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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Diamonde_,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DP5XR(DP5XR)Hatchling (f)3,8691,0441
quWlK(quWlK)Hatchling (f)3,6741,0212
MHfUkAquamarie and AntoniaAdult (f)2,22269111
rrh5gRandal MoonAdult (m)4,2071,1446
wZCdu(wZCdu)Adult (f)4,7749863
PaHQH(PaHQH)Adult (f)5,2881,0595
1JeVjlevi chainsAdult (m)5,5621,0407
PrrbEThe Human DragonAdult (m)4,0631,4633
2HsA0Blue AngelinaAdult (f)6,0631,1495
OBc1ZLowri AnagallisAdult (f)3,7601,0055
jTHup(jTHup)Adult (f)4,8689747
D6t5A(D6t5A)Adult (m)4,9091,0635
fotc3(fotc3)Adult (m)3,9451,0273
ZJiw6triton hippocampAdult (m)5,7099604
bDdup(bDdup)Adult (f)3,2357971
dE82BI don't feel very wellAdult (m)3,9571,3086
sYmb1(sYmb1)Adult (f)3,7487093
Fi7TK(Fi7TK)Adult (m)5,7031,1856
W5fWnClimbing an invisble wallAdult (m)4,0261,1404
KnM4tDescending an invisible wallAdult (f)4,0771,3371
KaYWvstare at invisible wallsHatchling (f, F)6,3589956
6qIgZThe Stoll BrothersAdult (m)4,4321,4355
ijtZGMs DelphoxAdult (f)4,9021,4836
Z4tT5i released the wrong one oopsAdult (f)4,3191,3051
3QAdV(3QAdV)Adult (f)1,9967481
PQgpU(PQgpU)Adult (f)2,2587611
bPpmQBlue-WolfAdult (m)2,4318114
19gRfSweet RueAdult (f)3,9951,1214
ybFfSMy family are all the same as meAdult (m)3,8691,2253
pYhP5Pure blue and pink bloodAdult (f)1,6205750
MFly8Valerie HaleAdult (f)3,7851,4324
mvVr9named after owners nicknameAdult (f)1,9357602
huQDAJohn PaulAdult (m)2,0395492
p74JApetunia hates magicAdult (f)2,3055993
gwd7cOrion TAdult (m)4,6679715
8mvKTImma MF StarboyAdult (m)6,9251,0816
VUMfm(VUMfm)Adult (m)4,4591,1704
afBxhCheddaar GorgeAdult3,9981,3014
O3rZePEGASUS AT CHRISTMASAdult (f)1,91741014
zBy3tStella brings giftsAdult (f)3,3098081
iO548wrapping paper wingzAdult (m)3,6468852
xpybsLoving SolisticeAdult (f)3,8569241
D9hCM(D9hCM)Adult (m)2,6336871
jR0JT(jR0JT)Adult (m)3,2397460
CUQTuI AM A COPPERAdult (f)2,3407794
JVzRh(JVzRh)Adult (f)2,9638123
9C8ibAnna KristoffAdult (f)7,4661,1358
iANMHi love plantsssAdult (m)3,0089722
3aIXpPlants Versus DragonsAdult (m)7,6371,3006
5wyWb(5wyWb)Adult (m)5,2281,0313
qyxHXAnnie CrestaaAdult (f)2,7161,0367
HRDw0Under Da SeaaAdult (f)3,7078954
Wfaz6Blood Diamond DragonAdult (m)4,6119806
a3ZcG(a3ZcG)Adult (f)4,5469524
F6KoNC R I M S O N-S W E GAdult (f)4,5341,2803
lRjEr(lRjEr)Adult (m)3,4691,0802
sWu95Purple 'N' RedAdult (f)4,9061,2803
UWhjhLina-MayfleetAdult (f)3,9971,4224
DLkSfP-o-m-p-e-i-iAdult (m)3,7948705
DdeTgjust doing some execiseAdult (m)3,9181,1764
c7l79Greeney QueenieAdult (f)2,5929303
W5Rgt(W5Rgt)Adult (m)3,9959423
3TaXa(3TaXa)Adult (f)3,9601,3191
DAvRiyOU CAN'T HEAR ME WALKINGAdult (m)3,8757041
sb48C(sb48C)Adult (f)4,0527402
T0Ovv(T0Ovv)Adult (f)4,0441,1615
aZAHuE-l-s-aAdult (f)2,0277653
gWGT6Do u wanna build a snowmaanAdult (m)3,6538974
MTo8O(MTo8O)Adult (m)7,3991,1275
87Iti(87Iti)Adult (m)3,2427237
GXgwv(GXgwv)Adult (f)4,4408365
A3Zt4(A3Zt4)Adult (m)3,5321,0321
tfqAEBlueey GrayAdult (m)3,8061,1884
SDK3lTribal Sea Gang MistressAdult (f)3,5691,2304
t7e0nT-y-s-o-nAdult (m)4,8741,3433
yIA2e(yIA2e)Adult (f)2,9299100
v25M1AkahtenAdult (m)2,0857077
FCxU7Merry GelejhAdult (f)2,7958932
kaX2SK n i g h t l yAdult (m)3,0759213
vQlEyGoldieROCKSAdult (f)4,4129796
daXBTam I a horseyAdult (m)4,1761,2774
25GPLA Splash Of MagicAdult (f)4,6851,4685
5MOiBZar'roccAdult (m)3,1211,1123
zY2iAMr ChaseAdult (m)3,3591,45812
1DvSx(1DvSx)Adult (m)3,7961,1814
8IxW4The Heavenly HostAdult (f)4,7101,6326
EzHxQS-P-Q-RAdult (f)4,4251,3935
qvn04male influence failed on meAdult (f)4,5541,3715
TrYmDI'AM A BOYAdult (m)4,9111,2113
ls1mXMe too - CBAdult (m)5,0371,1673
2vqfQ(2vqfQ)Adult (f)4,4371,1754
hIC5XPeter Pumpkin IAdult (m)2,5529181
V2t6e(V2t6e)Adult (m)2,9771,0742
Eq7jIThe Ghost of High HeartAdult (f)3,7731,2823
CaiSPEndarkened AmatisAdult (f)3,7721,2893
zYffxJonathan 'Sebastian' MorgensternAdult (m)3,7361,2850
goefUBlue and Flaming HotAdult (f)3,0881,1200
Vm5jqDark Horse of flamesAdult (f)4,1571,0613
Gp4x5ArrrrrrooooooooooAdult (m)3,2891,1861
20osKIce Ice Ice IceAdult (f)4,0511,3572
K4XvaBianca NeveAdult (f)2,2267572
XcCrg(XcCrg)Egg (F)
Q2Yu3Poseidon the Sea DragonAdult (m)2,7239847
t7SaoT-a-oAdult (m)3,0889621
POiKdRenessieAdult (f)2,6525423
DfeD6Cassiopeia the FirstAdult (f)5,1231,1092
1HsxUMr StantlerAdult (m)4,9489363
5KdAK(5KdAK)Adult (m)3,0731,0173
4C9B0I  believe I can fly - of courseAdult (f)2,9331,0062
EwHZyI grew up on my owner's birthdayAdult (m)5,0621,2126
Ob3ptWhite Golden DragonAdult (m)4,3231,4523
sMmx5Hecate the DragonAdult (f)1,9887014
5aVy4PasipaeAdult (f)2,2647952
wiarmPhorkys the DragonAdult (m)4,6841,2842
weEXgMiss ValdezAdult (f)4,2681,4333
LirNgDo I look like a girlAdult (m)4,3321,3158
UsndEMother Mary of MagmaAdult (f)1,8186256
5CW8kI LAVA YOUUAdult (m)5,1281,0126
HA0bK(HA0bK)Adult (m)3,8201,1376
JSBrW(JSBrW)Adult (m)4,0391,1573
AuIhZ(AuIhZ)Adult (f)1,9676182
q6Km5Princess AtalaAdult (f)4,3691,4023
cf0ZiSelene SkyAngelAdult (f)5,2225384
YnTfrC-h-a-o-sAdult (m)3,1777214
SOb5oStary-EyedAdult (f)2,2707603
Eevvw(Eevvw)Adult (m)5,7391,2964
OqSqOnot green eitherAdult (m)5,4961,10410
JXNGlN-y-xAdult (f)3,6971,0475
4knIXSadly I wanted to be greenAdult (f)3,5951,1823
JMQVUArya the PrincessAdult (f)2,5489919
QYrhNStevie PinkAdult (m)2,3387852
n0RFFMr Danny PinkAdult (m)3,4491,1665
sIx6OPrincess-AuroraAdult (f)3,0499485
WFG7t(WFG7t)Adult (m)4,3739484
5ceXdFlaming SliverAdult (f)3,7959605
ox8Il(ox8Il)Adult (m)5,7851,0619
6nIelGreek ChampAdult (f)4,9661,5454
x4MTpLightning McSpinAdult (f)4,8091,5248
KNTcwSpin me right roundAdult (f)5,39095910
3syCDThe Wrecking Ball of Miley CyrusAdult (m)5,0731,4286
4CBAeyOU SEE ME ROLLINGAdult (f)3,5479907
6INtByOU ALSO SEE ME ROLLINGAdult (f)3,9251,0558
SyvfPPurrrr-ple DragonAdult (f)1,43942310
I0U9tMr DionysusAdult (m)3,9231,4202
hRLvQMr BacchusAdult (m)4,6281,2862
Z2iee(Z2iee)Adult (f)3,0397853
e67dB(e67dB)Adult (m)6,0051,1635
RqSVdSweet Pea DragonAdult (f)5,8241,3141
2mYfI(2mYfI)Adult (f)5,1851,1184
bZklbfirst dragon after 4 year hiatusAdult (f)7,7401,2987
OgICR(OgICR)Adult (f)3,7158795
SrSLZAqua Sea DragonAdult (m)2,9608242
lzZAb(lzZAb)Adult (m)3,8247774
45zLA(45zLA)Adult (f)5,1841,0453
la4kDMWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAdult (f)3,2811,0523
r8Y3dY - O - L - OAdult (f)2,7379012
ezAMuLiteral Grand FatherAdult (m)4,5931,2944
pA6oBLiteral Grand MotherAdult (f)4,0111,3111
C59oORosalie Christina GiselleAdult (f)5,3768845
BjGMUP-h-o-e-b-eAdult (f)4,4811,1534
T32orLittle GemmieAdult (f)7753969
MpKU0Gemmie IIAdult (f)4,0961,2203
nRSVeI LOVE PURPLE SO MUCHAdult (m)2,7315833
K6ErkCB tanAdult (f)1,9767945
gSR2LYe Olde Crimson HorrorAdult (f)3,1599751
KoOzu(KoOzu)Adult (m)5,2321,0808
bEWKuPerseephoneAdult (f)4,4831,2955
AFmEDD-e-m-e-t-e-r CBAdult (f)4,5251,2606
xqXhxmale infulence also failed on meAdult (f)4,6701,3163
y7Jo9a boy - finallyAdult (m)3,4589623
b5Vh6i misfigured when it was summerAdult (f)7,0441,1144
SiabESummer Summer TimeAdult (m)2,7008423
J8Rffsummer time n the living's easyAdult (m)4,0431,1593
xyvp5first dragon after owners hiatusAdult (f)3,0767181
qPyhkKhione the DragonAdult (f)2,7231,0064
S805sBoreas the DragonAdult (m)2,4647963
v338D(v338D)Adult (m)3,3581,1323
9a5Xf(9a5Xf)Adult (f)1,7536704
zOPv9Sliver Shadow HunterAdult (m)4,0891,1454
fGXMfSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSliverAdult (f)3,9711,3837
5UOWw(5UOWw)Adult (m)5,3151,1005
7kCIdFinnigan the DragonAdult (m)2,3238297
qbestSweet FandomsAdult (m)4,2031,5554
3zbsz2 0 0Adult (f)4,1619344
UgfSmLil PeaceMakerHatchling (m, F)2,7241,0333
upEu2TrichelyaAdult (f)4,5061,4261
SJhjSAquaWoodAdult (m)4,3271,3173
S77DK(S77DK)Adult (m)2,2456176
WgqGS(WgqGS)Adult (f)2,9878152
ATLkNm y s t e r i oAdult (m)4,4801,1317
agaxvJon Connington in the endAdult (m)3,2869695
aAKiK(aAKiK)Adult (m)7,1051,2824
GttzHWhite AngellAdult (f)1,62841311
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