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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DragonAxew,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gZS0NKing of the Small HillAdult (m)3,3276782
y0yZNHoney Bunny It's Always SunnyAdult (f)6,4389045
4d1HEWinter's Icy Cold HandsAdult (f)12,7101,3508
pzKT3EGOcentric CelestialAdult (f)8,7731,1184
HOylYBeauty from the ForestAdult (f)9,6241,2274
fzjnbTHE ONE IS ALLAdult (m)4,2219333
Tw5ThAND THE ALL ARE ONEAdult (m)4,5647791
KNezI(KNezI)Adult (m)7,4591,2312
TzSHaI'm a SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE MOMAdult (m)3,0965891
TXrhRMoMmMmmMmmAdult (m)2,4395241
nuB6Zmother pay attention to meeeeeeeAdult (m)5,5328802
GPebAI'm Rude So What mOMAdult (f)5,8238423
ylDo8Heck Off im fiNEAdult (m)1,4774074
uYpakHello Mortal OneAdult (m)6,3831,0483
H1FKGPrince TimebinderAdult (m)3,4281,0323
C9bLiI can Dodge A n y t h i n gAdult (m)2,8425862
lAb2fMah Name is NuAdult (m)5,6529904
QPhJuValentines Day InfidelityAdult (f)2,8978600
gdiyJ(gdiyJ)Adult (m)4,3089376
wfUIpAcrylic S h i n eAdult (m)3,1603861
BWfLXWhere the freaks all come aroundAdult (f)2,8084910
Vt3juHeartlessNightAdult (m)3,2035942
huFgmDeath in BottlesAdult (f)1,8013731
AwN9zKnifu to EndAdult (m)1,4154372
zepRjIt's a Hole in the WallAdult (m)1,6124522
V8CeTFlyingTimeAdult (f)1,4784271
l7QfGKarma ThuwedAdult (f)5,1087265
NhLypAnxious and NostalgicAdult (f)6,4956422
nnn8T(nnn8T)Adult (m)8,4861,0085
3IDMF(3IDMF)Adult (m)3,8046264
vHEbjLittle Runaway SoulAdult (f)5,4475983
RHcVj(RHcVj)Adult (f)5,7271,3343
iw1N7(iw1N7)Adult (f)8,6171,2684
XDu8P(XDu8P)Adult (f)8,3711,2934
kGZ4NSaksaeAdult (m)1,9555632
tE6mRRed Rain ThuwedAdult (m)6,9461,4776
Js6fM(Js6fM)Adult (m)5,2961,3582
eNYztCamille Tea is baD I LIKE COFFEEAdult (m)1,3764211
YJv5Y(YJv5Y)Adult (m)4,8428818
0wQQFWarlordess SaltAdult (f)7,5691,1454
JXE1uTactical Commander SaltaniaAdult (m)6,5497942
OUCC6I'm the only normal one in hereAdult (m)8,1281,1653
lY5L8Tidal W a v eAdult (m)4,2207082
iv36KRiver R u n n e rAdult (m)1,5724313
RYCC0(RYCC0)Adult (f)11,0621,21713
J0b3z(J0b3z)Adult (m)10,4541,25110
lsOim(lsOim)Adult (m)8,4581,3724
xSdVjnOO PAIN WITHOUT LAMEAdult (f)1,6804634
5bcuM(5bcuM)Adult (m)8,7281,1823
wgNgsFaux G o l dAdult (f)4,2777531
PqN9kRAWR I WILL HURT YOUAdult (f)2,6394322
72lOHDemonic S o u lAdult (f)1,8004961
tbNV2Dead F e a t h e rAdult (f)1,9855021
szigB(szigB)Adult (m)6,7081,4413
IOIDVCarmine S t o n eAdult (m)9094181
XlcFpJambuMangoAdult (m)1,4234371
1sPeCParkeet GreenwingAdult (m)3,4504660
lkvavAnd we will StumbleAdult (f)2,5493913
5L6szAnd we're gonna be legendsAdult (m)12,2051,32010
W0rNNThrough H e a v a nAdult (m)11,1321,2856
Gj4SSPeppermint EchoesAdult (m)3,6364871
T88I8Magi WeacenerAdult (f)2,4915055
JtRwQ(JtRwQ)Adult (m)1,8485021
qlYSV(qlYSV)Adult (f)5,4678928
lR0RuThere's a place downtownAdult (m)5,6511,4125
CBRUzIt's a Dirty Free For AllAdult (f)4,5319014
kT7oh(kT7oh)Hatchling (m, F)2,8167184
gOScrLunar W i n g sAdult (f)7,0161,0192
H7YQUStar D u s tAdult (f)1,6394290
37yHCPrince StarboundAdult (m)12,2178586
RSuW1Duchess StargateAdult (f)10,6561,0566
Q82VIKing OblivionAdult (m)4,2873204
UprZ3Empress NightingaleAdult (f)5,5647682
RaIGN(RaIGN)Adult (m)8,6811,0907
NSUTcSpy Kid ForeverHatchling (f, F)8,1898432
nu5XLWater  SkimAdult (m)4,6157301
aaYFgMocking S u nAdult (f)3,5475140
edoAP(edoAP)Adult (m)10,2099937
s2i93SehunriaAdult (f)10,9941,5598
3KMkGNarnia EchoesAdult (f)4,9935353
OmR1NPyro EchoesAdult (m)2,6824702
HNkSLWeIcome to your lifeAdult (m)2,3564973
JBnml(JBnml)Adult (f)2,5125133
2geTZViney like BrineHatchling (F)4,1796282
k0OrlNavyStarAdult (m)2,5235523
7ekpDWish EchoesAdult (f)3,5576665
y3MUYCloudpounceAdult (f)1,9393814
baw5ZCHIP IN THE BAGAdult (f)4,3847451
7AtCEPenks DreamcatcherAdult (f)7,7189817
BlFvGDangerous Dani Elemental IIIAdult (m)10,0111,2255
iNqDHStockholm S y n d r o m eAdult (f)1,7144902
NVVABIts a dirty free for allAdult (f)7,1771,3992
Imo6uBattles BegunAdult (m)7,7121,5864
JXsOz(JXsOz)Adult (m)3,7078092
sZUFB(sZUFB)Adult (f)5,5681,4030
j1sYCRed D i a m o n dAdult (f)3,4106401
my42X(my42X)Adult (m)10,2221,1029
sSDrsRidgesporeAdult (f)2,4203682
sH8a8Sam And AlissonAdult (f)3,5666145
DP7baStorm RagerAdult (m)2,7195750
PnbnzOiseau ElectriqueAdult (m)1,5874312
Q5svySING ME A LULLABY CUZAdult (m)5,2927301
yGOCVMagmaCloudAdult (m)2,9896551
92VArEmblazinAdult (m)1,2883751
8wc47Theres no turning backAdult (f)4,1768272
bkX6uI got the wrong motivationsAdult (f)4,9767212
NdGS3The Fierce Prince andAdult (m)8,7691,0994
obeYiSomethin thatll light those earsAdult (f)3,2206091
RfEvhall the InsincereAdult (f)11,5571,1857
8hvQb(8hvQb)Adult (f)8,4001,2412
0MHpvDa Ba Dee Da Ba DaAdult (f)12,8311,1936
MQM0n(MQM0n)Adult (m)5,9769955
Nzm9iPrince TeikiAdult (m)9,0268938
nZj1TBlood Spilled on White SnowAdult (f)12,4071,4154
64dTCFire Burning Through StarwaysAdult (m)9,3281,4244
0frHlRuby M u r d e rAdult (m)12,4861,5366
ZB5fwPrince CarcaeusAdult (m)12,4571,4064
cCXjW(cCXjW)Adult (m)9,8191,4257
2CaNHPrince AzamaAdult (m)2,5656173
8xLAoFluttering EchoesAdult (m)2,9735691
G3hrC(G3hrC)Adult (m)4,39790111
7q3YGScrem Song BirbAdult (f)13,1381,5365
oVCfh(oVCfh)Adult (f)1,2294721
tRD4CVenom S p i t t e rAdult (m)1,4024273
vshFkFrost  StormAdult (f)4,5517051
JrkdpE n v i iAdult (f)2,8594574
sjsWz(sjsWz)Adult (m)4,8728577
vGaBd(vGaBd)Adult (m)3,9369086
eAOMjP y r r oAdult (m)4,7085515
YWDj2Princess of the Fiery DepthsAdult (f)4,8604866
HXZh9One Sip- Bad for meAdult (m)5,3391,1185
G1r3O(G1r3O)Adult (m)5,2568936
jqHPVStone M o v e rAdult (m)2,9796451
CzGkzPeril and EmberAdult (f)3,9598102
XFzK0Jumped off a sprinting horseAdult (m)4,0194372
DBtibDrained her life sourceAdult (f)2,5314684
g9HFIKiss the S u nAdult (f)8,0619757
tL4YlHer Heart and HerAdult (m)11,9148417
PwnywShiny Like HeartbreakAdult (f)5,1088396
kUNeuPure As a Drop of SunAdult (f)9,8421,2735
iSaplChittering-Gold ThuwedAdult (m)9,9871,7427
RcWjDInnocence Among the WolvesAdult (f)6,8151,0745
PxdCtThats What They All SayAdult (f)4,7576766
pT4HAGolden H e a r tAdult (m)2,4263692
3H2voIron F o r g eAdult (m)2,9883852
F4vxIListen to the T h u n d e rAdult (m)9,8991,0864
SWFuN(SWFuN)Adult (f)1,4455482
D2sCQ(D2sCQ)Adult (m)6,6781,5277
8cSYU(8cSYU)Adult (m)5,1551,4781
dk4KW(dk4KW)Hatchling (F)3,5762974
ahTHUMy Son's a MurdererAdult (f)4,7437101
96hu6So tell me what you want to hearAdult (m)3,4445140
E3tm2But Im Gonna GiveAdult (f)9,1041,4498
7XgzNBlack O u tAdult (f)13,6601,5889
zWyjB(zWyjB)Adult (m)12,4641,12610
G2HklProntecterAdult (m)2,8585800
UrEnwOr SourireAdult (f)1,6294433
ADHca(ADHca)Adult (m)2,3613553
suuCiHell Horror EchoesAdult (m)3,2254951
bvRU6Hell B l a z eAdult (m)2,3715122
vYB5TIm the mother of a vampireAdult (f)3,4071,0195
oCXevLittle White Lies I ToldAdult (f)4,0133883
17gDS(17gDS)Adult (m)4,8127335
fFemcBlazeblitzAdult (m)1,4793851
HHf9D(HHf9D)Adult (f)1,9453632
D0d6ILIKE ITS THE LAST LASTAdult (m)6,0911,1425
KdD2NDEEEEEEECK THE HALLSHatchling (F)2,9114004
QqTxRMy Frozen SanityHatchling (f, F)3,8664793
LBQ9GNIGHT OF YOUR LIFE LIFEAdult (f)8,5431,5081
u5o3I(u5o3I)Adult (f)5,9421,0663
J3fjZ(J3fjZ)Adult (f)4,2601,0763
Eh5cSI Swear Im Not KrampusAdult (m)3,8238823
wuKtmGonna Getcha RightAdult (m)8,5581,6714
HjVc1Because Somebody Cared For MeAdult (f)3,1848896
EExvkBecause Somebody Understood MeAdult (f)8,0361,4483
M6bCLBecause Somebody Loved Me for MeAdult (f)7,9861,6075
XLvTVSO DANCE DANCEAdult (f)7,2131,5203
4VB6YRighteous WinterAdult (m)1,5624342
xK7JPPacten 2Adult (m)2,8555644
CeLYCMy Wife Is AAdult (f)6,3211,1262
8iWJVJudgemental ShoelaceAdult (f)6,2561,2575
sYJWwBumble Bee KneesAdult (f)3,9708032
vc2ee(vc2ee)Adult (m)8,0921,0064
uorsyTwilight To DawnAdult (m)3,3434612
MUcCyThe Fire of HellianoAdult (m)2,8394540
dgtkOAttemped a hundred foot diveAdult (m)3,3054761
wwnIgWhitestalkerAdult (f)3,5957143
5o1KvSolstice S e e k e rAdult (m)1,4934402
MbERVEagle F e a t h e r sAdult (m)2,5503901
YJgXjWhos Digging Their Own GraveAdult (m)1,6634553
wtsjiYou'll Drink Yourself To DeathAdult (m)4,8469073
uHbd3BlueNightBurnAdult (m)1,4774031
0Vc8XmY FaTHER WILl hEAR oF ThiSAdult (m)10,6791,2561
9ViRK(9ViRK)Hatchling (F)2,4955633
y420TPut a Leetle Love in your HeartEgg (F)
Xwq3ZNobody Cares MalfoyAdult (m)11,1631,3004
syMwl(syMwl)Adult (f)4,2579183
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