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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dizabeau,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0dcK(0dcK)Adult (m)2,66222614
KXsy(KXsy)Adult (f)1,53748123
HL1o(HL1o)Adult (f)2,83242341
31Uy(31Uy)Adult (f)2,81347312
Op1D(Op1D)Adult (f)1,52849914
OZve(OZve)Adult (m)1,4173948
uJRO(uJRO)Adult (m)2,74353724
OGPJ(OGPJ)Adult (m)6284784
vxVH(vxVH)Adult (f)1,19939016
xI9s(xI9s)Adult (f)3,61398425
lVdO(lVdO)Adult (m)3,8431,05923
HJ9d(HJ9d)Adult (m)9236575
7ARQ(7ARQ)Adult (m)2,6826326
Etp2(Etp2)Adult (m)2,47138410
IMDB(IMDB)Adult (f)1,9916459
hBcA(hBcA)Adult (m)3,55426616
SKU4(SKU4)Adult (f)1,40536117
5iBH(5iBH)Adult (f)2,0672366
cM0V(cM0V)Adult (f)4,5153028
Tmyg(Tmyg)Adult (m)2,97542530
Y6cs(Y6cs)Adult (m)1,44865212
UfjB(UfjB)Adult (m)1,50266313
GkLQ(GkLQ)Adult (m)1,98234821
Mzt9(Mzt9)Adult (f)1,99271025
wesM(wesM)Adult (m)9715537
efBx(efBx)Adult (f)9695548
eXOQ(eXOQ)Adult (f)1,5258887
JbHB(JbHB)Adult (m)1,5188867
pawK(pawK)Adult (f)1,5258898
b1di(b1di)Adult (f)1,08156611
l2rT(l2rT)Adult (f)2,34348117
7Juc(7Juc)Adult (m)1,0785719
IDsb(IDsb)Adult (m)1,0625638
n1EV(n1EV)Adult (m)2,6941,7579
6FUr(6FUr)Adult (m)2,6871,7547
HWBB(HWBB)Adult (m)2,6991,74710
tAQw(tAQw)Adult (m)2,06760811
68NX(68NX)Adult (m)9266528
36kZ(36kZ)Adult (m)9286525
o3mc(o3mc)Adult (m)9276548
FDDK(FDDK)Adult (f)2,62651318
8Vpu(8Vpu)Adult (f)9715508
hQXb(hQXb)Adult (f)2,31849126
RkKh(RkKh)Adult (m)1,11656258
jhnr(jhnr)Adult (m)1,92299025
TET8(TET8)Adult (f)3,32326215
HGRR(HGRR)Adult (m)2,65223314
a45t(a45t)Adult (m)2,76023413
El2x(El2x)Adult (f)2,41739311
uehC(uehC)Adult (m)4,46729912
BI7Q(BI7Q)Adult (f)2,74642545
emae(emae)Adult (f)2,90043619
8FpI(8FpI)Adult (f)1,47059518
DdH7(DdH7)Adult (m)1,97858812
177N(177N)Adult (f)99553517
kq8S(kq8S)Adult (f)2,36147720
APj3(APj3)Adult (m)1,7115645
72sG(72sG)Adult (m)1,84393212
AEJB(AEJB)Adult (m)3,4932348
a4Te(a4Te)Adult (m)1,11342214
Qstb(Qstb)Adult (m)3,15443338
X6LS(X6LS)Adult (f)1,05655911
qJkI(qJkI)Adult (f)2,6851,7488
Ep9b(Ep9b)Adult (m)2,28834610
V3Tj(V3Tj)Adult (f)2,07860213
8h7v(8h7v)Adult (m)2,48751519
nBcs(nBcs)Adult (m)2,83927318
Enot(Enot)Adult (f)2,3673778
pVDV(pVDV)Adult (m)1,9056077
ABbC(ABbC)Adult (m)1,6505496
77Ha(77Ha)Adult (f)3,58326117
bGEg(bGEg)Adult (m)3,40522711
nG4L(nG4L)Adult (m)3,64124511
FxbZ(FxbZ)Adult (f)2,48068339
fKGW(fKGW)Adult (f)1,27858116
3fNA(3fNA)Adult (f)1,52488712
7ZL2(7ZL2)Adult (m)2,60842030
vMMB(vMMB)Adult (f)4,47330011
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