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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DragonArchaeologist,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
C3noFCenof MerizzioAdult (m)3,7067541
WSvggSven MerizzioAdult (f)3,2537301
P7UPVPup Merizzio IIAdult (m)3,2277971
UnfPHUmph Merizzio IIAdult (f)4,9789732
ntCGCConec Merizzio IIAdult (f)6,0888941
Plo1JPloil MerizzioAdult (m)2,5706501
Syfju(Syfju)Adult (m)3,5088740
FUOAC(FUOAC)Adult (f)3,4928480
v1irSVirus MerizzioAdult (m)3,6329211
xqZCsXazaq MerizzioAdult (m)3,9008831
p8a2APiata Merizzio IIAdult (m)3,0666871
JwSqZWisiq Merizzio XXIXAdult (m)2,7406392
UUHiv(UUHiv)Adult (f)3,6226602
jv88hJivih MerizzioAdult (f)2,6007260
sdQbUSobhu MerizzioAdult (f)2,7316891
V1nRLVinyl MerizzioAdult (m)3,3387471
EtzYdEtzy Merizzio IVAdult (m)5,0218801
3NGW1Engwi Merizzio IVAdult (f)3,2778562
Ku1WkKulik Merizzio IIAdult (f)3,9488101
KzS4sKisas MerizzioAdult (f)5,4698112
nS390Nesio Merizzio XVIAdult (f)5,1436931
dLG4PDilap MerizzioAdult (m)5,2079931
G0KrwGoker MerizzioAdult (m)3,4688131
UaGjQUgajo MerizzioAdult (m)3,2567961
45pO5Aspos MerizzioAdult (m)3,7807662
7jIaN(7jIaN)Adult (f)5,6111,1052
QGdZxOgdeze MerizzioAdult (f)3,3938431
CS70gCastog MerizzioAdult (m)3,7529011
nxHtFTim MerizzioAdult (f)4,9848861
8hEl4Ahela Merizzio VIIAdult (m)3,8036631
Wbh7xWibex MerizzioAdult (m)3,7498602
6V9jQIvije MerizzioAdult (f)4,0758542
D6uoeDiocese Merizzio IIAdult (m)3,0178321
btIZxBitliz Merizzio IIAdult (m)4,4469023
ItevVItev Merizzio IVAdult (m)4,2839292
bqfM6(bqfM6)Adult (f)3,7321,0620
eE4aO(eE4aO)Adult (f)3,7851,0492
NK6JkNiki MerizzioAdult (f)5,5609471
9S0qBIsobe Merizzio IIIAdult (f)5,0587235
aSHjaAshja Merizzio IIAdult (f)2,6346691
srxgmSixem MerizzioAdult (f)2,8005820
XDNCbXD Merizzio IIIAdult (f)3,2057473
YVT1RVytir Merizzio VAdult (m)4,1176825
6txpdItexe Merizzio XXIIAdult (f)4,0928820
WspJ4Wispe Merizzio XVIIAdult (f)4,0708852
ExXOiExxoi MerizzioAdult (f)4,1759121
P4cfrPacer MerizzioAdult (f)4,7759221
PS7nJPison Merizzio IIAdult (f)3,0627202
kO7JjKoisi Merizzio IIAdult (m)3,9007011
wmEaWWemaw Merizzio VIAdult (m)5,0539172
CBtETCebet MerizzioAdult (f)4,7357176
ohtB7Tohbe MerizzioAdult (m)4,6149411
V7G4tVigat MerizzioAdult (m)3,5048090
2ajiwTajiw Merizzio IIIAdult (m)3,4437472
AAvGYAvagy Merizzio IIAdult (m)4,0026902
KBWUSKUBWUS MerizzioAdult (m)3,4527170
4vDgh(4vDgh)Adult (m)3,2527331
FIcWhFiceh MerizzioAdult (m)4,3611,0391
qGVNtGavin MerizzioAdult (m)3,6329051
TGBVFTibev MerizzioAdult (m)3,6188731
r52wARita MerizzioAdult (f)3,5629070
1pNcOIpnoc Merizzio IIIAdult (m)4,9328891
8RLeMArlem MerizzioAdult (m)4,3898803
AcPoLAcpol MerizzioAdult (m)3,5358620
TEDJPTedip Merizzio XIXAdult (f)3,0526733
z3P0oZepoo MerizzioAdult (f)3,5487630
erdygErdyg MerizzioAdult (f)3,8938530
cpyLSCopy Less MerizzioAdult (f)3,7168091
1FoksFolks MerizzioAdult (m)3,9048752
ZzkcLZekel MerizzioAdult (f)3,8848570
vW7MG(vW7MG)Adult (m)3,8026932
h87ylHaylee MerizzioAdult (m)3,1791,0072
PLacvPlace MerizzioAdult (f)3,2999951
TJHNsThin MerizzioAdult (m)3,3231,0260
7XeUnExeun MerizzioAdult (m)2,9969700
kYEBEKyebe MerizzioAdult (m)3,0059762
8rHzuArizu MerizzioAdult (f)2,9489111
OeBZ8Oebiz MerizzioAdult (m)3,2569852
WyLuCWyluc MerizzioAdult (f)3,2679820
9G3SkIgesk MerizzioAdult (f)4,6849242
p2KuqPokuq MerizzioAdult (f)6,2999811
3Nqi8Enqia Merizzio IIAdult (f)3,1177001
6qqWbIqqib MerizzioAdult (f)4,3439601
kUpv9Kupiv MerizzioAdult (f)4,1349662
j7pIwJepiw Merizzio IIIAdult (f)5,2358754
If6DcFloral Merizzio IIIAdult (f)4,3557562
Mp8LlMaple MerizzioAdult (f)4,5109942
ZtQcuZotcu MerizzioAdult (f)2,8368952
KljJ4Klija Merizzio IIAdult (f)2,7547922
C6snvNoble Love Merizzio IIAdult (f)3,3468842
l0AWfLoaf Merizzio IIIAdult (f)3,5636331
wuGhQTidal Wave of Love Merizzio IIIAdult (f)3,6086240
YjFJ4Yijla MerizzioAdult (f)3,5817180
x0dYXXodyx MerizzioAdult (m)4,8009144
CmoYwComew MerizzioAdult (f)5,3599421
jkmBuJembu MerizzioAdult (m)5,1179381
nNo9NNine Merizzio IIAdult (f)3,1946562
Xt8tTSalty Kiss Merizzio VAdult (f)3,1346893
wxLOCWexloc MerizzioAdult (m)3,5827263
UxZLK(UxZLK)Adult (m)2,8506830
lBavd(lBavd)Adult (f)2,8886881
e9o0GEsoog MerizzioAdult (f)2,8487340
lFNoW(lFNoW)Adult (f)4,6848862
TPLefToplef MerizzioAdult (m)2,6286900
scpEWScpew MerizzioAdult (f)2,4556850
LGhyeLyre MerizzioAdult (m)2,5266740
0bCAnObcan MerizzioAdult (m)2,5726840
SNWWcSnowy MerizzioAdult (f)2,9577011
XOuquXouqu MerizzioAdult (f)3,2507401
RSYXLRysel Merizzio IIAdult (m)3,4626761
X6XVFXixive MerizzioAdult (m)3,4037340
JPrNpJirop MerizzioAdult (m)3,4177401
XQHilXohil Merizzio IIAdult (f)3,8325762
DN5hFFinest MerizzioAdult (f)2,8567953
lyp0xLypox MerizzioAdult (m)3,4397400
Mf2tUMetu MerizzioAdult (m)3,3207021
lBisbIbisb MerizzioAdult (f)3,3637231
B9BzPBizip MerizzioAdult (m)3,1514441
PTSppPbbbt MerizzioAdult (m)5,0159482
ai9RT(ai9RT)Adult (f)4,1708892
OSv37Oseve MerizzioAdult (m)4,0515751
qXG80Xagoo MerizzioAdult (f)4,0745932
2tw5WOtwiw MerizzioAdult (f)4,6161,0101
OmdzMOmedz EndeavorAdult (m)4,2013400
exc4DExecute4D MerizzioAdult (m)5,4748023
y8MqEYemeq EndeavorAdult (f)3,8476961
ARYZAARYZA Endeavor IIAdult (f)2,3495420
1DzWcLady Squigglington IIIAdult (f)4,0526751
rIuWIRiuwi MerizzioAdult (f)3,1948021
4Zw2gAzawe Merizzio IIIAdult (m)5,6318004
1Yo5zDoubleplusungood IIIAdult (f)4,2326141
uKT1WUktiw Merizzio IIIAdult (f)3,6287212
gp4htGapat MerizzioAdult (m)3,2126410
hMlSJMushy Merizzio IIIAdult (m)3,6097882
YlekHYelk Merizzio IIAdult (f)2,8636905
B0bkDBob Merizzio XXVAdult (f)3,3036862
CntJV(CntJV)Adult (f)3,4407164
85BUpAsbup EndeavorAdult (m)3,4084201
g8oMxGaomx EndeavorAdult (f)3,7103910
iZi7zIzizz Endeavor IIAdult (m)3,7778030
VnOhwVownh Endeavor IIIAdult (m)3,7408252
ZBDFlZed Halloween Merizzio IIIAdult (m)2,2156851
n2rcANorca Merizzio XXVIAdult (m)2,2326392
KKaBpKabap MerizzioAdult (f)3,2178590
WtreXT Rex MerizzioAdult (f)3,5991,0621
GcaxgGaxeg Merizzio IIIAdult (f)2,8527160
I7CpGItcep Merizzio VIAdult (m)2,5587022
Vu0wcVuowc EndeavorAdult (m)4,5537646
tGcXwTecex EndeavorAdult (f)6,3138617
KVs4dKevad Endeavor IIAdult (f)3,7337671
9u0QQI wish I knew what ur singing VAdult (m)4,5516074
VzjnkMutateawyrm IIAdult (f)4,5705861
IqvFEBreakfast Tea with Milk IVAdult (m)3,5496452
9vS6bIvise MerizzioAdult (f)3,4888241
gSnK0Snok MerizzioAdult (m)3,4688171
9NyrjInyri Merizzio IIIAdult (m)4,3396811
2695C(2695C)Adult (m)3,8419311
s7k4M(s7k4M)Adult (f)4,6488733
Moif3Moife MerizzioAdult (m)3,0557241
vKNfgVineg MerizzioAdult (m)2,6376821
p88BWPabaw MerizzioAdult (m)4,8638402
ydllIYidil MerizzioAdult (f)5,3048971
POBzKPobek MerizzioAdult (f)4,1728961
tBGLmBeggle MerizzioAdult (f)3,9048251
eWip2Ewips MerizzioAdult (m)4,9759891
JCyySJocys MerizzioAdult (f)4,3857830
Ai86xAibox Merizzio IIAdult (f)3,5317791
RxILLRixil MerizzioAdult (f)4,7589091
qAfaITaylor Three RNGAdult (f)4,3841,0540
sAuApTulip Twelve RNGAdult (f)3,0708993
ne3ReNeere MerizzioAdult (f)3,8899452
eDyVsEdyvs MerizzioAdult (f)5,5531,0591
Lh3sGLhese MerizzioAdult (f)3,2468412
cdtX7(cdtX7)Adult (m)3,7999320
AsZZZ(AsZZZ)Adult (f)3,7349323
IiniI(IiniI)Adult (f)3,9509582
V2nmt(V2nmt)Adult (f)3,7489081
FyX8D(FyX8D)Adult (f)5,1651,1423
GTP17Gotep EndeavorAdult (m)3,0834690
7YdcQEydeq EndeavorAdult (f)3,7354480
6jXFgIjexe Merizzio IIAdult (f)3,7257880
xnsEtXenet Merizzio IIAdult (f)3,9967055
0HJqwOqhue Merizzio IIAdult (f)3,1246841
ax8DfAxade Endeavor IIAdult (m)3,8108321
CEJUbCejub Endeavor IIIAdult (f)3,2166291
UImZaUlmza Merizzio IVAdult (f)3,4226531
8qPLNApron Merizzio IVAdult (f)4,4108395
RBpbJRepuj Endeavor IVAdult (m)6,2749272
iDWGuWidgu Merizzio IIIAdult (f)4,5606562
NUvzmNuvem Endeavor VAdult (m)4,6505733
4BW3sAbews MerizzioAdult (f)5,0707122
Cygn6Cygnus MerizzioAdult (m)4,6699521
peNQPPenop MerizzioAdult (m)4,0868982
Q9w3AQiwea MerizzioAdult (m)3,5787181
JY8UbJeyub Merizzio IIIAdult (m)3,3557852
CBfd1Cobdi Merizzio VIAdult (m)4,0248242
06KF8Oskif Merizzio IVAdult (m)3,0826531
BN1CN(BN1CN)Adult (f)3,9996722
JPn5FJinef EndeavorAdult (f)3,8114962
05gKOOgeko MerizzioAdult (m)4,3894631
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