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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DeutschHerze,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
u8h1(u8h1)Adult (f)1,5245188
TbPK(TbPK)Adult (f)8565521
tCr9(tCr9)Adult (f)1,62053224
S3Yh(S3Yh)Adult (f)4,1551,22717
K5PB(K5PB)Adult (f)1,1036057
dPj6(dPj6)Adult (f)1,07261013
VVOf6(VVOf6)Adult (m)1,4723511
509S(509S)Adult (f)1,0965526
521C(521C)Adult (m)2,05288412
NZvN(NZvN)Adult (f)1,3845449
cRbV(cRbV)Adult (f)1,6153750
t23e(t23e)Adult (m)1,6633720
D81s(D81s)Adult (m)1,2245195
DHjD(DHjD)Adult (m)1,1326078
Kpt9N(Kpt9N)Adult (m)1,5683640
Zid2(Zid2)Adult (m)1,1296146
IschU(IschU)Adult (m)1,6823663
Q0nK(Q0nK)Adult (m)9985862
YqcM(YqcM)Adult (m)1,1538806
m14A(m14A)Adult (f)2,0298967
Cu5R(Cu5R)Adult (m)1,2645549
MQn1(MQn1)Adult (f)1,3375924
0nXSh(0nXSh)Adult (m)1,4123621
SXir(SXir)Adult (f)1,3596081
vEiU(vEiU)Adult (f)2,2254598
nXVS(nXVS)Adult (f)1,78487815
2ODH(2ODH)Adult (f)1,6893751
gLRG(gLRG)Adult (f)1,3095212
mdr9K(mdr9K)Adult (m)1,7623602
EqWA(EqWA)Adult (f)1,7643931
5liG(5liG)Adult (f)1,7093792
W3fe8(W3fe8)Adult (m)1,3903620
6ptqQ(6ptqQ)Adult (m)1,5223592
Rb4F(Rb4F)Adult (m)2,07999119
WvY4(WvY4)Adult (f)1,4145462
OkiU(OkiU)Adult (m)1,2465071
udtoO(udtoO)Adult (f)1,6413632
gNg2(gNg2)Adult (f)9715242
Vss0(Vss0)Adult (m)8155451
cYZb(cYZb)Adult (f)8845500
OnS6(OnS6)Adult (m)1,2915611
Tqmd(Tqmd)Adult (m)1,2985141
JWRT(JWRT)Adult (m)1,1987086
fTcE(fTcE)Adult (f)9746052
IvtL(IvtL)Adult (f)1,1116334
HnW1(HnW1)Adult (m)1,20558812
cPXH(cPXH)Adult (f)1,15360112
sFRb(sFRb)Adult (f)1,0835500
mcjY(mcjY)Adult (f)1,60552721
eI8o(eI8o)Adult (m)1,2295404
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