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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “DemimondeSemigoddess,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2CW8G(2CW8G)Hatchling (f)5,2841,1752
MLL8T(MLL8T)Hatchling (f)4,6731,0902
15LXSLet's do the tiiiimewarp agaaainAdult (m)2,7125387
qnfYeWould confused Dr WhoAdult (f)2,9455435
EUtLP(EUtLP)Adult (f)4,2576542
vOLmcThat's a babyHatchling (F)2,5892493
1DnpSDeepsea diver losing airAdult (f)4,6237872
ggpQ1The Outside ArtistAdult (m)4,1338042
tcHLPSing  me  a  SongAdult (f)3,2477251
xCfRy(xCfRy)Dead Adult (m)2,5346421
zfbBN(zfbBN)Adult (m)3,5076391
wAyei(wAyei)Adult (f)6,2981,2372
PpVDlAll's well with joseHatchling (F)2,1154913
Z0xVzZoxzHatchling (f, F)3,8557561
6w3UWpsychological tropicasAdult (m)3,1736651
blFMcWarm Yet Cold StillAdult (m)3,3547992
m5X57You are an idiot ha hahaha haAdult (f)2,5465303
bN6YWTo be So BlindAdult (m)3,9226072
CsFoHKing as Could BeAdult (f)2,9347312
uhEChno scales no dragonHatchling (F)3,9849201
UdcE5(UdcE5)Adult (f)2,9839361
hz0Xe(hz0Xe)Adult (f)2,9529061
6WnyjHappymanAdult (m)10,4091,2093
SikCmThank you for ClickingAdult (m)3,26443611
2y8npPaint with spider's bloodAdult (f)4,1998053
c5Qw8(c5Qw8)Adult (f)2,5947411
C501uWoah there CrashHatchling (m, F)3,2537272
cmlillil cmAdult (f)10,5009161
aozFxTel Que Tu EsAdult (m)4,1891,0090
QbPBnLiterally the coolest dragon rnAdult (m)4,2281,0100
9bQyBShiney child here for milesAdult (f)3,0097131
TzeHXWho are you to be toldAdult (m)3,4499041
ole0cSome penniless poetAdult (f)3,7708250
YNKNeTo the TropicsAdult (m)3,4708062
kFGOw(kFGOw)Adult (f)4,0876581
3l23b(3l23b)Adult (m)2,7497010
A8C2nYoure worthlessAdult (f)3,0469892
WZaNFSafe on the floorAdult (f)3,6051,1191
KSG1tMonster by DefinitionAdult (m)3,6871,0930
XbwCKHalloweens LightAdult (m)2,8539270
wPoll(wPoll)Adult (m)2,9859332
L8xpnGave up the Ghost InsideHatchling (m, F)2,4347681
e1LiaAII Men Are PigsAdult (m)3,5556273
eUiQ3Mama Hates YouAdult (f)4,1647172
nknRHJudging you hating youAdult (f)2,9546591
3ggvwMama scaryHatchling (F)3,1256471
no9kKLove is for the LivingAdult (f)2,3347232
PTpevMade with a Dash of HateAdult (f)3,9849813
WlvCTAltercation of my LoveAdult (f)6,8981,6853
QS5y6Lost Silver SoulsAdult (f)2,2177631
gjoUjI'm in love with rock n' rollAdult (f)4,1141,0192
siCXJ(siCXJ)Adult (f)3,1558061
TWwRtIn a Heart's BeatHatchling (f, F)1,9866502
BtKmTa spark of fallen loversHatchling (F)2,2286192
I2olyMegatron but a dragon i guessAdult (m)6,8951,4198
7F5dbRipped from the mountainsAdult (m)4,3947201
V6C5NHes got PEETSAdult (m)3,8737293
IjiPQKut ta rats aie outAdult (m)4,6089750
ED95D(ED95D)Adult (m)4,4809042
tnsglFoam by the seasideAdult (f)3,2397471
KVlQZsmallest serpentsAdult (m)3,3077260
Pkm9Xchild at randomHatchling (m, F)2,4076081
1qA3XTHEY LIKE IT BIG AND LOUDAdult (m)2,5306652
7QxdFEXTRA T H I C C CAdult (f)3,4326661
C9q0tI wish I was TardigradeAdult (f)3,8008051
2rm5QGlub Glub Glub Glub GlubAdult (m)3,7237881
tY1IWNever Smile at these CrocodilesAdult (f)3,2927805
sS1WWFish are FRIENDS not FOOODHatchling (F)2,8162583
WxPmBWe were spitting venomHatchling (m, F)10,9669421
0jDFFDeep Sea TroublesAdult (f)5,9417702
4ZqyU(4ZqyU)Adult (m)5,4181,0971
ESqBmLet's chill on Popular StreetHatchling (f, F)10,9249342
rcBduP-P-P-P-P-Puzzle piecesAdult (m)4,6288362
Mi43oWhat a Wonder What a WasteAdult (f)2,8156921
KXHCXVery small but sweetAdult (m)4,2678201
sTqAKa Two Headed BoyHatchling (m, F)3,7075341
yxq4zPlease Take Good CareAdult (f)1,9068637
6vbqmOf Our Dear ChildrenAdult (m)2,5275712
LYfvrSlick of SpadesAdult (m)5,2659965
YbI1OQueen of DerseAdult (f)4,1827412
34jyNSillyVisionHatchling (m, F)3,6588194
Bo1opDevil's SwingHatchling (F)1,4453781
WzPsuRolling Bones with BeelzebubAdult (m)4,1561,2474
UY3L0Don't Deal With the DevilAdult (m)2,4096864
324Ar1 2 3 slaughter me streetAdult (f)2,4026391
I3z8HLonely JonesAdult (m)3,2717771
WWKseA is for Ann who drownedAdult (f)2,7797452
Trwoo(Trwoo)Adult (f)3,4159432
7k3XMThe Most Wonderful NightAdult (f)2,5718103
vhbzQDirt Poor RobinHatchling (m, F)2,1918572
rM8kLOh Hi There Lil CalHatchling (F)8372192
YXWgf0de to the BouncerAdult (f)5,4249333
IcSIEPork SodaAdult (m)2,9426172
UneMuUnemuAdult (f)5,8041,0281
4LDRRStudio 404Adult (f)4,6958544
PqwVmLook at my squishyHatchling (f, F)2,3645486
vuRcQPineapples are in mah heeaaadHatchling (F)1,8662772
ZeNtmBlack Rainbow DragonAdult (m)4,9516573
wsf7AWhy So Hysterical DameAdult (f)4,9928213
tEwaMWhat's The Problem SleuthAdult (m)3,8655111
DCwIuRight vs WrongHatchling (F)1,2423481
9LGfa(9LGfa)Adult (f)3,2436181
cvLpmTwo for tea and tea for twoAdult (f)4,1068511
3p14w(3p14w)Adult (m)5,2829106
iGt7dDeep-Sea Squeeze TreesHatchling (F)2,0214831
TgxDvWhat's the story WishboneAdult (f)4,6208941
mVA1nOcean man take me by t handAdult (f)4,7999255
56cgoI hate everyone helpAdult (f)2,7786231
mQJVAHead across the skyAdult (m)4,2731,1774
G9LPcSet to High Seas and BeyondAdult (f)3,9346933
CQmWpFridays I DetestAdult (f)3,2377131
1fq1SMy poor motherAdult (m)3,4356833
1x0EiAre people even reading theseAdult (m)2,9756162
cknXX(cknXX)Adult (m)3,6917812
R3ijE(R3ijE)Adult (m)3,6076501
2aJg3(2aJg3)Adult (f)6,6771,2082
SY7g4I never go to workAdult (f)3,4644702
IkMWI20-20 surgeryAdult (m)4,7268581
roBySAll  the SameAdult (m)2,6837426
2RpYtNo Dragons in the LobbyAdult (f)3,8038074
JMDcpExcuse you Its called Punk RockAdult (m)2,9015302
8EPTbStop the peace keep the violenceHatchling (F)1,1943331
H5tiFUnknown Cold VoiceAdult (m)2,5769504
iyaNgCome Wayward SoulsAdult (f)4,0681,0454
gxbqcWar SeasonsAdult (f)3,3758551
5Fkf5Not for me to decideAdult (f)3,2868302
5OxgGI can make your teeth fall outAdult (m)2,6557431
WIYYrMenomenaHatchling (F)1,3814293
EEePHEeephHatchling (m, F)2,1496731
TBypf(TBypf)Adult (f)6,4257432
TUKYmSun smiles and peach moonAdult (m)5,2099671
N5wtt(N5wtt)Adult (f)5,5671,0822
NWTFv(NWTFv)Hatchling (m, F)4,2939064
23XD4(23XD4)Hatchling (F)3,2317331
Z5LYrWho are you and moreAdult (m)5,6031,0002
qFP5QThis dragons on fireAdult (m)4,7488923
iVtVtLife is Good at 17Adult (f)3,1646413
vOE1pNewmakerHatchling (F)2,8595803
JN5SOWith Our Secular HazeHatchling (f, F)4,3517791
5jGdV(5jGdV)Adult (m)5,3629302
FtDUCWhere the R at thoAdult (m)4,3448431
0DJvD(0DJvD)Adult (f)3,7778093
T1FoaSammy LawrenceAdult (m)3,4149682
oQ7wqSlaughter Me StreetAdult (f)3,0907951
2OEI7a true gargoyle in the fleshAdult (m)3,8411,1240
uFwQRMoonlit Silver CavesAdult (f)2,5547583
nQlaHPets CopHatchling (m, F)3,1607504
lctXAEyes of NewtHatchling (F)7562481
h37H9Gooodbye To A WorldAdult (m)3,1116082
QdGNjSo long to this wretched formAdult (m)6,7461,0603
9NWLhHello to the SkyAdult (f)3,5087091
qK0NgOnly the language of the swordAdult (m)3,3156971
TvaOyYoung MouthbottemHatchling (F)2,0374924
MmmIoOld FingerheadHatchling (F)1,2373064
4eKsrOur Star ChildHatchling (m, F)4,0707202
FOZFxCheese Puns are GrateAdult2,6855583
Ybmv3I said grill me a cheeseAdult3,0776875
jThD6Say CheeeeeeeseHatchling (F)3,4558134
5zMPdSneck and SnakeAdult (f)2,7907281
jvsgkFee-Fi and Fo-FumAdult (m)6,8131,0782
qXOSs(qXOSs)Adult (m)4,0849361
43TP1(43TP1)Adult (m)2,8356912
RHj9n(RHj9n)Adult (m)2,7077340
MskXtHammerhead in the Dragon worldAdult (m)4,7798110
8qADq(8qADq)Adult (f)3,7107820
EIP2CHas trouble staying aliveAdult (m)6,2201,3315
T9DOzFaces in the SandAdult (f)10,3728772
oJDLBPaper wings soaring throughAdult (f)3,6648291
2JE6j(2JE6j)Adult (f)4,5009720
ljycgSCP-999Hatchling (F)2,6082993
nokjYThey tell me good things comeAdult (m)6,5171,3054
IaTyXTo those who waiitAdult (f)4,1797324
uCgaGTaIes from the BorderlandsAdult (m)2,5226421
wZIpslet the blade do the talkingAdult (f)3,8407262
ZI1wn(ZI1wn)Adult (m)3,6059221
L0nGJGiingiivaHatchling (m, F)3,7097503
xSaZjHe has R I S E NHatchling (F)2,9456551
knj7GMirror Mirror Hangin on the WallAdult (f)3,2566263
WH5P9Sing for an young soulAdult (m)4,0158730
CRcCYTranz rights are human rightsAdult (f)3,9298550
T5KPyHeck yeah trans rights babyAdult (m)3,9758500
lFkHORace 0f a Thousand AntsAdult (m)4,2047422
V4Xw1Boop-oop-a-DoopAdult (f)2,9196033
gTXMAThey Miiight Be GiantsHatchling (F)1,9504241
123E2Burning Winter IceAdult (f)3,0927091
2LjsHCold and ViolentAdult (f)3,0067221
ifmN5Welcome to my Garden ya dingusAdult (m)2,7755572
27FeeDo Not Touch the OleanderAdult (f)3,0885474
p4LSGRosemary Heaven Restores YouHatchling (f, F)7,4621,3018
shyIy(shyIy)Adult (f)2,4075655
GdHQqDefine HypnophobiaAdult (m)2,5686491
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