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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dragaril,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SLcuTZ f 4Adult (m)3,6446182
KdI63Zf10Adult (f)2,8296581
9pHcCZ Eastern PygmyHatchling (m, F)4,3865678
OgWdZ Lindwyrm PygmyHatchling (m, F)1,17050026
kE7eZ Wyvern PygmyHatchling (F)1,0772045
oE7EZ Two HeadedHatchling (F)1,46112610
X2q9cAusgelaugtAdult (f)4,3177772
cgq79RueckspiegelAdult (f)3,9454016
UNPK3Zf14Adult (f)4,3956931
MiXaPuenktchenUndAntonHatchling (F)8791966
ksLjjZ Two Headed LindwyrmAdult (m)4,2003415
QNmasZ Two Headed Sea SerpentAdult (f)4,6693434
TRqVTZ WinglessAdult (m)4,5013011
eSGPsGalupschHatchling (F)2,8712463
2B1kLDorn im FussAdult (m)3,4153754
6h3x4GlupschAdult (f)3,3773654
TLX4IZ WesternAdult (m)4,3252902
MjHrjZ4254Adult (f)4,1036721
byVmOQuietschgelbAdult (m)3,4263864
NI81IDoremifasoAdult (m)4,1308722
IYKP0Z47897Adult (f)3,8507570
bDReHZ89 o oAdult (m)3,7827664
OvcgnZ67877Adult (f)3,9637672
zRTSsZ88754Adult (m)3,8066112
VaSqBz654654654Adult (m)4,7497271
W69Dtz456465Adult (m)4,9987510
PceSoZ46744Adult (f)3,8786271
mywXwSchiefer TonAdult (f)4,0247442
I3kfqKindergaertnerAdult (m)4,2377461
tu1imZ f 7Adult (m)3,7406221
6qUcLLeckerli bitteHatchling (m, F)3,3027843
KdtDkUuuuund FreezeAdult (m)3,4373473
DIyEMZ f 2Adult (f)8,7216341
brPdRMit ZitroneAdult (f)3,3183596
Yut2kUeberfahrenAdult (m)3,3117591
oAtqUZ f 1Adult (f)8,1726481
PSHvXZ847466r37Adult (m)4,4387380
u1yh3GaloppaAdult (f)3,1313355
3y1mUZf12Adult (f)6,9848363
3CYARZ f 6Adult (f)3,7366434
CoYCmZf 9Adult (f)3,1846901
oSWdcZ WyrmAdult (m)5,0313361
R8BLeZ WyverAdult (f)4,2643052
OOOtlZf 8Adult (f)2,6737032
ovpF3Zf13Adult (m)3,2976372
X0RwtZ1222344Adult (m)3,4167451
D3T7tZz45667Adult (m)5,7009012
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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