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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Holiday Event
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  • Gingerbread House
  • 2019 Halloween Event
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  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dogtamer,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
o0WcTwin DTAdult (m)77750437
WOL4BMinnie and Mo DTAdult (f)77342842
VSsXVShayla and Tallywa DTAdult (f)3,7904971
5Go0DSeeing Double DTAdult (f)3,2744642
LLT5hGeminae DTAdult (m)4,1449561
Imf0TDino and Dina DTHatchling (F)2,8886511
J9XdJLayla and Laloo DTHatchling (f, F)3,5855272
fNCMSAria and Iris DTAdult (f)3,7858492
clvFLRon and Rob DTAdult (m)3,0934124
20fDuPeace and Quiet DTAdult (f)3,6394372
2X028Soren and Sara DTAdult (f)3,5364354
yMhlM(yMhlM)Adult (f)5,6941,1352
aFMNvEmerald and Gold DTAdult (m)4,8541,1932
QqPA3Benevolent and Watchful DTAdult (f)5,7651,2941
F56z5Serenity and Sleep DTAdult (f)4,4785491
mlWzyCarlo and Caleb DTHatchling (m, F)2,8754631
htmtDMolly and Myra DTHatchling (f, F)2,9748251
fwsFHTimeless DTAdult (f)4,8928993
3w7VJEon DTAdult (m)5,7369981
cRGxSKronos DTAdult (m)4,1358761
m1iUyMillenia DTAdult (f)9,4509833
0gaBYNatural Order DTAdult (m)3,6569641
CbuiX(CbuiX)Adult (f)3,6288564
oL1qZAntigrav DTAdult (m)3,4488871
vS7gWSeven DTAdult (m)3,5888931
lst5rPrimordial DTAdult (f)4,0358761
zSkjN(zSkjN)Adult (m)3,0656821
KzCe8Air DTAdult (f)4,2059941
STZXuAether DTAdult (m)4,1051,0082
ziWBvCompetitive DTHatchling (m, F)3,6678371
XXOpTranslucent DTAdult (m)65342927
7Dc4qCreamy DTAdult (f)2,3395355
qRhgPPale DTAdult (m)2,4864371
cK0a6Clear DTHatchling (F)2,6613302
OiRW2Navigator DTAdult (m)3,9439301
OEYly(OEYly)Hatchling (m, F)5,1011,0364
uwThtPostman DTAdult (m)3,8839611
Wsw73(Wsw73)Adult (m)5,2379203
L5vJoYear of the Dragon DTAdult (m)5,5451,0132
duimUBrida DTAdult (f)5,3451,0211
G2U3I(G2U3I)Adult (m)6,4131,1632
VJvjnCloak DTAdult (m)4,0108812
dBRb7(dBRb7)Adult (f)5,3249924
De1EVFriend DTAdult (f)3,4554983
pD5BTEasy Going DTAdult (m)3,3944832
T0xb2Chillax DTAdult (m)3,2775161
UzSZTBro DTAdult (m)3,2174641
JqbfmLia DTAdult (f)2,9905001
UiPsHSunshine DTHatchling (F)3,5357221
PSCG5Dimming Gold DTAdult (f)4,5957784
BDE0eRust DTAdult (m)5,5369371
7gKVCLegend DTAdult (m)3,9268421
5Z2kUMidas DTAdult (m)4,8569114
4yVxgAureum DTAdult (f)6,1929752
AGJK5Mikhail DTAdult (m)4,0978403
NsuHlIt's Golden DTHatchling (F)2,3386053
wyR8zSalty DTAdult (f)2,4877041
cZ0bMVibrant DTAdult (m)3,5959192
2653FWater Nymph DTAdult (f)2,9848032
xbMkg(xbMkg)Adult (m)3,6528711
8H5oJ(8H5oJ)Adult (m)3,4778311
FVndx(FVndx)Adult (m)4,0768511
8FZDG(8FZDG)Adult (m)5,7781,1101
wPHJv(wPHJv)Hatchling (m, F)3,0547621
ZUxcHChirpy DTAdult (m)7,9961,1802
Szmt6Song Bird DTAdult (f)3,0996761
N8x4xAshen DTAdult (f)4,4408951
PEObOGentle Beast DTAdult (m)5,1151,0061
r2ehKIntimidating DTHatchling (f, F)3,6457932
IxEpS(IxEpS)Adult (f)4,7931,1944
4KPTp(4KPTp)Adult (m)5,0179261
Eelos(Eelos)Adult (m)5,4381,1121
zUPlN(zUPlN)Adult (f)5,2951,1021
KSEIV(KSEIV)Adult (m)5,9151,1092
uwnZOEars DTAdult (f)3,3006891
GwYrVMega DTAdult (m)3,0088432
2vN5lAzure DTHatchling (f, F)6,0627571
6g7bQMososaur DTAdult (m)4,2138060
IokGhChomp DTAdult (f)3,9899261
GzzBxUrsula DTAdult (f)3,5349242
ysUJnKyntos DTAdult (f)3,7189382
POKvDMinnow DTHatchling (m, F)4,1768602
97hrAThe Depths DTAdult (f)4,4409552
UvwECJaws DTAdult (m)4,4391,0462
cfl0KShark DTAdult (m)3,7828043
fvOLkFloat DTAdult (f)2,8754735
9QFa4Helium DTAdult (m)4,4369332
6DJZ3Ish and Meesh DTAdult (f)5,4989293
6eCMWSerene Highness DTAdult (m)3,0537033
Zee3HCoroin DTAdult (m)3,8659134
CDi1zPigeon DTHatchling (f, F)5,6157282
kcTZMidnight Warrior DTAdult (m)1,36869427
fNNLEbony DTAdult (f)2,63082113
oXmRLeap DTAdult (m)75147050
FGw1TIt Starts at Midnight DTAdult (m)3,0421,1242
XH6WBLena DTAdult (f)3,5005211
Jpy2TWarrior DTAdult (m)3,5653871
vSyFTKaleen DTAdult (f)3,4632441
os26LShadow DTAdult (f)3,7833873
Ih2CALyria DTAdult (f)2,1036273
tVs4LBucephalus DTAdult (m)3,0714431
VrWgJThe Lady in Black DTAdult (f)6,4779215
dmXoVKarl DTAdult (m)3,4887261
45dWYToothless DTAdult (m)3,8989391
dcNxHKara DTAdult (m)6,5229303
aAzcbRufus DTAdult (m)4,5329691
vuHiwBasic DTAdult (f)3,8728812
nM9nKDubh DTAdult (f)3,5798081
DNpljDorcha DTAdult (m)3,6449481
hoPQX(hoPQX)Adult (f)3,3628462
OthuX(OthuX)Adult (f)3,7307891
vkWDp(vkWDp)Adult (m)3,7818751
ESd3K(ESd3K)Adult (m)3,7668711
TjZkf(TjZkf)Adult (m)3,7678311
ZyVAX(ZyVAX)Adult (f)4,3088662
eV1HRBright Eyes DTHatchling (m, F)2,2107101
SkuWOCourage DTHatchling (F)1,2164292
pAOTpLetitia DTHatchling (f, F)2,6916481
pbamuButterfly DTAdult (f)3,7187873
B7vkRPapillio DTAdult (m)5,1301,0864
YqDXEScent DTAdult (f)4,2674981
Gbd5qKitty DTHatchling (f, F)2,8454461
NS1fVBlack Cap DTAdult (m)4,1393571
433IGFable DTAdult (f)4,9201,0103
ttHQEFisherman DTAdult (m)3,8344442
dnZE1Bambina DTAdult (f)4,2664723
6YLjlFlaunt DTHatchling (m, F)3,4958762
G76yOMusk DTAdult (f)4,4157392
WbJVKWorthy DTAdult (m)8,1831,0213
eTC2oExtinct DTAdult (f)4,9079572
TLw8bFair DTAdult (m)2,7397391
zvievCothrom DTAdult (m)2,3557072
yScjnCeartas DTAdult (f)3,8248423
WPBp2(WPBp2)Adult (f)4,9491,1213
62F3H(62F3H)Adult (f)4,8871,0893
omee5(omee5)Adult (f)4,8581,0934
UzWLG(UzWLG)Adult (m)4,9831,0884
X2201(X2201)Adult (m)5,6201,0772
DiLVcSnarl DTAdult (f)3,5449061
hBCn3Moonlit Night DTAdult (m)4,4411,1515
koylGSplotch DTAdult (m)3,5344131
wJR1lRun Amok DTHatchling (f, F)2,7546273
OXj7ZDouble Trouble DTAdult (f)4,1959582
0rdQOChangeable DTAdult (m)3,2687841
vsznPRemi and Rika DTAdult (f)3,4941,0031
ZOaPOSquabbles and Arguments DTAdult (m)3,8961,0372
5VcisEccentric DTAdult (m)3,2565391
MCbGCCheep and Chirp DTAdult (f)3,7952602
mV3WwMeek and Myna DTHatchling (F)1,8732221
QXJgXPuddle DTAdult (m)2,4897331
CznY4The Streak DTAdult (m)3,3315011
wghA7Tigeress DTAdult (f)2,4814451
QGSLsFrill DTAdult (m)3,9764761
IYI4bBecky DTAdult (f)3,1733614
HqaM6Neptune DTAdult (m)4,3328961
qHkViStriped Tail DTHatchling (m, F)2,3207242
9ShXvWild DTAdult (m)4,9739172
60DwKFree Spirit DTAdult (f)5,9679850
bUsp7Wildling DTHatchling (m, F)3,0747062
lR5MHLuna Blue DTAdult (m)1,75135968
JkjQZRelax DTAdult (f)2,5505043
tU3mUSapphire DTAdult (f)2,6425575
RDlM2Baby Blue DTHatchling (m, F)1,53736368
9dO5eHowl DTHatchling (F)2,4973792
faf8kShell DTHatchling (f, F)2,3534171
aQFEILittle Boy Blue DTAdult (m)5,7371,3056
0hicdShore DTAdult (f)3,2624103
gaCS2Fly DTAdult (f)2,8574891
1noEuSeaside DTAdult (f)3,4054991
blTGZWhite Cap DTAdult (f)3,4344571
P1xPpPoseidon DTAdult (m)4,8419751
Sgdi4Nymph DTAdult (f)4,4759042
4xSveSea Snake DTAdult (m)5,0211,0072
HUtUJFarraige DTAdult (m)3,7787462
MFNdLTemis DTAdult (f)3,0117482
ciK4TThalassa DTAdult (f)3,6099093
HmFU9Brine DTHatchling (m, F)6,2835002
glAQ5Usain DTAdult (m)3,2396932
1p5m1Procella DTAdult (f)3,7268362
NnU4wStun DTHatchling (m, F)7,1349091
VTEWhChili DTAdult (f)5,0369701
srfzFAvalanche DTAdult (m)5,1059911
CkKRDNorth DTAdult (m)3,7538021
84QLJungle Huntress DTAdult (f)1,4916538
aDMSFlap DTAdult (f)1,39945529
wou7zCan't Believe You DTAdult (f)3,1274431
DmpDJGlide DTAdult (m)4,3694461
9rWlvBright Colour DTAdult (m)2,8824291
HXicgGold Dust DTAdult (m)3,00584324
RfidJBurn DTAdult (m)5,73438419
jQVlySulpher DTAdult (f)6,5645241
EdSHcSulphurious the Second DTHatchling (m, F)4,5985032
hL29FBrutus DTAdult (m)3,6454752
iUY1zUrsa DTAdult (f)5,1281,0921
Gtk4rPace DTHatchling (f, F)4,1745332
49Y2ACandle DTAdult (f)5,1728431
33tVQWarm Up DTAdult (m)4,2057971
WeWGQChandelier DTAdult (m)2,5975183
fb0Q4Fragile DTAdult (f)1,01032481
3MKLzTree Top DTAdult (f)4,7521,0522
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