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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Diggeryoda,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UV0b3Double Destroyer Dragon BAdult (f)5,1293432
xTsB8Classical ConditioningAdult (f)2,7655892
va90ARam Rumble BeeAdult (m)3,8017620
g2e8D(g2e8D)Adult (m)4,8928933
GRgm8(GRgm8)Adult (f)5,0228332
rVcIW(rVcIW)Adult (m)2,8456971
gAmUZDastardly Devil BoyAdult (m)3,9497691
dF88GRonaldsonAdult (m)3,8277540
BK11UCurtis LeeAdult (f)3,5016182
nqakcOff MeAdult (m)2,2525413
NkGk7PaisanoAdult (f)3,3987181
Xlph5Ya see LuigiAdult (m)2,6666082
mKYPHYa gotta check em oftenAdult (f)2,5346341
S3W7RMama Mia's RavioliAdult (f)4,4697971
KbdLaCleetus McfarlandAdult (f)4,3029423
UepqdRed Blue Jeans and a PonytailAdult (f)2,8496703
y8EINDance to the BopAdult (m)4,4676352
zG3qj(zG3qj)Adult (f)5,1466671
bJhwX(bJhwX)Adult (m)5,0248473
D63IUI Is A CrayonAdult (f)5,3013601
g68WMGhostly GibusAdult (f)3,7843160
qWBVcGene VincentAdult (m)2,5946982
WabYEJerry Lee LewisAdult (m)3,0515470
nkxaAMike LoveAdult (m)3,0116100
JBhiGAl JardineAdult (m)2,8996042
X07KOI have osteoperosisAdult (f)2,8205961
30ysRI Have EDAdult (m)3,0856281
a0mk4Hooligan 55Adult (f)3,2757672
5o7dPWho Slapped JohnAdult (f)4,2318331
fM42nBi I Bickey Bi Bo Bo GoAdult (f)2,9496292
gYPJiGoin' Here and ThereAdult (m)2,8986692
SBnzSKelly KarrAdult (m)2,6706250
SfcnUThree Steps to HeavenAdult (m)5,0628311
xvjxVBoppin' All Over the FloorAdult (f)4,2007571
u5i0uEmmett LaFaveAdult (m)4,9086461
2t8ulMax LaFaveAdult (m)5,9451,0364
EGXUWGuyboAdult (f)4,3017882
VvCk9Do the BopAdult (m)4,2678122
1X0kmThat's Alright now MamaAdult (f)4,4008301
UMWeTAny Way You DoAdult (m)3,9587160
MBmY3Ain't no Good for YouAdult (m)3,8077130
8wLSOPicture me ThereAdult (f)3,3157360
eT4iGPut Your Cat Clothes OnAdult (f)3,4687741
X9IRLDraggin' MainAdult (m)3,3616961
uA7kpRunnin' to and froAdult (f)3,9596701
hF5jMRock em' RightAdult (f)2,9196841
D8nIsHepcatAdult (m)3,2127091
ucnl8Sun ClassicsAdult (f)3,2977161
6ltlMDohiniAdult (m)3,1356090
dcOk8The ElegantsAdult (m)3,7976702
IbMzSKelpy GAdult (f)4,4317873
AE9QDWe Would Never PartAdult (f)4,3357732
vV1TuSunglasses After DarkAdult (f)4,4747992
64EX1You're Always TrueAdult (f)4,5028131
uHivLLight FiveAdult (f)4,4097732
Uuj12The BluecapsAdult (m)4,4197923
bToDWAngelo D'AleoAdult (m)4,4757992
DyVJxThe SkylinersAdult (m)3,0426562
QoITVThe PlattersAdult (m)2,9186571
ny64iDutchess Of EarlAdult (f)2,8616832
abynFThe Four AcesAdult (f)3,5615731
A1Qrl(A1Qrl)Adult (m)5,0688841
7STqySo it has come to thisAdult (m)2,4856410
CiERtGetchooAdult (f)3,3845672
3AQYAWind in our sailAdult (m)3,6796351
LUwrnThackerAdult (m)4,6657520
HOGAZHOGAZAdult (f)2,7845242
6azzS(6azzS)Adult (f)8,9088093
b5qBm(b5qBm)Adult (f)3,9558341
XCJzBThathertonAdult (m)2,9366802
xAxDiNo other oneAdult (f)2,7766061
weF5tBout time you losers showed upAdult (m)2,8596221
2KbmdPepe CenaAdult (f)3,4676942
LKbRDFrogminAdult (m)4,7097560
qKEWX(qKEWX)Adult (f)3,9828231
Z63wdRendovinkleAdult (f)3,8149613
BaAp5Two Fists of IronAdult (f)3,2898180
cRfVpAnd I'm Goin' NowhereAdult (m)3,8547560
98kR2Hop Right Into That Car Of MineAdult (m)3,9287530
krJvRDrive Around The WorldAdult (m)3,0386481
4YQ7DJersey BoysAdult (f)3,8557071
BjkX6Get me a new breaker barAdult (m)2,4825851
WE4t1Owl PelletAdult (f)3,8775633
MK1i4(MK1i4)Adult (f)3,9037284
Lnl0GI Knocked Bim BamAdult (f)4,4766091
zKhheOpen The Door RichardAdult (f)4,0655623
wktGqSeries AA CapitolAdult (f)4,2745791
JrbLZSeries M Copper-CooledAdult (m)4,2995680
XOQGISeries AB NationalAdult (m)3,0337071
rkUyOSeries AC InternationalAdult (f)3,4396842
4f7jS(4f7jS)Adult (f)4,9328632
9ZvMlur mum hehAdult (m)4,2635751
T39rAI Demand More Fried ChickenAdult (m)5,0403660
qHZut(qHZut)Adult (m)4,9648744
Nuf69Sally Two-SkullsAdult (f)3,4425842
80HDl(80HDl)Adult (m)6,3421,0912
obCkx(obCkx)Adult (f)4,9756762
QgAO3Black Dynamite BAdult (f)5,3593581
jnLRjBlastOfChaos BAdult (f)8,1001,4125
cbtYFTheBlackArrow BAdult (m)3,4524572
uQ4EvShadow Wing BAdult (m)4,3453371
8gkl7Shadow Sneak BAdult (m)2,7226527
oC1LAThe Gray FoxAdult (f)4,8403231
TfTbODark Side BAdult (f)3,7873472
DvWF7Unlight AlphaAdult (m)2,5546921
Z4kMvInvisible Shadow BAdult (f)3,6043472
dqT14Mister HOGAdult (m)4,1573121
J1n6TThief of ShadowAdult (m)2,9559951
NjispSlugmanAdult (m)2,4286565
2BvpWSelectively PermeableAdult (f)3,0147914
RABweKing RajaAdult (m)4,3626730
rY8H1Why you heff to be madAdult (f)2,7786420
Du4cJAbsorb ItAdult (f)2,2775372
QhLfjHigh Overseer MartinAdult (m)3,7928192
DCl24Farley HavelockAdult (m)2,6746094
U1UqoFred MilanoAdult (f)5,6679232
fWWdRThe CleftonesAdult (m)4,3504731
Fd0fYSandizzleAdult (f)6,6008814
Cx79d(Cx79d)Adult (m)5,4407231
33D9V(33D9V)Adult (m)5,2997852
nAULd(nAULd)Adult (f)9,6588362
sSxvW(sSxvW)Adult (f)4,0508232
fwSn2Here's My StoryAdult (m)3,2646152
ZRHq9It's Sad But TrueAdult (f)3,5216592
ZrCyuIt's About a GirlAdult (f)3,0705870
KwmScxThat I Once KnewAdult (m)2,9065741
X6rt7She Took My LoveAdult (m)2,9215761
xr8zVThen Ran AroundAdult (m)3,0085292
IefgWWith Every SingleAdult (f)3,0745522
1hrF6Guy In TownAdult (m)3,8375251
hR6DgI Also ExistAdult (m)2,5965751
x05K9SandshipAdult (m)1,8506612
qaq21The one and only TrashioAdult (f)2,1936032
2gFZmNo Bozo DaneAdult (f)3,8246320
3Mf3aI've Got A Bad DiseaseAdult (f)5,2187750
i68k8Lord PendletonAdult (f)3,5285523
Z8UAP(Z8UAP)Adult (m)4,0756891
Ss5C3Frank the WarriorAdult (m)2,2956853
Cc2ySTower DefenseAdult (m)2,7769200
Gi8t3I was a mistake teeheeAdult (m)3,7696681
IENrW(IENrW)Adult (f)5,7617362
o11I0Bill HaleyAdult (f)2,7536492
fLHgVThe CometsAdult (f)3,4335960
FTjPVMrGmViewAdult (m)4,4419094
F2ZIp(F2ZIp)Adult (m)5,6421,0411
QxgwJ(QxgwJ)Adult (f)3,9418552
Xon3EGreenbreirAdult (m)5,3117001
gC8KTS-10Adult (f)3,3977322
SOXQCLumina APVAdult (m)3,9847571
RgFeTAK SeriesAdult (m)3,4506751
3NrFwBeauvilleAdult (f)3,3666771
w2BP7B-SeriesAdult (m)3,7457891
L3LOMBrookwoodAdult (f)4,7306873
S0eorFA SeriesAdult (m)5,0449113
IP7RSFB SeriesAdult (f)3,3127531
P1aqiFleetlineAdult (f)3,0476430
Sgk9EFleetmasterAdult (f)2,9786141
k7qjxG-SeriesAdult (m)3,2347351
H7BCI(H7BCI)Adult (m)4,0847302
7KXtZRend The MarkedAdult (f)3,8645973
rl1CKSlow and Insidious KillerAdult (f)3,7965617
TWfX0Is It 1358 YetAdult (f)3,2526713
UZr7DDion and the BelmontsAdult (m)3,2187052
JojdeGhostemaneAdult (f)3,3016751
1mogc(1mogc)Adult (f)3,2796941
A6A6O(A6A6O)Adult (f)3,2066162
wmW6C(wmW6C)Adult (m)2,5946433
FIzPZ(FIzPZ)Adult (m)4,1437173
R0g7H(R0g7H)Adult (m)3,3637351
mqXYx(mqXYx)Adult (m)3,1906435
BO36L(BO36L)Adult (f)5,0887571
YRV7p(YRV7p)Adult (m)5,1007552
uDtTZ(uDtTZ)Adult (m)3,9527032
GCzFa(GCzFa)Adult (m)3,5475914
HQ1wy(HQ1wy)Adult (f)2,9035641
fQCPb(fQCPb)Adult (f)2,6437291
ZtkeR(ZtkeR)Adult (m)3,0196971
yaLgi(yaLgi)Adult (f)5,6247671
XZW5n(XZW5n)Adult (f)3,9377991
tYyHM(tYyHM)Adult (m)5,9591,1337
JHySz(JHySz)Adult (m)4,0436512
NPNI6(NPNI6)Adult (m)5,5637480
IMeNYWho You Callin PinheadAdult (m)6,3014213
EpZj8(EpZj8)Adult (m)6,5916112
tupn1(tupn1)Adult (f)6,3815891
Lo5xr(Lo5xr)Adult (m)6,6816285
rXvBzDark Lord Ringar IIIAdult (m)2,3066750
UVNRwUnder the Moon of LoveAdult (m)2,7356182
mWMRy(mWMRy)Adult (m)2,7975831
lhPAg(lhPAg)Adult (f)3,8688082
Xi3pxSlip me cyanide pills plsAdult (m)2,3286202
3kOQP(3kOQP)Adult (m)3,7076372
B4dTn(B4dTn)Adult (f)3,6726123
E0jjK(E0jjK)Adult (f)2,7216312
xaK7j(xaK7j)Adult (f)2,6996512
cZHXYHeaven's Crusader ThuwedAdult (m)2,6996581
xb59P(xb59P)Adult (f)2,7926651
pyhhI(pyhhI)Adult (f)3,0636663
50JbN(50JbN)Adult (m)2,8826481
VctpP(VctpP)Adult (f)3,2576922
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