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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Deshera,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5T9Sa(5T9Sa)Adult (m)5,4319091
KW48Mr Uggly ButtAdult (m)2,1176096
YDIg(YDIg)Hatchling (m, F)2,2796526
ueHkLord Sugar PlumAdult (m)1,75480625
tIraMaster OpalstripeAdult (m)2,3021,06516
38YPLittle EvilHatchling (F)94911610
2q1DLackshinAdult (m)2,9051,49837
DD7PLady RahlHatchling (F)65013716
Ef8gIrlym ThuwedAdult (m)2,5028776
bEmECaliminAdult (m)2,9529498
QaHeLoveless ShiroganeAdult (m)3,7131,26628
Cc2RTrippindorrAdult (m)3,3191,09712
sm1v(sm1v)Adult (f)92817313
AZrBBuck Buck BakawAdult (f)2,03799428
XaOe0(XaOe0)Adult (m)7,7375520
BVC8X(BVC8X)Adult (f)5,8815180
i2dwr(i2dwr)Adult (m)2,0171,1750
644yz(644yz)Adult (m)4,4489740
aW8FP(aW8FP)Adult (f)3,5266311
EVKju(EVKju)Adult (m)5,0578611
jgxXy(jgxXy)Adult (f)4,7569950
cn8xD(cn8xD)Adult (m)3,9243280
p5Rs(p5Rs)Adult (m)5,7331,5469
cCqv(cCqv)Adult (f)5,7911,5985
0KO1(0KO1)Adult (f)2,4148145
M7Bc(M7Bc)Adult (m)1,8946802
6HetHerra DorkfaceAdult (f)2,09896013
nnhjNerdridAdult (m)3,21281122
1UKRShiroganeAdult (m)2,2181,00122
SpiEHolly AngelAdult (m)2,5098073
O9R2Sparkling Princess Of AwesomenesHatchling (F)1,74011747
iefDInappropriately NamedAdult (m)1,7186336
6IblShurlinAdult (f)3,4319307
lpq9SexyfeathersAdult (f)2,8211,0215
5cVPImma WankerAdult (f)3,1021,2829
F6T8Loveless AngelAdult (m)3,6069827
Jd9mPoofy McFlutterbuttAdult (m)4,6781,1859
kPKFMadriinaAdult (f)2,9609765
FYZUFeatherbuttHatchling (F)8891088
ZvsYWindrellAdult (m)2,2896947
peCQShina DorkfaceAdult (f)3,5431,1367
oGaIAsandreiaAdult (f)3,4861,24343
qhRpHugh JazzAdult (m)3,9571,30035
WUpdRapsody DorkfaceAdult (f)2,8848449
TrTqChiyuki DorkfaceAdult (f)1,88151117
ndCKMillennium Snow AngelAdult (m)2,5605303
RQsjBeloved DreamerAdult (f)2,4822418
MTjeSilvorrAdult (m)8,7061,3037
gtIo(gtIo)Adult (m)7,4101,2739
91Xa(91Xa)Adult (m)6,2531,2255
KUUWKuwlAdult (m)2,6361,13621
4j9DGrand FairmaneAdult (m)3,1581,07228
RYMU(RYMU)Adult (f)3,2896246
qp76(qp76)Adult (f)3,9101,0598
q1jJSparkly ButtAdult (f)2,1187541
aE5eSilvainiaAdult (f)3,8041,24152
VhHoK(VhHoK)Adult (f)4,0357231
Ko9d1(Ko9d1)Adult (f)5,3253860
OMFW(OMFW)Adult (f)4,7485491
0L7X(0L7X)Adult (f)2,7478732
5YDc(5YDc)Adult (m)2,78265411
LDGQ(LDGQ)Adult (f)2,4618936
o7P8Stone EmprorAdult (m)2,4358464
ZIdIStone EmpressAdult (f)3,2328205
QlhcFeather FootAdult (f)1,5265636
cl8VQ(cl8VQ)Adult (f)2,8246890
iCuQM(iCuQM)Adult (m)5,0698621
4sB7(4sB7)Adult (f)2,5777232
Vs37NnyAdult (f)4,15130112
qI8tLifelessAdult (f)2,2889818
ocv5Beloved Storm GliderAdult (f)1,9025616
LDQOFoon Storm ShadowAdult (f)2,3524894
8POh6(8POh6)Adult (m)2,2381,1270
qB4tMy dad is a big DorkfaceAdult (m)3,96546617
6bgWSt ValintineHatchling (F)72120318
Hk4SLoveless Storm WingAdult (m)4,8101,68332
mV8SK(mV8SK)Adult (f)3,7607671
87l2x(87l2x)Adult (f)2,3279661
gL720(gL720)Adult (f)6,2977210
UPQsV(UPQsV)Adult (f)6,6626400
tbIjp(tbIjp)Adult (m)5,0497420
TbsAp(TbsAp)Adult (m)6,7286340
0FpGEDeadly Midnight StalkerAdult (m)4,5049462
RUFRL(RUFRL)Adult (m)5,4935873
X8KPB(X8KPB)Adult (m)5,5695971
Xro3(Xro3)Adult (m)1,7585755
92AmSpookyAdult (m)1,9356227
eWO8X(eWO8X)Adult (f)5,4155821
TIT6h(TIT6h)Adult (f)5,7075980
5v35(5v35)Adult (f)1,8635777
3NVM(3NVM)Adult (f)2,0926174
WNhnI want to be theHatchling (F)9282251
l108(l108)Adult (m)5,5553718
e8FoDun Dun DunnnnAdult (m)1,41587414
P1HnDunnnnAdult (f)1,43289214
M3Ot(M3Ot)Adult (m)2,6921,01019
WSLLKuroshiHatchling (m, F)4,10738614
cGQHBittersweet Chocolate CupcakeAdult (m)3,3069263
9Sd7(9Sd7)Adult (m)2,6939116
iponDrakin DorkfaceAdult (m)3,2481,0785
mLD6Emo CupcakeAdult (m)2,09482414
sdphMidnight SexyfeathersAdult (m)2,37893420
sU8qShnokumsHatchling (m, F)4,0586608
0WenScarlet  SecretAdult (f)4,6251,2518
FOCFCrimson Liquor LoveAdult (f)3,2478656
nZBTLoveless DreamsAdult (f)4,2631,58923
HXcKEmo MelodyAdult (f)2,9479577
YX93Loveless SoulAdult (f)1,7066899
OH61Midnight RapsodyAdult (f)1,7195484
8rSlFallieaAdult (f)2,2429003
SENsZeniokaAdult (m)3,9401,2498
N4F3Ivona TinkleAdult (f)3,1871,12230
tDp4(tDp4)Adult (m)3,2031,0313
dwzxZ(dwzxZ)Adult (f)6,1348420
8PpsH(8PpsH)Adult (f)3,8727120
KsqgB(KsqgB)Adult (f)4,2013300
XRdyeAll Fired up stillAdult (f)3,7663560
ZDPiPFire Chain ChampionAdult (m)5,1603440
prnd0Still Burning StrongAdult (f)4,3023291
M4nhH(M4nhH)Adult (f)4,4923490
Rprs8I also love fireAdult (m)4,0122690
1RbZsI Love FireAdult (f)4,6713120
k4QZtGigantic Tiny FireAdult (f)4,9915000
tBhO0Little Big FireAdult (m)4,0092940
4Vkj8Bitter HotAdult (m)5,1153410
IJjouSour HotAdult (m)3,6613461
fIKbiSweet HotAdult (f)3,8893160
kEb36Burning Hot BusterAdult (m)5,1403432
qq14NLukewarm StuffAdult (m)5,2283491
BUMJ9H0T H0T H0TAdult (f)2,9653970
EveGRMade of Hot StuffAdult (f)4,8593321
aAj2fNot Hot StuffAdult (m)3,9103610
EeZX2Ash HeadAdult (m)3,7025451
6OVbDAsh in my pantsAdult (f)3,1877033
8QTuD(8QTuD)Adult (m)3,6286882
UiTgDIm Smokin HotAdult (m)3,8604104
r2YTIm Hot StuffAdult (f)4,3343703
ONhUI'm OnAdult (f)2,3706433
fm0CFire Hot Hot HotAdult (m)5,4456964
qbXcPants On  FireAdult (m)5,4415451
59MQLiar   LiarAdult (f)5,4585734
Ro99Fire Can Hurt YouAdult (m)3,2776665
scTc(scTc)Adult (m)6,2056979
tm5qFire is FunAdult (f)6,4991,3276
LU2q(LU2q)Hatchling (F)1,0354964
GCBHDont Play With FireAdult (f)3,7371,0416
7GHO(7GHO)Adult (m)4,7975578
othJIncubate Army 4Adult (f)4,2521,15111
hmBhIncubate Army 3Adult (m)1,9517233
LdKjIncubate Army 2Adult (f)3,1451,0059
tc1CDo Play With FireAdult (m)4,9191,1343
XH7rPlays With MatchesAdult (f)4,9171,1963
lTjFIncubate ArmyAdult (f)2,0357125
aDLWIncubate FodderAdult (f)3,5091,0225
4FbmRouge HellraiserAdult (m)3,1769185
m7M1Never Play With FireAdult (m)4,7691,2994
atVKUnwanted InbredHatchling (f, F)2,29193517
7EDeHe Who Must Be NamedAdult (m)2,2976265
uBJI8(uBJI8)Adult (f)2,9496802
5YPJ5(5YPJ5)Adult (f)4,3938156
SC3oCythias Sweet DreamsAdult (f)5,54277612
R3SNQueen of RubysAdult (f)5,47581412
KnsK(KnsK)Hatchling (f, F)3,7887532
gYSaSweetcakesAdult (f)2,0387822
Sp8OTwilight RosewingAdult (f)1,5917052
vdtS4(vdtS4)Adult (m)5,4913670
h1AJ(h1AJ)Hatchling (m, F)2,9831,0311
bn5Ie(bn5Ie)Adult (m)3,5966351
Bm6px(Bm6px)Adult (f)3,0576830
Z8rui(Z8rui)Adult (f)3,0536821
D0NYDonyHatchling (F)7372854
7IdJO(7IdJO)Adult (f)4,1616922
qg27D(qg27D)Adult (m)5,7835160
uzNIJ(uzNIJ)Adult (f)5,7755220
ZqHDF(ZqHDF)Adult (f)2,9787082
HVQsBeloved ValentinaAdult (f)2,64056413
fZW8LoriandrayaAdult (f)2,53457413
KQg5u(KQg5u)Adult (f)5,9886500
IOZBo(IOZBo)Adult (m)3,8557050
rlFt8(rlFt8)Adult (f)7,6095520
eIO6o(eIO6o)Adult (m)5,7276810
z61DE(z61DE)Adult (m)3,8307201
hhcMt(hhcMt)Adult (m)4,7898600
EAXNEthril DragonAdult (m)1,7767545
eetJ(eetJ)Adult (m)2,02497811
EN5iCotton Candy ThuwedAdult (m)2,8871,19915
L1EXStrawberry Blast ThuwedAdult (m)2,9411,2665
5VnsI Hate My FatherHatchling (m, F)1,01535514
i8mWCherry Cordial ThuwedAdult (m)1,6168517
P5fRTough Macho GuyAdult (m)2,6348184
VctjBig Buff Burly GuyAdult (m)2,7001,16626
1MibMacho Manly ManAdult (m)3,77782217
MlOaA Reminiscence of  ValentinesAdult (f)6,5758176
MWFTInfluence fodderAdult (f)1,4515186
k1h7(k1h7)Hatchling (f, F)2,5571,5335
hpWkWorthless JunkHatchling (f, F)2,14162314
PHhqLittle Girly GirlAdult (f)1,3525465
307SLeoannaAdult (f)1,1116134
QUmRSuper pretty princessAdult (f)2,46795618
bYZQLucky GodessAdult (f)1,6834772
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