,8338622
ELRQ1(ELRQ1)Adult (m)1,7188530
2m2Hf(2m2Hf)Adult (f)1,7868810
tssNS(tssNS)Adult (m)1,8108730
VooHR(VooHR)Adult (m)1,9028590
54MoM(54MoM)Adult (m)1,9358493
j9PmFlightless Dragon of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)2,4769243
jXQZ2scorned by womenAdult (m)1,8926490
L9PHI(L9PHI)Adult (f)3,6328023
qdWqV(qdWqV)Adult (f)2,8358530
8mcNY(8mcNY)Adult (m)2,7468830
5cMCY(5cMCY)Adult (m)2,0806490
ybzDK(ybzDK)Adult (f)1,9106530
1hI1k(1hI1k)Adult (m)1,6756170
49sdv(49sdv)Adult (m)3,1139582
cT24A(cT24A)Adult (f)1,5356431
RYeWA(RYeWA)Adult (m)2,6738001
hfA7(hfA7)Adult (m)5,0491,4915
Z9eJ(Z9eJ)Adult (f)3,9391,2623
gWXGK(gWXGK)Adult (m)3,1868241
e60rl(e60rl)Adult (m)2,3776410
vpA24(vpA24)Adult (f)2,6518762
UtK8n(UtK8n)Adult (f)3,2609143
l4VnR(l4VnR)Adult (m)3,3087724
E3uR9(E3uR9)Adult (m)2,3457891
maeQWheelie of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,6727683
T6C9(T6C9)Adult (f)4,8281,2764
Eddn(Eddn)Adult (m)4,6911,2687
JFNKZ(JFNKZ)Adult (m)2,1499101
rndiu(rndiu)Adult (f)2,6556660
6l7v4(6l7v4)Adult (m)2,8379802
4ywo7(4ywo7)Adult (f)2,2716120
3WSpMinty of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)3,4518236
b0qlMinty Jr of Clan MonkeyAdult (m)1,9519625
e7rjMintarena of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)2,6253486
QVndj(QVndj)Adult (f)2,5928701
b2d4Q(b2d4Q)Adult (m)2,2438550
sTaNr(sTaNr)Adult (f)2,8516252
gEMf0(gEMf0)Adult (f)2,6175404
jPXKSpace of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)1,2666364
8Fi6Stripey of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)1,8638383
kAGB7(kAGB7)Adult (f)2,6128571
DbObShrub of Clan MonkeyHatchling (F)2,5767214
8NlCU(8NlCU)Adult (f)2,6018561
LNyM9(LNyM9)Adult (m)1,5186840
rJ7Wn(rJ7Wn)Adult (f)1,9857090
80sQChirping Song of Clan MonkeyAdult (f)2,8425282
sTSA2(sTSA2)Adult (m)1,4976411
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