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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Deki,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
j8nZgFrozen OctousAdult (m)1,3215531
NczVBAlbino AlbatrossAdult (f)2,7461,5212
wlIrAHimaryuAdult (f)2,5761,0122
1IfiVNoxus ElvorAdult (m)3,1781,2774
GfiTH(GfiTH)Adult (m)9344490
zW569Glidewing GlacierAdult (m)1,0054844
E4tOlAcuiraAdult (m)1,0284921
0Lay4Fleeting SorrowsAdult (f)1,3015272
r7ZxfEroded DeathwishAdult (m)1,2706104
Cs3jVNattinorAdult (m)2,5761,0412
nx1VYHalfwing HectorAdult (m)2,5801,0412
bkG04Bloodwashed LunasAdult (m)1,4355903
zpP3GGreely SevenAdult (m)2,5801,0401
WMEIyThunder-Bolt of LightningAdult (f)1,3226814
whYsZGoldwing GallowsAdult (f)1,9548441
JGDtsBrutal WraithAdult (m)1,3675891
g4yuZNebular Sector 3Adult (m)1,2915433
HaVfIForestwing ThresherAdult (f)1,0344745
pdTSUSudosorosAdult (m)9974774
uhll1Adonis 3rdAdult (f)2,5729813
PDIKFCheesewing CheddarAdult1,3016122
xeaarWhat even is this tiny thingAdult (f)1,4426425
5Fwq6What even is this tiny thing v2Adult (m)1,3885793
7sCgGCarbon-arranged-nicely DragonAdult (f)1,3186793
G1EmmDiamond dust DevorAdult (m)2,7471,5224
PsmmWWebwoeAdult (m)1,4226493
ndu1cZeturioAdult (f)1,6761,1363
sS0AvDualDiveAdult (m)1,1735122
Io4t8Tiny Lava dogAdult (m)4,0431,1566
GTvXcSlightly bigger lava dogAdult (f)2,2539232
WlrIaAnother tiny lava dogAdult (m)1,3245551
mnWGIExtremely tiny lava dogAdult (f)9564572
4YtUoPlague of the ratsAdult (m)1,4637263
w0We9(w0We9)Adult (m)9544550
RXs2pSeething BloodwindAdult (m)1,8481,0213
Yw5dEHathor MaeAdult (m)1,3655370
gn7ByGraveleafAdult (m)1,0955154
2DJgZLeafLitter ProngHornAdult (f)1,5796471
4XxiHHellfire AxisAdult (m)2,5781,0413
EIpQ9Matthias HammerwingAdult (f)9604634
Z1yEHSeventh SilverAdult (m)2,1521,0092
f3EWJGreen poffAdult (m)2,5881,0102
Tm45I(Tm45I)Adult (f)9774680
klfGvSilverstreak MoonstoneAdult (f)1,2906071
aPy1TDapple and GroveAdult (m)2,5801,0424
YljeOYeiliAdult (f)2,0419613
Hl2SzZorbabooAdult (f)1,2615112
aG48HKiller CottonAdult (m)1,0805422
z8oOvCotton mouth CodyAdult (f)2,7491,5221
wEUkOBoobo BangoAdult (m)1,0454834
WE5O8Lavendula MoraAdult (m)2,6701,0521
lWjBkBlue RathalosAdult (m)9274461
rlofiAomorisAdult (m)2,2029082
xtJ6KAmutAdult (m)1,4439781
WAqsmBlueWing LightningAdult (m)1,5226211
dAx5wBlueWing ThunderclawAdult (f)1,5096122
ZCcOQSeething SectorAdult (f)1,6466422
yj2YvScribblewing SoriaAdult (m)2,7471,5210
8sCMFSky SpireAdult (m)1,1165184
0TompCyan ChargerAdult (m)6,3151,2785
0bvBYPinkWing FlyerAdult (m)1,4256122
8Tz0zPonzyAdult (m)2,7481,5221
fIyBwStonewatch MasonAdult (m)1,6196341
zKZJESevenstone ArisAdult (f)2,8739374
8kCvdAsagi-ZeroAdult (f)9394261
nU9MLSyrius RyanAdult (m)1,1775842
5zxhhChiroptera OcultAdult (f)1,6656491
UuQzhMonomurAdult (m)1,3526582
XYMDMThis one is so smallAdult (m)1,4145603
5GR0Xsmol Azure RathalosAdult (f)9914770
c66zDExcalibur and BobAdult (m)1,8781,0372
n37g6VamprogAdult (f)1,2815424
dt2VALilias CorrisAdult (m)1,6256390
kPstbPterodosaAdult (m)1,8271,0133
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