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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “DragonMasterTS,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dc2a(dc2a)Adult (m)2,7461842
BV3X(BV3X)Adult (m)3,1482203
U8p7(U8p7)Adult (m)2,85334117
FBCu(FBCu)Adult (f)3,08136313
IjG9(IjG9)Adult (m)1,6973533
aemY(aemY)Adult (f)4,6593123
BJZc(BJZc)Adult (m)4,4152952
uijd(uijd)Adult (f)4,5483966
8brX(8brX)Adult (m)3,4292742
B8C0(B8C0)Adult (f)2,54437046
sO2Q(sO2Q)Adult (m)4,2333835
amJJ(amJJ)Adult (f)4,2703032
HUN7(HUN7)Adult (m)4,6944145
sXhu(sXhu)Adult (f)4,2664202
Gr0m(Gr0m)Adult (m)2,6344078
kFES(kFES)Adult (f)4,2372859
Y82O(Y82O)Adult (f)3,3932375
IFCf(IFCf)Adult (f)4,6924375
Wb5v(Wb5v)Adult (f)6,0444232
tpYD(tpYD)Adult (m)4,8263871
D4cb(D4cb)Adult (m)2,15432013
fYvq(fYvq)Adult (f)2,9284024
gRib(gRib)Adult (m)4,3574939
jjFU(jjFU)Adult (f)2,2004533
GCq8(GCq8)Adult (f)3,0762541
HP5f(HP5f)Adult (m)3,7344024
YmNl(YmNl)Adult (f)4,21140917
eGkl(eGkl)Adult (f)4,5513013
iJWn(iJWn)Adult (m)4,0232747
i2VF(i2VF)Adult (m)1,7943842
JaFV(JaFV)Adult (m)1,56232216
LNkN(LNkN)Adult (m)6,43043417
RuoF(RuoF)Adult (m)3,3812596
L1Hk(L1Hk)Adult (m)2,4253594
q53j(q53j)Adult (f)2,25937414
cICY(cICY)Adult (m)2,9003775
Eimo(Eimo)Adult (m)2,4133917
Bcjf(Bcjf)Adult (f)1,4875135
NtBm(NtBm)Adult (m)1,1404993
NRtD(NRtD)Adult (f)2,98127613
3RGD(3RGD)Adult (m)2,8212248
LLOO(LLOO)Adult (m)3,4012568
n7kh(n7kh)Adult (m)5,85939415
EIHo(EIHo)Adult (m)2,3534073
HtCC(HtCC)Adult (f)7,36649312
jGKU(jGKU)Adult (f)4,8723285
GUmg(GUmg)Adult (f)6,35442612
8hkQ(8hkQ)Adult (f)4,62831013
ij32(ij32)Adult (f)3,81433110
VLsP(VLsP)Adult (f)3,9202885
SRWd(SRWd)Adult (f)2,6247424
MXCS(MXCS)Adult (m)3,6813094
nI7l(nI7l)Adult (m)3,4352987
JoAW(JoAW)Adult (m)2,7322364
6OQ5(6OQ5)Adult (m)3,9962676
8PV3(8PV3)Adult (m)1,83931216
UrHH(UrHH)Adult (f)2,97628411
O6jm(O6jm)Adult (f)2,42538421
Ql41(Ql41)Adult (m)2,62530630
aVeO(aVeO)Adult (m)2,71930119
I55k(I55k)Adult (f)3,5742575
Fu2Z(Fu2Z)Adult (m)2,6823756
CEQH(CEQH)Adult (m)3,7512513
Xr1W(Xr1W)Adult (m)2,3833812
DbcH(DbcH)Adult (f)3,57726510
pgEv(pgEv)Adult (f)3,5222845
ulJu(ulJu)Adult (m)3,11728510
AUhe(AUhe)Adult (f)2,57122316
aLv3(aLv3)Adult (f)1,56232420
1LMU(1LMU)Adult (m)2,54628817
K0jE(K0jE)Adult (f)1,82533716
nXtF(nXtF)Adult (m)2,27249632
RCIl(RCIl)Adult (m)1,8864959
of9A(of9A)Adult (m)6,30742512
oXUN(oXUN)Adult (m)6,28042211
M5JY(M5JY)Adult (f)1,0255015
FZUu(FZUu)Adult (f)1,60929520
RJUY(RJUY)Adult (m)2,9872655
pUi9(pUi9)Adult (f)1,82830119
qGdd(qGdd)Adult (m)1,83330326
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