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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
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  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Drachenbande,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WgdrTDer Maechtige Sinomorph CBAdult (m)
EGTXY(EGTXY)Adult (f)2,9215582
UD6Ma(UD6Ma)Adult (f)2,7595621
tkqlI(tkqlI)Adult (m)5,7171,2792
mOsjz(mOsjz)Adult (f)5,8761,2572
LVBa3(LVBa3)Adult (m)5,9891,3090
V6LtO(V6LtO)Adult (m)5,9091,2460
BRRSc(BRRSc)Adult (f)5,8911,2860
rPNf0(rPNf0)Adult (f)5,9411,2400
NkkEv(NkkEv)Adult (f)5,8391,2730
VFPsQ(VFPsQ)Adult (f)5,7531,2321
HjSOk(HjSOk)Adult (m)2,7757160
iKyE1(iKyE1)Adult (f)2,8817200
kPwL7(kPwL7)Adult (f)2,9617580
rmMXX(rmMXX)Adult (f)2,8617530
yjAHh(yjAHh)Adult (m)2,8887260
65V6O(65V6O)Adult (f)2,8056971
Hb4Ee(Hb4Ee)Adult (m)2,8317621
bGw6zFranz Felldragon CBAdult (m)2,9647580
sXFGKHelga Honeydrake CBAdult (f)2,9457710
ex24zHjalmar Honeydrake CBAdult (m)2,8607570
DBz38(DBz38)Adult (m)4,0629750
FOw56(FOw56)Adult (f)4,0611,0070
p83wsRuediger Fire Gem CBAdult (m)4,0609922
Xdn5P(Xdn5P)Adult (f)4,0959212
j92tM(j92tM)Adult (m)4,3039851
CXbd9(CXbd9)Adult (m)4,2569840
uHPEG(uHPEG)Adult (f)4,2389912
zk4rq(zk4rq)Adult (f)3,9618991
Upr5F(Upr5F)Adult (m)3,9699191
AOiGS(AOiGS)Adult (m)3,9388752
YGy6K(YGy6K)Adult (m)3,2657011
P1H9y(P1H9y)Adult (f)5,2798780
NsThV(NsThV)Adult (m)5,3478430
mgrRF(mgrRF)Adult (f)5,1508580
Y7tZp(Y7tZp)Adult (m)5,2118660
jzoLx(jzoLx)Adult (m)5,2388320
Aa2SA(Aa2SA)Adult (f)5,2218380
kEyJA(kEyJA)Adult (f)5,2588532
aFYCx(aFYCx)Adult (f)5,7981,1151
A1exx(A1exx)Adult (f)6,1231,1421
jSdFx(jSdFx)Adult (f)6,3741,1542
amvnF(amvnF)Adult (f)6,5791,1622
j3Av0(j3Av0)Adult (m)6,2031,1811
7ynhY(7ynhY)Adult (f)6,3111,1440
TsedL(TsedL)Adult (m)6,2931,1361
tPP7V(tPP7V)Adult (f)5,9951,1311
iB1Lg(iB1Lg)Adult (f)5,3869362
QMKNH(QMKNH)Adult (m)2,3517811
hUoHg(hUoHg)Adult (f)2,8438462
CXGZG(CXGZG)Adult (f)2,6238251
o9gHf(o9gHf)Adult (m)3,1168651
txWiw(txWiw)Adult (f)2,9108463
rn9Hy(rn9Hy)Adult (f)3,2698511
YM48(YM48)Egg (F)
7yzOx(7yzOx)Adult (f)3,2108041
fdzI3(fdzI3)Adult (m)3,1907551
jtzJq(jtzJq)Adult (f)3,0797851
4U5V4(4U5V4)Adult (f)3,2248012
FYNDG(FYNDG)Adult (f)3,8457472
F7vif(F7vif)Adult (m)3,2587961
c5Zv6(c5Zv6)Adult (f)4,2948211
A9Lbq(A9Lbq)Adult (m)3,6738221
DtBUj(DtBUj)Adult (m)3,5986973
w6T8C(w6T8C)Adult (m)3,6717381
Aegxu(Aegxu)Adult (m)4,2486983
G9uPN(G9uPN)Adult (f)3,7916902
YXRRj(YXRRj)Adult (m)3,9136993
ftHSl(ftHSl)Adult (f)3,9856981
tjLZO(tjLZO)Adult (m)4,0967331
IPl9v(IPl9v)Adult (f)3,8119812
s5quR(s5quR)Adult (f)2,9836672
crOZY(crOZY)Adult (m)3,3798090
Cg6p8(Cg6p8)Adult (m)3,4837631
c8DIE(c8DIE)Adult (m)3,3577360
5m9UX(5m9UX)Adult (f)3,3717510
KAwMp(KAwMp)Adult (f)3,5197571
3ksvG(3ksvG)Adult (m)4,2458620
Fy8oqLady Hollypartnerin 4thAdult (f)3,89083210
EF2NzEnkel LunaIrisHermes LHerald 2ndAdult (m)2,9986100
VmzJISohn Vollmond Lunar Herald 1stAdult (m)3,9035651
MD7ywSohn IrisHermes Lunar Herald 1stAdult (m)3,1905291
87WboTochter Luna Lunar Herald 1stAdult (f)4,8017951
v3iTyHerr Vulkanmond Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)5,3901,0722
JjTTcFrau Vulkanmond Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)5,3821,0211
PGyIVLord Vulkanmond Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)5,1591,0441
e2h8BFrau Wuestenmond L Herald CBAdult (f)5,2761,0580
TjIDXFrau Vollmond Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)5,3001,0182
kU6HlHerr Vollmond Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)5,1831,0590
4rutXLord Golden Vulkanmond LHeraldCBAdult (m)3,9346092
aBf8fLady Golden Vulkanmond LHeraldCBAdult (f)4,1795832
OQcjnFrau Luna Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)3,8798671
EbQNiHerr Luna Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)3,9169020
nzvUxHerr Mond Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)3,9098840
HWbfBFrau Mond Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)3,9459101
0aXWqLady Wuestenmond LHerald CBAdult (f)4,1558501
qrgLMFrau Iris Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)3,1484681
EgmkpHerr Hermes Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)3,8905150
vGfdmDiana Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)3,8809491
ueVcPSelene Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)3,9759960
JBTHTActaeon Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)3,9609401
17SyTApollon Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)3,9749640
NAiF5Artemis Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)3,9209570
gRjey(gRjey)Adult (m)3,1366112
dQPbb(dQPbb)Adult (m)2,9815920
Aja1q(Aja1q)Adult (m)3,1285960
Xt3CR(Xt3CR)Adult (m)3,1106311
f710A(f710A)Adult (m)3,0706190
OnjfrHerr Mani Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)3,8128852
6tWPRFrau Thrud Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)3,9879150
TFdlQHerr Zeus Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)3,7319010
9J0xgFrau Kallisto Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)3,7158411
Qg4ihHerr Chandra Lunar Herald CBAdult (m)3,8448790
UkRlGFrau Hemavati Lunar Herald CBAdult (f)3,5948531
HVmpxFrau Arielle Xenowyrm CBAdult (f)4,4629861
VoMzsHerr Kalahari Xenowyrm CBAdult (m)4,3839950
FMsmYFrau Sylvana Xenowyrm CBAdult (f)4,4851,0390
s9vHnHerr Mogli Xenowyrm CBAdult (m)4,5139731
z0opNFrau Pele Xenowyrm CBAdult (f)4,6569990
bDnlFFrau Alpengluehen Xenowyrm CBAdult (f)4,4439760
0wx5VHerr Alpengluehen Xenowyrm CBAdult (m)4,5459871
4sdUjFrau Lumina-Wetter-Stripe 3rdAdult (f)2,0436145
yGZhmHerr Lumina-Stripe-Weiss 2ndAdult (m)2,5157800
a9yYlJo-Si FrostbiteWhite 1stAdult (f)2,5977964
832lcJesco-El FrostbiteWhite 1stAdult (m)2,3047380
sfNolFrau Wetter-Shadow-Weiss 2ndAdult (f)3,2291,2211
qdI2DFrau Stripe-Lumina-Weiss 2ndAdult (f)3,6671,5954
MRe5gFrau Blacktip-Silver-White 2ndAdult (f)2,9997983
tTjFMHerr Doppel-Silber-Weiss 2ndAdult (m)3,0257802
fH6eqFrau Wetter-Weiss 1stAdult (f)2,4531,2152
MQFUvFrau Lumina-Weiss 1stAdult (f)2,8801,0503
gMGgOFrau Kuschel-Silber-Weiss 1stAdult (f)2,2518664
K75XWFrau Lori Silber-Weiss 1stAdult (f)2,4519483
Aq9NSHerr Lori Silber-Weiss 1stAdult (m)2,4399523
W1RGlHerr Shadow-Weiss 1stAdult (m)2,1158682
jQ5YdFrau Blacktip-Weiss 1stAdult (f)2,1178703
m9iaYHerr Stripe-Weiss 1stAdult (m)2,0268631
VgIjjHerr Waldelb-Silber-Weiss 1stAdult (m)2,1068472
RuMAuMontags-Gold-Streifi-bruetenAdult (m)5,84365911
xh0tNLucifer Witchlight CBAdult (m)2,4037853
XcuwiMortimer Witchlight CBAdult (m)2,4177600
WAup8Salazar Witchlight CBAdult (m)2,3727800
LBswnMerlin Witchlight CBAdult (m)2,3367610
zYHnlLucia Witchlight CBAdult (f)2,4338000
6cZVaMarlene Witchlight CBAdult (f)2,3807650
MJlFy(MJlFy)Adult (m)3,1687030
otJ1y(otJ1y)Adult (f)3,1597000
ne9gaMichel Caligene Grusel 2015 CBAdult (m)2,3726511
bg3WPLouis Caligene Grusel 2015 CBAdult (m)2,4746832
6M9e1Michelle Caligene Grusel 2015 CBAdult (f)2,5076860
1Nd2SLucie Caligene Grusel 2015 CBAdult (f)2,4136391
pcu6fLouise Caligene Grusel 2015 CBAdult (f)2,3176581
ylsWrJeanne Caligene Grusel 2015 CBAdult (f)2,5806962
ayjzGJean Caligene Grusel 2015 CBAdult (m)2,4946683
RatSqSon VoldiKuerbis Grave Drag 1stAdult (m)3,9158412
8yJzNPrince II Grusel Dragon 1stAdult (m)2,8966205
HLTdBPrincess Grusel Grave Dragon 1stAdult (f)2,9069012
DUvVuPrince Grusel Grave Dragon 1stAdult (m)3,1479062
UEJ1wLady Grusel Grave Dragon CBAdult (f)2,6799561
bQqIcLady Kuerbisfratze Grave Dr CBAdult (f)2,6009532
Dl9XqLady Ernestine Grave Dragon CBAdult (f)2,7449861
HkxjILord Grusel Grave Dragon CBAdult (m)2,5469211
7ZJpxLord Voldemort Grave Dragon CBAdult (m)2,4989071
ky3LJLord Ernst Grave Dragon CBAdult (m)2,7639531
DLEhHBaba Jaga Kuerbiskern 4thAdult (f)2,5719884
BVeBnJane O'Lantern PB Kuerbis 3rdAdult (f)2,5719908
jFFkkZauberer Kuerbiskern 3rdAdult (m)2,6609825
pEfXtWizard Kuerbisdrache 2ndAdult (m)2,6821,0498
vNJr3Kuerbissaft Kuerbisdrache 2ndAdult (m)5,2142,14710
lRJMUHexe Kathi Kuerbis 2ndAdult (f)2,6409288
7M6aHKatharina Kuerbiskopfdrache 1stAdult (f)4,8272,03816
qjUNIBeata Kuerbissuppe 1stAdult (f)2,7411,1262
IfXSZauberer KuerbisdracheAdult (m)3,1411,55912
4fBEHexe KuerbisdracheAdult (f)3,0171,4979
aBZ7Magier KuerbisdracheAdult (m)3,3351,65814
rAr7Hexenmeister Kuerbisdrache 1stAdult (m)3,5361,84113
r6OA8Bodo Kuerbisssuppe 1stAdult (m)2,3271,0049
BFLcxMs SpecialShadow Gold mix 3rdAdult (f)3,1995700
QkqAmMr ShadowGoldNebula mix 3rdAdult (m)3,2525851
6XtaMQueen ShadowWalker 2ndAdult (f)3,1346815
R8mZ6King ShadowWalker 2ndAdult (m)3,1416774
Yiw4GMs Shadow Silver 2ndAdult (f)3,1605742
LaG8VBernd Tripleschatten 2ndAdult (m)4,3718763
VokRSDaniel Doppelschatten 3rdAdult (m)3,1058824
oaqBqCarl Thuwed Flamingo 2ndAdult (m)3,3661,0646
vqm04Claude Doppelschatten 2ndAdult (m)3,5451,4144
YqH5NClaire Doppelschatten 2ndAdult (f)2,5669677
goQsYHildegundis Doppelschatten 1stAdult (f)3,8421,0324
INTAiGriseldis Doppelschatten 1stAdult (f)4,1361,9776
okD8mPeregrin Doppelschatten 1stAdult (m)2,4069448
QS7gkBernd Doppelschatten 1stAdult (m)2,8959435
E0f5VBernina Doppelschatten 1stAdult (f)2,7191,01412
UNcO0Lord Byron Faded Shadow 1stAdult (m)2,4978886
a2uIyLord Faded Shadow 1stAdult (m)2,2978264
6YcOQPiroschka Shadow Walker CBAdult (f)2,9491,5245
d4pjKPhyllis Nebulaschatten 1stAdult (f)2,3308707
qTXI7Palatin Nebulaschatten 1stAdult (m)2,5859245
9HnWAPhilomene Shadow Walker CBAdult (f)4,9562,4918
dJKd2Persephone Shadow Walker CBAdult (f)5,1262,19610
Tu6SfPalatin Shadow Walker CBAdult (m)2,8901,5463
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