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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “DawnFire14,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
y6dq7MeAmzTotzTheChihuahuaAdult (f)3,10062911
FTgnFButthole Gibbs Haz ReturnedAdult (m)3,6777683
YITZIDeath by Butthole GibbsAdult (m)3,7627711
XE6WzCrapNuggetAdult (f)1,6823882
aD1p6MeAmzPeopleMcNuggetAdult (f)1,6124022
zvsEzDaUglyThingAdult (m)1,6364020
qz35sInferno in HellAdult (m)5,8631,1734
2biRQDisgust and HateAdult (m)6,0641,1473
c9qhMBlaze of LifeAdult (m)6,8691,2574
9SYLXTwins of SpiritAdult (m)6,8531,2544
yphECBlazingSoulAdult (m)7,2251,2542
FeCcmBloodiedTearsAdult (m)7,3361,2806
v8anoSapphire of DestinyAdult (f)10,5911,1743
tWLUwEnemy of lady Uni Popper FartzAdult (f)7,6301,1030
giULBMusical CharmAdult (f)7,0351,2085
dzkCMPurityOfGoldenMemoriesAdult (f)6,9241,2224
TVVbAOrange-a-liciousAdult (f)7,2531,2533
BKiRKFrigidSoul Killz BabiezAdult (f)6,9501,2563
b3PAmDangerous FlareAdult (f)8,0101,1813
zIv2mPurest WinterAdult (f)8,3171,2092
uqro2Doomed to FireAdult (m)6,6741,2430
xEt0rEternalHateAdult (m)6,7341,2250
rZTJJRequesting DeathAdult (m)7,3271,3171
cfCRuBeingADummyAdult (m)7,3481,3142
krqsVTheCottonCandyManOfNarniaAdult (m)7,6191,3493
fNXzkLemonLimeSodaAdult (f)7,5641,3101
jpLIMDestructionOfLifeAdult (m)5,4611,3915
h2GaRSiopi  BeatBox MasterAdult (f)6,3741,4831
BzpNzRelinquishDeathAdult (m)6,1711,4932
thyJBPumkinLizzard  Leetle Ugli BleepAdult (f)6,1411,4302
9KbccIHazSpazAttackAdult (m)7,7601,4898
f6vyAA lil' seasickAdult (m)3,2073683
OkG4qFlutterLampAdult (f)3,3314053
ByhEWElegantMistressAdult (f)3,7154020
phxfbIamthecutestestesttttAdult (m)2,9384164
cuMExMeLikeHandstandsAdult (m)3,9294052
cuN9CStop Crying to Meh MamaAdult (m)5,4269395
Wyn6YButthole GibbsAdult (m)4,1217963
dZNcMBopBopBeepAdult (m)3,5673896
YWKvCTry being radiant like mehAdult (f)4,0469804
uYS69WutNowNoThanksAdult (f)3,9191,0514
P2N1DWhyNotILuvUSoMuchAdult (f)3,9881,0553
zj7rHShutUpAndGetALifeAdult (m)4,0141,0932
7HcYvWhyAmINotBootyfulAdult (f)3,9851,0602
C3fjUKillTheUgliiiiiAdult (m)4,3626132
amrnzTheUgliDragonzBurnMehEyezAdult (f)4,0195582
AAliPIAmTheBleepBlopFishAdult (m)4,0145391
rtVydUrTheUgliestBleepBlopFishAdult (m)4,0945601
VU2rwGirzDemFartzAdult (m)3,7985110
8a0aiIGotzTheApplezzzAdult (m)5,5497140
g5LwrDemApplezzRMiiiineAdult (f)5,4336861
jjQr2DropTheAPPLEZZZAdult (f)5,5046932
FptpMTheBananaOfJUSTICEAdult (m)5,3818142
KPMfXIZ HIDE IN NARNIAAdult (f)4,6161,0008
jWatmIGNORE THE DUMB PERZFURPAdult (f)4,7599969
eAcsoSAVE THE UGLI LEETLEZAdult (f)3,9218051
RrKLSLeetle Ugli ERADICATE ITAdult (f)4,0208322
r6Y32EVEN LEETLIER ERADICATEAdult (m)4,0678371
uP6miGET OF MEH LAWN YEH DOOPYFOPPERAdult (m)4,9401,10512
gkGMsDrool On My Cookie I Stab YouAdult (f)5,1021,14415
TU3KLMyMomIsSuchADivaAdult (m)5,5401,15918
Pi9jLDon't Even Look at MehAdult (f)5,4751,16911
3vf2dNO JUST RUN AWAYAdult (f)3,2655090
T295niWillHideNowAdult (m)3,6456111
3BmF9I WILL KISS EVERYONEAdult (f)4,3236221
npJAYDo NOT KISS MEHAdult (f)4,5936970
uOSy8WoahIAmReallyPinkAdult (f)4,9177130
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