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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Draco Knight,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jiKGo(jiKGo)Hatchling (m)2,5486732
qjJTL'une EtantAdult (m)3,2371,63836
rqxssdkjfhaiugyperauthkjdhgjklfdghesAdult (f)7,5012,44146
iXdpReality and ImaginationAdult (f)2,23696566
Mi6BGI Don't Feel Like an IndividualAdult (f)3,3977983
u0qNTLt Commander ShepardAdult (f)4,5607490
761K0Twice ShilohAdult (m)3,2256394
ykIdzDouble Mint  TwinsAdult (f)5,6837110
ZAMrdDouble You're FunAdult (f)5,1018290
Nbzq4Two Can Play This GameAdult (f)3,8315591
6m1SaWe're Both the Evil TwinAdult (m)4,7886850
1QBMlCan't Think of More PunsAdult (m)2,7176580
VbtgWaffle and PancakeHatchling (f, F)3,0851,14839
HDomMaple and SyrupHatchling (m, F)3,3601,64715
QvI6WSplit  DecisionsHatchling (F)1,8114332
9yIh8TwerkasaurusAdult (m)2,1206072
iK37YDouble BakedAdult (f)3,0006253
r2CQXDouble Your DepressionAdult (m)3,4897630
EX0S4I Grew it MyselfAdult (m)3,3887390
jDs7rRenard NoirAdult (f)2,5486912
reDuuNort Boy ReduxAdult (f)2,6387033
SPemzBalerion  the Black DreadAdult (f)2,8806901
gX1dKNeck HurtAdult (f)2,5418681
HXNkTIn One Ear Out the Other HeadAdult (m)2,02734310
SxRNGI like Dogs no Cats RuleAdult (m)1,8013146
iFCQ7Oracle at  DelphiAdult (m)2,8926752
hKbVGCrystal Ball That WorksAdult (m)4,0305883
WExPUShake a Poor Sinner's HandAdult (m)3,3477171
9ZeHHMelia  AntiquaAdult (f)4,5231,0312
sE5Hu(sE5Hu)Adult (f)2,9028481
p7ODm(p7ODm)Adult (f)2,3257051
yt2eK(yt2eK)Adult (m)2,5476301
dI0eF(dI0eF)Adult (f)2,7267051
kbGGGSonic  RainboomAdult (f)2,8129151
HcCcWThe C's Have ItAdult (f)2,9959030
dPYkTGusty BoiAdult (f)4,0367243
Tl1lL(Tl1lL)Adult (m)2,3105794
DS6qStargazing not IBDAdult (f)2,24033813
4UZTgSo AlbinoAdult (m)4,1091,1888
vh78kl Am SHER LockedAdult (m)3,5408919
Fh6uTJustin Bieber theAdult (m)3,46690211
Rlt3SHelen the WiseAdult (m)3,65790710
Ru8OGSnow Witch ElsaAdult (m)2,7986530
MiKCDI Decided on Something ElseAdult (f)3,8408173
4PJYDI Wish I Wasn't So AlbinoAdult (f)2,6416324
Yp2qnIs AlbinoAdult (f)4,5027291
lrMpdIT IS HORRIBLEAdult (f)2,91997024
7Z0bGCould be More AlbinoAdult (m)1,2323778
hBNaNMuch AlbinoAdult (f)1,8335822
oFLwMIT IS DESPICABLEAdult (f)2,6596875
5YjqhIT IS ATROCIOUSAdult (f)1,9967991
O6E59IT IS GROSSAdult (f)2,6589342
I93wBJust So AlbinoAdult (m)2,4016533
v7HDdIT IS IMMORALAdult (f)2,1357300
DWHROAlmost Dr WhoAdult (f)2,2007661
bOjC9Awfully AlbinoAdult (f)2,7236626
imlLCreepy AlbinoHatchling (m, F)1,47578341
O7QrvI Like Being EvilAdult (m)2,8976764
W7BKFThat's Kinda Messed up DudeAdult (m)3,0197112
XmWr2There's more dragons to nameAdult (m)3,9465683
1sZ1wMaybe just a handful a dayAdult (f)3,6685843
n79WmOr just the holidays and raresAdult (m)4,3236582
DEAZTDeaztAdult (f)4,5477291
5e8AGOmego 5 AcidAdult (f)3,2385000
gm0FBKeekekekeAdult (m)4,6147220
u4hJBToo Many  Unnamed DragonsAdult (m)3,3807580
a79EdThe Baba YagaAdult (m)3,8096072
islqTI Like The SunAdult (m)2,8876381
3HtzYHatzieAdult (f)3,0346483
qEipPHappy Happy  Joy JoyAdult (f)3,0676751
8YIqjAhhhhh SunAdult (m)2,9386355
Xg8R7No More Puns Im Fresh OutAdult (m)2,1346640
vnedYNaming Thousands of Dergs is HarAdult (m)2,0086290
Xp3j6The BunyipAdult (m)2,0545940
xCxFaDanger  NoodleAdult (f)3,5246065
cOi8w(cOi8w)Adult (m)2,6636361
sauAH(sauAH)Adult (m)2,6166351
cUE2I(cUE2I)Adult (f)5,3386930
ofXd7(ofXd7)Adult (f)5,2386791
O6Z0x(O6Z0x)Adult (f)6,2197840
EHPMi(EHPMi)Adult (f)3,6236092
GLUwD(GLUwD)Adult (f)4,8446380
J5mXr(J5mXr)Adult (f)3,8416740
x6nAj(x6nAj)Adult (m)6,0328351
NE8xQ(NE8xQ)Adult (m)5,0606602
k0CAB(k0CAB)Adult (f)5,1436450
Ma5gT(Ma5gT)Adult (f)5,0736620
lJARb(lJARb)Adult (m)4,0117320
vYB2R(vYB2R)Adult (m)3,3504942
WrIof(WrIof)Adult (f)2,7537793
ONyzM(ONyzM)Adult (f)2,6367753
pcSKM(pcSKM)Adult (m)2,7237593
bTc2p(bTc2p)Adult (m)3,2428372
bROK7(bROK7)Adult (f)3,5057673
uaPvH(uaPvH)Adult (f)3,7897182
CvRGO(CvRGO)Adult (f)3,2468093
IMNOThe Original Pink LadyAdult (f)2,27350036
81EwPink FailureAdult (f)2,6131,21455
Z0HGh(Z0HGh)Adult (f)3,3418460
1K8sp(1K8sp)Adult (f)2,2335893
E8XbJ(E8XbJ)Adult (m)3,8635933
urSrZ(urSrZ)Adult (m)3,7886121
trTahA Pink  DragonAdult (m)2,6995174
IYTws(IYTws)Adult (m)3,1746253
t9uk4(t9uk4)Adult (f)3,3446121
UYXAV(UYXAV)Adult (f)3,4355581
JA7QS(JA7QS)Adult (f)3,1935471
vQjFE(vQjFE)Adult (f)3,4725711
SNF4d(SNF4d)Adult (f)2,9634892
cpK7W(cpK7W)Adult (m)2,9786010
SdIVj(SdIVj)Adult (m)4,8926511
uwmwe(uwmwe)Adult (m)2,9717124
JEPQr(JEPQr)Adult (m)4,5258904
hhY3h(hhY3h)Adult (f)1,8664442
7IyZPrincess Faded RedHatchling (F)77027013
AuMUPAsh'zAdult (m)3,8187801
H90Zg(H90Zg)Adult (f)3,6116712
ueULz(ueULz)Adult (f)3,6026880
AHvwh(AHvwh)Adult (m)2,9106122
ak37U(ak37U)Adult (f)3,4016554
XIVEm(XIVEm)Adult (m)3,4336243
LwoQs(LwoQs)Adult (f)2,6146571
kWn1u(kWn1u)Adult (m)2,7615433
avr2o(avr2o)Adult (m)2,7855571
ml3a0(ml3a0)Adult (f)2,9385222
bhS7g(bhS7g)Adult (m)4,0785031
mQAdy(mQAdy)Adult (f)2,7565394
flBr1(flBr1)Adult (m)4,3146762
BDueT(BDueT)Adult (f)3,4846113
hlFCx(hlFCx)Adult (m)3,8505930
uUmqw(uUmqw)Adult (f)3,8725442
xK9ax(xK9ax)Adult (m)3,2527202
XhRGH(XhRGH)Adult (m)3,1366930
1Ns4D(1Ns4D)Adult (m)3,6626734
D0Je2(D0Je2)Hatchling (F)1,5224112
NsDII(NsDII)Adult (m)4,1458771
ygSr8(ygSr8)Adult (f)4,0808360
btIDf(btIDf)Adult (m)3,8075540
uChId(uChId)Adult (m)3,0665990
nUhSf(nUhSf)Adult (m)3,0305890
pDE41(pDE41)Adult (f)3,5855961
adh9w(adh9w)Adult (m)4,5575840
GjXE4(GjXE4)Adult (f)5,0587120
bxIGK(bxIGK)Adult (m)4,1598632
LMA5D(LMA5D)Adult (m)3,9657941
65NiPuff the Magically InclinedAdult (f)1,74227718
OFD7Puff the PuffAdult (f)2,9631,3779
gvMGPuff the FloatyAdult (f)4,20067715
2GtPMI Like the GROUNDAdult (m)2,5058894
tDRM9Imma Float AWAYAdult (m)3,1531,0182
g5Im8Hot' AirAdult (f)3,0927522
4gMrYMuch PuffAdult (f)3,5457825
nGMoHSo Full of DinnerAdult (m)4,2186420
ofMoHPuff of MohAdult (f)4,3146240
PqYyg(PqYyg)Adult (f)2,1933194
pg2F4(pg2F4)Adult (f)3,4134941
gEsmPuff the SmallHatchling (m, F)7895596
6omM0(6omM0)Adult (m)3,5615190
Uyt8e(Uyt8e)Adult (m)3,4034870
ZbJQR(ZbJQR)Adult (m)3,8047520
H265z(H265z)Adult (f)5,4997482
a3FgC(a3FgC)Adult (m)5,1957251
yExPN(yExPN)Adult (m)3,8646602
vFFc0(vFFc0)Adult (f)4,5066580
vAZNV(vAZNV)Adult (f)4,3706201
OWlGM(OWlGM)Adult (m)3,8216782
cCL1Two of SpadesAdult (f)3,9951,65228
CI7TObsidi-anAdult (m)4,1891,86064
DwdSDark Knight LightAdult (m)2,6021,255113
Wise(Wise)Adult (m)2,6141,60835
pUns(pUns)Adult (f)4,2182,57045
nsWIPolitically UncorrectAdult (f)2,7101,20817
dH7RDragon-American MinorityAdult (m)4,0491,56051
3q6NFalco's Vienna CallingAdult (m)2,1791,32038
TPY1(TPY1)Adult (f)3,2182,09839
6ie7Purple LightsaberAdult (f)1,6201,15324
w4XdAttention  DuelistsAdult (f)2,0931,48319
MlnqPot Shot at an AllyAdult (f)2,24450032
7FyGAce of  ClubsAdult (m)2,02395938
3V6SZiva  DavidAdult (f)1,5288229
KL28Demon CrowleyAdult (m)3,1011,7279
LgZ8Bubblegum DivaAdult (f)9937358
M6hMCourt of St ValentineAdult (m)1,6228726
UAseShiny Black RibbonAdult (m)4,2771,18021
NFf0Draco Knight JrAdult (m)3,44173820
sr1gWhy I Keep YouAdult (f)3,93784910
p2jTThe Girl Who Was On FireAdult (f)10,3181,55510
4jid3Ritz CrackerAdult (f)5,2019604
inOKqFleur de lis New YearAdult (m)1,8768026
0Ae10Flutter Night SkyAdult (m)1,8827874
oCV7FFoxy Night OutAdult (f)2,0847721
1Mmt1One MomentAdult (f)2,3237616
6j4kr(6j4kr)Adult (f)2,4757415
qZSLnGeneral HollyAdult (m)2,1729564
LXte0(LXte0)Adult (m)3,3459955
LihBBLosing HandAdult (m)2,3388267
02DlN(02DlN)Adult (m)2,1267961
kuLlX(kuLlX)Adult (m)2,1126721
06JUb(06JUb)Adult (f)3,3327980
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