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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dewilheart,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GkUf9(GkUf9)Hatchling (m)4,3648293
1LdKYYr's Long WaitHatchling (f)4,5841,2059
EgEeF6 Million Bottles of SkoomaHatchling3,7961,0683
ensmU(ensmU)Hatchling (f)4,0508181
Vswsj(Vswsj)Hatchling (f)3,8281,0611
MA1E8(MA1E8)Hatchling (m)4,0438452
Thsno(Thsno)Hatchling (f)4,4138672
o6c1O(o6c1O)Hatchling (m)4,1131,1002
wZcoQWezco FatumAdult (f)3,9007743
l2DECLetodec FatumAdult (f)1,8747043
SN8HHShnathe FatumAdult (f)5,0061,0092
aW4ZSUnforeseen EventsAdult (f)4,4541,0421
PrDRUPridru FatumAdult (f)4,8439552
dWw5FLizbardAdult (f)3,7328714
0qVDYTime LibarzAdult (m)3,9478594
Zud4IColvanoAdult (f)4,4738652
miOszbiggest aeon arm on dcAdult (f)7,9401,4213
krBsBCelestial TimewasterAdult (m)9,7291,1558
BVXR3Unforeseen Events ThuwedAdult (m)4,6349787
wrOFVWrofi FatumAdult (m)5,4439932
yUNy4Time LiberalAdult (m)6,8371,1456
O2d5DA Leap in TimeAdult (f)4,2829798
2QUfyQuantum FatumAdult (m)5,6639958
h54yXHaakon FatumAdult (m)5,3891,1564
TtI0wDongueAdult (f)4,4931,1144
0cyC2Ldie be u tooAdult (m)6,9321,02112
31WBtSilg LibarzAdult (m)5,5759966
VFOK5Vaar FatumAdult (m)6,9601,0078
Xo0ZXChunkleAdult (f)4,9431,0797
npXfDTimeburger HelperAdult (f)5,0761,1084
10F8TTen FatesAdult (m)4,6151,0131
oftCnOften CunningAdult (f)4,6621,0271
Lx9IqLixnii PrimumAdult (f)3,8538961
Tf6yrTasifyr PrimumAdult (m)3,7879061
J8pyRJaspyrr PrimumAdult (f)3,8129071
IchnOIchno PrimumAdult (f)3,8798891
xpOM0Xepomo PrimumAdult (m)3,9858457
Te3gRTeeger PrimumAdult (m)4,0581,02819
lYRVOLyvro PrimumAdult (f)3,3969813
W6JiiJiiwsee PrimumAdult (f)4,1569321
UyWwRWyrvu PrimumAdult (f)4,7559174
Y3lghYelhog PrimumAdult (f)5,7681,1351
Ougma(Ougma)Adult (m)5,5729523
owZiqi will nog forget wormdikAdult (m)5,0269625
6GCH6Sichigo PrimumAdult (f)4,6979595
BuevE(BuevE)Adult (f)3,9559144
7VGaiEndless Grey SkiesAdult (m)5,1388798
3WxjJClever and CunningAdult (f)5,7071,0085
po1UgEnidoiAdult (m)5,0351,0465
2qkf0Aeria Tonac'xouhkHatchling (m, F)3,5188282
CpX77Gloris Tonac'xouhkHatchling (f, F)3,5208142
5ovSVSovs'v EurusAdult (f)3,9279262
B42LhBahlto EurusAdult (m)3,9189691
Fca9iFiscani EurusAdult (m)4,2259353
6i5CVIscyvsi EurusAdult (f)4,1989471
nOHP5Nohops EurusAdult (m)4,1269491
nG3JkN'gejik EurusAdult (f)4,0759412
FLFqxFlefix EurusAdult (m)5,5609791
VRFb5Vrefbis EurusAdult (m)5,6639752
SHNY7Shinyn't EurusAdult (m)5,7641,2273
Lwsse(Lwsse)Adult (f)4,2659373
Asawn(Asawn)Adult (f)4,5758691
F12Y2Kald VindAdult (m)4,7258303
FNoRd(FNoRd)Adult (f)5,6829184
UHimzAiry ManeAdult (f)5,9681,0674
yPRggFortunate ManeAdult (m)5,7261,0885
QHi4F(QHi4F)Adult (f)4,0999361
mchfWMs Chef AlbaAdult (f)5,0649001
eXz0XEx'zox AlbaAdult (f)4,7689213
baoDXBao D'x AlbaAdult (m)4,8329253
EuREPEuropean ReputationAdult (m)5,1049273
Iyocj(Iyocj)Adult (m)4,31386512
Botca(Botca)Adult (m)4,1038273
RuMaP(RuMaP)Adult (m)3,4219033
gjrs7Ascended AtlasAdult (m)4,7731,0164
SDuWa(SDuWa)Adult (f)4,7311,0734
yMwWtBlue IcebirdAdult (f)4,3701,0085
0JfaP(0JfaP)Adult (m)3,3608573
dJBIS(dJBIS)Adult (m)4,9357654
2oZkf(2oZkf)Adult (f)6,7421,3405
6CwBsRed IcebirdAdult (f)4,6621,1903
zWSHY(zWSHY)Adult (f)4,3771,0543
jYSvBAbby AndersonAdult (f)4,3449977
xYvQ9(xYvQ9)Adult (m)7,1691,2814
inkVx(inkVx)Adult (m)6,4589463
nONX1(nONX1)Adult (m)5,6261,1185
KVJrB(KVJrB)Adult (m)6,0221,1203
FvYyN(FvYyN)Adult (m)4,5411,0671
X3vcr(X3vcr)Adult (m)4,6741,0564
CxXHG(CxXHG)Adult (f)4,3851,0871
2rnmC(2rnmC)Adult (m)4,2469541
3R8yH(3R8yH)Adult (f)3,4388172
ZDbiJ(ZDbiJ)Adult (f)3,5088550
fFiKI(fFiKI)Adult (f)4,2371,1452
mHcY1(mHcY1)Adult (f)12,1301,4419
2hatT(2hatT)Adult (f)4,3761,22110
xgR8GExgregate SmaragdAdult (f)4,8427782
GR58HGreshate SmaragdAdult (m)4,8488092
Ax6hGAxngee SmaragdAdult (f)3,8557221
qjxXGGrexxy SmaragdAdult (f)2,6128362
4Um2NAlmerald SplashAdult (f)3,42349724
tckbGTeckbagel SmaragdAdult (m)4,9009403
FanNRFanner SmaragdAdult (m)4,4439363
EUFU8Foul MooseAdult (m)5,1321,0905
T3S5g(T3S5g)Adult (f)5,2251,0982
dLqQEoO---The 4g Thuweds---OoHatchling (f, F)4,6977701
gJZsUoO---The 5g Thuweds---OoHatchling (m, F)4,7557871
CEly8(CEly8)Adult (f)3,2377043
K2R9mKeetourm PapaverAdult (m)4,2258923
k2GntKeetou PapaverAdult (f)4,1819053
dp5GbDipsgib PapaverAdult (f)4,8949381
7j09IJoninee PapaverAdult (f)4,8061,0181
oMQjvOmqujiv PapaverAdult (m)4,6159921
QFkoDQufsko PapaverAdult (m)5,0991,0043
3S1vsSivsee PapaverAdult (f)4,6638992
qVEqVQuvequv PapaverAdult (f)4,2799003
NHEStNihest PapaverAdult (m)4,4139104
Iz64BIzixab PapaverAdult (f)4,5798984
SVdfhSevdafh PapaverAdult (f)4,4979002
hIkLEHikle PapaverAdult (m)4,6759293
6H0YvHoyvix PapaverAdult (m)4,1218822
dduqsDiduqs PapaverAdult (m)3,8497776
zPjvyZ'pijyv PapaverAdult (m)4,5727351
R8sh4Ratesha PapaverAdult (f)4,2179311
KguYxKugu Yux PapaverAdult (m)4,3779223
d3exwDeexew PapaverAdult (m)4,3766060
Pkars(Pkars)Adult (f)4,3399313
Z1IRFZiifri PapaverAdult (m)3,6629241
juPY8SweetnelAdult (m)3,5938532
42abc(42abc)Adult (m)4,3639482
oFcFo(oFcFo)Adult (m)4,5249432
inwJT(inwJT)Adult (m)2,7955361
IjcacAre there letters in IPsAdult (m)5,3471,0243
jVaGZ(jVaGZ)Adult (f)5,6271,0695
Q5Ar9TrigorasAdult (m)5,0367802
4HxLuTrigaresAdult (f)5,0941,1185
2V14LTovial StellaeAdult (m)8,1611,0593
4Ebh7Aebh StellaeAdult (m)4,8937074
lvhwLLivhewl StellaeAdult (f)3,2815810
THnWUThunwu StellaeAdult (f)5,0299974
RsliERalsei the Fluffy BoyAdult (m)4,7189211
MoK3DMoked StellaeAdult (m)4,7829320
Qdd4iQuiddai StellaeAdult (m)4,8439212
OxyrZOxyrz StellaeAdult (m)4,8869001
Nn8OtNenatoAdult (m)3,8799351
x6sbWXisixubAdult (m)5,9861,1471
b8fynBatefynAdult (m)5,9051,1503
gcfocGeekfocAdult (f)5,7721,1523
z1pG3Zipgee StellaeAdult (m)4,5479691
1fHYPThe Winter Sun's Warm EmbraceAdult (m)5,5541,0163
c0AypCoohayopoAdult (m)4,3819121
XPHUg(XPHUg)Adult (m)6,3351,0455
DC5VFStargazer IIAdult (f)4,7431,0606
kRyAFKryaf FretumAdult (f)5,4001,0481
cvpdUCivipud FretumAdult (f)4,7191,0611
ZvEnQZvenqu FretumAdult (m)3,9651,0371
Pt49MPotaema FretumAdult (m)3,9521,0081
aeSnKAesnek FretumAdult (m)4,3841,0351
ApE5r(ApE5r)Adult (m)5,0429656
EeZp2Potoz FretumAdult (f)3,5997510
gIdAzGidaz FretumAdult (m)3,1959032
G1ianGonian FretumAdult (m)4,2869103
F0bayThe Aqualis Wall 07 06 2019Adult (m)4,4988964
jV8mgMrs Juliet Pridesinger IIIAdult (f)5,2501,0773
HCfAp(HCfAp)Adult (m)4,6031,1353
ORstoOrsto FretumAdult (f)5,5639571
BUvqYIridescent Blue HuesAdult (m)4,1419534
kZCpjoh god what is thatAdult (f)5,8461,0213
FqKqsSmooth Water NoodleAdult (m)5,6651,0593
haT23(haT23)Adult (m)10,0491,3214
w5zchxX---The 2g SAlts---XxHatchling (F)1,7403651
5JpHtLittle ZoomerAdult (m)5,7611,0978
lZvUrTidepod-ChanAdult (f)5,8491,0417
z7iQvwonerfil raptileAdult (m)5,5669923
AaaAp(AaaAp)Adult (f)4,5529196
AhsjYi am the opposite of oatmealAdult (f)4,3861,0145
tPmqqAL ABAOEN KSLJLDAdult (m)5,2441,0595
wQXTn(wQXTn)Adult (f)2,1514794
TDWBzTudwubz MagusAdult (f)3,8211,0263
ywEGgYuwegg MagusAdult (f)3,9851,0402
15qryIsqury MagusAdult (m)3,9831,0223
DeJ9HDejnih MagusAdult (f)3,8931,0442
uvBtYArcanacra MagusAdult (m)3,5779852
777fNLucky FiendAdult (f)4,0191,0302
RAFVPRafivip MagusAdult (f)3,6739792
yxeygYxeyg MagusAdult (m)3,6079713
XuNfIXunfi MagusAdult (f)3,4909782
JaVbeJavbee MagusAdult (f)3,7009772
VReWmGilwaen NightshadeAdult (f)3,7099771
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