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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dharak,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
d0t8uthe king of bothAdult (m)5,4151,3133
ZB4gdtwo can be company enoughAdult (f)8,5631,39220
iFTS0polycephaly twinsAdult (m)3,8795101
WzinOnever alone with youAdult (f)7,2781,2271
RkZZuand loneliness was never knownAdult (f)5,7888322
PscAlhe was a dichotomyAdult (m)5,8751,0421
AYvSzopal moonriseAdult (f)4,9041,3413
jcCBIunder the pale moonAdult (f)6,5071,1462
rrYMla pearl shimmerAdult (m)7,4241,1131
rtcoWorchid's moonAdult (m)5,1299124
CqJehhere endlesslyAdult (f)5,1859231
hubYMeyes like moon dustAdult (m)5,8411,1522
iPYZaborn twiceAdult (f)5,8001,0355
4UTIZan exhalationAdult (f)5,9231,0354
004Lhsetting in her eyesAdult (f)6,0121,0382
ut67nmoonlit violetsAdult (m)4,4349903
9UuJlchosen silenceAdult (f)4,8871,1591
HCFbzwe can be alone togetherAdult (m)6,1121,3822
vAB3lhis jadeAdult (m)4,9901,2235
Oi59jlunar stagnationAdult (m)6,0651,2344
5HJzDon nights like theseAdult (m)6,4571,2222
2AvR0not quite like youAdult (m)5,5328112
64wNbthe moon as our guideAdult (m)4,1565212
DXv1twe found ourselves longingAdult (m)4,3768713
g6dTithe light spills forwardAdult (m)3,1827053
VMvcithinking twiceAdult (m)6,2331,2150
pgFgnjaded twinsAdult (f)7,0001,2515
L4hKxtomorrow is a mile awayAdult (f)8,0591,0023
Onj5mi've known this dreamAdult (m)5,6499223
SNVscforever future boundAdult (f)7,0221,1544
bfr86time matters notAdult (m)6,3541,0322
Gf8Phtime boundAdult (f)5,3959871
EoMN2so far east im westboundAdult (f)4,6119862
F56Pttemporal gravityAdult (m)4,8741,0391
rvjlgotherworldly reversalsAdult (f)5,1131,0611
peIrzall stars could be quieterAdult (f)5,1281,0483
irNhhof whom the stars orbitAdult (f)5,9291,0623
jesxhreversed lightningAdult (f)5,7501,0873
4KGnfwanderlust for the starsAdult (m)5,6101,0442
X6J4jcause i used to defy gravityAdult (f)4,2671,0472
LGVm2caught under starlightAdult (f)4,2711,0361
vrQZTfell from the heavensAdult (m)4,6789572
XyFr4weaving star silkAdult (f)5,8281,2303
zMNfilost in orbitAdult (m)4,9871,1744
8daExgot an empty crownAdult (f)4,8111,0144
AtZM7entangled starsAdult (m)4,4079962
Wa16Kwrap you up in my gravityAdult (m)6,0431,0161
nl1zTshooting stars all break upAdult (f)4,6901,0193
w134jan ethereal infinityAdult (f)4,9219772
7OyRifalsified kingAdult (m)4,5099391
qwrCei hear a voiceAdult (m)5,2649463
Lxyknheir to a false throneAdult (f)5,5319611
Locpsyour alterAdult (f)5,7231,1576
FWoPLmirrored eclipseAdult (f)5,9641,1873
MFLhOcaught in interstellar spaceAdult (m)5,5749871
12mKnand time marches onAdult (f)5,0511,0371
41ST9adrift in your silenceAdult (f)6,2429472
urJVwi was known onceAdult (m)5,9751,0562
pmscrso it was knownAdult (m)6,0851,0442
DqdJNholding the abyss togetherAdult (f)5,3429524
omcY7aeric soulAdult (m)5,3371,0912
uUzc4the first mountain frostAdult (m)5,6121,0762
WuEQXaether waxwingAdult (f)5,5501,0780
xYHbctempest criesAdult (f)5,7741,0740
ej4perolling in from the eastAdult (m)5,3871,1221
eiWbzthe wind's approachAdult (f)5,3121,1363
2Lycban unbelongingAdult (f)5,6151,1252
xghurmouth full of windAdult (m)5,3871,0982
35z9sand the wind chimesAdult (f)5,9281,1542
tdzKidescending like a hurricaneAdult (m)5,8711,1350
KNaZVneptune's stormsAdult (m)5,8721,1540
8Jca1like a storm currentAdult (f)5,7401,1141
VlvSuwind fadedAdult (m)5,7441,1340
hoHlIa chilly morning's breezeAdult (f)5,7881,1542
EbSZ7wintry huntressAdult (f)5,2761,0643
IrVJBthe glacial windsAdult (f)5,4201,0563
S57TWthe wind brings a morning frostAdult (m)6,6641,0682
0ldcBa hurricane in the makingAdult (f)5,8721,0521
z4Ka2of neptune's guidanceAdult (f)5,3921,0151
e8GY7wind beyond the horizonAdult (m)6,7651,0891
cAmGcthe mountain whispers in windAdult (f)7,9361,2712
x86pheastern galeAdult (f)6,6211,1741
2ZM6cimagination lulls meAdult (f)7,1421,4764
v2PAbthe bone of your teethAdult (f)11,1341,6834
c2EA9a glittering of teethAdult (f)6,5501,0583
AxfTYred like youAdult (m)4,6831,0621
6U9k9an evening callAdult (f)7,6501,45123
ao6nosun cautiousAdult (f)6,8821,0911
hAtnYsun shyAdult (f)7,4291,0422
sqPwNrat enthusiastAdult (f)5,0758640
Fys3Ebanter at midnightAdult (f)7,5741,1132
mjjaLalbinist's diseaseAdult (m)5,7191,1142
q1Plnpale albatrossAdult (m)5,9491,1384
nOWAcwarm whitesAdult (m)5,8481,0412
ukCnAcaught the sunAdult (f)7,2291,1193
yssNlskin so fairAdult (f)4,5709720
zvlO2an emerald kingAdult (f)5,5379846
ooTCelazy moodAdult (f)5,5369944
2t65Ethe pulse of a jade soulAdult (m)8,5361,0377
YOKNCmercurial tonesAdult (f)5,0159343
vbRkTa shift in toneAdult (m)3,7369301
OApT9jade antleredAdult (m)4,5668503
msNAGinherentlyAdult (m)4,5578503
r0r2hmoss warmed by the sunAdult (f)7,1691,2314
Ll6fcleft me breathlessAdult (m)6,8721,2604
962GYonly the bluest of skiesAdult (f)7,1501,2493
UhJfimorning's restAdult (m)7,2461,2391
AsllEthe waxing sunAdult (f)7,1601,3473
w0NcFand the earth meets the skyAdult (f)7,2481,3580
kfNxSstorm shyAdult (m)6,8281,3571
CyJOZbehind the cloudy veilAdult (m)7,0421,2561
9ioK4there the sun liesAdult (m)7,1589642
CNfselazing about on a sunny dayAdult (m)5,6901,0912
vGnlcsunheldAdult (m)5,4491,0501
ZoZflthe possibility of the sunAdult (m)5,4061,0021
vIK6Rfrom beyond your atmosphereAdult (m)5,4601,0723
ISMYNand i was starstruckAdult (f)5,4641,0991
5TLJLa morning doveAdult (m)2,7694702
GquO2dusting reflectionsAdult (m)5,9778493
LRMhemeteor's reflectionAdult (f)3,6758064
7CuC0far off novaAdult (f)7,3571,2792
wSPDAsunset coloredAdult (m)5,6261,0762
TOQcEolivia's constellationAdult (f)6,1731,1600
5PzYfcresting the horizon on a meteorAdult (f)5,0179415
x9BJ2the meteor that split the skiesAdult (m)5,4959472
egfDotropical iridescenceAdult (m)6,0071,0696
HcmDGshimmering among the coral reefsAdult (m)6,1451,0414
SuHGjjust a taste of summerAdult (f)6,0221,0385
QVy6wsummer in estuariesAdult (f)5,6101,1340
oAjn7wispingAdult (m)5,8781,1770
sFHFvreflecting water in her eyesAdult (f)5,7891,1630
QjyxVsea murmuredAdult (f)6,4721,1942
b0C9mwaltz among coralAdult (m)5,4711,0682
FbNBBtides of a blue lagoonAdult (f)5,0381,0761
5ICt6when you inhaleAdult (m)5,2751,1092
WBELQi fill your lungsAdult (f)7,0441,1363
TXbPUtropic shorelineAdult (m)5,3731,0543
q1VCAan expected presenceAdult (f)4,0449372
QoQwFshadows on a wave's surfaceAdult (m)5,2129152
esRmOthe ocean dashed apartAdult (m)6,5981,0463
bnybJviolet scales in the lagoonAdult (f)4,5429305
wB3iTchasing the dappled sunlightAdult (m)4,8009205
vp28Sat the estuary bendAdult (m)5,4941,0094
psZNHwhere iron seethesAdult (f)5,5101,0041
RlTjKa flash of ultravioletAdult (f)5,9791,0265
11NjBbacklit violetsAdult (f)6,0741,1853
1S4sXthe sky at duskAdult (f)5,9711,1423
3LPwOand we were knownAdult (m)5,5961,0432
vBRptbreathless in your wakeAdult (f)5,4421,0213
nPfV7violets on your tongueAdult (f)5,2421,0111
4KIYeand the river glowedAdult (m)4,7119581
JyTXnknow not what was lostAdult (f)4,8109812
uDja7the evening hungerAdult (m)5,3049771
R2YSRaria doveAdult (m)4,7971,0641
tQZNSlyrical symphoniesAdult (m)4,6421,0561
PzQU7a tune for your troublesAdult (f)5,6409392
dknz8we were far apartAdult (m)6,1511,0914
j4Uxfwith my songAdult (m)9,6251,1182
bgWq6her overturesAdult (f)8,2378883
KdOe7opera's ariasAdult (m)6,7098720
3Guv7as pink as dawnAdult (m)6,6058811
Do7nIsymphonousAdult (m)6,2669420
fEfOgand sing to me sweetlyAdult (f)6,7679652
44IWFan aria for the soulAdult (f)5,8528870
G1GOfalmost mistakenAdult (m)6,1581,0091
PPpvVscaled ashAdult (f)5,5131,0802
Sx6bdlike the low rumble of thunderAdult (f)5,6849142
3gLC2local pointy boyAdult (m)6,3061,1201
sxubywatch the falloutAdult (f)6,8351,1303
TDveqemerging from the etherAdult (m)7,0021,1501
E2uR3remnants of a volcanoAdult (f)6,5941,1001
KZEPXgentle apocalypseAdult (m)6,3781,0912
BpCnGthe pygmy steedAdult (f)5,2871,0081
tqE6ca throne of ironAdult (m)6,7431,2483
lYNFwcloudy steelAdult (m)6,8411,2714
PyhD7past remindersAdult (m)6,4401,2361
5jlqxas dull as volcanic ashAdult (f)5,8801,1220
BUfkja lone sentinelAdult (m)5,5451,0862
6F9OQgrayed obsidianAdult (m)5,5261,0671
80vmwashen bornAdult (f)4,9431,0010
0csnpknown for nothingAdult (m)6,8101,0161
5QU9Oof the glacial seaAdult (f)3,3968251
wOE8yjust hold your breathAdult (m)4,5071,0051
kR4GBglacial pursuitAdult (f)4,6729821
tnEy5do you remember our homeAdult (f)3,2717611
BDjwZi'll never know you againAdult (f)6,3771,2262
zRgy5the ice up northAdult (f)5,7111,0971
te9Iqbog watersAdult (f)5,2597051
ZSdksswamp crocodileAdult (f)5,3797420
EyTcqvoracious serpentAdult (m)5,1796761
Z7RZPdon't lurk in the darkAdult (f)5,2187081
D2Phvallow me to ravage youAdult (m)4,9237022
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