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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Demona3,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Ajr2Trouble in the DoubleAdult (f)77544623
Z4CSYIn Trouble with the DoubleAdult (m)2,13883814
s1Y05Two Headed FreakAdult (f)5,1841,1673
sKYKxMy other head is lazyAdult (f)4,4641,0800
HPcSLI'm not talking to youAdult (m)4,4551,2401
RYsRCI'm not talking to you eitherAdult (m)6,1531,5272
iLxDSWhy don't you guys shutupAdult (f)5,0241,1972
z42hzDouble DippedAdult (m)1,8285301
pPEFRI farted on youAdult (m)5,2201,0471
kZC4HIdiot we have the same bodyAdult (m)5,8391,5041
kiPaSwift White DeathAdult (f)3,4482,9328
pjx8sVanilla DragonAdult (f)5,2501,1571
fuHsd(fuHsd)Adult (f)5,3498972
8I0M6(8I0M6)Adult (f)5,7151,2132
AmUEX(AmUEX)Adult (m)6,0451,2202
Ubt4L(Ubt4L)Adult (m)4,9621,1421
1hHG1(1hHG1)Adult (m)5,2041,1411
pGE0KPinky Dinky Derpy DooAdult (f)4,5089813
Er3ns(Er3ns)Adult (f)4,3609232
tsubn(tsubn)Adult (m)5,3581,1172
rPBnqI'm a floating dragonAdult (f)4,6141,52315
d0SO8Floaty FloatyAdult (m)4,6441,53710
qg0M5Freeze the FloaterHatchling (m, F)3,1011,0219
grhSNightstalker MoonAdult (m)2,2005179
5RerNext Year I will be ZOMBIEAdult (f)1,5405876
Z9odOf Silver and BlackAdult (m)2,37296318
lq8k(lq8k)Adult (m)3,2011,00621
RLe7RTwist of Fate CBAdult (m)4,2121,19726
fLHaGDark Embrace CBAdult (f)8,1561,35227
uBI2KBlackest Night CBAdult (f)3,6131,16226
pUY9fBirthday BornAdult (f)6,2161,38427
jepE8Darkness FlowsAdult (m)6,6951,57632
TdYfiTwilight's EmbraceAdult (f)6,4761,55626
8PgSTDark Shadow CBAdult (m)7,4981,70918
BDVZaTwilight TwistAdult (f)5,6191,4602
S9pPoFebruary BlackAdult (m)4,0901,37311
UaEL5February Black CB 2Adult (m)3,6921,2648
NFEMoFebruary Black CB 3Adult (f)4,3481,4899
5ZVQbFebruary Black CB 4Adult (f)3,7631,09611
EOAdCFebruary Black CB 5Adult (m)2,70597618
8p7OGFebruary Black CB 6Adult (m)2,7501,00013
KjlnHFebruary Black CB 7Adult (m)3,9121,37112
1O0JuFebruary Black CB 8Adult (f)4,0271,3128
8kS8XFebruary Black CB 9Adult (f)3,5521,2135
lEj8oOctober BlackAdult (f)6,2301,3794
n5Y1MWarrior Black CBAdult (f)3,1291,0343
tiL4JFebruary Black CBAdult (m)3,7661,17617
NKdAeCB Black LineAdult (f)4,6731,2971
Oa6BTBlack Dragon Line CBAdult (f)3,3111,0001
nVcyC(nVcyC)Adult (m)3,3688062
bdnLGMarvelous kithAdult (m)2,4468657
8frJP(8frJP)Adult (f)4,4631,2856
5sEGN(5sEGN)Adult (m)2,67456010
oPney(oPney)Adult (m)3,2595407
CjkB2(CjkB2)Adult (f)6,6279325
v7Tu1(v7Tu1)Adult (m)4,0091,1473
0jBPW(0jBPW)Adult (f)4,0151,1855
HPu3y(HPu3y)Adult (f)3,9446473
ID2Gj(ID2Gj)Adult (f)7,3261,0306
Mtmjk(Mtmjk)Hatchling (m, F)3,7111,04710
tA1ywThe Glitched CB BlacksHatchling (f, F)3,5731,0402
wkb4V(wkb4V)Hatchling (m, F)1,1965554
Vv5nS(Vv5nS)Hatchling (m, F)3,1949843
aDl7tFrozen FailureHatchling (f, F)4,1365974
O2iX(O2iX)Adult (f)3,1141,09219
8b8L(8b8L)Adult (m)3,62980923
mC6q(mC6q)Adult (m)2,28278112
R316e(R316e)Adult (f)8,3901,22624
d4IqkI like to sit prettyHatchling (f, F)2,5568468
fREQOBloomin' ButterflyAdult (m)5,6781,5473
oaeyQChaser of ButterfliesAdult (f)6,3571,5741
0oqMt(0oqMt)Adult (m)4,0231,0692
jpA5K(jpA5K)Adult (f)4,1169501
7TV3pSea SaltyAdult (f)5,1421,8981
KGWu7The Salt of the SeaAdult (m)4,7111,8591
TnGDa(TnGDa)Adult (f)3,3319421
NazIq(NazIq)Adult (f)4,5719643
gLhAy(gLhAy)Adult (m)4,6531,2500
Jp3RhJuly BloodmoonAdult (m)3,5111,1402
rZzWRJuly's Bleeding MoonAdult (m)3,8151,1662
PYtSN(PYtSN)Adult (f)3,6301,1571
ZvP1dAnother Two headed FreakAdult (m)7,4521,6062
fwRqgGigglesnort lolAdult (f)6,1241,6421
V2NRn(V2NRn)Adult (m)4,1911,0941
232sw(232sw)Adult (m)4,4291,1291
5sJ2A(5sJ2A)Adult (f)3,8731,1600
ShFSG(ShFSG)Adult (f)3,8701,1472
0GRFD(0GRFD)Adult (m)3,9441,1270
iitl(iitl)Adult (m)3,3441,20325
uJInsI survived the slaughterAdult (f)1,6796045
HVf2LBlu sang of DreamsAdult (m)4,0561,0781
JD8oXBlu sang of HopeAdult (f)3,9651,1882
ELmLJ(ELmLJ)Adult (m)3,7411,0197
iynhV(iynhV)Adult (m)4,8751,1445
vp0oEBazinga SteelAdult (f)4,9401,3295
aykTJ(aykTJ)Adult (f)5,2901,1389
neYQZSiren's ChocolateAdult (f)5,5281,3024
zhcuM(zhcuM)Adult (f)5,2241,0412
z1aPd(z1aPd)Adult (m)5,3921,1931
1Dtt7(1Dtt7)Adult (f)4,9891,0655
1RCEC(1RCEC)Adult (f)5,2881,0240
tymiQ(tymiQ)Adult (f)5,0609590
K6Psb(K6Psb)Adult (m)4,9269602
JzScB(JzScB)Adult (m)5,0579750
CkUlWyvern of the ForestAdult (m)3,47746916
WqNpj(WqNpj)Adult (f)2,3428838
ysvbYTrashy Joe the non-elegantAdult (f)7,0891,1285
poaoZBrimestone eaterAdult (f)5,2881,1853
eOPVNI'm so uglyAdult (m)4,3141,0802
TP9iQDragondozerAdult (m)5,3591,2366
KR8ue(KR8ue)Adult (m)2,3419681
ol7KJ(ol7KJ)Adult (f)2,3739381
9SgoY(9SgoY)Adult (m)2,4179721
CXKMP(CXKMP)Adult (m)4,0799140
KrVgCanopy GreenAdult (f)4,10230311
SCVqRain Forest GraceAdult (f)2,0405736
8JDTGrace of the Rain ForestAdult (f)4,2252905
Cp0NN(Cp0NN)Adult (m)6,0071,45110
Jcmki(Jcmki)Adult (m)2,8651,0592
k3Aqh(k3Aqh)Adult (m)2,4216622
VY10qA cute little zombieHatchling (f, F)4,8919144
dfFKj(dfFKj)Adult (m)4,4951,1771
Pcd6h(Pcd6h)Adult (m)4,4951,1872
C9iw2(C9iw2)Adult (f)4,9719271
p33os(p33os)Adult (m)4,9209121
LEnBI(LEnBI)Adult (m)3,9921,1681
0LLbf(0LLbf)Adult (f)4,3971,2051
p22Dg(p22Dg)Adult (f)4,9159633
vU4KG(vU4KG)Adult (m)5,0001,0762
2DWi8(2DWi8)Adult (f)4,1539620
9rvz7(9rvz7)Adult (f)4,9261,0340
cUr2Wings of CheeseAdult5,1682,94617
ZGE9Swiss CheesedAdult3,2611,12214
FApNMonteray Jack CheeseAdult2,63692314
dfaGCheddar WingsAdult3,02994315
gkG2hNew York Sharp CheddarAdult6,2831,3068
UTWf1I like chocolate milk - cheeseAdult4,5641,0386
KZDmsBaby Swiss CheesedHatchling (F)2,9869874
W9t0Cluck CluckAdult (f)1,52382334
cj3VFuture Chick-fil-a SandwichAdult (f)2,7731,25016
gS1jnI haz chikinAdult (f)4,4761,0135
SZ34Baby Cluck CluckHatchling (f, F)1,88776520
gLmJ5The Elusive Thuwed HollyAdult (f)3,35289011
1eKJu(1eKJu)Adult (f)3,1481,1752
iL8Ph(iL8Ph)Adult (m)5,5531,62620
b8saA Festive GiftAdult (m)1,50581114
vUQHFestive ChristmasAdult (m)2,5201,05017
q6m7g(q6m7g)Adult (m)2,1339723
lQaTA Cheerful GiftAdult (f)1,57282614
ldqsHoliday TaleAdult (f)2,13528511
805dL(805dL)Adult (f)2,0839574
WdAvMerry Christmas '10Adult (f)2,7249569
uL8eChristmas Ribbon DanceAdult (f)2,71896416
VsjegMerry Christmas 2O11Adult (m)4,8231,12210
In009Winter Magi of ChristmasAdult (m)4,7371,10213
8CR4T(8CR4T)Adult (m)4,3011,3231
ctutGMerry Christmas 2O12Adult (m)3,1641,1955
6eQpBThe Wrapping Paper DragonAdult (m)3,4651,1706
IelUoSugar Cookies and MilkAdult (m)2,8231,1571
n61OpMerry Christmas 2O13Adult (f)3,3461,1041
U0JUCWinter Solstice DragonAdult (f)3,4151,1151
z6MkuMerry Christmas 2O14Adult (f)4,0838863
LnCy9Mistletoe ChristmasAdult (f)4,1578864
yYJvI(yYJvI)Adult (f)6,3161,10512
e7t5uThe Aegis Christmas DragonAdult (m)4,3808961
VbrUyMerry Christmas 2O15Adult (m)4,4349261
ShOjL(ShOjL)Adult (m)5,0137792
T3Em8(T3Em8)Adult (m)5,5218033
H7Rib(H7Rib)Adult (f)6,5971,1014
kU0Ed(kU0Ed)Adult (f)6,6901,1032
m6FGBallet on the WavesAdult (f)69647924
69btBallet above the SeaAdult (m)69347329
JQMha(JQMha)Adult (f)3,0747982
8KHQpPacific Ocean RunnerAdult (f)5,0781,1224
AbfSSMidnight MafiaAdult (f)4,5259905
w0zqe(w0zqe)Adult (f)6,3131,4107
XSgij(XSgij)Adult (m)6,2801,3992
2ALTqThe Copper DragonAdult (m)3,9251,3251
66yCHStealthy CopperAdult (f)3,9671,3471
AiKoVTarnished Copper DragonAdult (m)4,0941,3341
CfkURude Lil' VineAdult (m)2,03784525
t2BhHula Hibiscus ThuwedAdult (m)4,4341,37724
Ke3p(Ke3p)Adult (f)2,89794614
JClhBotanical D'LovelyAdult (m)3,4411,19714
QMfS(QMfS)Adult (f)3,35876915
p4KYTramp of the VineAdult (m)4,1321,26021
IQddLady of the VineAdult (f)3,6788459
AEPHBoo of the VineAdult (m)3,00393627
9IFcThe Son of the VineAdult (m)5,11980314
FlRRM(FlRRM)Adult (f)3,3541,16415
m6o1vBotanical VinesAdult (f)4,1679345
9cf1rTangled upAdult (f)4,8481,28819
soHEF(soHEF)Adult (f)3,9517824
rIYft(rIYft)Adult (f)4,2381,2145
revSW(revSW)Adult (m)3,9411,1725
imh2h(imh2h)Hatchling (m, F)1,9416421
XN6KNBelladonna VinesAdult (f)3,8357832
YeSEBeautiful DaydreamAdult (f)2,85740815
oGm8Whispers of DreamsAdult (m)2,35983610
JcLuI(JcLuI)Adult (m)2,4856292
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