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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Draconis92,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DtC6r(DtC6r)Egg (F)
mmtOI(mmtOI)Adult (f)4,3011,2042
lYZ37(lYZ37)Adult (m)4,1971,2043
9HVyU(9HVyU)Adult (f)4,3961,2042
WrjCb(WrjCb)Adult (f)4,2291,1981
O4FNm(O4FNm)Adult (m)4,0131,1812
FM4UQ(FM4UQ)Adult (m)4,1671,1884
G0lnR(G0lnR)Adult (f)5,6801,0492
sDK0w(sDK0w)Adult (f)5,8371,0922
PTfLx(PTfLx)Adult (f)5,7201,4303
OKdws(OKdws)Adult (m)5,6421,3902
rQCW7(rQCW7)Adult (m)5,7421,4252
PzR3x(PzR3x)Adult (f)5,8211,4212
bwLXi(bwLXi)Adult (f)5,7841,4263
UlMCQ(UlMCQ)Adult (f)5,8121,4402
Yjjsg(Yjjsg)Adult (m)5,7491,4251
YLqqF(YLqqF)Adult (m)5,6451,3702
FX8sY(FX8sY)Adult (f)4,9871,0731
lsJDv(lsJDv)Adult (f)4,8831,0381
8v3bP(8v3bP)Adult (m)5,2971,3964
Um5FL(Um5FL)Adult (m)5,3221,3851
lsTRu(lsTRu)Adult (m)4,2651,1611
8xUAX(8xUAX)Adult (f)4,6781,2801
Emy1N(Emy1N)Adult (m)4,3611,2060
wUK3j(wUK3j)Adult (m)4,1761,1060
AaHD9(AaHD9)Adult (f)3,5851,0072
7xPFb(7xPFb)Adult (m)3,3529691
w1sCl(w1sCl)Adult (m)4,2231,2030
cK9VK(cK9VK)Adult (m)4,2731,2491
yrhA5(yrhA5)Adult (m)4,3861,2134
JL3k9(JL3k9)Adult (m)4,2571,2062
CSKRS(CSKRS)Adult (m)4,1631,1813
vyYPK(vyYPK)Adult (m)7,2151,4503
GocoSGarant - D92 No1334Adult (m)5,9221,2840
TyhK9Tymia - D92 No1333Adult (f)5,8691,3190
9jzQSJera - D92 No1332Adult (f)5,9091,3022
rvaqQRukia - D92 No1331Adult (f)5,2751,2185
BmwY4Benio - D92 No1330Adult (f)5,6811,1624
A4WjhAkira - D92 No1329Adult (m)5,4341,1870
YtsnaYaro - D92 No1328Adult (m)5,5651,1673
6oolGOriana - D92 No1327Adult (f)6,8161,3245
flFhnFelenir - D92 No1326Adult (m)6,2071,1273
Qa9xqQuardrit - D92 No1325Adult (m)7,1781,2501
jfNRRJarel - D92 No1324Adult (m)6,1771,1341
O1y2KOlverk - D92 No1323Adult (m)6,0521,1122
CpF1UClansy - D92 No1322Adult (m)3,0326722
sPWKXSharp - D92 No1321Adult (m)7,8091,3273
ra23QRagnarok - D92 No1320Adult (m)4,6099582
GPFj2Genta - D92 No1319Adult3,2018245
nRy4uNate - D92 No1318Adult (m)6,1131,2054
BwW8EBonjourno - D92 No1317Adult (m)7,3641,2599
71EYaEvelyn - D92 No1316Adult (f)6,8821,1724
Vyp9NVerona - D92 No1315Adult (f)6,9901,2415
B0OveBleach - D92 No1314Adult (m)5,7861,1246
5411RRuna - D92 No1313Adult (f)6,3631,1362
6GTnCGina - D92 No1312Adult (f)6,3181,1532
As3c2Ashara - D92 No1311Adult (f)6,5541,1685
BfJomBaleika - D92 No1310Adult (f)5,8241,08510
14hg0Hina - D92 No1309Adult (f)6,2419733
2kSjyKynaz - D92 No1308Adult (m)5,9991,0034
V3wqpVyra - D92 No1307Adult (f)6,1871,0181
5equVEsterban - D92 No1306Adult (m)6,1359463
iCeswIsriel - D92 No1305Adult (f)6,2091,0081
xaAY5Xanya - D92 No1304Adult (f)6,0869862
zwAbxZyrga - D92 No1303Adult (f)5,9999752
P3w3TPerik - D92 No1302Adult (m)6,8011,0475
M22PcMinave - D92 No1301Adult (f)8,1241,2762
e8EN4Erza- D92 No1300Adult (f)7,9701,2833
1LyWKLuca - D92 No1299Adult (m)8,0641,3203
LT5HkLance - D92 No1298Adult (m)8,0581,3211
VpdNRVince - D92 No1297Adult (m)8,1611,3481
fGhDaFlame - D92 No1296Adult (f)8,0221,3331
cvR7KCandice - D92 No1295Adult (f)7,9351,2861
2YKdFYuelia - D92 No1294Adult (f)8,0941,3032
53sx3Seheron - D92 No1293Adult (m)5,7861,0423
vkDxzVladin - D92 No1292Adult (m)4,9521,0024
qqUBeQuibba - D92 No1291Adult (f)4,8949822
6ibV4Iordan - D92 No1290Adult (m)5,9851,1103
fh6E4Foma - D92 No1289Adult (m)6,1811,1502
SZMz0Sigal - D92 No1288Adult (f)6,3801,1453
Y7pjpYusefu - D92 No1287Adult (m)6,7161,1805
Hk8gdHeather - D92 No1286Adult (f)6,0281,1232
bwvpWBethany - D92 No1285Adult (f)6,2121,1543
K47rnKyle - D92 No1284Adult (m)6,2191,1721
U1mqOUnity - D92 No1283Adult (f)6,1431,1243
jXNfmJoanna - D92 No1282Adult (f)7,4961,5793
O1xofOzwald - D92 No1281Adult (m)7,4151,5494
cEbazChaya - D92 No1280Adult (f)7,5921,6242
wWjOEWendalyn - D92 No1279Adult (f)7,5111,5713
aByT7Arland - D92 No1278Adult (m)7,4361,5763
Vzh2yValka - D92 No1277Adult (f)7,5131,5432
ZQOgzZan - D92 No1276Adult (m)7,5521,5713
p7DMAPaula - D92 No1275Adult (f)7,3201,5253
UDoikUniqua - D92 No1274Adult (f)8,9131,3811
wvL3ZWynne - D92 No1273Adult (m)7,3291,2141
Cq5P1Cindy - D92 No1272Adult (f)7,1861,2571
N6AW6Noin - D92 No1271Adult (m)7,3871,2131
0xiR5Xarxes - D92 No 1270Adult (m)7,4731,2061
KkZ3AKilla - D92 No1269Adult (f)7,3521,2282
gRj7HGirantina - D92 No1268Adult (f)7,3821,2192
1bpL8Barytta - D92 No1267Adult (f)6,0969795
1vXXqVulcania - D92 No1266Adult (f)6,1049821
DARQpDeniz - D92 No1265Adult (m)7,0659953
sdwDfSheldon - D92 No1264Adult (m)6,8269841
1gl32Ginevra - D92 No1263Adult (f)4,5208825
UU0O8Umbra - D92 No1262Adult (f)4,9499073
61DwPDarath - D92 No1261Adult (f)6,4861,1322
ejttaEvan - D92 No1260Adult (m)6,4161,1533
Tyrb1Titos - D92 No1259Adult (m)6,3781,1892
Y2tJSYumeko - D92 No1258Adult (f)6,2499513
NJnZcNightprincess - D92 No1257Adult (f)6,0321,1396
fGPb8Fina - D92 No1256Adult (f)5,9061,1285
y7S7sYuri - D92 No1254Adult (f)6,0029552
SX129Sheron - D92 No1255Adult (m)6,0159226
wn2GwWindwish - D92 No1252Adult (f)4,6431,0401
NQALpNeptun - D92 No1251Adult (f)4,6011,0562
s8TWySeke - D92 No1253Adult (m)4,6101,0480
T7wxdTyra - D92 No1250Adult (f)4,2079890
OkGFaOdin - D92 No1249Adult (m)3,5098670
FFiGZFirenze - D92 No1247Adult (m)3,5108613
k4IraKalwein - D92 No1248Adult (m)3,6708912
1ABmDAstron - D92 No1246Adult (f)4,4309272
AviDNAvil - D92 No1245Adult (f)4,5701,0092
0SubQSayuki - D92 No1244Adult (f)4,3439572
z2JB6Zinober - D92 No1243Adult (m)6,3061,2634
RReliRaikon - D92 No1242Adult (m)6,1311,2321
c0mn5Chira - D92 No1241Adult (f)6,3061,2481
d1g6VDorian - D92 No1240Adult (m)6,1471,2253
HmitDHybiskus - D92 No1239Adult (f)5,5971,1521
C8otdCarina - D92 No1238Adult (f)7,2341,2364
J4RNjJaffar - D92 No1237Adult (m)4,1509596
RcXuBRenji - D92 No1236Adult (m)8,6161,5895
DrMIiDana - D92 No1232Adult (f)5,5411,2584
n2kxHNathalia - D92 No1235Adult (f)7,2491,4122
lDHJ3Lanaya - D92 No1234Adult (f)6,9211,3863
YxQ6bYoho - D92 No1233Adult (m)7,5231,5098
Z27HHZirael - D92 No1231Adult (f)4,0319972
eC90PEclair - D92 No1229Adult (f)5,7241,2401
RJodnRonja - D92 No1228Adult (f)5,7771,2771
09TNcTitania - D92 No1230Adult (f)5,5701,2162
3IVDMIncendion - D92 No1220Adult (m)7,2181,1701
CTABVCordelia - D92 No1221Adult (f)7,2711,1722
LRgnDLoveless - D92 No1222Adult (f)7,1001,1631
y9qNQYume - D92 No1223Adult (f)7,2591,1781
0IHAxIliana - D92 No1224Adult (f)7,2381,2021
A5GhPArenja - D92 No1225Adult (f)7,2601,2233
8zkkOZipping Heart - D92 No1226Adult (m)7,2081,2552
8LcczLoving Heart - D92 No1227Adult (f)6,6381,2103
jTrsUJoyful Youth - D92 No1219Adult (m)7,7351,4012
aNwaFAya - D92 No1218Adult (f)10,5621,6903
06CDoCherry - D92 No1215Adult (f)7,3351,1921
XoaMnXuntra - D92 No1216Adult (m)7,6161,2521
6c0XYCilicia - D92 No1217Adult (f)7,6001,2580
8pHqWPhantastico - D92 No1214Adult (m)7,5631,2451
lBCf5Lewelyn - D92 No1212Adult (m)9,7011,7005
C2U4kCyle - D92 No1213Adult (m)9,5061,6022
2OOi4Ochid - D92 No1210Adult (f)9,0281,5802
pQ2rwPink Dream - D92 No1211Adult (f)8,9031,5302
2wJIwWonder - D92 No1209Adult (f)8,7771,5571
BrS6mBumping Heart - D92 No1208Adult (m)8,9031,5405
4rUJaRomance - D92 No1201Adult (f)6,9421,2903
xwCvKXertan - D92 No1206Adult (m)9,0881,5291
wXD53Womanizer - D92 No1207Adult (m)9,0891,5981
2AtMPAmor - D92 No1202Adult (m)6,9171,3074
7SNjkSherry - D92 No1204Adult (f)6,7911,2971
a5tHYAi - D92 No1203Adult (f)6,8301,3263
8B6mABurns - D92 No1200Adult (m)7,0481,3183
LuvogLovely - D92 No1205Adult (f)7,1891,3262
53mPRMiracle - D92 No1199Adult (f)7,0051,3171
R2qrrRocher - D92 No1198Adult (f)7,1551,3261
DUzA2Dill - D92 No1196Adult (m)4,7689961
5aRynArival - D92 No1197Adult (f)4,7861,0311
eVepnEuphoria - D92 No1194Adult (m)4,6609891
x4ZhyXylophon - D92 No1195Adult (f)4,6689860
wDcYCWicked - D92 No1192Adult (m)5,6461,1671
WDyHsWish - D92 No1193Adult (f)5,6841,1511
5qekwQueen - D92 No1191Adult (f)5,3671,1281
ZdE0RZin - D92 No1190Adult (m)8,1641,5782
qT5YVQuick - D92 No1189Adult (m)8,1841,5881
Dmn0hDattel - D92 No1188Adult (f)8,3001,5411
TNsprTear - D92 No1187Adult (f)7,2081,4573
RISG8Ribbon - D92 No1186Adult (f)7,3341,4281
VeDRLValles - D92 No1185Adult (m)6,2411,2472
WKXjDWinter - D92 No1184Adult (f)6,0711,2552
FHENUFamily - D92 No1183Adult (m)7,5011,4803
pYPeIPhenomena - D92 No1182Adult (f)7,3871,4743
Dlxo5Dasher - D92 No1181Adult (m)7,4581,5081
XN7gmXunder - D92 No1180Adult (m)7,4971,5193
Jw6vQJuniper - D92 No1179Adult (f)7,4481,5042
TVlVlToffee - D92 No1178Adult (f)7,7511,5581
21Pp7Pickle - D92 No1177Adult (m)7,5161,5172
M1eU0Marmelade - D92 No1176Adult (m)7,6031,5504
wxTjZWill - D92 No1175Adult (m)8,9361,3072
x3fs6Xeva - D92 No1174Adult (f)8,5781,1063
7EzVJEmilia - D92 No1173Adult (f)9,0161,1273
SCqm8Samantha - D92 No1172Adult (f)8,8621,1544
cb46jCelesteo - D92 No1171Adult (m)8,7971,0911
DXt60Mrs Dixson - D92 No1170Adult8,0301,1753
HGatXHanabi - D92 No1169Adult (f)8,8721,0331
8TwYPTimothy - D92 No1168Adult (m)8,7621,0642
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