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You pick up the scroll labeled “Draas,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rlMHfSound LifeEgg (F)
6DONG(6DONG)Hatchling (f)5,8331,3737
SAnaz(SAnaz)Hatchling (f)6,2041,4318
l66FiHarmonic Flower of AvalonHatchling (f)6,6741,2135
8HajDArsia Lanteis of AvalonHatchling (f)5,8611,2364
1UTxISahelanthropus of AvalonHatchling (m)6,0281,2325
dimWp(dimWp)Adult (m)6,5641,3563
BaV6O(BaV6O)Adult (f)6,5091,5866
GoiuU(GoiuU)Hatchling (m)4,3489943
YSoNQ(YSoNQ)Hatchling (m)4,4029865
InwPsSaxy Back of AvalonHatchling (m)4,6381,0824
Hd8j2(Hd8j2)Hatchling (m)4,6201,0434
mU3TgAngel Room of AvalonHatchling (m)6,5491,2543
zasOqLunawing Lanteis of AvalonHatchling (m)6,0741,2344
jK58WBlue Bird of AvalonHatchling (m)7,0111,2434
3FVxk(3FVxk)Hatchling (F)1,4572581
rWbck(rWbck)Adult (f)6,3691,3574
UW6G9(UW6G9)Hatchling (F)1,6102691
6I6FA(6I6FA)Adult (m)7,6581,3408
MhqpNo--To be gifted--oHatchling (m, F)1,5426871
fTAIjo--Fated to neglect--oHatchling (m, F)4,2721,2142
R1YjHLet me tell you the storyAdult (m)8,4991,3583
OZg0cOf a kingAdult (f)8,3751,3952
1OglmThe inner sea of the planetAdult (m)7,9871,1383
9o5DaThe platform of the watchtowerAdult (f)8,4551,4324
yt9RaFrom the edge of paradiseAdult (m)8,2751,3933
EOND7You shall hear my wordsAdult (f)8,1611,4882
WZI3DYour story shall beAdult (m)8,2771,4203
An7dBFull of blessingsAdult (f)9,2911,4732
W1GViL    e    tAdult (m)7,6661,2093
HaG5LO n l yAdult (f)7,8071,2155
TCfS4T h o s eAdult (m)8,4861,4125
NJ2RLW  i  t  h  o  u  tAdult (f)7,3371,1753
KtkQyS   i   nAdult (m)7,9661,3764
ccOJYP  a  s  sAdult (f)6,3221,3042
j95uRGarden of A v a l o nAdult (f)7,6251,4893
wla9uCath PalugAdult (f)6,0311,06912
tDoYco--Most Beloved of Avalon--oHatchling (F)1,82533810
nRoma(nRoma)Adult (m)7,84591210
bgUDA(bgUDA)Adult (f)9,9101,6547
aTEmt(aTEmt)Adult (m)6,1081,2914
EliOs(EliOs)Adult (m)5,5411,1007
Qywei(Qywei)Adult (m)6,9211,3993
GOJiE(GOJiE)Adult (m)8,0611,2394
C0OLn(C0OLn)Adult (m)6,6841,2049
Jossa(Jossa)Adult (m)8,2081,3175
JuotD(JuotD)Adult (f)7,9101,3755
COrg0(COrg0)Adult (m)6,0691,1588
auAau(auAau)Adult (m)9,1481,4784
bILpo(bILpo)Adult (m)8,6551,63510
kEtdWPromised Sea III of AvalonAdult (f)7,7901,4594
bpTgZPromised Stars III of AvalonAdult (m)7,1071,1814
6AQi2Deep Star Sailor IV of AvalonAdult (m)7,3641,4055
Me3em(Me3em)Adult (f)5,7311,1195
NfAST(NfAST)Adult (m)7,1281,4135
hhHiY(hhHiY)Adult (f)7,7871,2672
saipe(saipe)Adult (f)8,0971,4424
Aioeu(Aioeu)Adult (m)6,9431,4347
Qiiwo(Qiiwo)Adult (m)5,2081,0092
kunci(kunci)Adult (m)6,8891,2692
oHeGO(oHeGO)Adult (m)7,1981,1057
BzS8cPunatuuri III of AvalonAdult (f)9,2311,1099
zYuTA(zYuTA)Adult (f)6,9171,2862
ALamA(ALamA)Adult (m)6,8681,3009
u0ruo(u0ruo)Adult (f)7,3341,08713
PrOmI(PrOmI)Adult (m)8,2211,2735
REIcg(REIcg)Adult (f)6,3941,4115
WOCj7Shattered Stardust of AvalonAdult (f)7,9961,3984
5zrRjBanana of AvalonAdult (m)6,5071,3008
VLRLiYorshka of AvalonAdult (f)6,3121,1888
NOjkg(NOjkg)Adult (f)6,3521,2128
x3et7Gate Of SteinerAdult (m)8,3691,22030
C6DGGold ImmersionAdult (m)2,5831,00679
QaUe6King GoetiaAdult (m)9,2371,4695
zC23qEra RomanticaAdult (m)7,8571,3687
MRTEZ(MRTEZ)Adult (m)7,4311,3376
IlHIsBlue Tilhi of AvalonAdult (m)7,7401,3515
82zTHCold Rain of AvalonAdult (m)7,4871,21117
s6J2rHeaven Eyes of AvalonAdult (m)3,9756487
FkHbdMiracle Gate of AvalonAdult (f)4,7811,0105
r7tbeRipple Wave of AvalonAdult (f)5,9448054
mviDIOrchun Vaihto of AvalonAdult (f)5,7771,0149
RZUXvThanatos - If I Can't Be YoursAdult (f)5,21399228
6C4fhIsolate AntaresAdult (f)3,57863947
JwQ3kCE 0079 of AvalonAdult (m)
hoWqtCommander VimesAdult (m)6,0881,1425
o8qATLady Ramkin of AvalonAdult (f)5,2951,1412
2BYA0Skyclad ObserverAdult (m)8,6871,21923
tbrmdDiva Girl of AvalonAdult (f)9,4631,3404
DoZbETwisted Ozymandias of AvalonAdult (m)5,5361,3879
dGA1BSh'lach Li Mal'achAdult (m)5,5891,3674
YXSTJDeath Stranding of AvalonAdult (f)3,9421,1081
BkGRGo--Alternates of Avalon---oHatchling (F)1,9046024
eyyle(eyyle)Adult (m)8,4811,17324
a7IaGDas Waiting For GodotAdult (f)7,9591,4346
9XtbtSassadasAdult (m)7,9491,3757
Q9YCTEternal Elements of AvalonAdult (f)6,6881,4775
t5sLJEnclose MurcielagoAdult (m)8,3731,19829
hGAgEFuture's Dark ValentineAdult (f)9,0441,42819
ZITYM(ZITYM)Adult (m)8,3231,4646
ccwJCAdvent Child of AvalonAdult (f)4,3428405
c5typGypsum of AvalonAdult (f)5,8991,2544
9DJ89Fishy Dreams of AvalonAdult (m)8,8681,5499
MP4RqFunny Valentine - D4CAdult (m)10,1161,37424
y4w8TSolstice of AvalonAdult (f)8,3061,5656
DIcPUFunfortunate Curiosity of AvalonAdult (m)7,2971,4239
6pCloClover Drose of AvalonAdult (m)8,2821,3806
tHRhfNero's Kyrie IIIAdult (f)8,5001,3158
rDUp9Grimm Kin III of AvalonAdult (f)9,9521,5188
u97acMoonkin Jewel of AvalonAdult (m)6,6181,08613
hS2pdNever Let Go of AvalonAdult (m)8,3161,3625
6kkBHWe all F L O A T down hereAdult (m)5,1831,1665
pTGRMShimmery Ocean of AvalonAdult (f)8,6171,4096
Oal6wThe Lennyface ExperienceAdult (f)8,4621,4524
lagqy(lagqy)Adult (f)8,5651,5092
WbWzbWabawstrasza ThuwedAdult (f)8,9871,3776
lZoiqSweet Black Blood of AvalonAdult (m)6,9441,3066
W73WaFreaky Sweet Poison of AvalonAdult (f)7,2201,3133
x9EJmNinejem Kin of AvalonAdult (m)8,3251,12313
cewcdTuonelan Joutsen of AvalonAdult (m)5,0881,4355
hyt8oo--CB list of Avalon--oHatchling (m, F)4,0155932
tLD4JRude Buster of AvalonAdult (m)6,8501,4808
GSqAQAlone Complex of AvalonAdult (f)6,0381,48112
yX45kGoing Merry of AvalonAdult (f)7,4021,3676
oLhjkPurple Prose of AvalonAdult (m)7,0141,4108
3AYSRVicious Delicious of AvalonAdult (m)6,7601,3624
FU7bNHidden Flower of AvalonAdult (m)8,7381,3386
sEh5lSeele of AvalonAdult (m)6,2841,1638
UQJS0Shipper of AvalonAdult (f)6,2828255
pnMK9Kei of AvalonAdult (m)8,7101,28115
5uQ56Under the Moon of AvalonAdult (f)7,9891,3314
XP08zXapzeitz of AvalonAdult (f)7,2821,30217
k1Go1Takeru of AvalonAdult (m)2,2228611
uSWBmUsva of AvalonAdult (m)7,7281,4606
yTAXy(yTAXy)Adult (m)7,1361,3336
LqkHOWadanohara of the Great Blue SeaAdult (f)7,3701,16522
lWGcCWizard of the Great Blue SeaAdult (m)7,0311,13430
9H5BBIntoner TwoAdult (f)7,4531,22525
hpZJROrca of AvalonAdult (m)7,0281,45810
f1ecUSky TidesAdult (m)2,2308401
awcXVAwacua of AvalonAdult (f)9,0401,4344
55k4eDoufikae of AvalonAdult (m)6,91286324
ny4bYTubes Of MedusaAdult (f)2,1858312
lkbtnLakbatan of AvalonAdult (m)6,8751,19914
J2EaNOceanlab of AvalonAdult (f)5,2421,2488
PYaTE(PYaTE)Adult (m)8,6961,4083
NbWphDeepnebweph of AvalonAdult (m)9,0661,7281
K1lKO(K1lKO)Adult (f)5,9231,6871
2i5gjTwoiferun of AvalonAdult (m)4,7801,1261
9jYRqDraffly of AvalonAdult (f)4,5281,2401
OZpQXTranquil Bay of AvalonAdult (m)5,2351,19413
A10qkAioqua of AvalonAdult (f)2,2368172
zja5iLucky Waters of AvalonAdult (m)8,0921,3009
HpsI8Hapsleit of AvalonAdult (f)7,6591,2303
XsHROShirobow of AvalonAdult (m)1,9937932
PonfdPonfd of AvalonAdult (f)5,9561,4612
a4hDJThe Marble SeaAdult (m)7,42489931
upTbUpteb of AvalonAdult (f)12,4631,71812
9qZK3Bizarre Aqua NecklaceAdult (m)6,1021,0909
cgItBIchika HoshinoAdult (f)7,36893132
vs8t8Viseeigt of AvalonAdult (m)8,2991,4285
Ie1LqRed Parade of AvalonAdult (m)7,5001,3174
hL74UMineo of AvalonAdult (m)5,5037656
h2G4wConcentrated Light of AvalonAdult (m)8,2391,3424
c56jCEvening Trouble of AvalonAdult (f)6,7741,3493
Ded89(Ded89)Adult (m)6,8131,4225
tOQ3xDelusioned Victim Cash-in UnionAdult (m)7,9991,4672
OgVlBAge Of Needing To Be NeededAdult (m)8,1441,4665
T5w89Amadeus of AvalonAdult (m)8,1941,4615
Gcu4YEndless Love of AvalonAdult (f)8,0851,4658
DTZpGFulfilled Emotions of AvalonAdult (f)8,7631,61710
ah2WYMourning of AvalonAdult (m)6,1231,4515
yiwBWCrimson Executioner of AvalonAdult (f)6,1561,1153
6rgY0Word Block of AvalonAdult (f)6,2831,2334
yDj0MRed Phosphorus of AvalonAdult (m)7,4051,3732
OCLVSkytide of AvalonAdult (m)3,4491,40980
IyHRHLyhrah of AvalonAdult (f)5,7041,0473
6ZDmsZedem of AvalonAdult (m)8,8271,6902
DxMy0Diaxmyo of AvalonAdult (m)5,2911,0399
dvU39Devutrene of AvalonAdult (m)6,3401,13326
5Z66SBizarre Crazy DiamondAdult (f)9,1271,1294
DJlSrShrimp Eater of AvalonAdult (m)7,0801,2714
KS5mSFlamino of AvalonAdult (f)7,8961,2063
LXwJ8Bizarre Killer QueenAdult (m)7,2451,18216
YYFHOld Pink Nemesis of AvalonAdult (f)1,40254759
pyPig(pyPig)Adult (f)7,1351,18210
H4QpBasher of AvalonAdult (m)1,37951844
33Or1(33Or1)Adult (f)7,3421,10113
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