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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dragon Mage,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qdo2(qdo2)Adult (f)1,3465868
MUiB(MUiB)Adult (m)5,8351,31518
hnlZ(hnlZ)Adult (f)5,9231,32720
Q79L(Q79L)Adult (m)1,9614402
b0UL(b0UL)Adult (m)1,2123495
J3ZLQ(J3ZLQ)Adult (f)3,2724121
fqRo7(fqRo7)Adult (f)2,7916411
5gWX2(5gWX2)Adult (m)3,4395921
uw8qh(uw8qh)Adult (m)3,4856170
PiHkLiquid  SilkAdult (f)9465842
CrU0Aqua DanceAdult (m)2,0954616
DkOY(DkOY)Hatchling (f, F)1,8777486
KFrh(KFrh)Adult (m)9114924
CpL5Speed LashAdult (f)8636272
uAEpInarius StardancerAdult (m)75540140
XuhA3(XuhA3)Adult (f)5,1923472
FetLO(FetLO)Adult (f)4,0944203
cdUcZ(cdUcZ)Adult (f)4,0793871
GZoZw(GZoZw)Adult (f)4,0014831
6JXZo(6JXZo)Adult (m)4,0465572
M0UFj(M0UFj)Adult (f)4,7965711
phTmK(phTmK)Adult (f)5,6186540
OSxJO(OSxJO)Adult (m)4,4265601
2r6WU(2r6WU)Adult (m)4,3805692
90Xvh(90Xvh)Adult (m)5,0584773
tkBqO(tkBqO)Adult (m)2,4574982
tIArk(tIArk)Adult (f)2,8704761
T3DqO(T3DqO)Adult (m)3,8574621
ryRjA(ryRjA)Adult (f)3,7074851
xoQ9N(xoQ9N)Adult (m)4,0984870
MQ1ey(MQ1ey)Adult (f)3,3894600
jbjtC(jbjtC)Adult (m)3,0024400
kkktA(kkktA)Adult (f)3,3824590
Mk3HT(Mk3HT)Adult (f)3,4033870
tHSN3(tHSN3)Adult (m)2,0896010
rs7jG(rs7jG)Adult (f)1,7975411
sBDqc(sBDqc)Adult (f)1,7005321
WY4nP(WY4nP)Adult (m)4,2984040
Y46mr(Y46mr)Adult (f)4,0823730
FYUiq(FYUiq)Adult (m)3,8003700
uKXza(uKXza)Adult (f)4,0863720
gtM2K(gtM2K)Adult (f)3,8323720
FY6Qb(FY6Qb)Adult (f)2,4815753
lTBTb(lTBTb)Adult (m)3,8794581
SgTkt(SgTkt)Adult (f)6,4645601
qioqa(qioqa)Adult (m)6,9241,1382
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