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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Defel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EQgpY(EQgpY)Adult (m)5,9611,0530
51fnn(51fnn)Adult (f)5,9111,0461
GNbr4(GNbr4)Adult (m)6,0051,0382
hRjvH(hRjvH)Adult (m)6,0391,0731
EEQBI(EEQBI)Adult (f)3,6167061
ui6WI(ui6WI)Adult (f)11,6411,1315
H1Krn(H1Krn)Adult (f)4,4406801
XJJsO(XJJsO)Adult (m)4,6067030
XsFsE(XsFsE)Adult (f)1,8406344
c0fY0(c0fY0)Adult (m)2,1056650
X9g3g(X9g3g)Adult (f)3,7688314
MCUei(MCUei)Adult (m)2,9458922
tJYWF(tJYWF)Adult (m)3,1218492
RIGgH(RIGgH)Adult (m)2,9458733
h6Jq2(h6Jq2)Adult (m)2,9228884
12JX9(12JX9)Adult (f)4,2889564
33NZVUnique New YorkAdult (m)4,1959801
qDORsDefel's ShimmerAdult (m)2,7179300
ielZqThe Darkest RoseAdult (m)2,6028802
fU4TNSugar Plum FairyAdult (f)2,6138730
tiasCSimply  IrresistibleAdult (m)2,3917291
6RWqLThis is Where it StartsAdult (f)3,6829803
At8UADefel's Little DancerAdult (f)4,1578942
Bt9ra(Bt9ra)Adult (m)4,1098681
DNhKEDefel's DinkyAdult (f)3,3681,0250
neCCERisperdolAdult (m)2,8738340
TdGVBDefel's SilenceAdult (m)2,8277721
mKb6T(mKb6T)Adult (m)3,7218633
AEbFoDefel's NawlinsAdult (m)3,5299601
NIU84Victorian  PrincessAdult (m)3,7749551
6IIAv5K MarathonAdult (m)5,0131,0667
7YfcrMRTC SheldonAdult (m)4,9541,0886
LU10RMRTC ValenciaAdult (f)5,3421,3443
uqOJmRoses AreAdult (f)5,3191,3292
5Rs4mTennessee TitanAdult (m)5,2651,3782
8sOhL'SplashAdult (m)2,8806543
tP1hdClick Click  BoomAdult (m)3,6497848
mkCvkTiamat ThuwedAdult (f)6,1741,42020
e7UIvCeleste the Beautiful Old WomanAdult (m)3,3921,20515
XIdH3Fallout  ThuwedAdult (f)5,9911,3455
rsuR4Aiden Starsong ThuwedAdult (m)3,21298720
RYpnbSiobhan Starsong ThuwedAdult (f)3,2191,2705
4IF5Defel's Hollifield ThuwedAdult (m)2,7889804
1UgGMMakalaAdult (f)4,8881,20310
4fJusSpira AzimuthAdult (m)2,6751,08122
VGNrDefel's Burning In The SkiesAdult (f)2,9848587
duHKDefel's Amarillo VerdeAdult (f)86145814
n6WBDefel's Treksta SidewinderAdult (m)2,3676373
KuJSDefel's A Thousand SunsAdult (m)3,0458594
tVJNcDefel's Black MagicAdult (f)3,1441,07212
6tpJVDefel's Syzygy of KirktonAdult (m)4,6991,38621
WBiHDefel's Merciful SilenceAdult (f)4,3726966
qNCunDefel's GargamelAdult (m)3,5631,37214
E0hSDefel's Black And YellowAdult (m)3,0969843
Bpj6I'm Not ParanoidAdult (f)2,6819412
TfX0Defel's Princess BrideAdult (f)3,6731,2654
GDnVKLiving in the ShadowsAdult (f)3,6211,0084
nT7NCeyrekAdult (m)1,6826601
EV4QDefel's Distant SunsAdult (f)2,8308666
Wu33WassupAdult (f)1,31392126
zx2QGrenadine G3Adult (m)1,31194625
oa2O1Defel's Rygel IceshimmerAdult (m)7,0091,3277
16ZYHChristmas  CarolAdult (f)3,9261,4908
3oK1Defel's Waiting For The EndAdult (m)2,11654611
oiErhDefel's Distant MelodyAdult (f)3,9291,3422
m7vAtWalk The  DinosaurAdult (m)2,5628310
03sTSVishnu of ErealAdult (m)3,4811,31319
1rveDefel's Spira PaseoAdult (f)2,7414584
LDIDDefel's Treksta EvolutionAdult (m)2,1915553
pB8pDefel's Mizuno Wave RiderAdult (m)2,6166862
G5ELDefel's XweetokAdult (m)1,6891,20339
RcS1Defel's Minty PopsicleAdult (m)3,2348664
SjgaDefel's Flip ItAdult (f)3,3551,17410
5E79Defel's Inside OutAdult (m)1,5115938
sIjsDDefel's Sunshine of LudensAdult (f)7,4071,77319
QhCjHPixie  MagicAdult (f)3,2401,23914
l9ojStubborn as a DonkeyAdult (m)5,8271,41115
hLrVI Am Not An Arrogant DorkfaceAdult (f)2,65948722
aGXdStubborn as a MuleAdult (f)2,9678408
UTdqDefel's Golden CompassAdult (f)3,7611,27728
qoMJl(qoMJl)Adult (f)3,0677992
qvXzDefel's Exquisite RippleAdult (m)2,0651,44024
RisRbDefel's Peony RippleAdult (f)4,0338808
0PdaBarney Was A DinosaurAdult4,3211,1106
cjd6RAcka Lacka Lacka BoomAdult (m)2,9368533
ganooAcka Lacka Boom BoomAdult (f)2,6207920
Rd5uFive TenAdult (f)1,34494917
v8oXPLa  SportivaAdult (f)3,3871,0212
K46CTMad RockAdult (m)3,2571,0244
htAFSFirstlyAdult (m)2,7841,16217
Pd7QDefel's PDQAdult (m)3,23874011
9HOL9HOLAdult (m)4,2971,11914
KI5SKI5SAdult (m)2,9548609
T45DDefel's Tiktaalik DorkfaceAdult (m)5,4261,3488
HGAcDefel's South ParkAdult (m)3,4871,25225
MF2QnAngelic  DorkfaceAdult (m)5,1751,3723
t55WmHis ExcellencyAdult (m)6,0371,0322
GkQZDefel's GQAdult (f)3,1338908
6l0LDefel's Simple ThingsAdult (f)4,0001,00010
uBTvDefel's Exquisite CarnationAdult (f)3,3107833
8HqqTSilver DreamAdult (f)4,1751,43618
AoVfNIt's a StretchAdult (f)6,1451,0623
hc35Defel's Lady PeonyAdult (f)90463530
30ZLjWaldo CanyonAdult (m)2,9657950
JNXeDefel's JinxAdult (f)1,4851,0906
4eiZDefel's CarmineAdult (f)2,00642618
8d0vTHE TAXMAN COMETHAdult (f)1,20989811
KhRSDefel's KhrisAdult (m)1,27749310
8MRqDefel's CeriseAdult (f)3,97396615
Jf0mDefel's MystikAdult (f)2,9309776
7W1YDefel's WahkanopaAdult (m)2,8326783
O7egDefel's HiJinxAdult (f)4,9001,35815
OEkAWEeny Meeny Miny MoeAdult (m)3,5501,29316
WQF8cCatch a Tiger by the ToeAdult (f)3,5361,25417
JTosVIf He Hollers Make Him PayAdult (f)4,2571,06710
cRnTQFifty Dollars Every DayAdult (f)3,4711,17212
tMPrRMy Mama Told MeAdult (m)4,6431,44912
6n7uWTo Pick the Very Best OneAdult (m)4,7941,0956
OdtlkAnd That is YOUAdult (m)4,8581,2622
sA5ZDefel's Russet RippleAdult (m)3,7421,11116
ifL6Charles  DarwinAdult (m)3,0449807
V8PCDefel's Russet EleganceAdult (f)2,8261,1754
RZXjDefel's DahliaAdult (f)2,2988603
m3jVDefel's KringleAdult (f)2,5915876
frVNDefel's Fire and IceAdult (f)1,4875555
sqGMDefel's RacketeerAdult (m)2,3309387
Op4uDefel's Not Quite PerfectAdult (f)1,9978144
jQadDefel's Quads Like a CyclistAdult (m)3,5591,0845
dh1pDefel's Magic FireAdult (m)3,2176744
ef1gLiar Liar Pants on  FireAdult (f)2,8257164
a44W1But I'm NOT Playing With MatchesAdult (m)5,0271,2946
mru9iDefel's PoinsettiaAdult (f)5,9971,0574
iv7SRFairweather FriendAdult (f)5,5441,0433
2gFaPSimple MindsAdult (m)4,6471,2492
kCmNOGrimaldineAdult (m)4,7301,2865
aa5sqPeter Peter Fire EaterAdult (m)6,2281,1950
162nnSnapdragon BouquetAdult (f)6,6471,1400
RK6qSKiara TwistAdult (f)4,5381,3500
THUNeI Hear ThunderAdult (f)8,3671,5087
5joglSalsa MagaAdult (f)3,9171,17723
I7MLrBut There's No RainAdult (m)3,0968916
m7lsHThis Kind of ThunderAdult (m)3,3721,23218
Gj2aBreaks Walls and Window PanesAdult (f)3,4639165
gIDEDefel's VerilidaineAdult (m)2,5349955
8AsODefel's Count ChoculaAdult (m)3,2391,0685
dZt5Revival Of The  FittestAdult (f)3,8971,0254
1KZi3Buffy SlayerAdult (m)2,2558183
B1GSB1GSAdult (m)2,8786442
6igs6igsAdult (f)2,0276475
DbFWRBeyond  the PaleAdult (f)2,7457544
AniMp(AniMp)Adult (f)3,2887901
fqFmE(fqFmE)Adult (f)3,1757871
WUgCj(WUgCj)Adult (m)2,2987281
igJeF(igJeF)Adult (m)2,6808011
sA549Disco  FeverAdult (m)4,7481,43820
CtI6RGumusAdult (m)6,1511,4467
97aYCLittle  BearAdult (m)8,4641,31821
8iMS8Fireside HypnosisAdult (f)3,8621,30618
kB3VkIf I KnowAdult (f)4,6441,47819
dHgpXEpic JourneyAdult (f)4,5871,39324
9ISTDDoveTaleAdult (m)3,5401,22316
7a4oDiamondDoveAdult (f)2,9947804
CnUXDefel's JuniAdult (f)1,60589435
J2HIpBoku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no HikariAdult (m)3,4051,0412
RtreDefel's Royal PurpleAdult (m)2,8599184
jdSqOWowserAdult (m)4,5821,2283
uC6hRDefel's JuniperAdult (f)3,5231,0372
fk79rPeter  PiperAdult (m)2,7127912
SLWE9Defel's AriadneAdult (f)3,5179210
ELX6HDefel's KikiAdult (f)3,4241,0690
Fiqb1Fiesta MoradoAdult (m)2,7159170
4gW8fDefel's Moonlight SerenadeAdult (m)2,4808140
olN4mDefel's Moonlight SonataAdult (f)3,3367604
51KNDefel's SonadorAdult (f)1,01268936
6vrpDefel's Beautiful DreamerAdult (f)1,01477830
SxTdDefel's FancyAdult (f)2,0271,42328
hPGQDefel's ChimeraAdult (m)1,3379312
4QC1Defel's IllusionAdult (m)1,2859642
0eeXDefel's FantasyAdult (f)9136812
TWpxDefel's ReverieAdult (m)6994774
5gRKDefel's Building CastlesAdult (f)1,0885245
k4NFDefel's WoolgatheringAdult (f)1,6363976
gK5wDefel's SkyrunnerAdult (m)1,34475111
V8FiDefel's SkydiverAdult (m)2,9486773
DvW2Defel's SkylarkAdult (f)1,66467118
3C87Defel's SkymarkerAdult (f)1,7141,12932
BMClKTbilisiAdult (f)3,6391,31412
oEmsqDefel's BratislavaAdult (f)5,1061,2753
c68eGDefel's AnkaraAdult (f)3,0591,1173
Ng1EdDefel's BelgradeAdult (f)3,6041,23421
PS4ncAlofiAdult (f)2,9677490
ceSURDefel's Andorra la VellaAdult (f)3,0657646
ddsi2FunafutiAdult (f)2,7969600
Jno5YDefel's ChisinauAdult (f)3,3811,0171
nkmgM(nkmgM)Adult (f)2,9007424
qho5jApiaAdult (f)2,7929620
mjCLE(mjCLE)Adult (f)3,8588992
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