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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dr. Paine,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HJOPR(HJOPR)Hatchling (f)8,2641,3787
NjKncShimmering Moon DragonAdult (f)3,1256644
qdr1JShimmering Star DragonAdult (m)3,2088521
tka3YBahamut AeonAdult (m)3,2598321
vKYvgShimmering Ruby DragonAdult (m)3,3939201
5DdDSShimmering Berry DragonAdult (m)3,0937822
ODuh5(ODuh5)Adult (m)3,2797372
QkKWuValefor AeonAdult (f)2,4966742
sqJkr(sqJkr)Adult (m)3,6098021
6CHdx(6CHdx)Adult (f)3,6047903
OpkLl(OpkLl)Adult (m)2,7576633
scnicScenic OverlookAdult (f)3,8179244
5DdI0A Matter of BlueAdult (m)3,1816973
nRE3b(nRE3b)Adult (f)4,3624273
zX5ukShagwellAdult (f)3,4168464
BAc1You will know it by its hissingAdult (m)2,05764930
jRhSJill TuckAdult (f)2,0014195
tFmKS(tFmKS)Adult (f)6,3129864
D7TDA(D7TDA)Adult (m)4,8451,0675
0LHBW(0LHBW)Adult (m)4,6329021
5woSD(5woSD)Adult (m)3,4617591
9FM9b(9FM9b)Adult (m)3,9938740
99LEx(99LEx)Adult (m)4,1118614
KYwi2(KYwi2)Adult (f)3,4768483
HxHyfHunter XAdult (f)7,5391,1554
Zp1o3Zipoe StarfallAdult (m)6,0281,0513
fPCIPYizmatAdult (f)2,9556961
pHYIEPhiye StreamscaleAdult (m)3,6768011
tjHBt(tjHBt)Adult (f)3,6968391
nsXNo(nsXNo)Adult (m)7,5011,2093
xQdkC(xQdkC)Adult (m)3,7618673
A7e7D(A7e7D)Adult (f)3,2917603
WxchM(WxchM)Adult (f)3,9087702
yQs0o(yQs0o)Adult (f)4,2531,1323
sxfl4(sxfl4)Adult (f)4,3731,1681
nqwnW(nqwnW)Adult (f)2,6536732
x2VUELuminous HorizonsAdult (m)2,8806161
fGLijGreat HorizonsAdult (f)4,4197862
FBPcM(FBPcM)Adult (f)4,1379842
dAxHiCoastal ShoalsAdult (m)4,5531,0151
2gMWq(2gMWq)Adult (m)2,8686822
WF49j(WF49j)Adult (m)3,6338065
I1azqWildfire DelightsAdult (m)3,7091,1943
RS74uWildfire ScribeAdult (f)3,0288354
tXLEA(tXLEA)Adult (f)2,1485652
SQKzi(SQKzi)Adult (f)2,0865741
D8LPP(D8LPP)Adult (m)2,1346922
jkjwd(jkjwd)Adult (m)2,1946742
30Tnp(30Tnp)Adult (m)4,0281,0721
xKKoo(xKKoo)Adult (f)4,0721,0493
3f5wH(3f5wH)Adult (m)2,6177573
PbOB7(PbOB7)Adult (m)2,5127622
p667Q(p667Q)Adult (m)2,6467681
axHRH(axHRH)Adult (f)2,4937621
htfxW(htfxW)Adult (f)2,9856601
fOZuCompanion Cube DorkfaceAdult (f)1,32793350
ZWVu0Songbird CompanionAdult (m)2,8246505
6rUugSonorous SongbirdAdult (m)3,2646831
EciYmRose  SongbirdAdult (m)3,1856592
xn1jzSunbright SongbirdAdult (m)4,3118751
mLMDu(mLMDu)Adult (m)4,0907761
GtkWT(GtkWT)Adult (m)2,5806240
skZWR(skZWR)Adult (f)3,0446203
Cw1zd(Cw1zd)Adult (m)3,1746012
nsEZ8(nsEZ8)Adult (m)4,0787832
h8VrE(h8VrE)Adult (m)3,3166871
RqzZG(RqzZG)Adult (f)2,5066840
r5DG7(r5DG7)Adult (m)3,3186732
790dLove as a ConstructHatchling (f, F)8304326
55L3XHecate UselaAdult (f)3,2404613
fsfW9PrincessBonnibelBubblegumAdult (f)4,1104782
U2gfw(U2gfw)Adult (f)2,5645731
qRnWa(qRnWa)Adult (f)3,4357031
MxG4E(MxG4E)Adult (m)3,0618072
fuilV(fuilV)Adult (m)4,4507224
c8dqc(c8dqc)Adult (m)2,9386139
GeTRd(GeTRd)Adult (f)3,4466991
NEUQq(NEUQq)Adult (m)3,2976345
q4qkP(q4qkP)Adult (m)5,4768852
X4PKg(X4PKg)Adult (m)4,0257669
DZEVP(DZEVP)Adult (f)3,3607704
zqYPu(zqYPu)Adult (f)4,3767061
2Q1SZ(2Q1SZ)Adult (f)3,0357342
6loeh(6loeh)Adult (f)2,7916561
1EUgK(1EUgK)Adult (m)3,7408362
b1qLo(b1qLo)Adult (m)3,7087981
op5nx(op5nx)Adult (m)2,8897471
Obua0(Obua0)Adult (f)3,4827701
rHiP4(rHiP4)Adult (f)4,6656431
g1bGm(g1bGm)Hatchling (F)9712800
yU7O8(yU7O8)Adult (m)2,5476882
Ak7TD(Ak7TD)Adult (m)3,4607870
rj3ug(rj3ug)Adult (m)4,0296762
UKVWZ(UKVWZ)Adult (f)4,1297801
dQPNI(dQPNI)Adult (m)3,5407343
Ob2nRikki AstaAdult (f)2,89422710
zR6v4Lucky NightstarAdult (f)2,5077790
7DgND(7DgND)Adult (m)3,1295935
3lEbZ(3lEbZ)Adult (m)3,7488842
l0XqX(l0XqX)Adult (m)3,3417972
V7hli(V7hli)Adult (m)2,9847841
0juum(0juum)Adult (f)3,1067870
HRfHM(HRfHM)Adult (f)2,9927461
LNsOK(LNsOK)Adult (f)3,3426380
v7Tb8(v7Tb8)Adult (f)3,4897730
aNEqr(aNEqr)Adult (m)4,8777234
vTflT(vTflT)Adult (m)3,4124053
GAxm7(GAxm7)Adult (m)2,5427121
Z4blE(Z4blE)Adult (m)3,7038522
K34P3(K34P3)Adult (f)2,6916841
TXuiAnd you make a neat gunHatchling (m, F)1,34337721
e8hNYou just keep on tryingHatchling (f, F)1,0213596
wjqJAperture Science We do what weHatchling (F)8361405
DKFcThis 'was a triumphHatchling (m, F)5524848
WzWtFor thepeople who are StillAliveHatchling (F)3051608
NHZ4every mistakeHatchling (m, F)1,83943817
IHwLAnd tore me to piecesHatchling (m, F)1,15656515
3cWiExcept the ones who are deadHatchling (f, F)1,0306876
OfTnFor the peopleHatchling (m, F)1,16749121
nDyJoverstate my satisfactionHatchling (m, F)2,0159927
RGaTtill you run out of cakeHatchling (F)6851808
iUS8make a beautiful lineHatchling (F)7303346
ZCvAI'm not even angryHatchling (m, F)6474783
pkyLI was so happy for youHatchling (f, F)94855723
Fs41As they burned it hurt becauseHatchling (F)5862516
RPybFor the good of all of usHatchling (F)4622862
mpAFmust because we canHatchling (F)4003562
d2dfHuge success It's hard toHatchling (m, F)1,3844396
IZrHI am making a note hereHatchling (m, F)9886198
kf7kand killed meHatchling (F)1,8102208
la4FBut there's no sense crying overHatchling (f, F)72246720
1uQWI'm being so sincere right nowHatchling (F)4373863
EH8hAnd the science gets doneHatchling (f, F)90541212
nznOAnd threw everypiece into a fireHatchling (f, F)1,0944543
u40TEven though you broke my heartHatchling (m, F)1,5797296
WO62who are still aliveHatchling (F)4383852
vM1kSo I'm GLaD I got burned thinkHatchling (F)1,09111412
9YqnNow these points of dataHatchling (f, F)8693683
bgGRAnd we're out of betaHatchling (m, F)2,9022089
doG5we're releasing on timeHatchling (F)7182836
PJKKof all the things we learnedHatchling (f, F)55442323
MP1FGo ahead and leave meHatchling (m, F)1,6661,0096
qlPEthere's science to doHatchling (F)2282137
HGF3to help youHatchling (m, F)67539910
8Qq7Maybe you'll find someone elseHatchling (m, F)6635755
16WsMaybe Black MesaHatchling (m, F)1,91135816
WEMlI think I prefer to stay insideHatchling (f, F)8375173
nFWqTHAT WAS A JOKE HAHA Fat chanceHatchling (f, F)1,1196046
xZgOLook at me still talking whenHatchling (F)4983654
bGnMIt's so delicious and moistHatchling (F)4182941
1VoXAnyway this cake is greatHatchling (F)4122912
BxCmAnd believe me I am still aliveHatchling (F)6611882
GhOSWhen I look out there it makesHatchling (F)3353041
r0dOI'mDoingScience andI'mStillAliveHatchling (F)2381396
6Rc7WhileYou'reDyingI'llBeStillAliveHatchling (F)54517210
HNBQme GLaD I'm not youHatchling (F)5302676
SX0vOn the people who are StillAliveHatchling (F)1,2531369
HsG1IfeelFANTASTIC and I'mStillAliveHatchling (m, F)7806788
O5vUI've experiments to runHatchling (f, F)1,7925986
YS3OThere is research to be doneHatchling (F)35324711
8gx9And when you're deadHatchling (F)40529216
90J4I will be still aliveHatchling (m, F)1,84478112
5VqFIn layman's termsHatchling (F)8811747
QPEIRowena Ravenclaw CrooksHatchling (F)74012511
BT7OStill Alive  Still AliveHatchling (m, F)1,5963931
racHRachniAdult (f)2,1886267
zbeBsZeebesAdult (m)3,5833817
FupQAskeladdenAdult (m)3,0818777
1tgTkR 'lyehAdult (m)3,2521,31510
rWCpvYou might even like beingAdult (m)2,5231,0563
cQLfQKrantt MirosAdult (m)2,2309771
K1kvnturn into a giant womanAdult (f)2,3369832
qiRrtwho gets to see a giant womanAdult (f)2,2181,0202
icJzZAll I wanna be is someoneAdult (f)2,3939942
Curbmsee you turn intoAdult (f)2,3941,0202
EwpI2All I wanna  do isAdult (f)1,6185671
VPx1JA giant woman -- A giant womanAdult (f)1,3946674
O61JTwho gets to see a  giant womanAdult (m)1,5657143
K52bUOh I know it'll be great and IAdult (f)1,5536962
013aSAll I wanna do is help youAdult (f)1,3956762
gf7aLtogether and if you don't itAdult (m)3,0951,1294
AeU0Xwon't be foreverAdult (m)3,0781,1316
R70L8A giant womanAdult (f)3,1201,1676
GTfo7But if it were  meAdult (f)2,9611,1126
ImZcSAll  I wanna be  is someoneAdult (m)3,0261,1184
5g8Dothe person you are togetherAdult (f)3,1861,1594
EvmZiyou are a giant womanAdult (f)2,2559565
jx2NTjust can't wait to seeAdult (m)2,7541,0893
Iew2SIf you give it a chance you canAdult (m)2,3228811
uVo53do a huge dance becauseAdult (m)2,3798985
56njG(56njG)Adult (f)2,2836122
OGIhD(OGIhD)Adult (m)2,3415952
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