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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Doglover49,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
r4vbFayte and DestineeAdult (m)3,4176286
tJ1trHideous TJ and TyreAdult (m)4,1558327
f0FRkI am 221B lockedAdult (f)2,9245191
MNktPuMmmMM byEAdult (f)2,3092692
6iYxLGlory and PowerAdult (m)1,9316314
ojFJRim gonna smell ur footAdult (f)2,3422672
h1c5hdo nOT SMELL THE FOOTAdult (m)2,1808214
kC0tilol i smelled the footAdult (f)2,3718173
sMm1Arwyn IIAdult (m)4,1102742
7netvReichenbach Feels OverloadAdult (m)3,4761,0944
6fASIway 2 fab 4 uAdult (f)2,3969881
6qPE8(6qPE8)Adult (m)4,7839361
zvrcUtennessee weatherAdult (f)4,7349501
r8Mq9(r8Mq9)Adult (f)4,7007941
IvmNV(IvmNV)Adult (f)4,5578171
bWDD4Darla DarlingAdult (f)4,6739851
oanZxCillian DayAdult (m)2,8725902
I206U(I206U)Adult (f)3,2145922
ga5JP(ga5JP)Adult (m)2,9296251
zLl9T(zLl9T)Adult (f)2,7796442
F30AfKalypso the SeerAdult (f)2,7816261
fowYj(fowYj)Adult (f)4,5776602
0rsIk(0rsIk)Adult (m)4,6826671
5zQSt(5zQSt)Adult (m)2,2165321
9iy7G(9iy7G)Adult (m)4,7107011
Q25Y2(Q25Y2)Adult (m)3,4255253
MTttP(MTttP)Adult (f)2,9196532
Pto0p(Pto0p)Adult (f)2,5275571
YhF8A(YhF8A)Adult (m)2,6835922
toJmWydownAdult (m)1,6756317
4m9DCalone is what i haveAdult (f)2,1719422
pmvosalone is what protects meAdult (f)2,56489013
fuWLFiern Fury of BerkAdult (f)4,7034619
rAuWEmerald Eyes of ShadowAdult (m)3,5252356
CDXcrJohnlockedAdult (f)4,8771,0265
cqDWS(cqDWS)Adult (m)2,8836163
FSv3W(FSv3W)Adult (m)2,4106443
gSQFHRelentless Night CBAdult (f)2,2136384
6JEG3Mendigo CBAdult (m)2,1036523
MMZ41(MMZ41)Adult (f)1,6675952
jkvn2(jkvn2)Adult (f)1,7796224
AxsNK(AxsNK)Adult (m)2,2297654
lqpzz(lqpzz)Adult (m)1,8746523
HlpaqWurmwurst CBAdult (m)2,4586844
KgRJ0Salutations Shadow CBAdult (m)2,4476603
CTwFH(CTwFH)Adult (m)2,0156323
ANXAV(ANXAV)Adult (m)1,8036152
dn34C(dn34C)Adult (m)2,0478371
KaKcaUshering the Night CBAdult (f)1,6266371
rNvD8(rNvD8)Adult (f)1,7746652
6cjrYMaldorvian CBAdult (m)3,7374086
8OI5EAloha Stranger CBAdult (f)2,6197182
5PvUTSinful Blessings CBAdult (f)2,8377881
9UUGb(9UUGb)Adult (f)2,0446336
3TZDz(3TZDz)Adult (f)2,7717182
LB4xf(LB4xf)Adult (f)2,8807341
BQGPq(BQGPq)Adult (m)6,0338471
71zyS(71zyS)Adult (f)4,3508045
smNxX(smNxX)Adult (m)6,0656232
Rm5XW(Rm5XW)Adult (m)4,6408894
NIeCd(NIeCd)Adult (m)3,1685721
9l7uFROZEN kazamHatchling (f, F)3,49158820
aNOkm(aNOkm)Hatchling (m, F)2,4646725
qsvN5Artichoke sAdult (m)2,5659012
L6K3bNewton SalamanderAdult (m)3,0288402
Pzym0Daring DaiAdult (m)1,5116234
SnP3KMissus TeabigginsAdult (m)1,8407614
KZs3VTea-swizzleAdult (f)1,7826821
MWyOp(MWyOp)Adult (m)2,2436781
ELVsu(ELVsu)Adult (f)2,3496184
ambMA(ambMA)Adult (f)1,9825472
iPWUL(iPWUL)Adult (f)2,2725801
9M35FMineral MinstrelAdult (m)1,6066491
TVSS6(TVSS6)Adult (f)1,7197171
VVM4X(VVM4X)Adult (m)1,8697441
Iasct(Iasct)Adult (m)1,7956881
wVa12check out deesAdult (f)2,3266611
g7V0Xur cute 2dayAdult (f)1,8456311
geE4R(geE4R)Adult (m)1,5445964
M1Sd8(M1Sd8)Adult (f)2,9837205
o3PA9AdorkabobsAdult (m)2,8198143
eFw8k(eFw8k)Adult (m)1,7056661
98srj(98srj)Adult (f)2,0295992
CRAOD(CRAOD)Adult (f)3,0116513
3Jr4PRust and StardustAdult (m)3,0406552
88ruG(88ruG)Adult (f)3,8297351
5zIUv(5zIUv)Adult (m)3,6987151
zKlyV(zKlyV)Adult (m)3,8368372
mIgqGeminisisAdult (m)7,7131,5664
DWIY(DWIY)Adult (f)2,2244697
UkN50Damien RiceAdult (m)3,8181,3283
vBdNIVinegar VengeanceAdult (m)2,0086763
ZBuqCwatch me go in circlesAdult (f)2,3096442
EgfOO(EgfOO)Adult (m)4,4868213
hz64N(hz64N)Adult (f)4,7766853
2yDeJ(2yDeJ)Adult (m)4,5846291
jYsws(jYsws)Adult (m)2,9895301
X4HkSir Fancypants McAwesomeAdult (m)5,6231,09112
oqmhAlix PettiferAdult (m)3,05785711
MDPSRosmerteAdult (f)5,3291,0859
a8YSoLady Time LordAdult (f)3,5348033
mIjBoU WANNA GO M8Adult (f)4,1811,0873
6TgLMUnscrupulous EncapsulationAdult (m)3,4549073
qmfBbgosh diddily darnAdult (f)2,5126994
cbiMv(cbiMv)Adult (m)4,9458984
f9ycosoft poisonAdult (f)2,7676573
WSFDFManiacal ManiaAdult (m)2,6986662
gdUTL(gdUTL)Adult (f)2,1915972
fid0q(fid0q)Adult (f)3,0898203
N40YA(N40YA)Adult (m)3,5666481
zSlWr(zSlWr)Adult (f)2,9325231
6NeuBejeweledAdult (f)10,5341,7998
hOT1Glitz GreenAdult (m)5,4131,27812
W5ukZDivine SunsAdult (m)2,5336352
id1vjguiltypersonsayswhatAdult (f)5,3581,0333
UhGR8(UhGR8)Adult (f)5,5458421
76BKMuse FlightHatchling (F)1,80219322
MbvSF(MbvSF)Adult (f)4,2709034
RPpQq(RPpQq)Adult (m)3,0566663
7AYkI(7AYkI)Adult (f)2,9726271
JmiJP(JmiJP)Adult (f)2,4486085
zstgh(zstgh)Adult (f)2,8096314
93j5YJack HunterAdult (m)3,0546443
Qksw4(Qksw4)Adult (m)2,8826481
c5ZHh(c5ZHh)Adult (f)2,6836363
8MOEp(8MOEp)Adult (f)2,8256201
uK58YO OpheliaAdult (f)3,8466272
s0IHCYou've Been  On My MindAdult (m)4,7927162
HrlIthis is NACHO dragonAdult6,8261,68415
kjMTBRIE it onAdult3,91746514
NYbMui feel rather BLEUAdult5,9821,0324
ivFEQThe One Who Crossed the RoadAdult (f)4,1949514
sL4oIdo not use my tail in saladsAdult (f)2,4756025
2Mfbj(2Mfbj)Adult (m)3,0276514
CCCAp(CCCAp)Adult (m)2,3466473
YVSXt(YVSXt)Adult (m)2,3266171
dz01h(dz01h)Adult (f)2,4106282
hR71K(hR71K)Adult (m)2,8559686
AnkMi(AnkMi)Adult (m)2,8227433
Pgln6(Pgln6)Adult (m)2,5556991
kROEE(kROEE)Adult (f)2,6909717
pSXRC(pSXRC)Adult (f)2,7297554
0Ofr6(0Ofr6)Adult (f)3,0181,0282
SxEfO(SxEfO)Adult (f)2,9481,0061
3Ac8u(3Ac8u)Adult (f)1,5006571
XbC35(XbC35)Adult (f)1,6236811
wcHNG(wcHNG)Adult (f)1,5266781
0fc7G(0fc7G)Adult (f)2,9956253
nZwM7(nZwM7)Adult (f)2,8256583
RESyL(RESyL)Adult (f)2,3976572
r0kfMerrybelle HollyAdult (f)1,80657010
uNGRX(uNGRX)Adult (f)2,1118322
OQpjhI tend to lack spiritAdult (m)2,5389381
BvMm2Christmasy ToothlessAdult (m)2,4989371
jTDfu(jTDfu)Adult (m)1,5466542
EhyVb(EhyVb)Adult (m)3,3541,0462
wq4CSand she's going on a journeyAdult (f)2,2306212
iX3XRalways walking down the roadAdult (f)2,4336132
muAuu(muAuu)Adult (f)2,3246351
S9moM(S9moM)Adult (f)2,2926161
RT8X5and the water is always callingAdult (f)2,1207443
SVpsamy little child please come homeAdult (f)2,1607462
Di5KX(Di5KX)Adult (m)2,1155921
4XUVR(4XUVR)Adult (m)2,6205771
VW55l(VW55l)Adult (m)2,7105831
61Mdi(61Mdi)Adult (m)3,9376412
eJxon(eJxon)Adult (m)4,1216781
Dvowf(Dvowf)Adult (f)5,6919232
1wSfw(1wSfw)Adult (f)5,7889522
PHqx5(PHqx5)Adult (f)3,8491,0061
Y0ZFZ(Y0ZFZ)Adult (f)3,7161,0141
TsLbThalassa of MirAdult (f)4,9571,6049
f0CdkBrooke of District 4Adult (f)3,6651,1233
oBBlZGo into the NightAdult (m)1,5166292
WnIRk(WnIRk)Adult (m)3,0437371
TNKvp(TNKvp)Adult (f)2,9427246
5XLnA(5XLnA)Adult (m)3,1997352
QDoH6(QDoH6)Adult (f)2,2946134
Wvi4A(Wvi4A)Adult (m)2,52685012
x6MrO(x6MrO)Adult (m)2,6694741
2FtTK(2FtTK)Adult (f)2,4036443
3EoL1(3EoL1)Adult (m)3,1668025
XavSr(XavSr)Adult (m)2,0915442
R5ZWnStatuette of LibertyAdult (f)2,2116493
PEe04(PEe04)Adult (m)2,0866271
L67nGarden PoisonedAdult (m)5,5471,27310
kfeJIvy-anneAdult (f)3,75839620
XXbn1a l l  w e  a r eAdult (f)4,78898510
gIKbZ(gIKbZ)Adult (m)2,2838312
5J1NT(5J1NT)Adult (f)2,8891,0133
VkDv9Daphne of RevolutionAdult (f)1,8826742
FlM1NMarble Lover of LibertyAdult (m)2,0677193
wgApA(wgApA)Adult (f)1,9576842
wrOrVEnjolarsAdult (m)2,0336063
Wzk2DApollo of PatriaAdult (m)1,6726133
G2bKoCoronis of the StreetsAdult (f)1,7345722
PGhCR(PGhCR)Adult (f)1,8796562
sHVkh(sHVkh)Adult (m)6,3748962
2VLjtroubled waysHatchling (f, F)4,2608625
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