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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dracomaniac55,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
q252D(q252D)Dead Egg111
xBUCoSparkindwellisAdult (f)9135089
EZlIKAqarianAdult (m)9595368
7L9gmNaikarennAdult (f)9965548
ijMoUNarthall D1 G1Adult (m)9655447
xLvWXGingerbredlesAdult (f)1,2396697
Cj8dsGuiding Song The FirstAdult (f)5,6971,0764
wJgbQGreat QinnAdult (f)6,3311,0954
9NHMYKairagth D3 G1Adult (m)8,0611,2796
KK8sePrincess Gallis D1 G1Adult (f)6,3161,1936
ZYxAwNy SongAdult (f)9823206
gtSLnCrystallian D3 G1Adult (f)1,1533867
J0ASzJoanszAdult (f)1,8296748
eYUNbEyumbuh D4 G1Adult (m)1,7136594
HSyDzHisyedez D2 G1Adult (f)2,0397103
OSCs3Ny ThallAdult (m)2,7918543
EzY0FEzyof D4 G1Adult (f)3,5669393
AGJOrAgjorAdult (f)3,6348954
pmfA3PumfaAdult (m)3,7248755
LRKNtLurkenton D5 G1Adult (m)3,2358104
HEBClHebechiAdult (m)3,5688683
y6kXDYuksuda D5 G1Adult (f)3,5748613
vv3OxClodywthchnceofmetballsAdult (f)3,5828673
1E9u6Eyuuu D6 G1Adult (m)3,5048514
Xh47kXhikAdult (m)3,0206462
gBhP1GubehepAdult (m)3,5708753
f9MdcFemdec D6 G1Adult (f)3,3478713
vc9M2Vickem D7 G1Adult (f)2,6906582
2J6BzJibz D2 G1Adult (m)3,2358432
CfwOwKefflow D8 G1Adult (f)3,0636323
Ocb1eObecle D8 G1Adult (m)3,4518664
99Uac(99Uac)Adult (f)3,4868933
3mlBX(3mlBX)Adult (f)3,5808624
e0OLL(e0OLL)Adult (f)3,5558514
a9JLoAjlo D2 G1Adult (f)3,3938374
2qZ4Z(2qZ4Z)Adult (f)3,4778464
AKGEkAhgerk D7 G1Adult (m)3,4388494
1ypBgGallis D1 G2Adult (f)3,1458224
7nHAa(7nHAa)Adult (m)3,2438123
TmwrRKairagth D3 G2Adult (f)3,0367773
sdDsz(sdDsz)Adult (f)3,1718113
YIBvU(YIBvU)Adult (m)2,4266012
d5ZCBDezcaAdult (f)3,6938203
Ixtm7(Ixtm7)Adult (m)3,7588021
OiZau(OiZau)Adult (f)3,8548203
AueNh(AueNh)Adult (f)3,5526933
88ow7Disappointment001Adult (f)3,6958133
chXzpYuksuda D5 G2Adult (f)3,7048082
460Hz460HenzAdult (f)3,6727924
23hWS(23hWS)Adult (f)3,7138045
aHmErVickem D7 G2Adult (m)3,8809611
P1rxCObecle D8 G2Adult (f)3,9309151
KY0K2(KY0K2)Adult (m)3,9029341
WlTLK(WlTLK)Adult (f)2,1326612
vH8Nl(vH8Nl)Adult (f)2,2256251
tdGMd(tdGMd)Adult (f)3,2178712
Kug7D(Kug7D)Adult (m)3,1508683
BIZCd(BIZCd)Adult (f)3,1238613
YqhglAjlo D2 G2Adult (m)2,5097552
jrsat(jrsat)Adult (f)3,1938611
amIfv(amIfv)Adult (m)3,2058611
RS0Ei(RS0Ei)Adult (m)3,9409462
lFGDf(lFGDf)Adult (f)3,4538211
v9blt(v9blt)Adult (m)3,3248390
Q6nUb(Q6nUb)Adult (f)3,4158481
A2OOA(A2OOA)Adult (f)3,4928330
bbfKqEyumbuh D4 G2Adult (m)3,5048501
mEcSvFemdec D6 G2Adult (m)3,4078230
5T1Q0(5T1Q0)Adult (m)2,6687050
9rUX9(9rUX9)Adult (f)2,6986992
DklyI(DklyI)Adult (m)2,7657051
M59kOMivkoAdult (f)2,8667251
zNkq1(zNkq1)Adult (f)2,6796321
enlTWEzyof D4 G2Adult (m)2,8976641
jQgnq(jQgnq)Adult (f)2,8826620
wUXz5Ezyof D4 G3Adult (f)3,6928720
YzFYJ(YzFYJ)Adult (m)1,7405361
voQRg(voQRg)Adult (f)3,6538063
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